Soapy Massage in Bangkok

Soapy massage in Bangkok is usually not that popular for Western people. These avenues are visited mostly by Thais, Chinese and Japanese. However, you are just as welcome as anyone else.

If you have never visited a soapy massage, and you don’t know what’s going on inside, or what to expect. Click here.

Keep in mind that since these avenues are mostly visited by Asian men, most girls here will be very white skinned as this is seen as attractive in Asia. If you like Thai girls with creamy tan you are much more better of in Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza or Patpong as these areas caters to Western men.

Soapy Massage in Bangkok

Most soapy massages in Bangkok are located in the Huai Khwang district. The easiest way to get there is to take the metro to Huai Khwang station.

What will probably surprise you the most about these avenues are the cheer size of them. Some of the biggest soapy massages, like Emmanuelle and Poseidon are gigantic buildings that almost look like hotels in design.

Not only are they big, but some of them also exudes luxury. Every time I’ve been at Emmanuelle there is always a Ferrari or Porsche outside.

Check map at the bottom for all locations.

Soapy Massage in Huai Kwang

Hi-class Massage

Hi-Class Massage in Bangkok

This is probably my favorite Soapy massage after Nataree closed down last year. The mamasan outside is a very friendly lady that will do every thing she can to make you happy. And like in some other soapy’s, she wont constantly hang over you asking to take a lady.

Most customers sit outside the massage building relaxing and drinking. When they want a lady, they simply walk up the stair, and all the girls will be sitting around in sofas.

One more thing I like about this place is that you can see the girls very close up. That way it’s easier to have a good look at them.

Evertime I’ve been here there have been around 30 girls in the lobby.

Prices are around 2500 baht for 90 minutes.

Emmanuelle Massage

Emmanuelle massage in Bangkok

This probably the biggest soapy massage in Bangkok in size. As you enter the main entrance you will be impressed by the size. To get to the entrance you have to walk up the stairs outside to second floor. As you walk up the stairs you can see all the sports cars in the garage under.

When you get inside you get to a gigantic lobby with  comfortable sofas everywhere with a band in the background playing live music. Pretty impressive.

Unfortunately the girls at Emmanuelle was not as impressive as the avenue itself. If you like girls that look as white as flour and big breast. Yeah this place is maybe for you. I also noticed that most girls here were quite old.

As soon as I was seated the papasan gave me a note with different price ranges. Funny thing was that the cheapest girls where the hottest one.

I drank up my Chinese tea and left the place.

Poseidon Entertainment Complex

Poseidon Entertainment Complex

This Soapy Massage is just as impressive as Emmanuelle in size and design. When you approach the building you are met with a gigantic statue of the God Poseidon, just to be met by a even bigger statue as soon as you get inside.

But just like Emmanuelle the girls here did not impress me. They looked old and chubby. The mamasan here constantly told me to get a lady, which turned me off.

So I left this place too.

Copa Cabana

Unfortunately, when I got to this place they closed in 10 minutes. The fishbowl was empty. However, I did see some hot girls outside waiting to be picked up so I guess this place have some hot girls?

What about Nataree Entertainment Massage? 

Nataree closed in 2016

As for now, this place is closed after a police raid last year. It has not opened since. I live pretty close to where Nataree used to be, and I walk past there almost daily. It’s dark every day and the doors are shut.

That’s sad because this used to be the best Soapy in Bangkok in my opinion with up to hundred girls, many of them young and very hot.

If anyone know where these girls work now, tell me in the comment section. 🙂


Bars in Huai Khwang

The Park Terrace

The Park Terrace

If you visit all the Soapy Massages, and you didn’t find a girl that you liked. Or you found a girl that you liked, and you want to bring her out. There is a good bar just next to the MRT station Haui Khwang with the name ‘The Park Terrace’.

The bar have live music outside, pool tables on the inside and at second floor it as private karaoke rooms you can bring your girl. If you didn’t find any girl you can drink some beers on the outside while listening to live music.

This place is quite popular and it fills up almost daily, and in the weekends it’s choked.


Claudia Club and Karaoke

Claudia Club and Entertainment

Another similar bar, but smaller in size then The Park Terrace. At this place they have their own girls you can bring to private karaoke rooms.

Downstairs they have live music and around the stage the girls sit while waiting for customers.



There are more Soapy massages in this district that I haven’t talked about here. Reason is that I haven’t been to them yet. However I have included some of them on the map.

There are also a lot of smaller massage parlous in this area. Some of them can be hard to find as the signs are in Thai, Japanese or Chinese. Just have a look around and see what you find. If you don’t find anything you you like just go to Hi-Class Massage, and you will find hot girls.

Soapy Massage at Sukhumvit

Annie’s Soapy Massage

Annies Soapy Massage is located at Sukhumvit Soi 2 at Nana. To get here you can take the BTS to Nana station or Phloen Chit station. From there jump on a motorbike taxi for around 40-50 baht.

Annie’s have up to 100 girls to choose from, and some of them you can see here at their webpage.

This place also have some young girls in their early 20’s.

Map of Soapy Massage in Bangkok

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