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Some people like to take their vacation as it comes with no planning. I’m one of them as I’ve always said: “The best plan is no plan”.

However some people are on the other side of that coin and like to have everything down on paper.

They want to know everything from they arrive to they leave!

If you only have two weeks in paradise and worked hard for your vacation. I totally get it that you want to exploit every second of that trip. Nothing wrong with that.

As my website have grown bigger my inbox have also grown bigger.

Not a single day goes by without getting mail. Some of the mail have 5 to 15 questions in them. It’s been so much lately that I’ve had trouble answering everything.

So here is my deal. I will keep answering questions, but I will charge a small amount for it. That way I will hopefully get a little bit less questions, and I will be able to answer people faster and more professional.


I will give you a guarantee that I will answer within 48 hours. If I don’t I’ll send the money back and answer the questions for free.

I’ll also offer follow up mail if you’re not happy with my original answers or you just need more information – no extra payment of course. 🙂


Here’s how it’ll work from now on

1 question = 3 dollars

You send me a mail to with your questions. You can also use the contact form as it will send directly to my email. Remember to get your email correct in contact form or I won’t be able to answer you.

Then you use that same email to pay in Paypal –

If you have 5 questions, you multiply 3 dollar with 5 questions etc etc. Remember to mark the PayPal payment with the email you sent the questions from or I wont be able to know if you paid or not.

What can I answer? 

  • Anything about nightlife
  • Anything about accommodation
  • Budgeting
  • Come with tips or suggestion on where you should travel depending on goals
  • Elaborations on already existing topics on my website
  • Anything about Thai girls.


If something is unclear, tell me in the comment section under!

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