Blow-job bars in Bangkok

Don’t want to spend 3000 baht on the full package in a go-go bar? Are you in a hurry? Need a girl who knows how to smoke the pole? The Blow-job bars in Bangkok is your answer!

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Blow-job bars in Bangkok

Blow-job bars are a great opportunity for a quick and cheap release. Maybe you’ve been working hard all day and need to empty your balls.

Prices for blow-job: 700-1000 baht
Prices for beer: Usually around 100 baht
Ladydrink: 150 baht.

Another good thing about the blow-job bars is that there is a high probability that you will meet a women that really knows what she’s doing. They do this all day. They wont look at you with a semi-disgusted face like some gogo-girls do when you shove your dick in their face.

A lot of these girls will suck your dick until you nut, and they will keep on going. It’s wonderful.

When you nut but she keeps on sucking


I will not make a review of every blow-job bar out there in Bangkok. I know some people do that. To be honest I think that is a complete waste of time. Most of them are the same. All it really comes down to is what girl you end up with. Some are good, some are average, some are bad. Most are between good and medium. If you’re unlucky you might stumble upon a really bad fruit, but that is unlikely.

It’s only around 700 baht for these blow-jobs, so it’s not like you wasted a fortune anyways if you get a bad one.


Where to find blow-job bars in Bangkok

Under you will find a map of all the blow-job bars I’ve found in Bangkok. I’ve not been to all of them so I can’t tell you if they’re good or not. You just have to wing it. One good tip to find a good sucker is to ask what girls have been there a while.

Kasalong had some hot girls last time I was there. The girl who gave me blow-job did a great job! When I told her I was about to bust, she kept going. Good girl.

Older women tends to be more talented than the younger girls. They have after all been doing this shit for years. They know what buttons to push to make you cum. ^^

I’ll also mark up some massage parlors that are really dirty. They don’t even bother to give you a massage. They just rip of your pants and start working on your stick.

Map of blow-job bars in Bangkok

Click the square in the right-upper corner to make the map bigger.


How does it work? 

You walk inside the bar. Most of the bars have just that, a bar with a bunch of girls. You can buy a beer while you decide what girl you want, or you can go straight to business. You are not expected to go with a girl if you go inside one of the bars. You can leave without any hassle and just pay for whatever you have been drinking.

When you have chosen a girl. She will bring you to a room upstairs. Usually with a comfy chair. She will apply some lube or oil so it gets more comfy. The girls do not demand condom.

You can cum most girls in the face or in the mouth. Up to you.

Dirty massage parlors

A bunch of girls will sit outside the shop. Sometimes they will suggest a girl for you, as the girls work on ‘shifts’. If you don’t like the girl you are presented you can just ask for another one. They don’t mind. These shops have everything from old skunks too young girls with braces (if that is your thing).

Have you been to any of the blow-job bars? Was it good? Tell me in the comment section so everyone can know.