Phnom Penh Red Light Districts

Phnom Penh Red Light Districts

Just been in the capital of Phnom Penh for two weeks. Oh man did I have a great time!

The nightlife in Phnom Penh is not big, at least not compared to neighboring capitals like Saigon or Bangkok, but you can still have a great time here!

I didn’t spend too much time in the red light districts as I was too busy dating ‘real’ girls, but the area isn’t so big so I believe I’ll be able to give a decent rundown of the main attractions.

Bargirl in Phnom PenhThere is mainly one red light district in Phnom Penh thatΒ is targeted towards foreigners. It doesn’t have any name but its located in street 110, street 118, street 130, street 136 and street 144 towards the river promenade. It’s kind of hard to explain exact what streets the bars are in but just check the map under to see the exact location.

The bars look and work very similar to the beer bars in Pattaya and Phuket. You walk inside the bar, pick a girl that you want to chat with, buy her a couple of drinks while having a good time.

Later when you want to bring the girl back to your hotel you agree on a price for sex with the girl, pay the fixed barfine then you leave.

Prices in Phnom Penh Redlight Districts

Beer: 1$
Ladydrink: 3$
Barfine: 10$ – 15$
Short-time: 30$ – 50$
Long-time: 40$ – 60$

You can try to negotiate the shorttime and longtime prices, but the girls seems pretty stubburne on the price they give you.

If a girl quote you 40$ you can try this line: “I’ll give you 40 dollars if you do a good job, if not I’ll give you 30$.” That way the girl have more pressure to perform, and if she fail to perform you save 10 bucks. πŸ™‚

Average prices for drinks in the beer bars:

Click for bigger version

Each bar in the redlight district have between 5 to 15 girls working, or “hostesses” as they also are called.

Some of the bars also have girls who only works as bartenders, meaning you can not barfine them. That’s a shame because those girls tended to be younger and smoooking hot. πŸ™

Phnom Penh Red Light Districts

It’s kind of meaningless to give a rating of the bars in this area. They are all the same but with a different name. I also believe that the turnover of girls who start and quit is high so a bar that was good when I was there might suck when you arrive as the girl have stopped working there or started in another bar.

But anyways. I’ll give you the name of three bars that I had a really great time in:

Helicopter Bar, Erotic Bar and Cheerie’s Bar. Just walk around in the district and you’ll find the bars.

Street 104

Street 104 is around 200 meter north of the main red light district (check the green mark on map under). Here you’ll find a 100 meter street filled with beer bars and girls. This street can be a good place because it has much less customers than the main redlight area.

When I was here I had 5 girls over me at all times asking for attention, they were really hungry up there! Great place to go out!

Beer bars outside Pontoon

Outside Pontoon, or on the other side of the street of Golden Soriya Mall you have a handful of beer bars with working girls. When I was there the vibe was quite dead, but might be worth to check out!


There is a ton of KTV’s inside the red light district of Phnom Penh. I tried to get inside many of those but I was refused entrance by the guy sitting outside. I think these places are for the locals only but you might be more lucky than me.

Click here if you don’t know what a KTV is.


The massage parlors inside the red light district is NOT happy ending parlors but just regular massage. I tried all of the massage places I found here and all of them refused to give me a happy ending. πŸ™

If you want happy ending massage in Phnom Penh check out this post.

Map of Phnom Penh Red Light District

Video of Phnom Penh Red Light District

Best hotel for mongers

I stayed in two hotels while I was in Phnom Penh.

The best hotel I found that was guest friendly was City Centre Hotel. It’s far enough away from the red light district that you wont hear music and noise at night, but close enough that you can walk to the bars in 1 minute. The location is perfect.

The staff is some of the friendlies staff I’ve ever encountered in Southeast-Asia. I have nothing bad to say about them.

If you book the hotel ask for room 404. It got mirrors all over the room so when you bring the girls back to your room you can do some kinky positions while you look in the mirror. Great fun! πŸ˜€

Room 404, City Centre Hotel

Check out the hotel here at Agoda.

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