One powerful way to get the girl on the second date

One simple step to get laid

What’s going on guys? ūüėÄ

Today I will be telling you what I think is the most powerful method you can use on girls to score a lot of value on your first date so you can bang her on the second date.

I’m thinking back to¬†all¬†the girls I’ve meet the last few years. What have I done with the ones who have been sticking around for a while?¬†Is there a correlation with those girls when it comes to how I acted around them?

I think there is. 

Most of the girls that I’ve dated for many months I didn’t try to bang on the first date.

This was not done¬†deliberately as I usually try to bang a girl as fast as possible. It happened because I didn’t have the time, had to work, was tired or just didn’t feel it.

The girls who end up in that category, the girls I “ditched” on the first date, is ironically the girls who have been around the longest.

I think there are two explanations for this

The willingness to walk away

If you date a girl and you make it clear that you are willing to walk away at any point. You create a ton of value in the girl’s mind. You’ve shifted the status quo¬†from how it usually is; men trying to impress the girls, to, the girl now thinking she has to impress you.

The times where you had a ton of novelty factor in Thailand is gone, especially in Thailand’s biggest cities. Here¬†you are as exiting as a bowl of overcooked rice.


Every time I’ve walked away from the first date, the girls seems to stick around for much longer. That is the power of doing a good first impression.

Never be needy!

Neediness is one of the worst attributes a man can have in the girls eyes. It’s awkward,¬†desperate and weak.

If you show neediness towards a girl you have just proved to her you have nothing else going on in your life but her.

Sure, some girls might get off by that thought, but they are very few. Girls want men who can stand up for themselves, and not clingy and needy weak beta males.

Don't be this guy
Don’t be this guy

But Tim, this is obvious, why are you telling me this?

Not for everyone. Not for everyone.

Last night I was with a girl who told me an insane story abut her friend that had dated a guy from Greece. When her friend met him on the second date he had brought with his parents to persuade the girl to marry him.

He basically told her how much he needed her to be happy and feeling fulfilled. While the guy told his case the parents nodded with everything he said as they also told the girl how much this was true. The parents told her how she had to marry him so he could be a happy man.


I don’t know how to end this post. Just a thought from my side. Don’t be needy guys. It will only make the ladies run away.

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