Philippines Sex Guide for beginners

Philippines Sex Guide

The Philippines are becoming more and more popular destination for men who are looking for easy sex with young hot Asian babes.

This year I’ve been two times to the Philippines and I’ve noticed that many of the guys who frequent the sport bars of the Philippines (similar to the beer bars in Thailand) are the same guys who a few years ago frequented Pattaya, but in their opinion found better pastures.

I can totally understand their point of view. The VISA’s are much easier in the Philippines for Western people and people generally talk very good English. They also have a Christian mindset and not Buddhist which make the Philippines much more like us.

This guide will follow the same setup as my ‘Thailand Sex Guide for beginners’. I will cover every place in the Philippines you can rent a girlfriend or find sex easily.

This post will mainly focus on the P4P scene. If you are not interested in that but rather want to meet a ‘real girl’ I have you covered already.

The Philippines Sex Guide


1: Online dating in The Philippines
2: Expressions
3: Establishments
.  3.1 Bikini bars (gogo-bars)
.  3.2 Sport bars
.  3.3 Karaoke bars
.  3.4 Nightclub freelancers
.  3.5 Street freelancers
.  3.6 Massage parlors
.  3.7 Soapy massage
.  3.8 Escort services
.  3.9 Ladyboys
4: Is the Philippines a safe place to have fun with girls?
5: Always build report with the girl

Intro Sex in the Philippines

I will assume that you have never been in the Philippines. This guide is for anyone who have never been to this amazing country. I will teach you everything you need to know to get a lot of sex all over the Philippines.

If you are looking for cost and budget then check out this guide. Here I tell you how much money you need to bring.

Online Dating in the Philippines

Online dating in the Philippines is a feeding frenzy. I’ve been a member of all of the big dating sites throughout Asia but Filipino Cupid is on another level. If you set up a decent profile with a nice profile picture and a few more fun pictures showing your life you will get anything from 10 to 100 letters a day.

When I was in the Philippines I actually had to take a break from these online sites because it got overwhelming. I would log on just to have 50 unread messages. As I looked through the letters I would get another 15 messages as I turned up in on the “recently logged in” page.

If you want to meet a ton of hot Filipino girls without paying a lot of money to hookers then I suggest signing up to an online dating site. In the Philippines it’s even easier to meet girls online than in Thailand as Pinay girls talk very good English. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Filipino Cupid and Pina Love are the biggest dating sites out there with a total of 4.3 million members.

Why do dating sites work so well in the Philippines?

That’s a good question! Pinay girls work long hours and when they finish work there is not much money for ‘messing around’ after bills and debt is paid. Any girl in the Philippines can sign up at a dating site and come in contact with guys from all over the world, for free, while working.

When I talk with a Pinay girl on a dating sites, and I ask her what she do, she is usually on work while playing with her phone.

How to find Pinay girlfriend online

Expressions used in this guide

Barfine: A fee you have to pay the bar to take the girl out of the bar. In the Philippines this sum usually includes sex with the girl also.
Short-time: Taking a girl short time. Usually one shot back at your hotel or in a short-time hotel.
Long-time: Taking a girl for the entire night, and the following day until she’ll go back to work.

Short-time and Long-time are not used nearly as much as in Thailand.

Fishbowl: A room full of ladies with a glass in between you and the girls. Normally fund at the soapy massage parlors.
Butterfly: A person that have sex with, or mix between many different sex partners.
Mongering: Someone that are doing the activity of finding a hooker to have sex with.
Bar bell: A bell inside the gogo bars and beer bars. If you ring the bell you will buy a drink to the entire bar. Never ring in this bell for fun or if you don’t have the money.
Shot: How many times you can come.

Where to buy sex in the Philippines?


Bikini bars in the Philippines are the most straight forward way to get laid with a hooker. They are very similar to the gogo-bars in Thailand.

You enter the bar, order a drink and watch the girls dance on stage. Usually there are different girls dancing on rotation so when one group have time off dancing you can talk with the girl you are interested in.

The girls will usually wear bikinis both on stage and when they talk with you. Therefor the name ‘bikini bar’.

If you like the girl you have been talking to you can barfine her out of the bar. Unlike Thailand barfine in a bikini bar almost always include sex. You don’t need to pay the girl later on your hotel room like you do in Thailand.

Costs: Usually around 3000 pesos, but there are some bars in Cebu that charge all the way up to 8000 pesos (like Arena and Paris).

Here is video of a typical, but rather big bikini bar in Angeles City.


Sport bars

Sport bars in the Philippines are very similar to the beer bars in Thailand. You enter the bar, there will be music playing and many bars have a pool table or TV’s that show sports.

There will also be many sexy Filipino girls working in the bar making sure that you have a good time. Look at these girls as entertainers.

The big different between the sport bars in the Philippines and Thailand is that you can not bar fine the girl so she can leave the bar. You have to wait for her to finish her shift 2-3 am. It’s very common to take the girls number so you can meet her the next day before her shift. Not as fun as Thailand but it works.


Karaoke bars

These establishments are very similar to the bikini bars. There will be many hot Filipino girls dancing on a stage. You can pick whoever you want to entertain you. In the establishment there are several private karaoke rooms downstairs and/or upstairs where you can bring the girl for a more private meeting.


Nightclub freelancers

Freelancers found around in nightclubs and bars are the most common form of hookers in the Philippines. You will find every type of freelancer in the Philippines. Girls who are full time sex workers to students who just need a little bit extra cash once a month to buy a new phone or something like that.

These girls are not hard to spot in the bars and nightclubs as they will have no issue approaching you first which is very uncommon for a normal Pinay girl to do. Most Filipino girls are very shy so if a girl approach you first it’s a 99% chance she’s a hooker.

Other signs to look for is girls smiling at you or sending a friend over to ask if you want to come over to their place. This can also be just normal people so don’t assume you can buy sex in that situation.

Usually the nightclub freelancers are much hotter than the street freelancers.

A really hot Pinay freelancers can ask for up to 4000 pesos for sex. Never pay that much. What you want to do is to build report with the girl. Find a girl that you have chemistry with. That way you will pay much less for sex, maybe she’ll even go with you for free.

Most of the girls I’ve been with in the Philippines from different nightclubs I’ve paid 1500 to 2500 pesos for.


Street freelancers

Street freelancers are usually not very hot, and many of them might also have STD’s. You find these girls in the streets close to Philippines red light districts. You can also find them in malls around the country. They will usually approach or smile to you so you know what you deal with.

I have been approached by a few girls in the malls in Manila and Cebu. You can see that they are obviously hookers in the way they dress and act. Unfortunately all of them had terrible oral hygiene. For me that is a big turn off.


Happy Ending Massage

Don’t expect the same selection of massage in the Philippines as Thailand. Yes there are massage parlors here and there but most of are doing a ‘clean’ business. Meaning you can only get massage in them.

If you want something more you should ask in the reception before you book an hour. You can also try to ask the girl “can you massage here?” but be discreet about it.

Normal price for a massage in the Philippines are 250 pesos. What you have to pay for the girl for happy ending depends on so many factors.


Pinay escort girls

You already know how escort works as you find them in every major city all over the world. There are many escort services in the Philippines that provide great service.

I haven’t tried an Escort in the Philippines yet, so I can give any concrete advices. Just use your brain before you book. Don’t prepay anything with paypal, look at what people say about the Escort site in forums etc etc.


Ladyboys in the Philippines

Eveywhere you’ll find hookers in the Phillipenes you’ll find ladyboys too. They are becoming more and more popular as foreigners can’t resist them. There are many ways to meet, date and have sex with ladyboys in the Philippines.

I made a separate post about it in this post.

Prices for hookers in the Philippines

The price of a hookers in the Philippines really depends on where you are in the Philippines. Here is a list I found that I think is right on the money. These prices are for the barfine that also include sex.

  • Manila: 4000-6000 Pesos
  • Angeles: 2500-3000 Pesos
  • Subic: 2000-3000 Pesos
  • Cebu: 3000-5000 Pesos
  • Davao: 2500 Pesos

Is the Philippines a safe place to have fun with girls? 

I would say yes. There are some areas in the bigger cities that you should stay away from. These areas are slums with a lot of poor people and petty crime. Just Google what areas to stay away from whenever you travel to a new city in the Philippines. There will always be a blog out there with updated information.

Travelling around in the southern most part of the Philippines (Mindanao) can also be dangerous as muslim fuckheads over there like to kidnap tourists to chop of their heads. I think ISIS has a foothold there too.

How to keep your valuables safe in the hotel? 

Sometimes you hear about guys getting robbet at their room. I have no idea how they manage to get robbed by a little girl, but here are some ideas on how to not get robbed.

  1. Always buy your money, phone and camera in your safe at the room.
  2. If you have biggest stuff like laptops or a DSLR camera. No problem. Make the girl shower first and make her put her clothes in the bathroom when you shower. If she want to steal your stuff she have to run out of the hotel naked. Wont happen.
  3. Don’t become so drunk you pass out in your own hotel room with a stranger.

Age of consent

Age of consent laws in the Philippines are confusing at best. According to Wikipedia the age of consent is 12 years old. However, as I understand it:

12 to 17 years old is BIG TROUBLE if you are a foreigner. Regardless if you paid for it or not. I read stories on forums about guys who date 17 year old Pinay girls, then they get ‘busted’, the girl tell the police that the foreigners paid for the sex. The foreigner then have to pay a big bribe to not go to prison.

What do you do then?

You won’t meet many girls in the big establishments anyways that are under 18 years old. If you are in doubt ask to see her ID.

Always build report with the girl

You will have so much more fun with a girl that you have some chemistry with. Just because you pay for sex doesn’t mean the girl will automatically give you a good time.

Just like every other girl on this planet you need to warm her up. The best way to do that is to build some trust. These girls are taking a risk every time they go with a new customer. She can never know if you are a good guy or an abusive kunt.

Getting to know her, and her to know you is a great way to build chemistry and trust. You will have so much more fun with the girl!

Ask her what her interests are, if she study, if she have a daytime job, what her favorite food are etc etc.

If you don’t have any chemistry with the girl no money can fake it. Move on until you find a girl who you have chemistry with. Personally I rather have sex with a 7 that I have good chemistry with than an 9 acting like a spoiled brat.


In the Philippines it’s even more important to build report than in Thailand. In most establishments you pay up-front for the sex at the same time you pay the barfine. The girl can promise every sexual service in the book back in the bar, when you arrive to your room she can simply say “naah. I have a headache!” while she spread her legs for a quick shag. Not fun.

This is of course a scam, but you will never get your money back in the bar as the bar always believe the girl more than you. You’ll never see that money again.

That’s it for this time! I’ll update this post as I learn more about the Philippines. I really think this country can be the next Thailand if Thailand keep cracking down on on tourists and make the VISA’s harder.

What do you think? Have you been to the Philippines? Tell me in the comment field!

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