Location Report | Koh Chang – Thailand

Happy New Year guys! ūüėĬ†

Time to start the new year with a fresh location report straight from my new favorite island in Thailand; Koh Chang! ūüėÄ

Holy shit did I have a great time. The vibe on this island was absolutely fantastic! ūüėÄ

I spent one week here. The three first days with a hot girl from Bangkok, after that she had to go back to Bangkok to work, which gave me a great opportunity to explore the more dirty aspects of the island (hookers, dirty massages and booze ūüėÄ ).

In fact. I’m seriously thinking about packing my shit and get my ass down to Koh Chang for a longer period. I’ve been in Bangkok way too long, and I find myself thinking more and more about the time I lived at Koh Pha Ngan. I really miss the simple life, that was after all why I moved to Thailand.

Island life in Thailand is really amazing and I think I just found my new home. I love the relaxed lifestyle and vibe.


Koh Chang explained

Where to stay at Koh Chang?

Where to go at Koh Chang


Westside of Koh Chang

This is were 99% of the stuff is going on. The entire westside is filled with resorts, bungalows, restaurants, bars and beaches in varied degree. But to be more exact:

Northwest Koh Chang

This is where you’ll find white sand beach. The beach was great, but personally I didn’t like this area of the island. It’s too crammed with resorts, bungalows,¬†annoying beach sellers, malls and other shit. Tourism have trashed this area completely. ūüôĀ

Not to mention that it’s extremely expensive to stay here in high season. I looked at some 4-5 stars resorts and they demanded 15.000 baht per night. Fuck that shit…

I remember I was at Koh Chang back in 2012 and this area was not nearly as developed as it is now. They’ve really raped the beauty of this once little charming town. In 2012 you could see the beach from the main road, today you can only see 2-3 floor buildings stuffed with Pizza Company’s and Family Marts. It’s really sad.

Midwest Koh Chang

I didn’t explore this area so much. Seems to be just like white sands beach, but with less development, more high-end resorts and a shittier beach. Nothing to see here.

Southwest Koh Chang

This was my favorite place on the island. It had the perfect balance between developments and nature. Not so much development that it destroyed the beautiful surroundings, but not so little that you were practically out in the jungle.

This area also had several beautiful and relaxed beaches. Nature Beach, Lonely Beach, Lisca Beach and BangBao Beach. The beaches in south also had much less beach sellers, which was nice.

If you’re into smoking weed Southwest seems to be the place too. You had Rasta beach and Rasta View. The last one a restaurant with a Rasta / Bob Marley theme. Weed was not at the meny, but it smelled weed everywhere in this area. So it can’t be hard to get. ūüôā

I was also told, by several people, that police never¬†went south of white sand beach. So it should be very safe to smoke here. ūüôā


Eastside of Koh Chang

Nothing happening here. Mostly Thai people living in this area.

Southeast of Koh Chang

This is where I spent the three first night with my Bangkok girl. We spent the on a hideaway bungalow resort all the way down south on the island. This resort is not on Agoda or Booking.com. You can find it here on Google maps. It’s called Tantawan Bungalows.

1km north of Tantawan Bungalows you have Long Beach. If you really want to hide away this place is for you. The beach is about 1km long and the days we were there it was maybe 10 people on the beach.

North of Long Beach there was a small restaurant selling refreshments, coconuts and Thai food.


Available girls (3/5)

Koh Chang had a lot of cute girls around the island. This kind of surprised me because the local girl situation on most islands in Thailand is complete shit. Maybe the fact that Koh Chang is on the east side of Thailand, next to Cambodia, have something to do with it? Just a thought…

There is no secret that the longer south you go in Thailand, the uglier the¬†local buffe becomes. ūüôĀ

Regular girls

If you want to hook up with regular girls on Koh Chang. Online dating, the malls and Bang Bao pier is your best bet. There are Tesco Lotus and BigC malls all around the island. Here you can enjoy AC while you try to hit up some local cuties.  

BangBao Pier is also a pretty good spot. This is a gigantic pier southwest on the island with its own marked..! The pier is about 1km long and on each side of the pier there are small houses with shops and restaurants. A lot of hot girls here. ūüôā They even have their own hospital on the pier.. Wtf…


In each town down the Westside of the island you will find bars with bargirls. The biggest bar complex is in the town of white sand beach, Had Sai Khao. Then the bar complexes get smaller and smaller the more south you go on the island. When you get all the way down to Lonely Beach, there was just one bar with bargirls…

I did see some hot girls in the bars, but it’s limited. If you’re staying at Koh Chang for more than 2 weeks you will have to use the same girls over again.

Farang girls

There are a lot of farang pussy on white sand beach, BangBao beach and Lonely beach. In fact, there are a ton of farang pussy everywhere on this island. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of them are coming here with their boyfriends from back home.

Party situation (2/5)

The party situation on Koh Chang is relaxed. There are no crazy nightclubs here that are full every night of the week. The nightlife here mainly consist of small bars with a laid back vibe. Some bars will have live music x amount days of the week.

Southeast on the island reggae seems to be the main theme. I love reggae, so that doesn’t bother me.

Lonely beach seems to be the place where young tourists and backpackers gather to have beach parties. A little bit like Full Moon party at Koh Pha Ngan, but on a much smaller scale. I spent the new years eve on Lonely Beach, and it was hundreds of people there. Great fun!


Stuff to do (5/5)

Oh man. This island is epic! There is so much fun stuff to do.

Chill on the beautiful beaches, flirt with Thai girls, go on crazy motorbike adventures, explore the rain-forest and the waterfalls, go on a mountain-hike, go scuba-diving, bang some hookers, play guitar on an open scene at the reggae bars, relax, go on beach parties, get to know new people, try amazing Thai food, buy an old dirtbike for 3000 baht and fuck it up offroad, go shoot guns at the shooting range.

It’s a lot of stuff to do here. ūüôā

But I’m happy with just the fact that it’s a beautiful tropical island with just enough hot Asian babes for a man to get by. ūüôā

My favorite thing to do on Koh Chang however was to drive the motorbike. I even rented a 600cc sport bike for two of the days. GREAT FUN! There are a lot of fun curvy mountain roads on the islands to test your riding skills.

On the eastside of the island there are many straight roads with zero developments where you can push the throttle to max.

I met a lot of other bikers on the island, and one of the days I was following them all the way southeast on the island back to where I spent my three first days with the Bangkok girl.

Long beach restaurant
Long beach restaurant


Cost of Living (5/5)

Koh Chang¬†can be very cheap and very expensive. It depends on where you stay. The most expensive area of the island is¬†Had Sai Khao where you’ll find 5 stars resorts that goes for 15.000 baht per night in the high season. You can get a good deal if you book your hotel early from agoda.com or booking.com.

If you go more south on the island around Lonely beach or BangBao beach, you’ll find a lot of cheap bungalows with ok¬†standard. I saw bungalows as low as 150 baht!!!

You won’t find these super cheap bungalows at agoda.com or booking.com as far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong). You’ll have to go there yourself and ask for room. The cheapest I saw was at Rasta View Bungalow for 150 baht per night, you can see location at google maps here.

Food was very cheap too. I ate most of my food in the small local Thai restaurants. I ate my usual dishes like fried rice, pad krapow and Geang Ped. I paid between 30 – 60 baht for these dishes.

I also ate a really tasty pizza at a restaurant called Sleeping Owl. See location here.

50 baht fish :)
50 baht fish ūüôā

It’s completely possible to live of 400 baht per day on Koh Chang, with accommodation included. If you want motorbike make it 600 baht. That’s pretty good if you ask me. It won’t be fun to live that cheap forever, but if you are making an online business it can be a great way to save money while you work, for a while. ūüôā

If you have a local girl to have fun with, you have everything you need! A place to sleep and work, a tropical island, cheap healthy food, transport and pussy.


Safety (5/5)

I have nothing to say really. The only thing I would be careful with are the songthaew taxis at night. Especially when it’s raining. There are some crazy mountain roads between the towns at the island.

The worst road are between the west-side of the island and the ferries to the mainland on the east side. Consider renting a motorbike by the ferry if you want to drive that road yourself, and not in the back of a old beaten up pickup truck.

Thai people have no fucking clue about road safety. I prefer to drive myself whenever I have the opportunity.

Southeast of Thailand, Koh Chang included is the area of Thailand with the highest malaria risk. So if you are staying in a cheap bungalow you should probably buy a mosquito net.



As I said in the beginning of this post. I’m seriously thinking about moving to Koh Chang. I’ve been in the big city for too long. I’m ready to live the laid back lifestyle again with beaches and coconuts. I also miss riding bikes on a regular basis. You can’t do that in Bangkok because of all the traffic jams.

Hot season is right around the corner too, and I’m not very keen on living in Bangkok. When it’s 40 degrees celsius it really helps with an ocean and a motorbike to cool off. ūüôā

My¬†nasal congestion gets worse by the day living in Bangkok from¬†all the pollution too. You can’t even see the sky here because of all the skyscrapers. I need a break from that. If I need to go back to Bangkok it’s only 5 hours away with bus. It’s not that bad, there is even an airport in Trat if I need to get to Bangkok fast.

I really liked Koh Chang. It had a good mix between developments and maintaining nature (except white sand beach). The local people here where really friendly, the ‘regular’ tourists stays at white sand beach and the backpackers where not as annoying as on Koh Pha Ngan. Maybe Koh Chang attracts a different type of young backpackers? I don’t know..

I also know that I will save a lot of money if I move to Koh Chang.

The only part that makes me skeptical about¬†living on Koh Chang is the rainy season. I’ve heard it’s really really bad, with the most rainy days in all of Thailand. I can believe that because when I was driving my motorbike around the island a lot of the roads where broken or limited because of flash floods or heavy rain.

Rainy seasons is still 5 months ahead in time, so I should not worry about that right now. ūüôā

If you want to be a butterfly and go nuts with a new girl every night. Forget about this island. The island is just too small, and the population is to low. A key to being a successful butterfly is staying low. As soon as a local girl on this island start to date a farang, I’m sure the entire island knows it in two days. Be careful.


Total Score

Available girls:     3/5
Party situation:   2/5
Stuff do to:           5/5
Cost of Living:      5/5
Safety:                   5/5

Goodbye Boring Life Score: 

       20 / 25


Have you been at Koh Chang? What did you like about the place? Tell me in the comment section.

Location Report | Thailand – Koh Yao Noi

Hi guys! What’s going on? ūüėĬ†

Time for another location report here at Goodbye Boring Life.

Today we will go off-road here in Thailand. Not many people have heard about this island despite its location just outside Phuket. That is sad because this is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever¬†been to in Thailand.

Koh Yao Noi Beach
It’s unreal!

It’s rural, untouched and have some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in Thailand.

Some of these beaches are world-class and because there is very little development here you will get the beaches for yourself.


I spent three days here last year when I was in Phuket long-term. My plan was to stay here for only two days, but then I fucked up and missed the last boat back to Phuket. I did not have hotel for the night so I ended up crashing with a Thai women¬†and a french guy that lived just next to the pier LOL ūüėõ


Available girls (1/5)

Normal girls (non hookers)

Don’t panic! Here is the deal with this island. 95% of the people who lives here are muslims. That is all fine but hitting up with a muslim girl is not really optimal as most of them can’t have sex before marriage.¬†Their religion puts a lot of brakes on what they can do or not do.

A lot of the girls that lives here or have their family here ends up in Phuket anyways. That is where the universities and jobs are.

If you want to have a girl¬†with you when you are at this island you have to find her¬†in Phuket before you go here. Then you bring her out here to relax in one of the few, but very luxurious resorts that you will find out here. ūüėÄ



There are no hookers or bars with red light activity on this island. Maybe you could get a happy ending in one of the massage shops west on the island. Comment below¬†if you have any inside information. ūüėÄ


Party situation (0/5)

Sorry guys. Because the island is mostly consistent of muslims there are not much nightlife activity going on out here. I did not find _one_ bar here. If you want to drink you’ll have to drink inside the hotel resorts or buy beer at 7/11.


Stuff to do (3/5)

Not much traffic
Not much traffic

Here is the thing with this island. The slow-life and the beauty is an attraction in itself. If you want to relax and just take it easy for a few days this is the perfect place to do just that.

Driving a motorbike here is awesome too as you have the roads for yourself. Up in north there are curvy roads with steep mountain hills. Really fun to drive there!

You can rent motorbikes at the pier if you are here for a day-trip, if you are staying over the night, most resorts here rent out motorbikes too.



IMG_5816From the small town east on the island you can rent long-tail boats that will take you on a day trip to Phang Nha national park. A must see when you visit this region of Thailand.

There are several good diving spots around the island. You can rent a long tail boat to take you to those places.


Sea food

There are several sea food restaurants at the island. The one I ate on didn’t even have a menu, they just served you whatever they caught that day with cold drinks. Really tasty and super fresh.


The coconut garden

Coconut garden
Coconut garden

West on the island you will find an area with rice fields, in the middle of those fields there is a garden that grows coconuts. 20 baht will give you a fresh coconut that you can enjoy after driving around in the heat!

Just north of that garden you will find the pier that you can see in the thumbnail picture of this post.




Cost of living (3/5)

The few resorts that you will find out here is actually quite expensive. That is kind of strange considering how undeveloped this island is. When that is said, these resorts are really top-notch stuff and is located in extremely beautiful surroundings. Just take a good look at these pictures. ūüėÄ

Food out here is super cheap. Most of the shops here are Thai food restaurants with regular Thai food. 20-50 baht for a dish with something, when I was eating sea food west on the island I paid 60 baht for food and drink.

Renting motorbikes costs 200 baht per day all over the island. You could probably get that cheaper if you stay here long time.

By the way, the Thai lady and the french guy that I lived with the last night. They had been working in France for a couple of years, saved all their money and bought an awesome property out here.

They built a small motorbike shop on the main road from the pier where the boats from Phuket are coming in. Behind the small motorbike shop they built a big house in between the trees!

So whenever a tourist is coming in from Phuket, the motorbike shop that they built is the first thing they see! Genius!

The shop
The shop
The house
The house








Safety (5/5)

Nothing to say.



Koh Yao Noi Resort

This is a nice island to visit for some days.

I could imagine bringing a hot Thai girl out here that you found in Phuket would be really awesome. Just fuck all day while you enjoy the beautiful surroundings at the same time. Walk on the beach, chill out, explore the island with motorbikes, fuck some more, go on a boat trip to the national park or eat some delicious fresh seafood.

I know I will be back here some day. ūüôā


Total Score

Available girls:     1/5
Party situation:   0/5
Stuff do to:           3/5
Cost of Living:      3/5
Safety:                   5/5

Goodbye Boring Life Score: 

       12/ 25