I love my passive income! :D

What’s going on guys? ūüėÄ

As I’m writing this I’m waiting for a connection flight at Dubai International Airport. I’ve been back home for a short 3 week trip to visit family and friends.

I’m thinking back on my last three months. It’s been amazing!

Bangkok, Koh Chang and Pattaya Beach

In November I spent most of my time exploring Bangkok with an amazing girl that I’ve spent a lot of time with lately.

In December I did a lot of small side trips from Bangkok, like going to Ayutthaya. I even visited a crazy museum and I went to the infamous Bang Kwang prison north of Bangkok.

I ended my year with a trip to Koh Chang, one of Thailands most beautiful islands. Before I went back to Europe 5th of January to visit family and friends.

In February I will go on a trip all the way up Isaan, one city at the time with train, before I end my trip in Vientiane, Laos.

My point is. No matter where I am, I can pull out my laptop and make money.¬†In fact, some of my income is 100% passive. That means I don’t even have to work to make them. I’ve already done the work, and the money¬†trickle in slowly but steady.

It’s a god damn good feeling! ūüėÄ

There is a million ways to make money online. All it takes is your imagination, hard work and the dollars will start to trickle in. Trust me guys… If I can do this shit, so can you. I’m an idiot.

Did you know there is a dude who travel around the world and let people stare at him? That’s how he makes money…

I still remember when I made my first dollar online, it felt so good I had goosebumps all over my body.

I knew that if I could multiply this online income, I could live a dream life in cheap tropical countries like Thailand, Cambodia or The Philippines.

Not only could I live a dream life, but it’s also the responsible thing to do. An extra income is very nice to have. What if you become sick and can’t do regular work anymore? Or what if you just loose your job because of bad economical times? It’s always smart to have a second semi-passive stream of income.


General tips for making online income

1: Try a lot of different things

Never put all your cards in one basket. If you only have a single source of online income, what do you do if it fails?¬†You would be f***ed…

Right now I have 5 sources of income, they are:

  1. Profit from renting out my apartment back home. This is steady and safe income.
  2. I do translations jobs from English to Norwegian for a big international company. Mostly mobile apps in the off-shore industry. I don’t have many jobs, but when I get them they demand quick delivery and it’s good paid.
  3. I still do some translation jobs and background removals on Fiverr.com.
  4. Thai Cupid, Thai Friendly and Agoda sales through Goodbye Boring Life.
  5. Black jobs here and there. As I said, I have a pretty decent DSLR camera. I’ve done gigs for a few hotels down here. I’ve done new fresh pictures for them that they can use on Agoda.com or booking.com

Lately I have started to play around with another source too, stock images and stock video. I met a Thai lady some time ago that made around 2000$ online from the website Shutterstock, per month!!!

She showed me exactly what she did, what types of pictures she took and her earnings. I learned a lot.

She had 20.000!!!!!! pictures uploaded in a 12 month period. She have probably worked 2-3 hours on that every day that year. But it did pay of in the end, didn’t it? ūüôā 2000 $ a month in Thailand is a¬†fortune!


2: Start easy and simple

Don’t jump on the make money online train and think that you will do bank the first week. If you go into this ‘business’ with that attitude you will become¬†unmotivated very quickly.

Competition is high, and you will probably have to do jobs in the beginning for slave salary, maybe even free! It’s all about building up a reputation and a network so you can score good jobs.

Let me give you three examples:

1: When I started out on Fiverr.com, I did translation jobs for 5$. I would translate 800 words for only 5$! That usually took me 1.5 hours.

However, as the jobs came in, good reviews came in too. With good reviews I can crank up the price. Eventually I came in contact with a big company that have translators from all over the world to translate apps and software.

2: The first 4 months of Goodbye Boring Life I did not make a single sale on Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly. However, the last 3 months the sales have started to trickle in slowly. I don’t make much, and after hosting is paid I only have a small profit. But profit is profit.

Who knows, maybe in one or two years, this site is doing 1500$ a month on sales? I have no idea what to expect…

3: The Thai lady that showed me around on shutterstock.com uploaded pictures for 3 months without making a single dollar. Then the sales, reputation and special deals started to trickle in.

As you can see. Hard work usually pays of in the end. And if you want passive income you don’t have to work for, you usually have to do the hard work first, and hopefully it pays of.


3: “That won’t work”..

Yeah. With that attitude you will never make a dime. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be critical, but some people are too skeptical about what is possible to make money from.

You need to choose a strategy, and get busy RIGHT NOW… Everyday you postpone you give that money to someone else.

When you start doing jobs online, you come in contact with people that are “over” you in the online hierarchy. If you do a good job you will get contacts, build networks and get insight in other peoples business ideas and projects.


4: Don’t quit your job on day 1

Good. You’ve made your first dollars online. This is NOT the time to quit your job and fly to paradise. Keep working hard, expand your incomes. Make a robust system for yourself that keep sending money to your¬†bank account.

This is also a good time to start saving some of your money from your regular job to build up a buffer.

It’s important to have a big buffer in case something should happen. Maybe you hurt yourself and something’s wrong with the insurance, maybe you get in trouble with the law and need to bribe someone. You never know what will happen in these countries they are after all third world countries.

I said to myself that I would quit my job the day I made 600$ online for three months straight. I made that goal back in 2015. I’ve been on the road since¬†and I’ve never been more happy.


Life is short

Start NOW! Don’t waste time. If you are wasting time in front of your computer, like reading this stupid blog. Stop now and get started!!!

Life is short. I’m already 30 years old, and I’m stressing already. I want to¬†utilize every second of this life. There is no time to loose.

When I get old and my dick don’t work anymore I want to have fond memories about all the crazy shit I did and all the tight Asian pussies I crushed.

I don’t want a single regret in my old days. So get started NOW!

How to be happy in life

What’s going on guys? ūüėÄ

The last year I have been more happy than I’ve ever been in my life. You¬†only have one life, and if you’re not happy or having fun, you’re wasting very precious time IMHO.

In fact, that is people’s biggest regret when they are on the deathbed. They regret that they were more concerned with what others think about them, than to do what they really want. Whatever it is.

Don’t take life for granted, there is a big probability that you only get one shot at this. Make it right, and¬†one life is more than enough.

Here are some conclusions I have come to over the last year on how to be happy in life. I’m not saying this is a blueprint or anything, but it’s been working for me.


Rule 1: Work hard

“Only¬†through discipline can you have freedom”. I don’t remember where I read or heard that quote, or if the quote was just like that, but it makes a lot of sense.

Finally here permanent
Koh Pha Ngan ūüôā

If you don’t have discipline, you will never get anything done and you will never get out of your hometown. Discipline is the most important¬†trait that will eventually get you freedom.

I spent 3 years figuring out how I can make money online. I had no idea if it would work, or if I would even make it. But I didn’t give up because I had discipline and¬†determination.

It did pay off eventually because now I live in Thailand, and I have everything a man can dream of to be happy.

I spend my time hunting pussy in Bangkok and enjoying life on tropical islands such as Koh Pha Ngan and Koh Yao Noi. Will I do this forever? Probably not… But I will enjoy the hell out of it as long as it last.

If I find the perfect women I will probably settle down at some point. I’m only 28 years old so I’m in no rush tho. ūüėõ


Rule 2: Have a lot of women

If you’re a man, and you want to live a happy life. I think it’s important to have access to a lot of women in your life. Nothing makes a man more happy than to have sex with young and sexy women. This is something most men desire, and¬†having a lot of women will make you more happy. That’s a fact!

Hot women to be happy
This makes me happy

Another important aspect of this is that only by having sex with¬†a lot of different women, can you find the women of your dreams. It’s like trying a new car. You don’t buy the first car you come across, you try a bunch¬†of them, compare them, then you decide which one you like the most.

So many beta guys back home just ‘took what they got’, and are now stuck¬†with some brat they would never even touch if they got their shit¬†together, broke up, and came down here to Thailand and saw what was on offer.¬†But they just stay with their troll¬†because it’s the only pussy they have access to, and they’re afraid to lose it.

If the women in your hometown or country sucks, be the alpha, get your shit together, and move to a better location.

That’s what I did. I was sick of obese women that walks around with an attitude like they’re the fucking shit. Which brings me to my next rule.


Rule 3: Travel

This is a tip that I give all people I met. Go travel. Get a new perspective on things. Don’t just sit in your boring¬†hometown thinking it’s the best place on earth. It’s probably not the best place. If you want to meet fun and interesting people they are out there on the road.¬†The boring people stay home doing nothing as usual.

The world have A LOT to offer you. It’s not a dangerous place and most people you will meet are nothing but super friendly.

You will realize that there are better women out there than in your own hometown. Find more feminine and easy-going women. You will find women with more attractive manners and ways of doing stuff. Actually you will figure out a lot of shit.

Personally I like to travel slow. The last year I’ve been mostly in Bangkok, and I have done short to medium side trips from here. Phuket, Koh Yao Noi, Koh Yao Yai, Koh Pha Ngan, Koh Tao,¬†Siem Reap, Sukhothai, Chiang Mai to mention some.

If you are not traveling you are making a big fucking mistake in your life. Stack up some cash, get your passport and jump on a train, boat or a plain. Read up on my webpage and get a ton of good advice. If you subscribe to my newsletter I would be very happy too. ūüôā


Rule 4: Stay fit

You were born with one body, and if you fuck it up, there is no store where you can buy a new one. Too many people have chronic lifestyle diseases because they chose to live a shitty lifestyle. That is sad (for them).

It’s so easy to take your health for granted, because health is not really an issue before you get some shit in your luggage. Then it might be too late to do anything about it.

Staying fit is alpha omega to live a happy life.

If you have never exercised before, it will be painful as fuck in the beginning. Your lounges will itch, you legs will cramp up, you will be sore for days after your first session. This is all temporary and as you continue to work out and push yourself, you will actually start to feel better after each session.

I won’t start a discussion about what exercising does for your body, because everyone knows that exercising is good for pretty much everything in life.

More energy, less stress, better health, you will live longer, you will last longer in bed, less likely to get lifestyle diseases, you will feel sharper, you will be more attractive to other people. The list goes on forever.

And meanwhile in the Western world…

‘The fat acceptance’ movement I read about in the news back home is a fucking disaster. The US, and now also Europe, have the biggest concentration of obese people in the world. It’s fucking disgusting.

But it gets worse. Now they want us to accept them and find them attractive too. Wtf..?? “Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes” they say. You know what. Fuck you.. You’re a lazy loser, ¬†you just want people to accept your laziness so you can feel good about yourself for doing nothing. Nothing is attractive about lazy and fat losers. You lost in life, and when you lie on your deathbed you will be full of regret.



Rule 5: Don’t give a shit what other people think

As long as you’re not hurting anyone, do what the fuck you want, and don’t listen to what other people have to say about it. No matter what you choose to do, there will always be some jackass¬†that have a strong opinion about just that.

Start a webpage like this? Some women will say I’m a sexist pig. Maybe I am? I don’t care..
Start a shelter for homeless dogs? Some asshole will say let nature do its job.
Not having children? You’re a loser..

Why give a shit? Just do whatever makes you happy, that’s all that matter…

Dont listen to your mother

If you’re young, and you read this website. Don’t listen to your mother. She loves you, and she just want you to be safe. Safe is boring. She don’t want you to take a fucking chance, and do something outside the box. Like moving to a developing¬†country. She will be happy if you just have an average life in an average job. As long as you’re safe, she has done her job as a mother.

My sister¬†was not happy about me moving to Thailand. But she is misinformed by the feminist media. She thinks Thailand is like some shit-hole country like in Africa. She won’t even come here to visit me because she thinks it’s dangerous. Whatever…


Rule 6: Don’t argue with people.¬†

I’ve found that it’s almost impossible to change people. Very few people will change themselves or change their opinion; even when¬†you have the best argument. I don’t know why this is, but it’s probably some kind of defense mechanism. Their opinion is a part of their identity, and they will do anything to defend it.

What works better is to just show them. When I came back from vacation from Thailand the first time. I tried to tell people how awesome it was, how the women was, how it was better than home, how amazing the food was etc. What was the response..?

“Yeahh, you probably just had ladyboys”, “You probably just paid for everything” “I know you¬†exaggerating, nothing is that good”… bla bla bla.

Today however. I put pictures on Facebook once in a while about what I do down here. Pictures with Thai friends, pictures with hot women around me. I have pictures of me with a hot women on the beach while sipping fruit juices and eating snacks. I have pictures where I eat fucking amazing food etc..

Today they don’t ask me if it’s ladyboys anymore, they ask me careful in a private massage “Dude, is life down there really like your pictures?”, “How do you meet so many women down there, are you rich? What did you do?”. “Can you show me around if I come to Thailand?”, “dude, what the fuck happened. Suddenly you are swimming in pussy¬†and eat amazing food everyday..?”

Stop wasting your time trying to change people or convince them about anything. Life is too short to do that stuff. Instead, just leave them and show them you were right. If they still don’t realize it, well, nothing you can do about that.


Rule 7: Stay away from idiots

They sit in the bars of Thailand complaining about everything. Life was better in the old days, hookers where cheaper 5 year ago, the exchange rate has never been worse than now.

You’ll find them on thaivisa.com forums. Spending their entire day just talking nonsense. Telling¬†you why your idea suck, why that business plan won’t work, why making websites are stupid. They spend all their days doing nothing productive while they¬†shit on other people

You’ll find them in your hometown. They talk shit about everything outside¬†their own town. The world is a bad place, they’re glad they are in THIS town, because THIS town is the BEST. But the weather was better last decade, and they don’t like that weird guy in that yellow¬†house…

They are everywhere. The best thing to do is to just avoid these type of people. They will just suck the energy out of you, and nothing will make them more happy than to see you fail. Because that’s what they did. They failed with everything in life and now they want to see you fail.

Don’t spend your energy on it. It will only make you¬†exhausted. They will drag you down on their level.

You have one life, spend it¬†wisely. Ditch negative people even if it’s your own family. Be selfish, and make your life awesome. Bang a hooker when you need to and don’t take stuff so fucking serious. When people see that you have an awesome life, maybe they will listen to you then. If they still don’t listen, they are¬†lost. There is nothing you can do.

That’s it for this time. Some tips from my perspective¬†and I appreciate all the people who read my site.


Great ways to kill yourself in Thailand

This post should be totally unnecessary to make. But after staying in Thailand for almost a year you won’t believe what kind of shit I’ve seen down here. Nothing surprises me anymore.

People don’t die in Thailand because this place is dangerous, people die here because they are¬†complete morons.

I know it’s hard to come out of US and Europe. Those places are dictatorships in the name of ‘safety’. The government protect you from birth to grave. You don’t need to use your brain or think about consequences. Then you come down here where you can do whatever you want with temptations lurking on every corner.

Some people can’t handle that freedom, they¬†go nuts, do something stupid, and end up in a plastic bag. Here are¬†some ways you can kill yourself in Thailand.


Drive a 1000cc sport bike.. drunk. ūüėÄ

It’s okay to¬†drive a 100cc motorbike after a couple of beers. I do that all the time. Never had any incident, and I never will. When I drive mildly intoxicated I drive under 20 km/h and focus like an astronaut that’s about to leave earth.

Driving a 1000cc sport bike however, after drinking a lot of alcohol with your friend, without a proper helmet in a big city such as Pattaya. You are asking for it.

That’s what this English guy did, and he wont be enjoying pussy any time soon, because his brain splattered all over the street. Graphic content.


Rent a motorbike when¬†you can’t drive

Thailand is not a place to learn driving motorbikes. At least not if you are a complete idiot. A girl from England I met at Koh Yao Noi found out that the hard way.

She basically sat down on the scooter, gave full throttle, panicked and drove right out of the road. Unfortunately for her there was a steep slope down into some trees where she drove out of the road.

She didn’t get any serious injuries, but she wrecked that motorbike pretty hard and she had to pay the motorbike shop 60.000 baht for a new motorbike.

The people who owned the shop got angry as fuck and almost gave the girl a beating in addition to the beating from the crash.

They were even mad at me because they thought the girl was my friend, and that I knew she couldn’t drive. I had to explain them that¬†she was not my friend, and that I just met her on the boat to the island.


Buy drugs from Nigerians

All tourist areas in Thailand have Nigerian drug dealers. Never buy drugs from these guys. They don’t give a shit about you. They just want your money.

There was a tourist lately in Phuket that bought cocaine from one of these Africans. Unfortunately he did not get cocaine, but heroin. He sniffed that shit and died from heroin overdose Pulp Fiction style.

If you are even more unlucky, the Thai police catch you in the act of buying. If you don’t have money to bribe your way out, you’ll end up in a Thai prison. 15 years later you will be a free man, but with a ton of diseases, weird infections and HIV. That sucks.

Stick with banging hot Asian girls and drink tasty beer. You will never get in trouble for that if you behave. ūüôā


Hit on a Thai girl with her Thai boyfriend in the bar

If you are a reader of my site you know that Thai people are extremely jealous. Not only that, if you are hitting on a girl who have a Thai boyfriend close by, you make the boyfriend loose face. Jealousy + loosing face can be a deadly combination in Thailand if you meet the wrong people.

A guy from the US experienced that first hand outside Hollywood Pattaya in Pattaya. He got beaten so badly by the boyfriend and his friends that he was picked up by an ambulance one hour after the beating.

I actually flew the scene while the beating was going on. I was the only other farang outside that bar while he got beaten up. Not good.

You don’t want to be around when Thai people are angry. They have no control.


Interfere in Thai drama

Like I said, you don’t want to be around Thai people when they are loose control. A guy from India tried to break up a fight between some Thai people at Koh Pha Ngan. He was stabbed to death.


Jump from 10th floor in Pattaya

This shit happens more than you think. Some people come to Thailand.¬†They can’t handle all the¬†temptations, go completely nuts in the bars of Pattaya, use up all their money and savings. Then one day their bank account is empty and they have no way to get home.

Others were stupid to fall in love with a bar girl, then starts a business in her name, as foreigners can’t own property in Thailand, she runs away with all the property, and the guy¬†is left with nothing.

What do they do? They jump from buildings. Don’t end up like those losers.


Punch a police officer in the face

A good way to become popular in Thailand is to punch a hard working police officer in the face when he tries to speak to you because you parked in the middle of a high way.

In fact, a guy tried just that. Luckily he was Thai, so he survived. If a farang did something similar he would probably get much harder treatment.


Beat up your Thai girlfriend in public

If you want extra respect from the local boys, beat up your Thai girlfriend in public for everyone to see.

Because why not?

For some reason this guy was not taken care of there and then. You can see in the video that a lot of Thai guys are watching, ready to jump in if the farang becomes too crazy. He was very lucky…


As you can see. Take it easy in Thailand folks. High season is here and the bars will be crammed. Most Thai people are warm, kind and gentle, but if you disrespect them, you can get in a ton of trouble.

Not everyone in the tourist areas have good intentions, and if you piss of the right people, you can actually get badly hurt.

I’m always very polite and humble in the nightlife areas of Thailand. I’ve never been in any real trouble.

I once had a dispute about a check-bin that was waaay to high. I talked slow, were polite and argued my case, and nothing bad happened (they actually gave me discount).

I always pull away if I suspect any trouble, and I will never use any kind of violence or rough behavior unless I have no other choice.

No one will help you if you get in trouble here, down here you are on your own. This is not the place to be a hero, unless you’re actually willing to sacrifice yourself.

At the end. Lets enjoy this video of a drunk farang getting beaten up by three bar-girls. I don’t know what he did, but he was probably an asshole.