Sex holiday in Thailand: Planning and costs

Sex holiday in Thailand

This will be a guide for anyone planning to go Thailand for the first time to have a sex holiday. This post will focus on budgeting and what to bring.

It will cover what you need to plan and how much money you’ll need to bring to do all the stuff you want to do. I’ll try to throw in some tips and advice at the end too.

This guide will mostly focus on the P4P scene. If you are not interested in that, I’ve written a ton about regular dating in Thailand too.

This Thailand Sex Holiday Guide is updated for 2018.

Sex holiday in Thailand

Lets assume that you stay in Thailand for 3 weeks. You are going in high season in December or January.

You want to have some fun with a girl every day, maybe even twice! Maybe a blow job or massage after lunch time and at night you want to bring a girl back to your hotel to get the full experience all night.

Where to go?

Sex holiday in Thailand
Soi 6, Pattaya.

If your main reason to go to Thailand is to have sex with lots of hot Asian girls in exchange of money. There are only two places you should be interested in. Pattaya and Phuket.

Bangkok can also be an alternative but Bangkok is missing the beaches and can be very crowded at times. Bangkok is not a good vacation spot as it can be hard to relax. If this is your first trip to Thailand I would avoid Bangkok.

In Pattaya and Phuket however you have so many girls to choose from that you will never run out of options.

You have the beaches and islands where you can bring some of the girls to explore, get to know each other and have fun. In Bangkok that is not really an option, unless you want to hang out inside boring shopping malls that look exactly like the ones you have home.

However, if you are spending some time in Bangkok and want to have some fun with the local girls I strongly suggest checking out Smooci.

Smooci is an escort booking platform which is being dubbed the uber of getting laid.

It allows you to live search 100’s of local escorts and independent girls, seeing their customer ratings and getting exclusive prices.

Not only can you make an instant booking and have a girl in your bed with just a few quick clicks, but they also have GPS tracking so you can track you date to your hotel door.


There are five things that you will be spending a lot of money on. Accommodation, food, transport, alcohol / lady drinks and entertainment (girls).


A decent 3 or 4 star hotel in Pattaya and Phuket will cost you between 1000 to 2000 baht. This should also include breakfast at most places. In my opinion breakfast is unnecessary. You will stay up late most of the nights, and sleep past the hotel breakfast. At least I do. 😛

Lets put accommodation in the middle and say that you will be spending 1500 baht per day on accommodation. That should be plenty unless you want to stay in a 5 star luxury resort.


Food in Thailand can be as cheap and expensive as you want it to be. If you eat the local Thai food at the basic Thai restaurants around town you will be spending 40-100 baht per meal. This will usually be rice with pork / chicken combined with vegetables and eggs.

If you want to eat quality Western food you will have to spend from 200 to 500 baht for a dish. If you want quality steaks that will set you back around 1000 baht.

Lets say that you will eat a mix of everything. Some days you will eat cheap local food while other days you will enjoy a quality steak or a tasty burger.

1200 baht per day on average should be more than enough for food. That should also include water and different snacks from 7/11.


This one is tricky, because it really depends on what you want to do while you are in Thailand. It also depends heavily on where you are. Bangkok and Pattaya is fairly cheap to get around in. While Phuket in my opinion is slightly more expensive. Why?

In Bangkok you have the sky train and the metro that will take you everywhere for very little money. Taxis in Bangkok is also very cheap with a rate of roughly 2 dollars per km.

In Pattaya you have the baht bus that will take you everywhere along Beach Rd and Pattayasaisong Rd for only 10 baht.

Phuket however have nothing like the sky train or the baht bus. If you want to move from town to town you’ll have to take a taxi or motorbike taxi. Taxis in Phuket are extremely expensive for some reason. No matter how short you’ll go they will never drive you for less than 400 baht.

For this guide, lets just say that you will stay in Pattaya your entire trip.

Every night you’ll have to get from you hotel to Walking Street, Soi 6 or anywhere else along beach road. You’ll have to take this trip two times each night, but you will probably do it more. Lets say that you will use 60 baht each day on the baht bus.

If you want to explore the islands outside Pattaya (Koh Lan and Koh Phai). You will need to buy a ticket for the boat trip. Right now that ticket is 100 baht one-way.

You will also need money to get from Suvarnabhumi airport to Pattaya and back to Bangkok when you are going home. That trip will cost you 100 – 150 baht if you follow this guide.

If we round this up you should not need to spend more than 200 baht per day on average.


Okay, so this is what you have been waiting for, right? The fun stuff! 😀

As I said in the beginning, you want to have some fun with a girl two times a day! Some action at lunch time and then some action again later at night.

Again, this will be kind of tricky to make any definitive estimations on. Prices on sex vary so much in Thailand, and it depends on a million variables.

But lets keep this simple. You want a blowjob at lunch times and at night you want the full experience with a hot snapper back at your hotel.

Blowjob early on the day in Pattaya is mostly done at the massage shops, the blow job bars and in soi 6. The price is pretty much the same all over the town.

If you want the blowjob at a massage studio, you will have to pay 300 baht for the oil massage, then 1000 baht for the blow job. You’ll give that money directly to the girl after she is done with her magic.

Later at night, after you are done enjoying your tasty steak at Beefeater in Pattaya. You are ready to start hunting your date for the night.

Again, prices depends on where you find your girl. The Go-go bars are most expensive, the beer bars are in the middle, and the freelancers at Beach Rd is cheapest (you should not go with freelancers).

Go-go bars

Barfine: 700 – 1000 baht (probably 1000 baht in high season most places)
Short time: 1500 – 2500 baht
Long time: 2000 baht – 4000 baht

Beer bars

Barfine: 300-500 baht
Short time: 1000 – 2000 baht
Long time: 1500 – 3000 baht


Barfine: No barfine
Short time: 500 – 1500 baht
Long time: 1000 – 2000 baht.

As you can see, the prices are very different depending on where you find your girl.

Again, to keep it simple. Lets say that you try a Go-go girls 2-3 times during your stay, and after that stick to girls at the beer bars. Some days you take the girl short time, other days you take her long time.

If you follow that routine, you will be spending 1300 each day on blow jobs and around 3000 baht on nightly fun. That is 4300 baht total.


If you are going to have a lot of sex, and have a new girl every day. It will be wise to take it easy on the alcohol. Alcohol can interfere with your ability to perform. Nothing sucks more than to not be able to get a boner when you have already spent 600 baht on barfine and promised the girl 2000 baht to go with you.

So lets make a modest budget for the alcohol..

Lets say that you drink three beers each day on average. Some days you don’t drink, while other days you drink 4-6 beers. Beer prices depends on what kind of establishment you are in. Beer bars are cheapest, while Go-go bars are slightly more expensive.

To make it simple, lets just say that you drink three beers each day on average and that the beer costs 150 baht.

That is 450 baht per day on alcohol.

Lady drinks

You wont get away from lady drinks if you are hanging out in the beer bars and Go-go bars. Especially in the Go-go bars.

When you found the girl that you like, and you start talking with her. She will ask you for a lady drink at some point. If you don’t buy that for her you risk that she will not give you as good time as you want, or at worst, that she rejects you and finds another costumer that will buy her a ladydrink.

To make things simple, just lets say that you will buy two lady drinks every day on average that costs 160 baht each. That is 320 baht per day on lady drinks.

Let’s summarize 

Per day

Accommodation: 1500
Food: 1200
Transport: 200
Entertainment: 4300
Alcohol and lady drinks: 770

TOTAL PER DAY: 7970 baht

TOTAL 3 WEEKS (21 days):

      167.370 Baht (roughly 4800$)


You might look at this budget and think: “What the hell?? 167.370 baht for three weeks…?”.

Yes, this budget is a little bit over the top. But remember that with this budget you can get a blowjob and a girl long-time every day for three weeks straight. That is 42 girls total if you take a new girl every day.

It is highly unlikely that you will do that unless you are a complete sex maniac. If you are that, this is the budget that will give you total freedom to go completely nuts.

If you drop that morning blow job, and go with a one girl every night. Short time two days, then one day long time, and have one day a week where you do nothing. Which I think is a more realistic scenario for most people, your monger budget suddenly drops to around 2000 baht per day, and total will be 119.070 baht.

You will probably not take a girl on the day you arrive, and not on the day you go home either. So there is your two days off duty right there! 🙂

If you drop the hookers completely, and sign up for Thai cupid instead. Where you can meet girls from all over Thailand 24/7, have sex for free or meet freelancers for the fraction of the price of the Go-go bars and beer bar girls. Your monger budget will drop to zero and your total budget will be 77.070 baht for 21 days. Almost 100.000 baht less.

Another good thing with Thai Cupid is that you can sign up before you go to Thailand. That way you can prepare, chat up a lot of girls and create your own little online harem of girls that will be ready to entertain you when you arrive.

That is the beauty of internet! 😀

Other expenses

Flight tickets

You will of course need to buy a flight ticket to Thailand and back home again. It will be kind of meaningless for me to put that into the budget as it is impossible for me to guess what you will have to pay for that.

Visa and insurance

You will also need to pay for travel insurance, and for some countries, tourist visa for Thailand. If you are from the US or EU, you don’t have to think about the visa as you get free visa on arrival that last for 30 days, you can expand that for 30 more days for 1900 baht at any immigration office.


If you want to buy souvenirs or gifts for people back home you’ll have to put that into the budget too. It’s easy to spend money in Thailand as there are shops literally everywhere.

What should you bring to Thailand? 

I won’t make a packing list for you. But there are a few things that you should bring from your own country that is not necessarily obvious at first thought.


Yes, they sell condoms in Thailand too, but you can’t always trust them. You are in a new country and you don’t know what kind of condoms that are good or bad. It really sucks to have sex with a hooker, then the condom cracks…

Buy condoms from your home country that you know are good quality. Then you don’t need to worry about condoms bursting when you are having fun in Thailand.


Again, they sell Imodium in Thailand, but I guarantee you that when you arrive, you will forget to buy it because you will be distracted with all the new stuff you are experiencing. Then one day you’ll eat something bad and when you go to the pharmacy to buy Imodium, they are sold out.

Then you have to spend your entire night on the toilet. Not fun!

By the way. Food in Thailand is generally very good, and food poisoning is rare.

When that is said, you are in a new country. It has a different climate, you will change your eating habits, drink more alcohol and the food have different bacteria. Expect some stomach trouble.

Google Translate

Download language packages for English and Thai. That way you can use Google Translate in offline mode. A lot of people suck in English, with Google Translate you can still communicate if you need too.

Aside from that, just bring your debit card and passport. And you’ll be fine.

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