Sorry for not updating (quitting tobacco)

Sorry for not updating the website in a while. I’m still alive. 🙂

The thing is. I’m quitting tobacco cold turkey.

It’s a fucking pain in the ass, and I have zero concentration abilities. Just writing this post take a real effort mentally. Yes I know I’m a fucking pussy. I don’t give a shit.

I’ve never tried to stop smoking before. I’ve been off for 6 days and it’s on its peak when it comes to cravings and shit like that.

In fact. This was not planned at all. It just woke up on Monday and said to myself: “fuck this shit”….


Here is my tactics so far…


1: Stop being a fucking pussy

Yes, stop smoking will be painful. I will have cravings, I will have headaches, I will be irritated as fuck (and I am) and I will feel like shit.

I’ve been going 6 days, and now it’s supposed to be at the worst, but its far from unbearable. If I can just keep going 6 more days, the symptoms will start to decrease, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine.

I’ve mostly been inside my apartment in Bangkok. Not been doing anything… Only been in front of my computer watching YouTube. 😛

I will take it easy for the first 10 days. After that I will start to live more normal again.


2: Some more steps

I’ve been easy on heavy meals. When I eat big meals the cravings gets crazy, so I try to avoid it.

So I eat small meals, and I also try to avoid meat, so the cravings get as small as possible.


I’m using NO aids.

No nicotine gum, no plaster or any shit like that. Why would anyone use that shit? If you want to get rid of an addiction, you can’t continue taking what you’re addicted too. That makes no sense…

It’s not like nicotine withdrawals are deadly or anything, so why would you quit ‘slowly’?? Just sound like an excuse to not quit if you ask me…

Anyways. Will start to post again soon…


Right now I feel like this… 





See ya later… 

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