Random questions from my readers part 2

Some more questions that didn’t make it in part 1.


Do Thai girls shave or not? 

Armpits: ✅
Legs: ✅

Pussy: Not really. I’v meet some girls that shave, but most of those where professional. But even among professionals you will see a lot of bushes.

At the beginning I didn’t like this, but as time have passed, I’ve started to like it more and more. In fact, whenever I see a girl that is clean cut now I feel like she is 10 years old.

If you are looking for clean shaved pussies you are in the wrong country mate!


Hey Tim. Last time I went to Pattaya. I had to pay 1000 baht for the barfine, and 3000 for the girl. This was short time at around 22.00 in the evening in Walking Street. Is this the new normal? 

1000 baht for the barfine doesn’t sound too crazy. The days where you could get a 19 y/o hottie in walking street for 300 baht barfine + 1500 baht long-time is history.

Not only have the hookers in walking street become very expensive, but more and more of them have really shitty attitude. For this I blame the men.

When you are in Walking Street you will see men throwing money on the girls for no other reason that they are hot. The girls don’t have to do shit to earn the money. 10 year ago the girls had to be gentle, cute, and give good service to earn that money.

When that is said. You will still be able to find cheap pussy in Pattaya with good attitude. You just have to look longer for it, and you probably have to look other places than Walking Street.

You can still get good pussy in Soi 6 for 1000 baht, sex on sale right there.

I know a lot of people say that the hookers ‘only’ think about money. That is true of course, but what’s also true is that dressing nice and having courtesy will get you a long fucking mile too.

I don’t know how you dress or behave, but I see so many guys out there that dress like shit, becomes too drunk and have a terrible attitude towards the girls. I understand why the girls charge extra for those morons, or turn them down.


How do you make your money while you live in Thailand? Are you a English teacher? You kind of suck in English, so I hope not… 

Thanks mate. Naah. I’m not a English teacher. I make most of my money doing online businesses like this website. I made a post a while ago about how I made my first money online.

I also make a small profit from renting out my apartment back home.

There is a million ways to make money online. You need to be creative. Make something people are willing to pay for. Make something people enjoy. But don’t be that moron who buys a “magical” e-book that will give you “10 proven steps” to make x-amount of money in x-amount of time.

Truth is. If someone is banking money online, they won’t tell you. No one wants competition.

Did you know there is a guy that makes money while he stares at people? Check out this freaky video.

Be creative!


Tim. Is it really worth it to spend so much money in Pattaya do have fun with girls? How much 

That is very subjective, and entirely up to you. I love to party, I love banging hot Asian chicks, I love beer and I love the tropical weather down here. I think it’s worth every penny.


Is Thailand really safe for tourists? I just watched that video from Hua Hin where some thugs beat up an English family.

Yes Thailand is safe. As long as you don’t behave like a complete moron or disrespect anyone, you will never end up in trouble. It’s very rare that Thai people are the trouble makers.

I tell my friends. You can go anywhere anytime all over Thailand. You have nothing to worry about. Let yourself loose.

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