Nightlife and Thai girls in Saraburi

Nightlife and Thai girls Saraburi

I time back ago I was going to Ayutthaya to meet a friend, then I fell a sleep ending up in the next city, Saraburi.

I decided to stay the night, and the next day, I decided to stay one more night.

I stayed at this hotel. It’s not on Agoda or 500 baht per night. Not really a hotel, but nice cheap rooms just next to the two biggest bars in Saraburi. 🙂

Saraburi Nightlife Guide

Turns out. Saraburi is just a small town with not much going on. I asked several motorbike taxis about ‘fun stuff’ in this city. But they all looked at me like I was crazy, answering “mai mee” which means “don’t have”.

Maybe they didn’t want to bring me to the local fun houses? I don’t really know…

Anyways. I started to walk around the city to look for bars myself…

I found three bars in this city that is worth mentioning. However. I have lost the pictures from my phone and all the names where in Thai, which I don’t remember. So this will be the most simple nightlife guide until now. I will update it as soon as I go back to this town in the future.

Bar #1

Located along the end at Sut Banthat you will find a big bar with view over the lake. They have live music every night. I went out here on a Friday night, and the bar was packed.

Bar #2

I went to this bar same night as I went to bar #1. It was packed too. It had a funny theme with old cars and different agriculture machinery as decoration.

This place was very big, with most of the bar outside under open sky. Inside there was a live stage that played popular Thai songs and some Western songs.

Long Nour Bar & Bistro

This was a smaller bar more central in Saraburi, close to the main bus station. It had live music, drinks and food. Looked very fresh.

Massage In Saraburi

Behind the bus station, there was a big market where people came on motorbikes to pick up goods. Just behind this market there was a street with a handful of massage shops.

Check map for location.

Map of Nightlife in Saraburi

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