Solo vs buddy vs group travel in Thailand

What’s going on guys? ūüėÄ

Some guy asked me if he should come to Thailand with his buddy or if he should travel alone. Great question in fact. I have done all three of them in Thailand so I can tell a little bit about my experiences.

Remember that this post is for Thailand. I have a very different opinion about for example Europe. It’s much harder to get to know people in Europe. People are not nearly as guest friendly or open there. If I were to travel around in Europe I would probably bring a friend for company.

In this post I will talk about:

  1. Solo travel
  2. Cruisin’ around with a buddy (2¬†people)
  3. Group travel (anything from 3 – 15 persons)
  4. The biggest mistake a man can do in Thailand


Personally I prefer to travel solo in Thailand. I’m kind of a loner. Don’t get me wrong. I love to meet new people, I just don’t like to stay around the same people for too long.

I went solo in Thailand on my third trip. It was kind of scary in the beginning but the fear vanished as soon as I got inside that airplane. I knew that in 15 hours I would be greeted by some hot chicks at the airport, and I would be on my way to the hotel in a taxi! No worries!


Solo travel


  • You have epic¬†flexibility
  • Can travel from A to B fast, as you don’t have to wait for your buddy / group
  • You can do what the hell you want when you want
  • You can change or modify your plans whenever you want
  • The world is yours


  • Can be lonely, but to be honest, that is not an issue in Thailand. ūüôā
  • Sucks to become sick
  • You need to protect yourself from being too drunk and maybe mugged
  • Language barriers¬†can be extra¬†challenging


I love to travel around in Thailand alone. Being lonely here is really not an issue. You will always meet some girl who are up for some fun, or a good girl ready to date you, and if everything fails one night you have the hookers and massage girls to play with.

If you need a break from Thai people there are always some tourists around that are up for some fun that you can crack some jokes with at a bar.

If you want to travel alone you can’t be afraid to approach people. You need to get out there, if not you will just be stuck in your hotel room alone.

Getting sick

My biggest fear when traveling alone is getting so sick that I can’t take care of myself. That almost happened once too. I got a really bad diarrhea in some town outside Sukhothai. This shit was so painful that I was certain I would pass out at any moment. I was extremely dizzy, vomited¬†all over the place and it felt like I was shitting barbed wire.

What would happen if I passed out? It was in a toilet without AC, and it was probably 35 degrees there. I was dehydrated too as I had been shitting liquid brown water for an hour while sweating like a dying pig. I had no water available.

Luckily I got help from some local people and they drove me to the nearest hospital in a pick-up truck. I was literally shaking¬†in pain. I have no idea why it was so painful. The doctors didn’t find anything.


Buddy travel


  • You have someone to share your memories with
  • You can protect each other
  • Gives you some social value when you meet new people, especially tourists
  • Hotel prices just became 50% cheaper if you share room. HUGE¬†money saver


  • You can’t just ditch your friend if you meet a cute girl
  • Arguing about what you should do one night. Will most likely happen at some point


Traveling with a buddy can be an awesome and life changing experience that could make you best friends for life. Sharing experiences is the best way to make good and lasting friendships.

When that is said. Choose your buddy wisely. If you travel with the wrong dude it could just as well turn into a nightmare.

If you travel with a buddy you should make it completely clear what you can and can’t do. What happens if you meet a cute girl that you want to spend some days with? Is it okay for your friend to stay alone for a couple of days? Even if he didn’t find any girl?

Should you share hotel room or not? What happens if your friend finds a hooker that he want to bring back to the room you share together?

Trust me. I’ve seen guys out there that argue about stuff like this. Shit like this has to be cleared out¬†pre-travel.

Do your friend want to do the same things as you at all? If he want to go around exploring temples, but you want to go crazy in the bars. You have a conflict of interest right there and that could make your vacation a nightmare.

I traveled with the wrong friend once

I went to Amsterdam once with a friend. We traveled with car and it took about 2 days to drive. I knew him pretty well, but I’d never been alone with him for several days non-stop. I knew he was kind of an aggressive guy, but I¬†gave it a shot, and hoped that it would not be a problem.

Turned out that he had rage tantrums several times a day for even the smallest issue. He could go on for hours. He unleashed everything on me, even tho I had nothing to do with it.

The second day¬†when we were driving through Denmark we drove 20 km in the wrong direction. When I pointed out later that night that we had been driving 20 km in the wrong direction he bursted out in anger: “Yes, okay. Shut up. You don’t have to rub it in”. Yo dude, I’m just saying. It was hilarious. I’m not hating or blaming anyone here.. Shit happens you know..

After three days with him I didn’t take it anymore and I jumped on an airplane back¬†home.


Group travel


  • Easier to break out of the group for some days if you want to be alone
  • Get’s even cheaper with accommodation and transport.¬†When you go on side trips you can rent a minibus for yourself, and pay for it like it’s a normal¬†scheduled bus.


  • It takes forever¬†to get anything done. Especially when moving from A to B. Everyone have to get ready, double-check that nothing is left behind, and right before you are about to leave, some asshat¬†has to take a piss.


My first two trips to Thailand was in group travel. I traveled with my father, brother and a bunch of friends of the family. I think we were 15 persons at most.

It was fun, but one time was enough for me. I takes forever to get anywhere, and everything goes so fucking slow. Just visiting a temple can take an extra hour compared to if you traveled alone.

Another negative aspect of traveling in a big group is that planning is a must. You can’t just be 15 persons, pop-up in a city and hope that a hotel have room for 15 persons. Everything needs to be booked pre-trip.

On my second trip to Thailand, also in a group like the first trip. I separated from the group for a week and went to Chiang Mai alone. That’s when I realized that from now on I will travel alone in Thailand. It was a HUGE freedom.


Mix it up!

This is probably the best way of travel. Come¬†down here with a good friend, but don’t be together 24/7. Take some side trips for yourself, or¬†meet a¬†cute Thai girl for some days. Meet up with your friend again, take a couple of beers and tell each other what you have been doing.

Same if you come to Thailand in a bigger group. Don’t be in the group 24/7. Do stuff alone too. When you are ready to party with your group, met up again and go crazy.

Meet new people, hang out with them for some days. If you meet someone who are going the same direction¬†as you. Ask to share a minivan with them. Take people’s contact information if you are going to the same city. Meet up again, tell each other what you did. Give your best advice’s, and ask for their best tips.

I guess it’s all about balance.


The biggest mistake a man can do in Thailand

That is. Travel with your girlfriend from back home. This topic probably deserves its own post, but fuck it. I will write about it here.

Western men with western girlfriend in Thailand
Western men with Western girlfriends in Thailand

I see it all the time. Dudes walking around with their semi-obese pale Western women, while they discreetly look at the local buffet with a desperate look in their eyes. Like a beaten-up submissive dog stuck inside a metal cage.

Not only that. They see all the Western men down here that walks around with beautiful and feminine Asian women in cute dresses.

And their girlfriend? She walks around in dirty elephant trousers with a white tank-top full of food remnants while she chugs down another beer.

It’s heartbreaking to witness. Because a lot of these guys are good looking guys and Thai girls would love to date them if they came alone. Thai girls that are a million times better than the average Western girlfriend.

They had no clue¬†what would wait them down here, and now they are stuck with their fat girlfriend that can’t put on a fucking smile, even on vacation!

They have my deepest sympathy.


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