Protect your hearing in Thailand!

Hey guys!

This will be a boring post, but its just something that I feel is important to mention. As it can fuck up your life pretty hard if you are careless.

Thailand is a noisy place. Endless traffic, no noise pollution regulations, broken mufflers, construction work, nightclubs, concert halls, dinner music, bars, you name it. All this noise will fuck up your ears if you are not careful.

Last time I was on Khaosan Rd the bars across the street were trying to “outplay” eachother with speakers pointing towards the street. When I was walking in the middle of the street, I could hear different music from both side of the road. Its a fucking mess!

If you are like me, out almost every night. There will come a day when you wake up one morning and realize that you have trouble hearing what people say.

Noise is damaging for your ears, and hearing can not be repaired, once those hair cells dies, they are gone forever! 🙁

Another side effect that a lot of people are not aware of when it comes to reduced hearing, is that your ears will start to ring! This is called tinnitus and can be a very serious thing. I’ve had it for many years and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Some days it’s nothing else but torture!

I got it from a diving accident many years ago. The first year was a fucking nightmare. Luckily the ringing decreased after 1.5 years and I finally learned to live with it and accept it.

If you go to forums like you can see how many people who suffer from this condition. When you read their stories you realize that they didn’t get it by standing next to a nuclear explosion. Most people got it from loud music without protection.

So, what can you do?

20160708_001318 Every pharmacy in Thailand sells ear plugs for around 30 baht. However, most of those earplugs comes in the most flashy neon color possible to obtain. You will look like a complete nerd and every girl will ask you why you have those big plugs sticking out of your ears.

I recommend buying something called ‘Ear Putty’. They can be bought in almost every pharmacy in Thailand for 90 baht. They are found just next to the earplugs but most people don’t know that they are actually ment for the ears.

‘Ear Putty’ is a soft formable white wax that you can form and squeeze inside your ears. They protect your ears just as much as the earplugs, but are not visible for others unless they look really hard.

The feeling of taking those earplugs out after you are done in a noisy enviroment, and still able to hear crystal clear, is indescribable.

I have even started to use the earplugs whenever I am walking around in Bangkok. The noise pollution at Sukhumvit, Silom, Siam etc is just crazy, and so many motorbikes have broken mufflers its not even fun. That noise can really fuck up your ears!

Play it safe guys, and don’t end up as one of those sad souls at…

Thank me later!


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