Three different budgets for living in Thailand

Having a budget is probably one of the most important strategies for moving to Thailand successfully. There are no safety nets here that will catch you if you fuck up in any way.

In fact. Right now several foreigners are stuck in immigration detention centers around in Thailand because they used up their money, had no money to get back home, then got arrested for overstaying their visas.

Some people have no money or family / friends back home that can help them. These people can be stuck for months, even years in these detention centers.

Here is a video from Bangkok Immigration detention center. Does NOT look like a fun place.

If you don’t end up in one of the detention center, you’ll end up hanging out with these crazy bastards at Beach Rd in Pattaya.

It’s not a fate I wish on anyone! Imagine being stuck in Pattaya, with all those hot hookers, but with no money to do anything. 🙁

Here are three different budgets for anyone who want to move to Thailand. 

Remember that these budgets are very simplified. This is just to give you an idea. It’s not actually budgets that I recommend to use. I’ve also excluded VISA costs and travel insurance as those costs differs so much from people to people.

If you have a legit job in Thailand you don’t have to think about VISA, as you don’t have to go on VISA runs. If you are here on tourist visas like I am, you have to factor those trips into the budget too.

You also have to add the costs for travel insurance. Prices for insurance differs so much depending on what country you are from so there is no point for me to add it.


15.000 baht per month (450$)

This is what I call the “I’m moving to Thailand no matter what” budget. Your budget would look something like this:

Rent: 5000 baht
Food: 9000 baht
Fun: 1000 baht


What would a 5000 baht apartment look like? Well, that depends where in Thailand you want to live. For simplicity I will only talk about Bangkok, a place I have lived and know a lot about.

In Bangkok, if you live on the outskirts, like Bearing, Mo Chit, Bang Sue etc, 5000 baht would give you a simple room with a double bed, AC, maybe a small kitchen and a toilet. If you look long enough, or you know someone, you could maybe get something bigger with separate kitchen and bedroom.


9000 baht per month in food equals 300 baht per day. This is plenty as long as you eat local Thai food. Maybe you could save a little bit money if you buy a big pack of oatmeal and eat that to breakfast, and use those money to eat expensive Western food once in a while.

A meal in the local street kitchens and local restaurants usually cost between 30 and 80 baht. This food is delicious and clean. I’ve never had trouble with local food in Thailand.

200 – 300 baht per day is what I usually spend on food down here when I’m doing nothing or just working. It’s only when I go out with friends or into more touristy areas I’m using more money on food.


What kind of fun can you have for 1000 baht per month? To be honest. Not much. It’s enough for maybe one trip out in some bar. Places like Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, Walking Street Pattaya or any popular nightclub in Thailand you can forget about.

At Levels in Bangkok you would have enough for 4 beers, and you’d had to walk home.


Should you move to Thailand if this is the budget you have to play with? I would say no fucking way. It would be boring as fuck as you only have money to exist, and that’s it.

I’m usually only on this budget when work for several days in a row. I will be inside all day working on my computer, go out and eat, then go back home to work more.


30.000 baht per month (900$)

This is the minimum, on average, I would budget per month for living in Thailand long time.

You’re budget would look something like this:

Rent: 8000 baht
Food: 13.000 baht
Fun and travel: 9000 baht


For 8000 baht per month you’ll get a modern condo outside downtown Bangkok (Siam, Nana, Asoke, Ekkemai).

At the outskirts (end stations of BTS and MRT) you could probably score a modern condo with shared swimming-pool, laundry / cleaning service and free shuttle-bus to the closest MRT / BTS station.


13.000 baht per month is more then plenty. You can eat cheap Thai dishes most of the month, but debauch once in a while with Western food or food in more ‘luxuries’ areas like a skybar or a high’end mall.

Fun and travel:

9000 baht should be enough for plenty of fun per month. Of course, you can’t go crazy every night like you would if you came her as an tourist for 3 weeks, but you can still have fun.


Who would I recommend this budget for? Anyone who is coming to Thailand with a plan to make more money. You can live of this budget for a while, while you expand your businesses, whatever they are.

As I see it. You need 15.000 – 20.000 baht per month to cover the minimum. Rent and food. Anything you make over that, you can use on whatever the fuck you want. Delicious food, travel, booze, hookers, membership at gyms, bling, better apartments or whatever you like.


50.000 baht per month (1430$)

This is what most of my Thai friends consider ‘enough’ money to live a comfortable life in Thailand. With 50.000 baht per month you will have a lot of economical freedom. You don’t have to think about every baht you are spending.

Your budget would look something like this:

Rent: 8000 – 20.000 baht
Food: 15.000 baht
Fun and travel: 15.000 – 27000 baht


With this budget you have a lot of freedom to choose where you want to live. You could spend less with a nice condo in the outskirts of Bangkok, or you could spend more to live more central. In Bangkok apartments seems to be more expensive the closer you are to Siam, Nana, Asok and Ekkemai.

For 15.000 baht in semi-central areas like Suttisan or Victory Monument. You’ll get a hyper-modern condo with good view, shared swimming-pool, laundry / cleaning service and free shuttle bus if it’s not in immediate distance to a BTS or MRT.


You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. You can even eat in nicer restaurants and skybars once in a while without worrying about going bankrupt.

You can go on dates regularly and pay for food and drinks for the girl you are out with.

Fun and travel

If you have this budget, and you are not tied to a job you have to meet up to. You can pretty much do whatever you want whenever you want.


50.000+ baht per month

There are no point of making budget over 50k+. The money you are making after the 50k mark will only go to better apartments, nicer food, more travel etc.



Other expenses


If you are on 60 days tourist visas, with the possibility to extend 30 more days at a immigration office. You have to go out of Thailand every 90 days.

I usually spend anything between 7000 baht to 20.000 baht on a VISA run, depending on how long I stay outside Thailand. That is on average 2400 to 6700 baht per month.

To find cheap flight tickets for VISA runs I usually go to Skyscanner. This site has that awesome function that you can choose departure, but leave arrival as “everywhere”. It will then find the cheapest flight ticket to “anywhere”.

Pretty dope, and you can discover some cities you never thought of going to.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance prices varies A LOT depending on where you are from. Sometimes I meet guys down here, and when they tell me what they pay for insurance my jaw drops because it’s so much.

I have my travel insurance through my bank back home. I pay around 450$ a year for my insurance. That is with no deductible meaning I can demand back my money no matter how small the cost is.

It covers emergency medical and dental costs. <- The most important. But it also covers theft and vandalism of personal belongings like laptops and cameras.

Some of the reason why I get so good price is because everyone in my family have insurance through that bank, and we’ve got some good premiums over time.

If you can get insurance with your entire family, you should try to manage that. You can save a lot of money that way.

Computers, cameras, equipment etc… 

Have any hobbies or you like to buy new tech? You will have to put that into you budget too.

I love to take pictures and to do videos. Because of this I buy a lot of camera gear. There are so many good shops in Bangkok for camera gear. Sometimes I wish I was rich so I could go berserk in the shopping malls here. It’s absolutely insane what you’ll find here if you look around.

Buffer money

I can’t even tell you how important it is to have a buffer when you live in countries like Thailand. You never know what will happen. What if you fuck up a tooth and you need to get a new tooth? That shit is not cheap even here in Thailand. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to walk around looking like a pirate.

What if you crash a motorbike, your own or a bike that you rented. You have to pay for that shit one way or another. In most cases it doesn’t even matter if it’s your fault or not.

It’s always a nice to have a pile of cash stored somewhere just in case something unlikely should happen.


As you can see, you can live a lot of different lifestyles in Thailand.

Personally I could never live on 15.000 baht per month, but some weeks ago I met a girl from Poland that lived in Chiang Mai because she learned Thai massage in a temple(?). She said she spent only 3000-4000 baht per month on food.

I didn’t understand how that was possible, then she said she was a vegan, and that she made most of her food herself.

In her sparetime she never went out drinking and spent most of her time reading books or doing yoga.

On the other hand. If you go out partying in the hottest nightclubs in Bangkok every weekend, and drag back hookers every second night, you can spend her monthly food budget in a single hour.

You need to find out what lifestyle you want to live in Thailand, then you have to figure out if you have the money for that lifestyle. If you have, everything is fine. If you don’t, you have to adjust, or find out ways to make more money.

I think, since I moved to Thailand in 2015. I’ve spent on average 50k – 60k baht per month.


How to save money in Thailand

Thailand is a pretty cheap country to travel around in compared to many Western countries.

The ‘problem’ with Thailand is that it is so god damn many temptations sneaking around every corner, that you end up spending a lot of money anyways.

Not only that, if you are in the bigger tourists areas you can’t walk 2 meters without someone trying to sell you something, or that there is some kind of business that are selling services or shit you don’t need.

Here are Goodbye Boring Life’s 12 methods of saving money in Thailand.

1: Get to know some local people

You’ll be surprised to see what kind if prices the locals pay for the same services and stuff as you do when you are walking around alone.

Let me give you some ridiculous examples:

  • I once paid 120 baht from Nana BTS station to Terminal 21 in Bangkok with motorbike taxi. When I was with a Thai person some time later I paid 30 baht for the same distance.
  • I paid 600 baht for a guesthouse at Koh Pha Ngan when I came here without knowing anyone. As soon as I got to know a local girl through Thai Cupid at the same island, I paid400 baht for the same guesthouse, AND she picked me up at the pier for free.
  • When you are with a local girl in Bangkok, the taxi drivers will never try to drive you for a fixed price, they will always use the meter without arguing.
  • I once paid 150 baht for a dish at a local restaurant in Phuket. When I was in another, but similar restaurant in Phuket with a Thai girl I only paid 50 baht.

Not only that, if you know a local. They always know where to get good cheap food. You won’t risk being ripped off in the local restaurants and she know how to get from A to B fast, effectively and cheap.

If you went to a local restaurant on Monday with a local girl, and you come back alone on Wednesday, they will still give you the local price.

Some more advanced tricks if you are a complete player like myself: 

Chat up a bunch of girls all around Thailand on Thai Cupid. Some of them will invite you over to their apartment, in other words, free accommodation..! (Btw, if you do this with good girls you are indirectly saying that you want a relationship with them, especially if you have sex with them when you sleep over).

But nothing is stopping you from just disappearing some days later, right? 🙂

I’ve done this a million times and saved a ton of money on accommodation. I once stayed with a girl for 3 weeks in Bangkok, and we had awesome sex every night. She wanted to push the relationship further, but I made it clear that I was not ready for that yet. She still hangs around and I meet her once in a while.  And I always live for free i Bangkok if I want that. 😀

Just be friends

You could also just make it clear from the beginning that you just want to be friends, and not have sex with her, but that is not nearly as fun as the first option. Nothing sucks more than to sleep next to a naked girl with a boner because you didn’t have sex with her, trying to jerk off without waking her up. Trust me, been there, done that.


2: Don’t eat Western Food

Western food is always more expensive than Thai food. Not only that, if you don’t know where to go to eat Western Food, it will probably taste like shit because most Thai people have no idea how to make Western food. This is especially true if you are outside the biggest tourist destinations (that the food taste like shit).

Eat local food. It’s delicious, mostly healthy and dirt cheap!

You can eat your steak when you get back home. 🙂


3: Buy a Thai sim card

Want to use 3G and 4G without getting a million dollar bill when you get home? Sim cards can be bought for 300 baht at almost every 7/11 in Thailand. Remember to bring your passport, or they won’t sell you the sim card.

When your out of credit you can top up at every 7/11 and most of the shopping malls in the phone shops.


4: Take an overnight bus or train

Okay, don’t take the overnight buses. They suck because it is impossible to sleep in a bus. However, the trains are pretty comfy if you take a sleeper train with actual beds. The shaking from the train makes me super sleepy and I sleep like a newborn baby.

That way you save one night at hotel or hostel unless you have a Thai girl to sleep with for free. If you have that, don’t bother with sleeper trains and just jump on a flight.


5: Take out big stacks of money

Every time you take out money in a ATM you have to pay a stupid fee on 200 baht. Those 200 bahts are dinner for 4 days at a local Thai restaurant if you know were to go, or are with a Thai girl.

I usually take out 50.000 baht every time I go to the ATM here. Use ATM’s that are connected to a bank, and always take out in the day time. That way if something happens with the ATM and you don’t get your card back, you can just stroll into the bank and ask them to open the ATM.

If you use an ATM out in nowhere, you will never get that card back.


6: Rent a motorbike

Don't pay for stuff you didn't do!
Don’t pay for stuff you didn’t do!

If you are at places like Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai or any of the islands. Rent a motorbike if you are planning to go around to see stuff. Motorbikes usually costs between 150 to 250 baht per day all over Thailand.

In Phuket for example taxis are expensive as fuck, and you will almost never get a taxi for under 300-400 baht no matter how short you are going.

Just remember to inspect the bike for damages before you leave the shop. Or they might blame you for the damage when you deliver it back. Take pictures of all damages.

Some shops have a paper where they will write down all the scratches and bulks before you go, but I would still take pictures just to be sure.


7: Haggle

If you are a tourist, and happen to be in the tourist areas of Thailand, you will have to pay tourist prices on all the stuff you are going to buy. Most Thais in the tourist areas just see a walking ATM machine when a tourist comes along.

Haggle! The prices are sky-high and don’t be surprised that they have a 600% profit margin on some of the shit they sell. They will probably sell it for a 200% profit margin too! So make sure to haggle like crazy.

8: Don’t leave tips

Thais don’t tip among them self, so why should you? Tips are not expected in Thailand so no one will think bad of you. I know this can sound kind of cheap depending on where you’re from, but this is just another way of saving money.

I just tip in Thailand if the service or the food was fucking outstanding!


9: …aaaand don’t tip the hookers

I know it’s hard to say no when they are coming with that little cute smile and their innocent Bambi eyes asking for a 300 baht tip for the taxi home just after you to shot a massive load straight in their face.

But let’s be real. The deal was 1000 baht, so that’s what she’s getting. She will probably give you a angry face, but why do you care? She’s out of the door in 10 seconds anyway!


10: …or don’t go with hookers at all!

This one might be challenging for a lot of studs out there, but chat up a lot of Thai girls at Thai Cupid before you go Thailand, and have sex with them for free when you arrive Thailand.

This one can save you a shit ton of money if you have the slightest amount of game.


11: Buy the cheapest water in 7/11

There is a million different types of water in 7/11. First time I was in Thailand I didn’t even bother to look at the prices, but you can actually save some money here.

0.5 liters of Evian water costs 50 baht, 0.5 liters of Singha water costs 7 baht. You won’t taste any difference. That is 43 baht saved every time you buy water.

If you drink 4 liters of water per day, you save 344 baht every day! After three weeks in Thailand that is 7224 baht saved (200 $). That is 7.2 hookers in soi 6, Pattaya. 😀


12: Don’t get fined by the Thai police

This one is easier said than done, because if they want money, they will get it somehow. Thai police make very little money and are dependent on money from traffic controls to top up their wages.

Just always remember to wear a helmet, that way they will not stop you if you drive by a random police officer. Also, remember your ID and driving licence if you have one.

If you don’t have helmet, or a licence, or ID, you will probably have to pay them 500 baht per violation. A total of 1500 baht.

Know more ways to save money in Thailand? Write it in the comment section and let everyone know! 😀




How to get from BKK to Pattaya fast

Just arrived Bangkok with an airplane from Europe or the US? Want to get to Pattaya fast without spending 3000 baht on a taxi, or getting lost in Bangkok or ending up on a bus that will take the milk route?

Here is the recipe:

From Suvarnabhumi airport: 

  • Take the airport train from Suvarnabhumi airport to the end station Phaya Thai.
  • Walk from Phaya Thai train station to Phaya Thai BTS station (skytrain). Just follow the signs.
  • Take the skytrain from Phaya Thai BTS to Victory monument BTS. It’s one stop in the direction of Mo Chit.
  • Take exit 1 and walk around 100m straight. On the left you will see a lot of minibuses.
  • Buy a ticket to Pattaya and enjoy your ride to monger paradise!
  • You might have to buy two tickets if you have a big suitcase.

Total price: 105 – 155 baht


From Don Mueang airport: 

  • Take bus A1 or A2. It does not matter who you take. Both go to the BTS system.
  • Go off the bus when you are at a BTS station.
  • Jump on a skytrain towards Bearing until you get to Victory Monument BTS.
  • Take exit 1 and walk around 100m straight. On the left you will see a lot of minibuses.
  • But a ticket to Pattaya and enjoy your ride to monger paradise!
  • You might have to buy two tickets if you have a big suitcase.

Total price: 100 – 150 baht


From Sukhumvit:

  • Just jump on a skytrain and take it to Victory Monument BTS.
  • Take exit 1 and walk around 100m straight. On the left you will see a lot of minibuses.
  • But a ticket to Pattaya and enjoy your ride to monger paradise!
  • You might have to buy two tickets if you have a big suitcase.

Total Price: 100 – 150 baht


Enjoy your stay!
Enjoy your stay!

The minibus ticket from Bangkok to Pattaya is 50 baht, but you might have to pay 100 baht if you have a big suitcase that take up a extra seat.

All the minibuses will take the highway to Pattaya. It usually takes around two hours, but that can depend on the traffic!

The bus will take you to the bus station behind Walking Street in Pattaya. Some drivers are extra nice and drive you directly to your hotel if you give them some pocket money.




If you are too lazy to do all this stuff, and you are tired after a long flight. Follow Dead Farangs method. Check out video under.