Nightlife and Thai girls in Surat Thani

Nightlife and Thai girls in Surat Thani

Surat Thani is a city that you’ll probably never go to. I ended up here as I was going back from Koh Pha Ngan to Bangkok. Then I got a really bad stomach flu on the way back and I got stuck in Surat Thani for a couple of days. (Probably too much alcohol on the Full Moon Party that fucked up my stomach)

The two days I was here I spent checking out local bars and other nightlife avenues. It turned out to be very hard to move around in the city as there are almost never a taxi, motorbike taxi or tuktuk around. Seems like the local people who live here all own their own transportation vehicles.


Surat Thani had several small nice bars that catered to the local people who lived here. Here are the bars that I found.

The Pool bar

A nice bar with a big area full of tables. The bar had live music and a nice atmosphere. Open everyday but the sta said that Fridays and Saturdays was the most popular day to go here.



Happy Ending massage

I found one massage parlor here that offered happy endings and sex. The red lights all over the parlorĀ revealed what kind of business was going on inside there. This place was just behind The Pool Bar.

Massage parlor #1

Massage girls in Surat Thani

I don’t know what this massage parlor was called as all the letters outside was in Thai. I don’t think foreigners come here very often.

Outside the shop there was 4-5 girls, inside the parlor there was a small fish bowl with room for 5-10 girls.


Thai Massage 300 baht
Oil Massage 500 baht
BJ 1000 baht
Short-time 2000 baht

Open until 2am.

Sunday Night Market

Sunday Market

Many cities around in Thailand have Sunday markets where they sell food, clothes and other cheap items. Surat Thani is no difference.

I found a big Sunday market on a gras field just next to my hotel when I was out exploring the city. Check the map for location.

The market starts 5pm and ends 11pm.

Map of nightlife in Surat Thani

Hotels in Surat Thani

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