Random questions from my readers part 1

What’s going on guys? 😀 

This website has been up for almost 6 months now and I’ve been pumping out posts for around 4 months.

In that time I’ve had 450.000 page views and almost 100.000 unique visitors. Most of you come from Google searches, read a post, and never come back. Some of you stick around for a while, then you’re gone, while some of you have been reading almost every blog post. 😀

In this post I’ll answer some of the question you have sent to me one way or another.

These are questions from e-mails, some question have come through the comment fields, while some have come through Google searches (yes, I can see what you guys are searching to find my site, you sick bastards!)

So with no further ado. Here are some questions asked by you. Good lord…



Can I fuck bar-girls that are on their period? 

What the fuck meme


How much is it for a Thai hooker per night? 

That’s like asking how much a beer on planet earth costs. Prices vary so much it’s impossible to give you an exact answer. Lets say 2000 baht on average (with barfine).


Can I pay for threesome in Thailand? 

Yes, yes you can! 😀 😀

There are several places you can have a threesome in Thailand in return of money. The two most famous places are Devil’s Den in Pattaya and Eden’s Club in Bangkok.

Soi 6 in Pattaya is also a place a threesome is very possible. Just ask around in the bars for girls that are willing to go together, or just ask the mamasan in each bar. Don’t be shy. 🙂

However. I do recommend to work for the threesome a little bit more. Try to find two freelance girls in a nightclub that are willing to go together to your room. If you do it that way you are much more likely to end up with much hotter girls.

The girls at Devil’s Den and Eden Club are really not that hot. In Soi 6 the


Do gogo bar girls give GFE (girl friend experience) during short time?

Depends on what you mean with GFE. If you mean a girl who is friendly and smile to you, who are willing to do whatever you demand? Yes, it’s possible to have a GFE experience during short time.

However. If you also want a sleep-over, it goes without saying that it’s not possible during short-time…


Where can I hook up with Western girls in Thailand? 

To be honest. I don’t think Thailand is the best country to hook up with Western women. A lot of Western women think that Thailand is just one big whorehouse filled with old horny pigs (not entirely untrue), so they avoid going here. To bad for them!

Going to Thailand to hook up with Western Girls is like going to America to hook up with slim girls. It’s possible, but you’ll have to take a good look.

Here are the biggest beehives with farang pussy if that is what makes you hard.

Bangkok: Khao-San Rd

Pattaya: Forget about it

Chiang Mai: Around the temples and at the nightclub Zoe in Yellow

Phuket: I actually don’t know..

Koh Pha Ngan: Half Moon Festival and Full Moon party.


Condom tore with prostitute on her period, what can I do? 

Oh shiiiit! Not good man! The best you can do is to read my STD Emergency guide and hope for the best! Get tested in two months. Good luck!


Sex vacation to Pattaya when to go where to stay? 

If you are just coming to Pattaya for sex, and don’t give a shit about getting a tan or other activities. I would go between June and early November.

November to mid-January is high season. Pattaya is crammed with tourists and everything is much more expensive. Hotels, food, transport and hookers…

Mid-January to late-May is too hot, with temperatures peaking 45 celsius at the hottest days.

June to early November is rainy season, but the weather in Pattaya is actually quite stable even in the rainy season. The rain showers usually comes between 17-20 at the afternoon. At day time it’s around 30 degrees and partly cloudy. Perfect weather. 🙂

Hotel in Pattaya

My favorite hotel in Pattaya by a mile is Areca Lodge. If you can find a hotel in the entire world that will give you more value for your money, than this hotel, please show me.

Areca Lodge have two swimming pools, sauna, massage girls, fitness room and fresh rooms with minibar, bath-tube and king-size beds. The breakfast is awesome and the staff is very friendly.

The hotel is located in the middle of Walking Street and Soi 6, and LK Metro is just outside the door. The beach is 10 minutes away by foot, where you kind find hundreds of freelancers all over the place.

Just check the map under of Areca Lodge’s position in Pattaya 🙂

Check out Areca Lodge at Agoda at this link if you want to book a room. 🙂


What establishment is the MOST fun?? 

That is a really hard question to answer, and it really comes down to what girl you find, the general vibe of the bar you’re in, and what you prefer yourself.

For me personally. I like the short-time bars in Soi 6 Pattaya A LOT. I’ve never had a really bad time there.

It’s usually high energy like in the go-go bars, but it doesn’t feel as cramped (even when there is a lot of people).

The girls are always up for fun in Soi 6, they don’t nag about lady drinks constantly and I love their skimpy outfits. 😀

When you have found a girl that you like, you can bring her upstairs and bang her right away. It will only set you back 1000 baht. No bar fines or other bullshit.


How can I have sex with university girls? 

If you are looking for young petite university girls in their early twenties, you should be in Bangkok. Bangkok is probably the easiest city in the world to pick up free pussy.

The fact that there’s even red-light districts in Bangkok is a fucking paradox considering how easy regular girls are here.

As long as your white, and don’t look like this guy, you should be able to get some pussy in this town.

Pull up Google maps to find out where the universities in Bangkok are. Hang out in cafes and restaurants nearby. The sky-train stations are also good spots to pick up girls at cool days.

Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly are also good options if you are too lazy to approach girls.


Hotels in Thailand where you can fuck the staff?

but why meme


Are Thai girls up for anal sex? 

Not really. If you try to stick it up their butt most of them will freak out. If you want to have anal sex your best shot is to find a professional. The escort sites usually tells you what girls are up for anal sex.

Out of all the regular girls I have banged down here, maybe 1/8 have been up for butt sex. The rest will freak out.


How much it will cost for ten days sex tour to Thailand? 

Check out this post where I make a sex vacation budget for you. That post is about to be heavily updated too. 🙂


Go-go bars with nude girls in Bangkok? 

Crazy house in Soi Cowboy have nude girls dancing all night. In fact, Crazy House is one of my favorite go-go bars in Thailand. Check out this post for directions and more info.


Big poop now I’m bleeding from anus what to do? 

Dude… Go to the doctor, and how the hell did you end up at this site? I don’t think I have that string of words anywhere here.


Chances of prostitute biting dick off? 

In fact. I think the chances of a jealous Thai girlfriend chopping of your dick with a kitchen knife while you sleep is bigger than a hooker biting of your dick. That first one is actually an epidemic in Thailand. Fucking insane… Another good reason to bang hookers, I guess?


What is the best beer in Thailand?

To be honest. I don’t think any of them are especially tasty. I’ve tasted some good local brews, but I don’t know what name they have, or if they have any name at all.

I honestly think Singha and Chang taste like shit. I drink Heineken and Carlsberg in the bars usually. If a bar have draft beer, I will usually drink that, whatever it is.

I drink Singha sometimes for nostalgic reasons. The taste reminds me of my first trip to Thailand. 🙂

There is one place in Bangkok called Tawandang that have amazing beer on draft. Read more here.


Okay. That’s it for this time. As you can see. Some of you come with some pretty hilarious questions. I have over 20.000 unique search results, more sick questions will come in the future. 🙂


Peace! 😀