How to start learning Thai!

What’s going on guys? 😀

A reader asked me some days ago how he could start learning Thai, if it was hard and how long it would take him to be fluent.

First. I just want to say that I’m by no means fluent in Thai.

In fact, I kind of suck.

I know the basics, but I don’t understand shit if the person talks fast, if there is noise in the background or if someone talks about more advanced topics.

I can say hello, have basic everyday conversations, order food, talk about the weather and I know how to ask a girl to suck my dick. I know how to get by in life. 😀

Second. Yes, learning Thai is hard. Thai is a tonal language. That means that almost every word have 4-5 different meanings, depending on the tone. And to make it even harder, they have a different alphabet.

Third. I have no idea how long it would take to be fluent. I think that very few foreigners can be fluent in this language, unless you have some serious talent for language.

I’m 28 years old now, I’ve known English since I was ten, but I still have a foreign accent when I talk.

When that is out-of-the-way.. 😀

Learning Thai is fun, and you don’t need to be fluent. Knowing the basics will get you a long way. 😀 The kind of reaction you get from Thai people when you try to speak Thai is priceless.

“Oh my Goood. You speak Thai veeelyyy gooooood. Why you speak Thaaai. You have girlfriend Thai?”

In fact. Asking girls to learn me Thai is one of my most successful ways to ask a girl out. Even on Thai Cupid I say in my profile that I’m interested in learning Thai. Not a day passes without some Thai chick telling me she can be my teacher! 😀


How to start learning Thai

Manee Mana

Manee Mana are 12 books that were used in Thai school in the past. They are not in use anymore, but are available online for free at this link.

I used these books to learn the alphabet, basic words and basic conversations. I sat down with the books, while I had different girls from Thai Cupid correcting me while I read over Skype.

This books do requires that you know the Thai alphabet. Everything is written in the Thai Alphabet. The best way to learn the alphabet is to spend one week drilling all day. That’s what I did.

Thai For Beginners by Benjawan Poomsan Becker

If you don’t want to read Manee Mana while a Thai girl corrects you over Skype, your next best shot is this book. It comes with a CD that you can follow so you get the correct pronunciation.

Thai With Mod

Mod is a Thai girl who is running a YouTube Channel. Not only is she a good teacher, but she’s hot as fuck too.

You can find her channel here.

Personally I don’t like video format when I’m learning Thai. I think it’s tiresome to go back and forth in the video. Much easier to just have a book, and read with a girl that you have on video call. But that is just my opinion.


What’s next? 

As soon as you’ve gotten the basics down, you have to go out in the field testing your new skills!

Bar-girls are an excellent partner to talk with. Their job is to entertain the customers. As long as you give her a little tip, or you keep buying her lady drinks, she will be more than happy to talk with you.

I always wear a small notebook. In this book I write down 5-10 new words everyday that I pick up here and there. When the night comes I’m about to sleep, I will go through the words and memorize them, in the morning I will go over the same words one more time.


Okay guys. That’s it for this time. I am working on some really big posts at the moment, but they take time to make. But they will be ready at any time. 😀


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