Russian scammers in Pattaya

Some time ago I had a friend over from back home visiting me in Thailand. We met up in Bangkok, but decided fast to take a couple of days in Pattaya as it is just a two hour bus trip from Bangkok.

He wanted to see Walking Street in Pattaya. He had read about this street and really wanted to check out the gogo bars here. Personally I don’t like walking street that much anymore. It was fun the first times, but after some time you realize that it is mostly just overpriced and full of traps.

The girls at walking street begs too much for ladydrinks, and when they get one, they will ask for a second one pretty fast. They are greedy and will most likely not give you a good time unless you put a lot of money on the table.

If you are rich and don’t give a shit. Go ahead! If you are on a budget however, you should be more careful in Walking Street.

You can have just as much fun other places in Pattaya to the fraction of the price, if you just know where to go.

Anyways. Walking street we went! A let him decide everything. This was fun for me too as I got to experience some new gogo bars and clubs I had never been to.

Russian scammers
Don’t go here

We walked past a club with the name ‘XO Club’. Outside was some really hot Russian girls and they told us that they had an amazing show upstairs! My friend wanted to check it out, so that was just what we did!

The moment we came inside we were escorted all the way to the back of the establishment to a tight corridor by a black-haired Russian girl.

Two other girls and a big Thai dude came out from nowhere and blocked the corridor so we could not get out. The first girl said that we had to pay 2000 baht per person to get upstairs to the show.

I started to get some bad vibes about the situation already. I tried to tell my friend that this is probably a scam, and that the show upstairs most likely sucks.

He still wanted to go. We gave the Russian girls 2000 baht each. Up we went.

Upstairs was 6 empty sofas. The show was 1 Russian girl just dancing halfhearted in a tiny white dress. Two other Russian girls came to sit next to us. They gave us the meny and said that if we wanted to “flirt” with them, we had to buy them a ladydrink. They also said that if we did not buy anything, we had to leave.

The ladydrink here was the most expensive shit I have ever seen in Thailand. 1200 baht!!!

I said to my friend that this place sucks, and that he’s wasting his precious time here in Thailand. We won’t get anything good from these girls, they just want our money without doing anything. Lets get the fuck out I said!

He was hesitating a little bit because he really liked some one of the girls, but I said that if we get out of here now, we will definitely find something much better.

He finally agreed and we got the fuck out of the club.

When we got down to the tight corridor again, the black-haired girl that escorted us in the first place punched me hard in the shoulder and told us to go to hell. What the fuck…

I don’t know what this place is about, but it is probably just a scam. We did get a ‘show’, but it was absolutely not worth 2000 baht lol. 🙁

For 2000 baht you can have a threesome in Soi 6 if you are a bit lucky, just saying…

Anyways. Don’t go to this place, it sucks. You will just loose your money and your precious time here in Thailand.

By the way! We did end up in a really amazing gogo bar the same night in Walking Street. You can read that story here!


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