Do travel blogs make money? See the numbers for GBL!

I started Goodbye Boring Life roughly one year ago when this post goes online. Since that time this website have gone from having zero readers to having almost 2000 clicks per day.

Most of that traffic is from Google, but I do have some returning readers too. I’m happy for that. 🙂

One year have passed so it’s time to tell my thoughts about travel blogging.

So, do travel blogs make money?

Since I started this website last year I’ve made 2190$ on Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly sales. I’ve also made the same amount of money on different jobs that I’ve gotten because of people contacting me through this website.

Since June 2016 I’ve had 255.000 total clicks on the site. Here you can see the traffic week by week since November last year. It’s going up steadily every week. Mostly thanks to organic traffic from Google.

Traffic week by week. Click for bigger picture
Thai Cupid income, click for bigger picture
Thai Friendly Sales
Thai Friendly income, click for bigger picture

Is travel blogging a good way to make money?  


You might think: “Having 4000 bucks extra per year sound really nice. Especially in cheap countries like Thailand”.

Well, think again

This website have taken me hundreds of hours to set up and maintain. I have 117 blog posts as we speak and some of them are over 5000 words long. That stuff takes time to produce.

For some of the posts I have to do keyword research if I want any chance at all to rank for it in Google as it generates free traffic. I also have to do OnPage SEO like putting keywords inside the pictures, have the right amount of text under each header etc etc.

It’s actually much more work than just writing the actual post.

I think travel blogging can be a good business if you become big. However, becoming big today is very hard as the travel blog market is already over-saturated. You will only make it become rich if you have great talent and can capture people’s attentions with your amazing writing, design and photography skills.

What I WILL say is that this Goodbye Boring Life might one day get a lot more traffic from Google, if that happens, I will probably make much more money from the ads I’m running on the site. But that is in no way granted will ever happen.

Do I care that it’s not worth it? 

Nope. I don’t write this blog because of the little money I make. Sure, I have nothing against the money, but I would still be writing this stuff if I didn’t make any money.

Could I make more money?

I could always write a simple e-book where I gather all my most awesome information about where to find hot girls in Bangkok etc etc, then sell it for 5 bucks or something like that. That would probably generate a good chunk per month.

I’m just too lazy to do it right now…

Should you start a travel blog? 

If your intentions is to start a travel blog to make a lot of money in a short amount of time. You’re already wasting your time. You will never succeed.

If your intentions is to create something unique and interesting because you like to do it! What are you waiting for?

Personally I love small travel blogs as they are usually more honest and personal than the big ones who have to constantly think about their reputation as they have big sponsors. Small blogger don’t have to think about that.

You can sign up for domain today then start blogging 25 minutes later. However I do recommend thinking about your brand name before you jump in it. It’s important to have a brand name that is catchy, easy to remember and relevant to your topic.

Other types of niche sites

Setting up a website that gets a couple of thousands clicks per day is not that hard.

I have two more websites (not about travel) that have much more traffic than this side. I obviously wont tell you about those as I spent a ton of time doing keyword research to make it work. I also failed several times with poorly thought out concept.

Do your research. Find your niche. Buy the domain. Set up a few pages and some blog posts. Get traffic from Google by getting backlinks. Backlinks makes you rank. Find something you can sell with the niche.

Profit. 🙂

If you want to get going with niche sites, but have questions, ask in the comment section. I will answer you as soon as I can. 🙂

I love my passive income! :D

What’s going on guys? 😀

As I’m writing this I’m waiting for a connection flight at Dubai International Airport. I’ve been back home for a short 3 week trip to visit family and friends.

I’m thinking back on my last three months. It’s been amazing!

Bangkok, Koh Chang and Pattaya Beach

In November I spent most of my time exploring Bangkok with an amazing girl that I’ve spent a lot of time with lately.

In December I did a lot of small side trips from Bangkok, like going to Ayutthaya. I even visited a crazy museum and I went to the infamous Bang Kwang prison north of Bangkok.

I ended my year with a trip to Koh Chang, one of Thailands most beautiful islands. Before I went back to Europe 5th of January to visit family and friends.

In February I will go on a trip all the way up Isaan, one city at the time with train, before I end my trip in Vientiane, Laos.

My point is. No matter where I am, I can pull out my laptop and make money. In fact, some of my income is 100% passive. That means I don’t even have to work to make them. I’ve already done the work, and the money trickle in slowly but steady.

It’s a god damn good feeling! 😀

There is a million ways to make money online. All it takes is your imagination, hard work and the dollars will start to trickle in. Trust me guys… If I can do this shit, so can you. I’m an idiot.

Did you know there is a dude who travel around the world and let people stare at him? That’s how he makes money…

I still remember when I made my first dollar online, it felt so good I had goosebumps all over my body.

I knew that if I could multiply this online income, I could live a dream life in cheap tropical countries like Thailand, Cambodia or The Philippines.

Not only could I live a dream life, but it’s also the responsible thing to do. An extra income is very nice to have. What if you become sick and can’t do regular work anymore? Or what if you just loose your job because of bad economical times? It’s always smart to have a second semi-passive stream of income.


General tips for making online income

1: Try a lot of different things

Never put all your cards in one basket. If you only have a single source of online income, what do you do if it fails? You would be f***ed…

Right now I have 5 sources of income, they are:

  1. Profit from renting out my apartment back home. This is steady and safe income.
  2. I do translations jobs from English to Norwegian for a big international company. Mostly mobile apps in the off-shore industry. I don’t have many jobs, but when I get them they demand quick delivery and it’s good paid.
  3. I still do some translation jobs and background removals on
  4. Thai Cupid, Thai Friendly and Agoda sales through Goodbye Boring Life.
  5. Black jobs here and there. As I said, I have a pretty decent DSLR camera. I’ve done gigs for a few hotels down here. I’ve done new fresh pictures for them that they can use on or

Lately I have started to play around with another source too, stock images and stock video. I met a Thai lady some time ago that made around 2000$ online from the website Shutterstock, per month!!!

She showed me exactly what she did, what types of pictures she took and her earnings. I learned a lot.

She had 20.000!!!!!! pictures uploaded in a 12 month period. She have probably worked 2-3 hours on that every day that year. But it did pay of in the end, didn’t it? 🙂 2000 $ a month in Thailand is a fortune!


2: Start easy and simple

Don’t jump on the make money online train and think that you will do bank the first week. If you go into this ‘business’ with that attitude you will become unmotivated very quickly.

Competition is high, and you will probably have to do jobs in the beginning for slave salary, maybe even free! It’s all about building up a reputation and a network so you can score good jobs.

Let me give you three examples:

1: When I started out on, I did translation jobs for 5$. I would translate 800 words for only 5$! That usually took me 1.5 hours.

However, as the jobs came in, good reviews came in too. With good reviews I can crank up the price. Eventually I came in contact with a big company that have translators from all over the world to translate apps and software.

2: The first 4 months of Goodbye Boring Life I did not make a single sale on Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly. However, the last 3 months the sales have started to trickle in slowly. I don’t make much, and after hosting is paid I only have a small profit. But profit is profit.

Who knows, maybe in one or two years, this site is doing 1500$ a month on sales? I have no idea what to expect…

3: The Thai lady that showed me around on uploaded pictures for 3 months without making a single dollar. Then the sales, reputation and special deals started to trickle in.

As you can see. Hard work usually pays of in the end. And if you want passive income you don’t have to work for, you usually have to do the hard work first, and hopefully it pays of.


3: “That won’t work”..

Yeah. With that attitude you will never make a dime. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be critical, but some people are too skeptical about what is possible to make money from.

You need to choose a strategy, and get busy RIGHT NOW… Everyday you postpone you give that money to someone else.

When you start doing jobs online, you come in contact with people that are “over” you in the online hierarchy. If you do a good job you will get contacts, build networks and get insight in other peoples business ideas and projects.


4: Don’t quit your job on day 1

Good. You’ve made your first dollars online. This is NOT the time to quit your job and fly to paradise. Keep working hard, expand your incomes. Make a robust system for yourself that keep sending money to your bank account.

This is also a good time to start saving some of your money from your regular job to build up a buffer.

It’s important to have a big buffer in case something should happen. Maybe you hurt yourself and something’s wrong with the insurance, maybe you get in trouble with the law and need to bribe someone. You never know what will happen in these countries they are after all third world countries.

I said to myself that I would quit my job the day I made 600$ online for three months straight. I made that goal back in 2015. I’ve been on the road since and I’ve never been more happy.


Life is short

Start NOW! Don’t waste time. If you are wasting time in front of your computer, like reading this stupid blog. Stop now and get started!!!

Life is short. I’m already 30 years old, and I’m stressing already. I want to utilize every second of this life. There is no time to loose.

When I get old and my dick don’t work anymore I want to have fond memories about all the crazy shit I did and all the tight Asian pussies I crushed.

I don’t want a single regret in my old days. So get started NOW!

How I made my first dollars online

What’s going on guys? 😀

This will be the first post on how I make money online. No bullshit or selling of ‘magical e-books’ that will promise you x amount of money within x amount of time.

In early 2014 I started to experience with making money online. Searching for “how to make money online” on Google was hopeless because it will give you 90% spam, 5% offers that requires skills you don’t have and the last 5% disappears in all the non-sense.. So Google won’t help you much on this.

In fact, one popular way to make money online is to make complete non-sense e-books on how to make money online. And wait for idiots to fall for the trick… Sad, but true.

Truth is, there is no fast way to make a lot of money. You have to start slow, and with time, you will figure out more and more ways to make the money.

Anyways. Here is how I made my first dollars online.

You can sign up for now, and you can start to make money within days. I will tell you exactly what I did to make money, because I don’t use Fiverr anymore. I went up the ranks, so I’m not concerned about competition… 🙂

On fiver you do ‘gigs’. You get 5$ per gig, and you decide yourself how much you want to do for those 5 bucks.

Yes, the competition is high and it pays shit but that’s not the point. What you want to do on Fiverr is shitty jobs and wait for a company or a private person to offer you work outside Fiverr. Then you can start to make som serious money.

Fiverr takes 25% of all you make, and the competition is hard from third world countries that will do anything for next to nothing. You have to do a good job, for little money, until you get a offer from someone to start work outside Fiverr.

Here is what I did on Fiverr. I made around 4.000 dollar in 1 year on these jobs. I never used these money, and today they are some of my buffer money down here in Thailand. 🙂

Gig nr 1: Translation from English to my native language.
Gig nr 2: Remove backgrounds from pictures.
Gig nr 3: Install WordPress for idiots.

That’s all I did, and I made 4.000 dollar in one year by doing it. Most of it I made with gig nr 1 (low competition), but I also made some money with gig nr 2 and nr 3.

Then a company asked me to do translation jobs outside Fiverr for a much better payment. I continued to do Fiverr for a while, but then I started to focus on other stuff instead. I’m still experimenting and learning to this day. But at least I have enough to get by in a cheap country as Thailand. 🙂


Some tips for Fiverr

Go through Fiverr’s categories and see what you can do there. They have a million different categories so there has to be something you can do.  When you have found something, you make a gig to offer your service.

Now the problem is that it’s hard to get jobs because you don’t have any positive reviews. Most people will find a gig that already have good reviews, and not a new user that don’t have anything on their history.

I have one trick that can solve this for you, and I did it for my gig where I removed backgrounds from pictures.


Cheat the system

I made three other fake accounts on Fiverr. I then purchased a ton of gigs for my real account. Within couple of days I had 50 perfect reviews and the real gigs started to come.

Yes, you could say this is cheating, but why do you care? You want to make money, and as long as you do a good job when you get the real deal. Why should anyone care? You are technically not fooling anyone except the review system. 🙂

You will lose 1$ per gig you buy for yourself, that is because Fiverr takes 25% of the income. But trust me, you will make those money back fast, so don’t worry about that.


Be cheaper than other people

You should also look at what other people take for the same service as you want to offer. Lets say the majority with a lot of good reviews will remove backgrounds from 10 pictures per gig. Then you offer 20! Do this until you have a lot of positive reviews, then you can do less for more.

Then you just continue to do this until you move up the food chain and can start to do stuff for people outside Fiverr.

I’m not saying this is the best way to make money, as there is a million ways to make money online! But this is how I started out, and it gave me the motivation I needed to continue grinding online and find new ways to make money.

You can visit Fiverr on this link. That is not a partner link and I make nothing from it. 🙂

I will make more posts about how I make money online, but it takes time to write content, and I have other stuff to do too! So see you next time!

How to save money in Thailand

Thailand is a pretty cheap country to travel around in compared to many Western countries.

The ‘problem’ with Thailand is that it is so god damn many temptations sneaking around every corner, that you end up spending a lot of money anyways.

Not only that, if you are in the bigger tourists areas you can’t walk 2 meters without someone trying to sell you something, or that there is some kind of business that are selling services or shit you don’t need.

Here are Goodbye Boring Life’s 12 methods of saving money in Thailand.

1: Get to know some local people

You’ll be surprised to see what kind if prices the locals pay for the same services and stuff as you do when you are walking around alone.

Let me give you some ridiculous examples:

  • I once paid 120 baht from Nana BTS station to Terminal 21 in Bangkok with motorbike taxi. When I was with a Thai person some time later I paid 30 baht for the same distance.
  • I paid 600 baht for a guesthouse at Koh Pha Ngan when I came here without knowing anyone. As soon as I got to know a local girl through Thai Cupid at the same island, I paid400 baht for the same guesthouse, AND she picked me up at the pier for free.
  • When you are with a local girl in Bangkok, the taxi drivers will never try to drive you for a fixed price, they will always use the meter without arguing.
  • I once paid 150 baht for a dish at a local restaurant in Phuket. When I was in another, but similar restaurant in Phuket with a Thai girl I only paid 50 baht.

Not only that, if you know a local. They always know where to get good cheap food. You won’t risk being ripped off in the local restaurants and she know how to get from A to B fast, effectively and cheap.

If you went to a local restaurant on Monday with a local girl, and you come back alone on Wednesday, they will still give you the local price.

Some more advanced tricks if you are a complete player like myself: 

Chat up a bunch of girls all around Thailand on Thai Cupid. Some of them will invite you over to their apartment, in other words, free accommodation..! (Btw, if you do this with good girls you are indirectly saying that you want a relationship with them, especially if you have sex with them when you sleep over).

But nothing is stopping you from just disappearing some days later, right? 🙂

I’ve done this a million times and saved a ton of money on accommodation. I once stayed with a girl for 3 weeks in Bangkok, and we had awesome sex every night. She wanted to push the relationship further, but I made it clear that I was not ready for that yet. She still hangs around and I meet her once in a while.  And I always live for free i Bangkok if I want that. 😀

Just be friends

You could also just make it clear from the beginning that you just want to be friends, and not have sex with her, but that is not nearly as fun as the first option. Nothing sucks more than to sleep next to a naked girl with a boner because you didn’t have sex with her, trying to jerk off without waking her up. Trust me, been there, done that.


2: Don’t eat Western Food

Western food is always more expensive than Thai food. Not only that, if you don’t know where to go to eat Western Food, it will probably taste like shit because most Thai people have no idea how to make Western food. This is especially true if you are outside the biggest tourist destinations (that the food taste like shit).

Eat local food. It’s delicious, mostly healthy and dirt cheap!

You can eat your steak when you get back home. 🙂


3: Buy a Thai sim card

Want to use 3G and 4G without getting a million dollar bill when you get home? Sim cards can be bought for 300 baht at almost every 7/11 in Thailand. Remember to bring your passport, or they won’t sell you the sim card.

When your out of credit you can top up at every 7/11 and most of the shopping malls in the phone shops.


4: Take an overnight bus or train

Okay, don’t take the overnight buses. They suck because it is impossible to sleep in a bus. However, the trains are pretty comfy if you take a sleeper train with actual beds. The shaking from the train makes me super sleepy and I sleep like a newborn baby.

That way you save one night at hotel or hostel unless you have a Thai girl to sleep with for free. If you have that, don’t bother with sleeper trains and just jump on a flight.


5: Take out big stacks of money

Every time you take out money in a ATM you have to pay a stupid fee on 200 baht. Those 200 bahts are dinner for 4 days at a local Thai restaurant if you know were to go, or are with a Thai girl.

I usually take out 50.000 baht every time I go to the ATM here. Use ATM’s that are connected to a bank, and always take out in the day time. That way if something happens with the ATM and you don’t get your card back, you can just stroll into the bank and ask them to open the ATM.

If you use an ATM out in nowhere, you will never get that card back.


6: Rent a motorbike

Don't pay for stuff you didn't do!
Don’t pay for stuff you didn’t do!

If you are at places like Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai or any of the islands. Rent a motorbike if you are planning to go around to see stuff. Motorbikes usually costs between 150 to 250 baht per day all over Thailand.

In Phuket for example taxis are expensive as fuck, and you will almost never get a taxi for under 300-400 baht no matter how short you are going.

Just remember to inspect the bike for damages before you leave the shop. Or they might blame you for the damage when you deliver it back. Take pictures of all damages.

Some shops have a paper where they will write down all the scratches and bulks before you go, but I would still take pictures just to be sure.


7: Haggle

If you are a tourist, and happen to be in the tourist areas of Thailand, you will have to pay tourist prices on all the stuff you are going to buy. Most Thais in the tourist areas just see a walking ATM machine when a tourist comes along.

Haggle! The prices are sky-high and don’t be surprised that they have a 600% profit margin on some of the shit they sell. They will probably sell it for a 200% profit margin too! So make sure to haggle like crazy.

8: Don’t leave tips

Thais don’t tip among them self, so why should you? Tips are not expected in Thailand so no one will think bad of you. I know this can sound kind of cheap depending on where you’re from, but this is just another way of saving money.

I just tip in Thailand if the service or the food was fucking outstanding!


9: …aaaand don’t tip the hookers

I know it’s hard to say no when they are coming with that little cute smile and their innocent Bambi eyes asking for a 300 baht tip for the taxi home just after you to shot a massive load straight in their face.

But let’s be real. The deal was 1000 baht, so that’s what she’s getting. She will probably give you a angry face, but why do you care? She’s out of the door in 10 seconds anyway!


10: …or don’t go with hookers at all!

This one might be challenging for a lot of studs out there, but chat up a lot of Thai girls at Thai Cupid before you go Thailand, and have sex with them for free when you arrive Thailand.

This one can save you a shit ton of money if you have the slightest amount of game.


11: Buy the cheapest water in 7/11

There is a million different types of water in 7/11. First time I was in Thailand I didn’t even bother to look at the prices, but you can actually save some money here.

0.5 liters of Evian water costs 50 baht, 0.5 liters of Singha water costs 7 baht. You won’t taste any difference. That is 43 baht saved every time you buy water.

If you drink 4 liters of water per day, you save 344 baht every day! After three weeks in Thailand that is 7224 baht saved (200 $). That is 7.2 hookers in soi 6, Pattaya. 😀


12: Don’t get fined by the Thai police

This one is easier said than done, because if they want money, they will get it somehow. Thai police make very little money and are dependent on money from traffic controls to top up their wages.

Just always remember to wear a helmet, that way they will not stop you if you drive by a random police officer. Also, remember your ID and driving licence if you have one.

If you don’t have helmet, or a licence, or ID, you will probably have to pay them 500 baht per violation. A total of 1500 baht.

Know more ways to save money in Thailand? Write it in the comment section and let everyone know! 😀