Location Report | Thailand – Koh Yao Noi

Koh Yao Noi Location Report

Hi guys! What’s going on? ūüėĬ†

Time for another location report here at Goodbye Boring Life.

Today we will go off-road here in Thailand. Not many people have heard about this island despite its location just outside Phuket. That is sad because this is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever¬†been to in Thailand.

Koh Yao Noi Beach
It’s unreal!

It’s rural, untouched and have some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in Thailand.

Some of these beaches are world-class and because there is very little development here you will get the beaches for yourself.

I spent three days here last year when I was in Phuket long-term. My plan was to stay here for only two days, but then I fucked up and missed the last boat back to Phuket.

I did not have hotel for the night so I ended up crashing with a Thai family that lived just next to the pier in exchange for some pocket money. Lucky there!


Available girls (1/5)

Normal girls (non hookers)

Don’t panic! Here is the deal with this island. 95% of the people who lives here are muslims. That is all fine but hitting up with a muslim girl is not really optimal as most of them can’t have sex before marriage.¬†Their religion puts a lot of brakes on what they can do or not do.

A lot of the girls that lives here or have their family here ends up in Phuket anyways. That is where the universities and jobs are.

If you want to have a girl¬†with you when you are at this island you have to find her¬†in Phuket before you go here. Then you bring her out here to relax in one of the few, but very luxurious resorts that you will find out here. ūüėÄ



There are no hookers or bars with red light activity on this island. Maybe you could get a happy ending in one of the massage shops west on the island. Comment below¬†if you have any inside information. ūüėÄ


Party situation (0/5)

Sorry guys. Because the island is mostly consistent of muslims there are not much nightlife activity going on out here. I did not find _one_ bar here. If you want to drink you’ll have to drink inside the hotel resorts or buy beer at 7/11.


Stuff to do (3/5)

Not much traffic
Not much traffic

Here is the thing with this island. The slow-life and the beauty is an attraction in itself. If you want to relax and just take it easy for a few days this is the perfect place to do just that.

Driving a motorbike here is awesome too as you have the roads for yourself. Up in north there are curvy roads with steep mountain hills. Really fun to drive there!

You can rent motorbikes at the pier if you are here for a day-trip, if you are staying over the night, most resorts here rent out motorbikes too.



IMG_5816From the small town east on the island you can rent long-tail boats that will take you on a day trip to Phang Nha national park. A must see when you visit this region of Thailand.

There are several good diving spots around the island. You can rent a long tail boat to take you to those places.


Sea food

There are several sea food restaurants at the island. The one I ate on didn’t even have a menu, they just served you whatever they caught that day with cold drinks. Really tasty and super fresh.


The coconut garden

Coconut garden
Coconut garden

West on the island you will find an area with rice fields, in the middle of those fields there is a garden that grows coconuts. 20 baht will give you a fresh coconut that you can enjoy after driving around in the heat!

Just north of that garden you will find the pier that you can see in the thumbnail picture of this post.




Cost of living (3/5)

The few resorts that you will find out here is actually quite expensive. That is kind of strange considering how undeveloped this island is. When that is said, these resorts are really top-notch stuff and is located in extremely beautiful surroundings. Just take a good look at these pictures. ūüėÄ

Food out here is super cheap. Most of the shops here are Thai food restaurants with regular Thai food. 20-50 baht for a dish with something, when I was eating sea food west on the island I paid 60 baht for food and drink.

Renting motorbikes costs 200 baht per day all over the island. You could probably get that cheaper if you stay here long time.

Safety (5/5)

Nothing to say.



Koh Yao Noi Resort

This is a nice island to visit for some days.

I could imagine bringing a hot Thai girl out here that you found in Phuket would be really awesome. Just fuck all day while you enjoy the beautiful surroundings at the same time. Walk on the beach, chill out, explore the island with motorbikes, fuck some more, go on a boat trip to the national park or eat some delicious fresh seafood.

I know I will be back here some day. ūüôā


Total Score

Available girls:     1/5
Party situation:   0/5
Stuff do to:           3/5
Cost of Living:      3/5
Safety:                   5/5

Goodbye Boring Life Score: 

       12/ 25

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