Bangkok Gallery 1 (Chinatown)

Soo. I just realized that I’m in possession of over 6000 pictures from all around Thailand, taken over a period of 5 years. I’ve never shared any of these photos. Maybe it’s time?

Most of these pictures are taken with my Canon 7D. I use a basic 35-180 mm and a fixed 50mm.

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The photos in this gallery are from Chinatown in Bangkok back in 2012. I’m thinking about sharing 10-15 pictures in each gallery.

If you click the picture it will pop up in a light-box, you can then use the arrows on your keyboard to scroll through the pictures. 


Bangkok Chinatown Marked a lot of people crowded

Bangkok Chinatown Main Rd Yaowarat Road traffic neon signs

Bangkok Chinatown Main Rd Yaowarat Road traffic neon signs

women reading newspaper in street in chinatown Bangkok

sunglasses at sale in chinatown bangkok old marked

man sleeping in street in chinatown bangkok

man carrying eggs in street in chinatown bangkok

duck feet boiling in street in bangkok chinatown

women petting bird in marked in chinatown bangkok

marked in Chinatown Main Rd Bangkok a lot of people

wig shop in Chinatown marked in bangkok a lot of colors

old women preparing food in street bangkok chinatown

women looking into camera in marked chinatown bangkok

stuffed animals in store at marked in chinatown bangkok

old women buying food at food stall in street in chinatown bangkok

women praying at temple in bangkok chinatown chinese temple

Traffic in chinatown Bangkok