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So, what is this site about? 🙂

Just another guy that got sick of the 9 to 17 routine in an European feminist shit-hole full of muslim immigrants and masculine women.

Went on my first trip to Thailand in 2011 with my family. I knew nothing about that country at the time, but i fell in love with it immediately. That place had everything that was missing back home.

Feminine women, hot weather, good food, beaches, even more feminine women and a nightlife you can just dream of back in Europe.

The next 3 years I spent working my ass off around the clock so I could go back to Thailand as fast as possible. But I knew deep inside I had no choice. I had to move if I ever wanted to be happy.

In 2014 I started to experience with methods to make money online. After a lot of failures and frustrating nights to the verge of breakdown, I finally made it. I made my first dollar online! 😀

So, I sat myself one goal!

The day I had made 600$ consistent for 3 months, I would pull the plug.

In June 2015 I made that goal. I had made 600 dollars online three months straight. I sold my car, my bike, my computer and everything else that I could not bring with me. I rented out my apartment and I said goodbye to my boring life.

In September 2015 I did the final move. I flew to Thailand with a one-way ticket. I have not returned since.

Since then I have done a lot of crazy shit. I want to share all that with men all over the world so they one day can live the lifestyle that they want.

In June 2016 I made this website. 

I will bring you travel reports, guides, tips, videos from my YouTube channel, Thai food, markeds, dating tips and much more in a fun and informative way.

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