How to meet Khmer girls for free

Everyone that reads my website regularly knows how much I love online dating.

Internet is truly a gift for humanity. You can stay in your bed while talk with hot girls from all over the world, then you can meet up with them later and fuck them.

It’s truly a wonderful time we are living in. ūüôā

If you are going to Phnom Phen or Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat it can be nice to have a local girl showing you around. They know where the good food is, they know how to get from A to B, they will keep you away from scams and probably provide you with free pussy. ūüėÄ

Another good thing with online dating is that ¬†you know the girls there are looking for farang. ūüôā No need to waste your time on girls that have no interest in white men.


Hook up with beautiful Khmer girls here

There are not dating site that are made specific for Khmer girls, like for example Thai Cupid. But you can use Asian Dating. They have girls from all over Asia, so you can sort for Cambodia, and get girls from that region.



Check out in this post how you can make an awesome online dating profile. With this profile you will swim in pussy.


6 good reasons to bang hookers

I just broke my two month¬†celibacy on hookers down here in Thailand. I’ve not fucked a hooker since July. There are two reasons for this:

  1. I’ve been working like a slave on my computer. I almost haven’t been outside. ūüôĀ
  2. I’m trying to save money. Fucking sluts is not cheap when you have an online income that would put you below the poverty line in most Western countries.

Anyways. This week I met up with a friend from Europe that is in Pattaya at the moment. We took a trip to Soi 6, and the rest is history as they say.

Here are some great reasons to bang hookers. ūüėÄ


1: Time 

Fucking sluts is a HUUUGE time saver. No need to listen to girls’ bullshit for hours before she allows you to rip her pussy apart.

Chasing girls are of course fun, but sometimes you just don’t have time for that activity, but you still need to¬†relieve some pressure. That’s when hookers comes in handy. ūüėÄ

Just walk inside your favorite gogo-bar, pick the hottest girl from the shelf, do what you need, and pay her to leave!

You balls are empty, her wallet is full and everyone is happy. ūüėÄ


2: Hookers will cure your shyness

My number one dating tip for shy guys is: 

Go to Pattaya for a week and go nuts with the hookers around town. If you are shy around girls something tells me that you are intimidated by them. If you are intimidated by girls you have probably not spent much time around them, right?

Hookers can solve that for you. You don’t have to worry about rejection, so you can just focus on being comfortable around them.

When you start to be comfortable, you can slowly start to¬†challenge your comfort-zone and approach ‘real’ girls.

In time you will learn to not give a fuck and become more confident, which will get you more women, which will make you even more confident.

In the end you’ll brush of a rejection like it’s a light summer breeze. You know you just have to approach a couple of more girls, and the deal is set.

I don’t give a shit anymore. My urge for pussy far outweighs my approach anxiety. If I see a hot girl that I like I will make sure she knows I’m interested.

Another fun-fact about this. Whenever I have fucked a girl, other girls seems to be much more interested in me. I think this is because I’m not needy at all when I talk with them. I probably send out a completely different vibe,¬†unconsciously, when I just got laid. That girls pick up, also¬†unconsciously.

This was just as true back home too. Whenever I had a girlfriend, or a fuckfriend available, it was much easier to get laid with new girls.


3: It’s fun!

I think dating girls are fun too, but sometimes you meet that insane bitch who makes you bend over in awe. But that is a story for another time.


Most girls are just a little bit crazy, and you get tired of all the mundane, but never ending bullshit. That’s a good time to take a break from dating, and jump on the monger train for some weeks with shallow, easy and quick sex.

Just to get your motivation back. ūüôā

Luckily I’m in Asia, and the girls here usually shut up if they don’t have anything sensible or important to say. They are not in that constant “me me me me me” modus, yet.

Silence is gold.


4: Realize your wildest fantasies.

Threesomes, group-sex, rape-play, BDSM, spanking, caning, role-play, foot fetish, submission, anal-sex, costumes +++. The list goes on forever…

Sure, you can meet a cool and kinky girl. But the truth is that they are few and far between.

A lot of¬†people have huge¬†barriers when it comes to sex. It can be because of religion, a pride issue or just because they don’t like it.

So then we are back to my first point about time. How much time should you spend on finding a girl that want to try group sex, or let you dominate her? How much time do you have to look that in the first place? Probably not too much if you are an average slave feeding the system back home with a couple of weeks vacation each year.

Paying a professional is a great way to live out your wildest fantasies.


5: Men need sex, women don’t.

The majority of men need sex to be happy. The majority of women don’t need sex to be happy. That’s a huge problem. Don’t believe me?

Explain hookers….

If both sexes were equal crazy after sex there would be no such thing as female hookers. Everyone would just be fucking all day long. Nothing would ever be done.

Men have an unstoppable¬†urge for sex. We¬†can’t just turn a switch off mentally and stop thinking about it like women can.

A women can decide in the middle of a sex act that she don’t want sex anymore. You could show me a picture of your dead mother when we have sex, and I would say: “We have to talk about that.. LATER…”.


6: It will make you focus

Sometimes when I work, I will start to think about sex. It’s a fucking curse, and the remedy is the local blow-job bar.

Yeah, I have a lot of fuckfriends and girls I’m dating down here. But it’s rare that one of my ‘real’ girls can show up in 20 minutes to suck me off, just to kick them out again¬†so I can continue to work.

They would never accept that treatment. I would have to have some bullshit conversation with them pre-sex, cuddle, watch a movie, make som food, or just something.

If I’m working on a big project, I don’t have time for that shit.


If there were are blow-job bar in every city, the world would be a much better place.

Exploring Angkor Wat in Cambodia

What’s going on guys? ūüôā

Angkor Wat in one sentence: Who the fuck built it…?

I recently visited Siem Reap in Cambodia for a visa run.

Two of the days I was here I spent exploring Angkor Wat and the temples around it. I don’t care¬†if you have seen enough temples in Asia for a lifetime,¬†Angkor Wat was a mind-fuck, especially after a couple of joints with my friendly tuktuk driver. ūüėÄ

You should not miss it.

In my opinion I think¬†Angkor Wat¬†was more impressive than the pyramids in Egypt. The pyramids might be taller, a lot taller actually, and be more impressing visually. But the cheer size of Angkor Wat is simply mind-blowing, and if you look in the details it’s even more mind-blowing.

When people see pictures of the ruins in this area, they usually see the picture of the main temple Angkor Wat.

What they don’t know is that this area is full of other temples that is just as impressive as Angkor Wat.

In addition to Angkor Wat, you have Angkor Thom, Preah Khan Temple, Ta Prohm and a bunch of other small temples that I don’t remember the name on.

You also have a series of dams, lakes, canals and moats. All these are made by humans, and not by nature.

Around Angkor Wat you have a moat that is about 4 km in circumference, and around Angkor Thom you have a 100 m wide moat that is roughly 10 km in circumference.

East of all the temples you have a square lake¬†that is about 6 km in length¬†and 2 km wide. All made by humans without any advanced technology like trucks, lifts, stone cutters etc. Sure…


Who the fuck build it..? 

The official story is that Angkor Wat, all the other temples, the dams and moats were built around year 1200. The stones where cut and made with copper tools, dragged by elephants and put in place with primitive lifts.

But here is my problem with that theory. All the temples in this area consists of up to 10.000.000 stones. Some are as heavy as 40 tons, but most of them are around 1 ton. That is a modern day car, compressed into a brick.

If you cut, grind and make the art / pattern on 10 stones each day, it will take you 2700 years just to complete the stones!

Perfect made stones
The outside was just like the inside at some point.

So if they started in year 1200, they would be finished somewhere around year 4000 (it’s currently 2016)

Then you have to drag them from the quarry to the temple location, that quarry is believed to be 40 km away (25 miles). The area around Angkor Wat is DENSE jungle.

Not only that. If you look inside the temples, at places where weather have not eroded the stones. You will see that these stones are perfectly made.

All 90 degree angels, with super detailed and fine art, and you could not get a razor blade between the joints.

perfect stones angkor wat
Can you get a hair between those joints? I tried..

Because the stones are perfect on the inside, they were probably perfect on the outside at one time too. But weather, raiders and war have destroyed it bit by bit.

I will admit it, I was high as fuck on weed the second day I was at Angkor Wat, and it made me think some crazy thoughts. I just have a hard time believing that some primitive people made all this shit with copper tools, some elephants and wooden lifts.¬†It’s just too massive and detailed.

Perfect stone art
These are everywhere, where do you find an army of artists to make 100.000+ like these?

And where did they get all the artists from to make all the detailed stones?

These stones don’t look like they were made by children, noobs or slaves. But by people that knew what the fuck they were doing. It’s art, and they look perfect, and they are all over the place. Hundreds of thousands of them..

But the biggest mind-fuck is that pretty much all of the stones at these temples are unique, with different dimensions, patterns and art that are custom made to each¬†stone, and that fits perfectly with the stone next to it, and next to that again, and next to that again…

All made in a quarry 40 km away by people who didn’t even have a fucking telephone to call up the quarry if some of the measurements was off with a couple of millimeters.

I would give anything to go back in time to see what the fuck was going on…

The official story should be that they have no fucking clue how all this was made.

Has to be either aliens, or that humanity had some ancient technology at that time that was lost, and are not in the history books today.