Nightlife and Thai girls at Koh Chang

Koh Chang is my favorite island in Thailand. In my opinion there is no island above or beside.

The island is not too developed like lets say Koh Samoi where you don’t really feel like you’re on an island anymore because of all the tall buildings and developments, but you’re not out in the middle of the jungle either.

Koh Chang is perfectly balanced between preserving the beautiful wilderness but still have some of the craziness and debauchery that we all love. 😀

I think my tourist guide map says it the best: “The island of Koh Chang is a tropical marine national park. It’s hinterland consist of over 70% virgin rain forest and is the best preserved holiday destination in Thailand.” 😀

I don’t know about you guys, but when I go to an island I want to relax. I want to feel the nature. I want to be by myself, maybe together with a cute girl I found in a bar the night before. If I want to party hard I can go to Pattaya or Bangkok.

At Koh Chang you can relax on the beach. No beach sellers will harass you, you will hear the waves and not the traffic in the background from the beach promenade and you can hear the wind in the palm trees behind you while you sip coconut juice. That’s what island life is about! 😀

If you want to stay in big fancy 5 star resorts you can do that up north along White Sand Beach, if you want to have a beach for yourself stay all the way south near Bang Bao that have easy access to Klong Koi beach.

If you want to be totally isolated you can go to Long Beach.

When that is said. Koh Chang do not lack nightlife in any matters. Yes it’s not like Bangkok or Pattaya in intensity but you can for sure have your fun here.


Nightlife in Koh Chang

All of Koh Chang’s nightlife is happening on the West coast along Rural Rd all the way from White Sand Beach in north until Bang Bao in south. The nightlife varies from beer bars, regular bars, nightclubs, karaoke bars, small hippy huts and nice restaurants on the beach with live music, flame shows and games.


1: Beer Bars with working girls
2: Best bars in Koh Chang
3: Ladyboys on Koh Chang
4: Karaoke bars
5: Sky bars
6: Big parties on Lonely Beach
7: Where to buy marijuana


Beer bars with working girls

Is there one thing Koh Chang doesn’t lack, its beer bars with working girls. In fact, that’s what this island is all about if you ask me. You will find beer bars along Rural Rd from the town along White Sand Beach and all the way down to Bang Bao. That road is no less than 15 km and you will find small beer bars all over the place.

It’s almost no point making a beer bar guide for Koh Chang as they are literally everywhere and pretty much all the same. However, there are some beer gardens with bigger gatherings that I will tell about here and you also have a small walking street on the island with 20-30 beer bars.

Most bars are open until 2 am, but the bars will gladly hold open longer if there’s money to be made. It’s not like in Chiang Mai where the police will come and force close everything if it’s not closed by 1 am.


White Sand Beer Garden

White Sand beer garden
White Sand Beer Garden

I don’t know if this place have an official name, but the beer garden is located in the town along White Sand Beach.

This is the biggest gathering of beer bars on Koh Chang with around 40 ber bars in a cluster.

This place is the most high energy area on the island. It’s loud music and high energy all night.

If you are looking for something more relaxing where you can sit down and talk with the girls you should probably go further south on the island.


Chai Chet Beer bar strip

Chai Chet beer bars strip
Chai Chet beer bars strip

In Chai Chet (roughly 2km south of White Sand) there is a long strip along Rural Rd with 30 – 40 bars.

This place is much more relaxed than White Sand Beer Garden. I rarely hear loud music here and you can talk with inside voice in most of the bars.


Walking Street Koh Chang

In the small town along Kai Bae Beach you’ll find Walking Street.

It’s a parallel street of Rural Rd where you’ll find 30-40 beer bars. It’s a big black sign pointing to the street so it’s hard to miss.

Walking Street Koh Chang
Walking Street Koh Chang

There is also a bar here that pretty much worked as an outdoor nightclub. Every night I was there it was full, loud music and people was dancing on the outside dance floor. 😀

The beer bars here are relaxed and laid back. There is a big probability that you’ll get a bar for yourself here with 2-5 working girls for yourself eager to go with you.

There are also a lot of solo bars spread all over Rural Rd on the West side that I won’t mention in this guide as they’re all the same, and I think it’s totally random who is good. You just have to drive around until you find a place that you want to spend your night in. If the name is Boom Boom Bar or Yes bar doesn’t really matter.

The southern most beer bar I found was in the town along Lonely Beach, Kamrai Bar, but this bar seems to be only ladyboys.

Khamer girls on Koh Chang

Just as you’ll find a lot of cute Lao girls in Nong Khai and Udon Thani, cities that are close to the Lao border. You’ll find a lot of cute Khamer girls on Koh Chang as it’s very close to the Cambodian border.

1000 baht bungalow Koh Chang
1000 baht bungalow at Koh Chang

I met a lot of cute Khamer girls here, and I traveled around with a 21-year-old cutie on Koh Chang for three days with my motorbike and as the night came we banged all night in my 1000 baht bungalow on Klong Kloi beach.

Good times! 😀

Khamer girls are really interesting girls as most of them speak very good English and it’s possible to actually have an intelligent conversation with most of them. I’m impressed by Khamer girls. Many of them speak 4 languages (Khamer, Thai, English and Vietnamese).

I think finding a Khamer girl once in a while is a nice break from the average Thai girl who speak very little English, only eat Thai food and think Thailand is number 1 in everything.


Normal bars and nightclubs on Koh Chang

There are several good bars spread all over the island. Here are some of the bars that I liked the most.

Filou Cocktail Lounge

This is probably the bar with the coolest interior I have ever seen anywhere. Very nice atmosphere and great live band. A little bit expensive for Koh Chang, but it’s easy to see where your money was spent.

I guess you get what you pay for.

There are also a ton of bars all around the island that I see no point mentioning as they are pretty much the same. Along most beaches at Koh Chang you have many hidden bars along the beach with chill live music, food and cocktails. Take your pick.

Himmel and TingTong Bar

These bars are as close as you get to nightclubs on this island. They are by no means Bangkok or Phuket standard, and you will be siting on dirty chairs while sipping your 80 baht Sangsom cocktail. This is not a place to meet up in suit lol (yeah one guy did just that 1 hour before I’m writing this).

People here are a good mix between backpackers, mongers, regular girls, both Thai and foreign and freelancers looking for customers.

Himmel and TingTong bar are just a stone’s throw away from each other. If one sucks, just check out the other one. 🙂


Ladyboys on Koh Chang

Ladyboys are working in the same bars as the girls. No need to go to a special place on Koh Chang to find them. I’m not into ladyboys personally, but I have to admit there was some pretty hot ones in the beer garden at White Sand Beach.


Karaoke Bars

Koh Chang have a small strip of karaoke bars along Rural Rd near Chai Chet beach. Check map under to see where to find them.


Soapy Massage on Koh Chang

There are no soapy massage on Koh Chang yet.


Sky bars on Koh Chang

Sky Bar Koh Chang
Sky Bar Koh Chang

Koh Chang have only one sky bar. Calling it a sky bar is probably a little bit pretentious as it’s only five floors up but hey this is Koh Chang so I’ll let that slip. The skybar is on the top of The Gallery Hotel, check the map.

The place is top-notch modern and has a pretty good view out towards the ocean. Absolutely enjoyed this avenue.

There is another place a little bit longer south called Lighthouse Cuisine, it’s a restaurant but they have very good view towards the sea and you can get the sunset there while you enjoy your food and drink.


Big parties at Lonely Beach

In high season (December until February) there are several big parties on Lonely Beach. You have the New Year’s Eve party 31st of December every year, then you have Winter Sensation every February that is sponsored by Bacardi + smaller beach parties that is going on every Saturday most of the year.

They are really good at putting up posters all over the island so you wont miss it if something is going on at Lonely Beach.


Where to buy marijuana on Koh Chang

Marijuana is sold in TingTong Bar at Lonely Beach quite openly. Just ask the people that hang out in the street outside TingTong Bar about marijuana and they will sell it to you.

They also sell ready-made joints that you can smoke inside TingTong Bar in the chillout area.


1 joint = 200 baht
3 gram brown weed: 300 baht

The weed here was not that good to be honest. One night I smoked 2 joints in the TingTong Bar with a Thai girl. I got medium high. The weed here was not like the sativa weed in Vang Vieng that would send you on a journey to the moon.

I only found indica weed on Koh Chang and it just made me really sleepy honestly.

But if you like indica you will have no problem with that. It’s probably possible to get sativa weed somewhere on the island too.


Map of Nightlife in Koh Chang

Video of Nightlife at Koh Chang

Nightlife and Thai girls in Nong Khai

Nong Khai is a small border city north in Isaan along the Mekong River. Any person who have been on a VISA run to Laos have went thought this place, maybe even stayed here one night before entering Laos.

However, most people prefer to take a night in Udon Thani, just one hour away from the border, as the nightlife and energy is much higher.


Nightlife in Nong Khai

I stayed at this hotel, Nong Khai City Hotel. Superb standard, guest friendly and just next to the fun beer bars. The WIFI was super fast and the bed super comfy. For only 400 baht per night that is a great deal!


Beer bars with working girls

Beer bars in Nong Khai
Beer bars in Nong Khai

Nong Khai had a small beer bar scene with working girls, but it was nothing like in Udon Thani. There was also a lot of expats here, mostly old guys sitting in the bars.

A couple of the bars almost worked as daycare centers for the old expats living here. The same guys sat in the bars all fucking day. Unbelievable.

The beer bars was located at two different places in town. Walking between them took roughly 10 minutes.

The bars opened early daytime, and was open until late. Some bars was still going strong at 3 am.

Beer: 80 baht
Whisky: 100 baht

Barfine: 300 baht
Short-time: 1000 baht
Long-time: 1500-2000 baht


Map of Nightlife in Nong Khai

Nightlife and Thai girls in Udon Thani

I spent Songkran 2017 in Udon Thani. My plan was to get to Koh Chang, but I got delayed from Laos as I had a blast in Vang Vieng. When I got back to Thailand Songkran had already started.

As you might know, traveling anywhere in the Songkran week is next to impossible. People will throw water on you no matter where you are, and as I was traveling with my expensive camera gear and laptop. Going outside with that in my backpack would not be smart.

When Songkran was over I had another problem. All sleeper trains to Bangkok was full and airplanes was very expensive and/or full too. I ended up taking a third class train from city to city all the way to Bangkok, spending a couple of nights in each city.

I visited Nong Khai, Udon Thani, Khon Kaen, Korat and Saraburi on the way. Good times! 😀

Of the cities I visited in Isaan. Udon Thani had the biggest expat community in this region. More than 6000 expats are living in and around Udon Thani all year around, and it shows:

Everywhere you go there will be foreigners walking around with their Isaan wifes. Not only old guys, but also younger men that have relocated to Thailand for different reasons.

Also, if you take a good look at the children around in this city you’ll notice that a lot of them are mixed children. I wonder how many of these kids are from Thai / Farang marriages, and how many are mishaps from customers while the girl worked in a bar in Pattaya or Phuket. What do you think?

Udon Thani surprised me. The city was exceptionally clean, the people here were genuinely friendly and I liked how everything was close to the train station and Central Plaza.

I stayed at this hotel, Silver Reef. It’s in walking distance to the train station, bus station, farang bars, the biggest shopping mall and the most popular nightclub in Udon Thani for the locals, Tawan Deang.

The hotel had great standard, was guest friendly, had a big king-sized bed and the WIFI was very fast. All that for under 400 baht on that location is a good deal if you ask me.


Nightlife in Udon Thani

Udon Thani has the biggest and best nightlife in the Isaan region of Thailand. It has a huge expat / farang bar scene, a ton of local nightclubs and bars, massage parlors, soapy massage avenues and karaoke bars.

I also found the Udon girls extremely beautiful and attractive, and I got attention from a ton of girls here.

The girls felt much more alive, genuine and happy than lets say Bangkok girls, where the heat, pollution and stressfull traffic jams takes a toll on the local people.

Udon girls also had much more curves and had that delicious caramel tan, contrary to the white skinned girls in Bangkok who usually are much more fragile and jolly.

In Udon, especially around Central plaza, there was a ton of hot girls just hanging out ready to be approached.


Farang bars with working girls

Udon Thani has two huge bar complexes with beer bars and working girls. With 6000 expats living in the city that might not come as a surprise. The energy here is much more relaxed than in Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya. The girls here will be much more chill, and will rarely nag about lady drinks.

Day & night

Day & Night
Day & Night

Day and night is the biggest beer bar complex in Udon. It’s a big building with 20-30 bars tightly packed together.

Each bar had anything from 5 to 10 working girls in all ages and shapes. But most girls was in the late twenties or early thirties.

The place opens at sunset, and keep open until after midnight. At around 1 am the bars start to lower the music and drop the blinds with customers still inside.

Beer: 80 baht
Whisky: 100 baht

Barfine: 300 baht
Short-time: 1000 baht
Long-time: 1500-2000 baht

Nutty Park

Nutty Park Udon Thani
Nutty Park

Nutty park is another area, but smaller than Day & Night, that is farang oriented. You will find a handful of bars here with working girls, cheap beer and laid back music.

Beer: 80 baht
Whisky: 100 baht

Barfine: 300 baht
Short-time: 1000 baht
Long-time: 1500-2000 baht


Popular nightclubs

Tawan Deang

Tawan Deang stage i Udon Thani
Tawan Deang stage

Tawan Deang Pub was defiantly the most popular nightclub in the town. It’s a typical Thai avenue that you can find in several cities in Thailand.

The avenue has a huge stage with live entertainment all night. Live bands, dancers and coyote girls.

They play anything from Western hit music to popular Thai music. In the guest area there are tables where people can eat and drink while enjoying the social and the entertainment.

I usually buy a bottle of whisky when I go to places like these. Whisky, coke and ice cubes. If I ordner some food and snacks to the bill usually ends at around 1000 baht for a full night. Good deal if you ask me.


There are other popular nightclubs in Udon Thani also. I visited a place that was called Yellow Bird. My phone was out of power, so I could not get any pictures there. I have included location in the map + two other popular nightclubs that I have not visited yet. Sister bars and Phoenix.


Freelancers in Udon Thani

There are a handful of freelancers walking around close to the intersection between Soi Samphan Thamit and Prajak Sillapakom Rd. Check map for location. There are also some ladyboys hanging out here.

Going rate is as low as 500 baht!


Ladyboys in Udon Thani

If you are looking for ladyboys you are in the right city! Another cool thing is that they hang out on the same places as the regular bar girls. So if you go to the popular farang places like Day & Night you will find plenty of ladyboys.

A lot of them are quite beautiful too.


Map of Nightlife in Udon Thani


Video of Nightlife in Udon Thani

Nightlife and Thai girls in Saraburi

I time back ago I was going to Ayutthaya to meet a friend, then I fell a sleep ending up in the next city, Saraburi.

I decided to stay the night, and the next day, I decided to stay one more night.

I stayed at this hotel. It’s not on Agoda or 500 baht per night. Not really a hotel, but nice cheap rooms just next to the two biggest bars in Saraburi. 🙂


Saraburi Nightlife Guide

Turns out. Saraburi is just a small town with not much going on. I asked several motorbike taxis about ‘fun stuff’ in this city. But they all looked at me like I was crazy, answering “mai mee” which means “don’t have”.

Maybe they didn’t want to bring me to the local fun houses? I don’t really know…

Anyways. I started to walk around the city to look for bars myself…

I found three bars in this city that is worth mentioning. However. I have lost the pictures from my phone and all the names where in Thai, which I don’t remember. So this will be the most simple nightlife guide until now. I will update it as soon as I go back to this town in the future.


Bar #1

Located along the end at Sut Banthat you will find a big bar with view over the lake. They have live music every night. I went out here on a Friday night, and the bar was packed.


Bar #2

I went to this bar same night as I went to bar #1. It was packed too. It had a funny theme with old cars and different agriculture machinery as decoration.

This place was very big, with most of the bar outside under open sky. Inside there was a live stage that played popular Thai songs and some Western songs.


Long Nour Bar & Bistro

This was a smaller bar more central in Saraburi, close to the main bus station. It had live music, drinks and food. Looked very fresh.


Massage In Saraburi

Behind the bus station, there was a big market where people came on motorbikes to pick up goods. Just behind this market there was a street with a handful of massage shops.

Check map for location.


Map of Nightlife in Saraburi

Nightlife and Thai girls in Ayutthaya

As I’m writing this I’m sitting at a guesthouse in Ayutthaya. Even tho I have a hefty hangover at the moment, life feels really good. My online incomes have been really good this month and I’ve been traveling a lot. <- The two best things on earth, passive income and traveling. Here is how you can find Nightlife and Thai girls in Ayutthaya.

I’ve been to a lot of small towns around Bangkok lately. Saraburi, Ayutthaya, Pattaya, Koh Larn, and Kanchanaburi. Tonight I will go to Lopburi and in two weeks I will go from city to city in Isaan, before entering Laos for another 60 days tourist VISA.

Life is good. 🙂


Nightlife in Ayutthaya

You might think that Ayutthaya don’t have much nightlife to offer as it is a place where most tourist come only for day trips. People come to see the temples and ruins at daytime, then they leave again shortly after.

However, this place have a lot to offer if you just know where to look. As always, check the map at the bottom for all avenues.

Farang / backpacker oriented bars.

Naresuan Soi 2

In old town you have a 100m stretch of road with a handful of bars. They offer food and beer. One bar here with the name Street Lamp, also had live music.

Street Lamp, Chiang House, Jazz Bar, Planet Earth and Tony’s bar are some of the most popular bars in this street.

Small beer: 60 baht
Big beer: 80 baht
Food: Cheap

This road is on the other side of the river relative to the train station. So if you booked a guesthouse close to the train station, you will have to take a motorbike taxi to this place as the ferry over the river stops after it gets dark. 

Motorbike taxi from the train station area to Soi 2 should cost no more than 40 baht, and it takes 5 minutes.

Soi 2
Naresuan Soi 2

Train station

There are some bars close to the train station. I was having a beer in the bar that is just on the opposite side of the train station at around 9pm, but then they told me that they closed, despite having a lot of customers at that point.

Most people at these bars, both around the train station and Soi 2, where backpackers, couples and older people. Not really my kind of fun. If you want something similar like Pattaya fun, with more energy and a lot of local talent, read on.


Grand Street

This place is in the new town of Ayutthaya. It’s a 500m stretch of road with a lot of different avenues. You will find tons of bars, massage parlors, karaoke bars and much more here. This street also had a ton of delicious street food.

The first bar I went to, Cowboy bar, is catering to farang guys. Then you have a lot of different karaoke bars nearby that caters to Japanese people. Further into the street, you have gigantic bar complexes with big stages with live music that caters to Thai people.

Farang oriented

Cowboy Bar

Cowboy Bar

100m into Grand Street you will find Cowboy Bar at the left side. This place had a great atmosphere with a mix of Thai people and Europeans. Great staff and cheap prices.

Some of the girls that worked here was really cute.

The bar also had a pool table. The live music was great, but they need to find a new sound mixer.

Closes: 02.00 am.


The Rain Bar

This place is in the soi on the opposite side of Cowboy Bar. You can actually see it from Cowboy Bar. I didn’t drink here, but I spoke with two of the girls that sat outside. Very friendly girls that didn’t nag about money or drinks.

I borrowed their toilet and the bar looked super fresh. I would love to drink here one time with one of the cute girls that work here. They had karaoke in the main bar.

Just next to the Rain bar, there was a Japanese karaoke bar with a ton of girls outside, but I never got the time to check it out.

Thai oriented

Kongpleng 3

Kongpleng 3

100m more into Grand Street you’ll find Kongpleng 3.

This place was on fire. It’s very similar to Tawan Daeng in Chiang Mai, but a little bit smaller in size. They had a big stage with live music, dancers and DJ’s. You can get a bottle of Blend here for 250 baht, drink all night and go crazy with some of the local talents.

Next time I go to Ayutthaya I will go straight to this place.

Closes: 01.00 am.

Inside Klongpleng 3:


Farung bar and pool

Farung bar

This bar was very hidden, but looked very fresh. You can sit inside with AC while enjoying your beer or playing pool. I only saw Thai people and Japanese people here.

Closes: Midnight.

Around this bar there were also a lot of dirty massage parlors. Most massage parlors had a ton of girls standing outside while waiting for customers.


Jub Zeed

Jub Zeed

When I entered this bar at around 22.00 people looked at me like I was from another planet.

I don’t think foreigners come here very often, or I was very early, as I was told later that night that this is were everyone goes after everything else is closed.

Jub Zeed had the most creative bar design that I’ve seen in a while. A gigantic robot with glowing eyes.

The bar also had 4 big private karaoke rooms.

Closes: 6 am I was told.

Inside Jub Zeed:

Private karaoke room
Private karaoke room
Jub Zeed
Jub Zeed
Live music
Live music


Happy ending massage in Ayutthaya

There are massage parlors spread all around Ayutthaya.

But if you’re looking for a massage with happy ending, you’ll have to go to Grand Street.

As soon as you go inside the small side sois of Grand Street, especially near the Grand Marked, you will see a lot of massage parlors with girls sitting around.

The street names with most massage parlors are Talat Grand Soi 8 and Talat Grand Soi 2.

Check map for location.


Handjob: 500 baht
Blowjob: 700-1000 baht
Sex: 1000-1500 baht


Hookers in Ayutthaya

Hookers are found in the same streets as the massage parlors in Grand Street. They will sit around in the street talking with the massage girls while waiting for customers.

Going rate short time, seems to be around 1000 – 1500 baht for most of the girls.

Check map for location.


Map of nightlife in Ayutthaya.


Video of nightlife in Ayutthaya


Hotels in Ayutthaya

Nightlife and Thai girls at Koh Larn

Here are my guide to Nightlife and Thai girls at Koh Larn.

Koh Larn is a small island just outside the coast of Pattaya and Jomtien. After 4 years of yearly vacations to Thailand, and after living here for almost 2 years. This was my first trip to this little island.

That might sound weird, as it is one of the closest islands to Bangkok, and you can get here in only 4 hours from Ekkamai bus station in Bangkok. Koh Larn is also a perfect daytrip from Pattaya if you want to experience a cleaner beach than what Pattaya has to offer.

Tawaen Beach
Tawaen Beach

How to get to the island? 

There are two ways to get to Koh Larn. The 30 baht ferry or a speedboat (2500 baht divided by the amount of people in the boat).

I choose to take the speedboat out to the island because I was 5 minutes late for the 15.30 ferry. That pissed me off. The next ferry was 1700 and I would miss the last hours of daylight on the island.

Pro-tip: I had a very bad experience with the speedboat. We were 10 people on the boat (250 baht each). As soon as we got outside the pier the ride suddenly become very humpy because of the waves. One girl had her camera in her hand, and she had big trouble getting the camera inside her bag to protect it against the sea water that was splashing everywhere.

Suddenly her head bumped into the roof because of a very big wave, and I think she lost consciousness for a second because she had trouble keeping her balance.

The driver saw everything but he just kept on going even tho this girl had big trouble. Eventually I told the driver to stop the fucking boat for 10 seconds so the girl could get her camera in her bag so she could use her hands to hold tight.

When we got out in the middle of the sea, the driver stopped the boat to fill gas(???) When he tried to start the motor again he had a hard time starting it. He had to call some guy on the mainland to get a explanation on how to do it.

As the cream of the cake. The boat driver put us off far north on the island at some shitty beach with no people or taxi drivers to take us to the hotels. We had to walk through the forest to find a road. From there I had to hike with some local old guy. He agreed to take me to the hotel for 100 baht (2km ride).

ferry from koh Larn to Pattaya
Pattaya ferry

So… That’s the last time I will take that speedboat to be totally honest. I hope they go out of business.

I took the ferry back to Pattaya two days later, and that was a much more pleasant experience, and it only takes 15 minutes longer. Totally worth it.



What kind of tourists are on Koh Larn? 

Koh Larn stand out from other island in Thailand because it so close to Bangkok. A lot of middle class Bangkokians come to Koh Larn in the weekends to relax, party and be with friends. So if you ever come to this island you will see a lot of regular Thai people driving around on motorbikes just havning fun, chilling and eating in the restaurants around the island.

On the beaches you will find every type of people expect Thai people as they hate both sand, beaches and the sun. You will find a lot of Western tourists on the beaches that are here just on a day trip from either Pattaya or Jomtien. I also saw a lot of Russians and Japaneese people on the beaces.


Nightlife and Thai girls at Koh Larn

There are small bars and chill out spots on every beach on this island. You will find small bars all over the place that offers chill out seating where you can enjoy beer with friends or your lady with good view over whatever beach you are at.

One such good bar / restaurant is all the way north on the island. You can see all the way over to Pattaya from that bar. This place has no English name, but the Thai name is ครัวเฉลียงลม. Click here for location or check the map under for location.

Nightclubs at Koh Larn

EDM Koh Larn
EDM Koh Larn

Koh Larn have only one nightclub as far as I know, and even that can’t really be called a nightclub. The name is EDM Koh Larn. It can be found on the east side of the island smack middle together with some other bars with live music. Check map for location.

It’s a simple building with a simple light-show and simple furnishing. Can’t be compared to lets say Levels in Bangkok or Ibar in Pattaya.

Bars with live music

I found three bigger bars on Koh Larn, all with live music all night. All of them was just next to each other, so if one is boring, you can simply walk over to the next one. In the middle of all the three bars, you will find EDM Koh Larn.

People started to come to these bars around 19.00, right after sunset. Most people in these bars are Thai, not foreigners.

At around 23.00 around 50% of the people go home, and the other 50% go inside EDM Koh Larn to continue to party.

The names of the bars are Pause 11, Johnnie Walker and สุดเยต. Check map for location.

Bar Johnnie Walker
Bar Johnnie Walker
Bar สุดเยต.
Bar สุดเยต.
Bar Pause
Bar Pause


Map of Nightlife at Koh Larn


Beaches at Koh Larn

There are 4 big beaches at Koh Larn, and a handful of smaller beaches (some of them private). In this post I will cover the 4 biggest beaches.

Samae Beach

If you want to see the sunset at the beach you go to either this beach, or to the beach just next to it, Tien Beach. I ate sea food at one of the restaurants here while enjoying the sunset. Very delicious food. 🙂

The beach seems to be mostly populated by Thai and Japanese.

Tien Beach

This was by far my favorite beach. Mostly populated by Western people, I also saw a lot of Russian people. This was the beach with the most ‘room’ for each person, as there was not much people here compared to the other beaches.

The beach was clean.

Tawaen beach

I never bothered to stay on this beach. I drove my motorbike here, I saw all the people, and I left straight away. So much people, boats and tourists here that I just can’t enjoy it. It’s ruined by tourism.

This place was also swarming with Chinese people, and I usually try to avoid them…

Nual Beach

Nual beach is all the way south on the island. This was the least populated beach, and I really liked it. Had some few restaurants and bars where you can get refreshments. However, I had to go back to Bangkok when I was here, so no time to explore more here, and my phone was out of battery, so I have no picture.

The island is quite small. You can drive to all the beaches having a look in only 30 minutes.

Bangkok Nightlife Areas

Bangkok has an amazing and diverse nightlife. No matter what you are searching for, you will find it in Bangkok. You will find anything from fully stocked nightclubs to laid back beer bars to amazing sky bars with breathtaking views of the Bangkok skyline.

Here are the top Bangkok Nightlife Areas.

I’m probably not lying if I tell you that Bangkok has the greatest nightlife in the world for the common man.

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Bangkok Nightlife Areas

bangkok nightlife areas
Panorama from Lebua State Tower.

Bangkok have four big nightlife areas located at different places in the city. For this guide I will tell you about three more that not many tourists know about which I think is good + some other bars outside the main avenues that are very good in my opinion.

Nightlife Areas

1: Sukhumvit Rd
2: Khaosan Rd
3: RCA
4: Silom Rd
5: Asiatique
6: Rod Fai Marked 2
7: JJ Green

Best redlight districts in Bangkok.
Best nightclubs in Bangkok.
Best skybars in Bangkok.

Check out the bottom of this post for map of all nightlife areas talked about in this post.

Sukhumvit Road

Sukhumvit Rd

Sukhumvit Rd is probably the most known nightlife area of Bangkok. You’ll find everything here. Beer bars, nightclubs, two of BKK’s most well known red light districts and a countless number of restaurants and massage shops. Most of the nightlife at Sukhumvit, especially from Nana to Phrom Phong, is catering to foreign men from 20-60 years old.

Nana – Nana is located at the beginning of Sukhumvit road. Most of the action is going on in Soi 4, Soi 7/1 and Soi 11. In soi 4 you’ll find one of the most famous red-light districts of Bangkok, Nana Plaza. Nana Plaza is filled with 20-30 gogo-bars and a handful of beer bars.

At soi 7/1 you will find a handful of beer bars. This street also houses Dr. Bj, a massage shop that will give you blowjob. Another unique bar in this street is The Devil’s Den. This bar you have to take atleast two girls to their private room.

At soi 8 you’ll find a handful of laidback beer-bars and some massage shops.

Best way to get to Nana is to take the BTS skytrain to Nana station.

Asoke – Just one BTS station down the road you’ll find another avenue of nightlife, Asoke. Here you will find one of Bangkoks most famous red-light districts, Soi Cowboy. Just as Nana Plaza, it houses around 20-30 gogo-bars + some beer bars and restaurants on the corners of the street. 200-300 meters up soi 23 you will find a cluster of girly beer bars and some very aggressive massage shops.

At soi 12 you’ll find a big nightclub named Insanity. This tends to fill up around 22.00 Fridays and Saturdays. 50 meter further in you will find The Den. A ‘luxurious’ karaoke bar with some pretty hot ladies outside.

Phrom Phong – Just one BTS station down the road from Asoke. You have Phrom Phong. Not much happening here, but there is some action on soi 33. A handful of beer bars and karaoke bars with some girls.


If you are going to stay in the Sukhumvit area when you visit Bangkok, check out my post about guest friendly hotels around the Sukhumvit area before you book.

How to get there:

Take the BTS to either Nana, Asok or Phrom Phong station.

Khaosan Road

Khaosan Rd

Different nightlife areas attracts different types of people. While Sukhumvit Rd attracts mostly men because of the red-light districts, Khaosan Rd attracts a younger generation of tourists that just want to party hard and have fun. Khaosan Rd is packed with tourists from all over the world 365 days of the year. Khaosan Rd is especially popular for backpackers, both men and female.

If you want to hit up with a white chick in Bangkok this street is probably your best shot.

Dont check IDKhaosan Rd is party-hard from sunset to sunrise. At Fridays and Saturdays some Thai people will come here too.

The street is packed with beer bars, many of them with live music playing popular music from the Western world. After midnight the street is usually packed with drunk tourists dancing in the street.

How to get there:

If you are not living near Khaosan Rd the only way to get here is by taxi or tuktuk. There is no skytrain or metro line that goes to this area of Bangkok yet.




RCA Bangkok

RCA, or Royal City avenue is a nightlife area that is mostly catering to Thai people. You will find a handful of high-end nightclubs and a lot of bars here.

The three most popular clubs in RCA are Route 66, Flix and Slim. Other than that there are a lot of other smaller and larger bars all around this area.

Even tho this area is catering to Thai people, foreigners are also welcome. What is good about this place is that the people are authentic. If you get along with a girl in this area, it’s most likely not because she want your money, but that she likes you.

How to get there:

Take the MRT to Phra Ram 9. Then walk of exit number 2. Take a taxi or a motorbike taxi from there to RCA.


Silom Road


Silom Road is another big nightlife area of Bangkok. It’s housing Bangkok’s third most famous redlight area, Patpong. Another famous street, but that is only for Japanese people, is Soi Thaniya.

Silom Rd is also housing the biggest gay scene in Bangkok in Silom Rd Soi 2 and Soi 4.


Kangeroo Club – Famous Blow-job bar in Patpong

Patpong are two parallell streets between Silom Rd and Thanon Surawong Rd.

Patpong 1 and Patpong 2.

Patpong 1 is a slightly bigger street and have a night market in the middle of the road from 18.00 to around midnight every day. Patpong 1 and 2 is filled with beer bars, gogo-bars and there are also countless massage shops around in the area.


Thaniya is a parallelle street of Patpong, and you’ll find it just below the skytrain station Sala Daeng.


Silom Rd Soi 2 and Soi 4

Soi 2 and 4 are housing Bangkoks biggest gay areas. Here you’ll find a lot of gogo bars with gay Thai boys, beer bars and massage parlors with guys massaging instead of girls.

How to get there:

If you are not living on Silom, and you want to check it out. The fastest way to get there is to take the skytrain to Sala Daeng BTS station.




Asiatique The Riverfront is located alongside Chao Phraya River (the biggest river through Bangkok).

Live Music
Live Music

Asiatique is a big gathering of restaurants, bars and gem shops. It’s open from 17.00 until midnight. There are some small roof bars also with nice view and live music.

This avenue seems to be catering mostly to Thai, but I have seen some tourists here too. For some reason Thai people seems to really enjoy this place, so if you have a date with a Thai girl this place is probably a good place to bring her.

The avenue also have a pretty big Ferris wheel and some other minor amusement park like facilities. The Ferris wheel costs 300 baht and will give you five rounds.

Taking a picture at the big Asiatique sign seems to be an popular activity here.

How to get there:

The easiest way to get here is to take the BTS skytrain to Saphan Taksin station. From there on there is a free shuttle boat that will take you to Asiatique. The boat goes every 10 minutes.


Rod Fai Night Market 2

This area I’ve just found out about, and I actually love it. It’s similar to RCA, but instead of nightclubs and expensive drinks it’s just a street filed with small cozy bars that sell mostly beer. All bars have small rooftops where you can look down to the main street while enjoying your food and drink.

A lot of bikers seems to come here, and the street is filled up with parked motorcycles in al shapes and forms.

A lot of hot Thai girls here, and they are authentic just like in RCA. Some bars also have live music.

I estimate that there is around 20-30 bars in this street packed together here. Just next to the bar street, there is a market (therefor the name) that is open Saturday and Sunday. This is actually a pretty cool market that sell a lot of fun stuff. Absolutely worth a look.

How to get there:

To get here you have to take the MRT to Thailand Cultural Center, then you walk of exit number 3. When you get out you walk take left, then the bar street is behind the first big shopping mall with the name Esplanade Shopping Mall.



Jatujak Green (JJ Green)

Jatujak Green

Similar area as the Rod Fai Night Market 2, but smaller in size.

When you arrive at JJ Green there will be a small market in front that sells clothes, food and other cheap products.

On the back side you have a half circle that are filled with around 10 bars. You can sit inside with AC, or outside on the roof tops enjoying the view while enjoying your food and drinks.

There’s a ton of university girls here as the area is close to several universities. A couple of times I’ve been here alone I watch farangs from a rooftop bar hitting on hot uni girls around in the area.

You should absolutely check out this place. 😀

How to get there:

Take the MRT to Chatuchak station. Follow signs to Chatuchak park. When you get on the outside there will be a bunch of motorbike taxis. Ask them to take you to the market. Should cost around 50 baht.


Other bars worth mentioning

Other then the main nightlife areas of Bangkok, there are also a lot of interesting bars and avenues outside them. Here are a few of them.

Loft to Bar

This one is pretty far out in “nowhere” in Bangkok, but I had a great time here! What is so great about this place?

Live music
Live music at Loft to Bar

The band that plays here are really awesome. They play a mix of popular music from Thailand and the west.

Not only that. You only pay 200 baht, and you can drink as much Singha as you can handle! Really good if you are on a budget and you like to drink beer!

Click here for location on Google maps.


Tawandang German Brewery

Not a place to go to if you are in Bangkok alone, but defiantly a place to check out if you travel with a group.

You start of here ‘early’, 5pm, eat delicious Thai food, then when everyone is full, they bring out their tasty German beer that is brewed in the same building.

When people start to get in the mood, tables, food etc the tables are removed and the entire place turn into a gigantic nightclub.

The avenue have a gigantic stage with entertainment all evening and night. They shuffle between Thai music, traditional music, Western music, house and a lot of other genres.

It’s a fun place.


Map of Bangkok Nightlife Areas.

That’s it for this time. I will update this post as soon as I learn more about Bangkok Nightlife Areas. I usually re-post a post if I do mayor changes to a post.

Bangkok Redlight Districts

You’ll find three redlight districts that are oriented for foreigners in Bangkok. All of them have a lot of the same stuff, but they also have some unique characteristics. So I will talk about all of them separately.

The action starts at 19.00 – 20.00 in all districts. Except in the beer-bars around Nana Plaza. Here the action starts from early morning.

Check map at the bottom for location of all districts.

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Prices in Bangkok redlight districts

Beer: From 130 baht to 200 baht.
Barfine: 600 baht to 1000 baht in most gogo bars.
Prices on girls: This depends on a million factors, but expect to pay minimum 1500 baht short-time for a lady in Bangkok, at any time of the year.

There are also an area north of Asok, Huai Khwang where you will find a bunch of soapy massages.

Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy Bangkok
Soi Cowboy right before the fun starts

Soi Cowboy is my favorite redlight district in Bangkok, as it has three very good gogo-bars that I’ve had a ton of fun in.

Soi Cowboy is a hundred meter long road at Asok on Sukhumvit Rd. The easiest way to get here is to take the metro to Sukhumvit station or the skytrain to Asok Station.

In fact. Some of the scenes from Hangover 2 was from this street. More exact Tilac.

Best gogo-bars in soi Cowboy: Baccara, Tilac and Crazy House.


Nana Plaza

Bangkok redlight districts
Nana Plaza

“The World’s Largest Adult Playground” –  says the sign on Nana Plaza’s entrance.

Not really true as this complex fades in comparison of any given street in Pattaya.

Still, it got around 30 gogo-bars over three floors formed as a square. In the middle you will find a beer-bar that is good for people watching.

You will find Nana Plaza 1km away from Soi Cowboy in Sukhumvit Soi 4 (soi = sidestreet).

Outside Nana Plaza, in Sukhumvit Soi 4 you’ll find a handful of quite big beer bars, some are only bars while others also serve food.

Angelwitch on second floor has free pingpong shows that is actually not a scam. Nana Plaza also has quite a few ladyboy gogo-bars. You will find them on all floors on the east-side of the complex.

Hooters at the opposite side of the Nana Plaza’s entrance is a good spot for people watching.

Best gogo-bars in Nana Plaza: Rainbow 4 and London Calling.



Patpong Night Marked

Patpong is the oldest redlight district in Thailand.

Honestly I haven’t been here at night. I’ve heard this place is no good, and I have no reason to doubt that as I’ve been here in daytime and there is an avalanche of Thai men trying to sell you ‘amazing’ pussy.

Be careful with the pingpong offers you get here. There is a popular scam here that they will bring you to a bar, and to get out you have to pay a lot of money. People will block the entrance and try to intimidate you.

Easiest way to get here is by taking the metro to Silom station or the skytrain to Sala Deang station.


Huai Khwang

La Belle Entertainment massage
La Belle Entertainment massage

Along Ratchadaphisek Rd in the Huai Khwang area you will find a lot of soapy massage parlors. There is a big cluster of them right outside the metro station with the same name, Huai Khwang station.

The most famous soapy massage, for a long time, was Nataree Entertainment Massage. This avenue had up to hundreds of girls at prime time around 19.00, and the girls were very beautiful too.

Nataree was closed down some months ago in a big police raid. It has not opened again since. I walked past this place recently after sunset, the place was as dark as a ghost house.



Guest friendly hotels

If you are bringing girls back to your hotel from Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza, or any other place you might find them, make sure that you have selected a guest friendly hotel, or you might be turned down in the reception when you arrive with your girl. That sucks trust me.

Most hotels are guest friendly, but there are those who are not. I made a post about guest friendly hotels in the Sukhumvit area. All hotels are close to Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy.

Check it out here.

Sukhumvit Rd starts here.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is a lot of action going on in the small side streets between Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. You will find dirty massage parlors, freelancers, blow-job bars and much more!


Nightlife and Thai girls at Koh Pha Ngan

There might come a time in your life where you ended up at Koh Pha Ngan, and were in desperate need of a Koh Pha Ngan nightlife guide.

I’m here to help you. 😀

In this post I will cover:

  • Full-Moon party
  • Half-Moon festival
  • Beer-bars with working girls
  • Stuff that happens outside the big events
  • Happy Ending Massage

Most of the action is going on south-east on the island, in Haad Rin. There are some small bars and restaurants in north too at the beaches, but it’s very calm as it’s mostly families there on charter-trips.

At the bottom of this post you’ll find a map of everything I’ve been talking about in this post.

First. Let’s start with the two parties that ‘everyone’ comes to this island for. I think you already know the answer.


Full Moon Party


Personally I don’t like this party. I like the idea of it, but in reality it’s a clusterfuck of all the people on this planet I hate. Backpackers, young precocious snotty kids, forty-year olds that never grew up (in a bad way), Thai thugs looking for trouble, and that idiot who is looking for his friend.

Mix that with sky-high blood alcohol levels, other brain-dead drugs and multiply it with 40.000.

There you have full moon party. It was fun once, but I will probably never attend again.

A lot of the people here don’t even seem to enjoy the party. It seems like they’re here just to take pictures, so they can put it on Instagram to show of how cool they are to friends back home.

Anyways, enough ranting.


This party takes place one time each month, when it’s full-moon duuuh, and it’s happening on the Haad Rin beach southeast on the Island.

Check map below.


Cover: None
Buckets: I honestly don’t remember

Pro tip – Make sure you get a hostel in the town Haad Rin, next to the action. Then you don’t have to drive that death-road from Haad Rin to Thong Sala crammed like sardines together with a bunch of squawking drunk retards, where the rest of the hostels are.

Trust me on this guys. That road is a death trap the night full moon party is going on. People die on that stretch every month!

If you come to this island and think you are immortal, you have a high chance of ending up on that grim tourist death statistic.


Half Moon Festival


A very clever guy had to come up with this party. The conversation probably went like this: “Hey, we have Full Moon party. Why not Half Moon too?”

20160713_030347I’ve heard rumors of a No Moon Party coming very soon too!

This party I actually liked. The music was awesome, and it’s easy to see where the money you have to pay for the ticket went. The sound system is legendary, the decoration was amazing and it was not too crammed. And no beach where drunk people drown!

The festival takes place at an isolated place in the jungle.

You can find more information on this site about dates and tickets.


Cover: 900 baht
Buckets: Still overpriced

+ whatever you have to pay for transport, as this festival is far out in the jungle. Some hostels will sell you tickets with transport included.

Pro tip – Stay at a hostel in Thong Sala. That way you don’t have to drive that exact same death road from Haad Rin.


Beer-bars with working girls


If you didn’t have any luck with that white smelly skunk from Denmark, there are still hope.

Beer-bars are found on the main road between Thong Sala and Haad Rin. But don’t have too high expectations. The hot girls are all going to Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, where the real money is made.

But, you can be lucky and find a girl who is decent. Who knows? 😀

The bars are hard to miss as there will be standing half-naked Asian girls out in the road in miniskirts trying to pull into their bar.

I’ve marked the beer-bars for you in the map below, just in case.

Prices for sex

Bar-fine: 300 – 400 baht
Short-time: 1000 – 1500 baht
Long-time: 1500 – 2500 baht


When it’s not Full or Half moon

Haad Rin beach

Haad Rin is where most of the action is going on when it’s not a full moon or half-moon party, but don’t expect it to be high-energy like the big events.

Everyone that goes to this island is just waiting for the big events. In the meantime people will just chill at the bars by the beach.

At Haad Rin beach there are two big bars by the beach. They’re exactly the same, so it does not matter who you go too.

The names are The Cactus Bar and Drop In Bar. There will be some kind of entertainment at these bars too. Like Thai flame shows and jumping rope.



Haad Rin town

At Haad Rin there is a little town too. You will find a lot of small bars, restaurants and gem shop around in the streets. The bars here, just like at the Haad Rin beach, are mostly filled up with young tourists from the Western world that are waiting for Full Moon / Half Moon.


Other stuff

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post. Most nightlife is going on south-east on the island. There are some small bars and restaurant up in north too, but it’s very calm.

In north you will find big resorts, but they are mostly populated with families with kids and divers.


Happy Ending Massage

There are small massage shops all over the island. The biggest concentration of them are in Haad Rin. This is also where the hottest and youngest girls work in my opinion.

Not all the shops will perform happy ending here. My best advise is to not be shy, and just ask. But nothing is guaranteed.

This island is not exactly a monger destination, and if you want unlimited choices with girls you should rather go to Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket.


Map of Koh Pha Ngan Nightlife

Hotels in Koh Pha Ngan

Nightlife and Thai girls in Chiang Mai

Time to make another guide here at Goodbye Boring Life. This time it will be the nightlife in Chiang Mai.

In this post I will cover: 

  • Beer-bars
  • Tha Wan Deng
  • Nightclubs
  • Go-go bars
  • Karaoke bars
  • Thai Boxing

If you’re coming to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, and expect the nightlife to be anything like those places, you’re going to be disappointed.

I’m not saying nightlife in Chiang Mai is bad, it’s just much more calm and relaxed, and you have fewer options for sure.

When that is said. Nightlife in Chiang Mai have its own charm. People are very friendly and relaxed. I’d rather go on partying in Chiang Mai, than lets say Phuket. But that’s just my taste.

Want to get laid with Thai girls for free? Check out this post.

Chiang Mai a paradise for single men coming to Thailand. One of Thailands biggest and best universities are found in Chiang Mai. Girls from all over Thailand, especially north-Thailand (the most beautiful ones). Comes to Chiang Mai to study.

You can milk som serious pussy on Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly in Chiang Mai.

In fact. Most girls that I approach in Bangkok where I live now because I find them beautiful, tell me that they are from somewhere up in North.

At the bottom of this post you’ll find map of all the places I’ve been talking about in this post.


Beer-bars with working girls in Chiang Mai

Beer-bars in Chiang Mai

Loi Kroh Rd is the place you want to be. It’s a 300 m stretch of road with a mix of beer-bars, massage shops and restaurants. There are even a beer-bar complex here with around 30 bars scrambled together (see daytime picture above).

Beer-bar complex Loi Kroh Rd
Beer-bar complex Chiang Mai

In the middle of the beer-bar complex there is a Thai boxing ring with almost daily fights (just for show, not actual fights)

The beer-bars in Chiang Mai are nothing like you find in Phuket and Pattaya. The beer-bars you’ll find in Chiang Mai is just a side soi in Walking Street Pattaya compared.

Last time I was in Chiang Mai (June 2016) I’d noticed a new trend with the beer bars. They close very early. As early as 23.00 you’ll see some of the bars starting to shut down. At 01.00 everything is closed. A few bars will take the chance and stay open regardless. They will just close the rolling grilles with the customers still inside and turn down the music.

Bargirl at Loi Kroh Rd
Bargirl at Loi Kroh Rd

I’ve asked some of the girls why the bars have started to close so early. All they said was “government very strict now” with a sad face.

Regardless. The beer-bars in Chiang Mai can be great fun. The girls are not nearly as pushy for ladydrinks as girls in lets say Bangkok or Phuket. I’ve had a lot of great conversations with Chiang Mai bar-girls. I’ve even befriended some of them.

Prices for sex in Loi Kroh Rd:

Barfine: 300-500 baht
Short-time: 1000 – 1500 baht
Long-time: 1000 – 2500 baht


Tha Wan Deng in Chiang Mai

Tha Wan Deng in Chiang Mai

This establishment deserves its own heading. 😀

This is probably the most awesome place in Chiang Mai when it comes to having fun and drinking. It’s a place catering to Thai people, but I’ve seen foreigner here too. Exactly what this place is, is hard to explain. I don’t know anything just like it in the Western world.

Let me try to explain.

Tha Wan Deng very early in the evening
Tha Wan Deng very early in the evening

Some will come here early in the evening to eat food. Most Thai people come here in big groups. Everyone will buy 1-2 dishes of Thai food, and share it with everyone. This place can throw up the most amazing Thai dishes.

When people are done eating, the staff will clean up everything. As the venue start to fill up, the staff will also remove the tables people where eating on. Turning it in to a big dance floor.

People will start to buy the heavy stuff, like whisky and rom, and mix it with coca-cola and ice.

The main stage

Here is the cool thing about this place. The venue has a gigantic stage with all types of entertainment. It can be anything from a rock band that plays Thai hit music, to some traditional dancing with a big band playing in the background.

The entertainment at Tawandag is top-notch, and will go on the entire night. Occassionally the entertainers will take a break, and the DJ will take over the show, turning the whole venue into a nightclub.

This place is really something unique to Thailand. I’ve not seen anything like it in the Western world, so you should not miss it!

Going here alone is kind of lame, so if you are traveling alone you should probably pick up a girl at Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly, or a bar girl at Loi Kroh Rd. No Thai girl will refuse the offer to go here. They love it.

Check out the video under. It’s from my last stay in Chiang Mai at Tha Wan Deng. This was quite early in the evening, so the energy was pretty lame. But just imagine this place filled up with a lot of happy Thai people going crazy on whisky and liquor. Good times. 😀

Prices at Tha Wan Deng

That’s kind of hard to estimate, as it really depends on what you eat and drink. It’s fairly cheap compared to a lot of other bars in Thailand (like gogo bars in Pattaya or nightclubs in Bangkok).

There is no cover to get in, which is kind of strange considering the entertainment that goes on all night. Can’t be cheap to operate such a massive show every night.

It’s normal to buy an entire bottle of booze, and mix it with soda and sparkling water. You can get the cheap whisky named Blend, for 600 baht, and drink on that all night if you want.

You can also buy expensive stuff like Champagne, exclusive whisky brands etc. It’s really up to you.


Nightclubs in Chiang Mai

There are several nightclubs in Chiang Mai. They are spread all over town so you better choose wisely before you go to one, as it can be a pain in the ass to get to another one late at night.

Zoe in Yellow

Zoe in Yellow Chiang Mai
Zoe in Yellow Chiang Mai

This place is great if you want to pick up freelancers. A lot of bar-girls, gogo-girls go here late at night if they didn’t get a catch in their bar. I’ve also seen regular university girls offer sex for money here. Good if you don’t have time, or want to game girls.

This place is actually a good mix over everything. You will find freelancers as I just mentioned. You will find regular Thai girls just having fun, you’ll find old mongers, young backpackers, hippies from South-Africa. There is not a single group I haven’t seen in this club.

Most cocktails go for 150 baht here, and you can get a bucket for 300 baht. You can also buy a entire bottle of something and drink on that all night. Up to you!

Zoe in Yellow closes at around 2 am.

Spicy Club

I’ve only been to this place once. That was 5 in the morning drunk as fuck! I don’t remember anything so I can’t tell you much.

It’s the only nightclub in Chiang Mai that’s open late, very late. I think they close their doors 6-7 in the morning. Of course, this is not legal in Thailand, but you know, money talks down here. I’m pretty sure they give the police some money under the table to don’t get in trouble. 🙂

This place is slightly more expensive than Zoe in Yellow, but I guess that’s the price to pay off the police. 🙂


Nightclubs that caters to Thai people

Except from Spicy Club and Zoe in Yellow. There are several night clubs that cater to mostly Thai people. Of course, Westerners are welcome too!

Pornping Hotshot

Don’t be confused about the name. This place has nothing to do with porn, except the hot ladies dancing on the stage. 😛

This place is not far away from Loi Kroh Rd. It’s a quite small avenue, but I had fun when I was here. There is a stage that plays live music every night. When the entertainers have breaks, or a new band will come on stage. The DJ will take over with house and EDM music.

I’ve seen some of the hottest girls in Thailand dance on this stage. Just watch the video under. 🙂


You also have other nightclubs in Chiang Mai like Warm Up, Monkey and Bubble. I’ve not been to these places, so I can’t say anything about them. But I’ve put them in the map under so you can find them.

Gogo-bars in Chiang Mai

I’ve only been to two gogo-bars in Chiang Mai. One was fucking awesome, the second one was pretty lame. If you are a person who likes gogo-bars, you are in the wrong city for sure.

Anyways. Here are the two gogo-bars I’ve been to.

Spotlight A Go-Go

This place is pretty depressing. If you are in Loi Kroh Rd, and walk towards the main road, take right when you are at the main road and walk for 100m. There you have Spotlight A Go-Go.

The place haven’t been renovated for ages, and when I was here last time there was only two girls on the stage. One was overweight, the other one was ready for a museum.

If you want, you can check it out, maybe I was just unlucky that night.

Foxy Lady

This was one of the first go-go bars I ever went to in Chiang Mai. I met a dude outside my hotel that lived in Chiang Mai. He asked me if I wanted to see something really awesome that would blow my mind.

He was right. This gogo-bar is awesome, and is probably one of the best gogo-bars I’ve been to in Thailand.

The girls here are super-hot, friendly, not too pushy and they can actually dance. The venue is fresh looking, with dimmed blue light (not the typical red light).

Sugar Beat

I’ve not been to this place. But from what I’ve read online. It’s a mix between gogo-bar and nightclub. I’ve also read that the girls here are just dancers (coyote), and not gogo-girls that will go with you back to the hotel. But in Thailand everything is possible, and money talks. So I guess its worth a shot?

Coyote dancers are usually pretty hot, so if you can persuade one back to your hotel, you’ve shot the golden bird for the night. 🙂

I’ve put the location for all the bars in the map at the bottom of this post.


Karaoke bars in Chiang Mai

I don’t have much experience with Karaoke bars in Thailand, and the experience I have is pretty bad. Unless I meet some expat that tells me he knows about an amazing karaoke bar. I will probably never go inside one again.

Apparently, you walk inside the bar. Choose the girls you want, and bring them to a private room upstairs. This room has TV, comfy sofas and other types of entertainment.

You have to ‘rent’ the room and the girls for the hour. I don’t know if you can bang the girls, take them back to the hotel or anything. I think karaoke bars are mostly just for ‘innocent’ fun with hot girls. I guess anything is possible as long as you have money.

The karaoke bars in Chiang Mai are found along ‘Chang Klang Rd’. It’s pretty far out from the tourist track of Chiang Mai. I’ve been driving past them several times and the girls outside are pretty damn hot.


I’ve also heard about people being scammed pretty hard at these places. They will tell you that it’s only 400 baht per hour for the room, but when you leave, they will say it’s much more, and they will try to intimate you to make you pay.

I was inside a Karaoke bar last time I was in Chiang Mai in June. I just sat in the sofa downstairs talking with one girl. For that I had to pay her 400 baht. I don’t get it…


Thai Boxing in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai have two Thai boxing establishments as far as I know. One of them I have already mentioned further up in this post. So I wont go into that here.

The second Thai Boxing place is not far away, but is much better in my opinion if you want to see a real fight. It’s called Thaphae Boxing Stadium.

Check out this video form Thaphae Boxing Stadium. 🙂 


Nightlife map of Chiang Mai

Click the square in the upper-right corner to make the map bigger. Much easier to navigate that way. 🙂 

Nightlife in Chiang Mai

As you can see, you have some options in Chiang Mai. The choices are of course fading if you compare Chiang Mai to Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. But it’s still a good place in my opinion.

I’ve said it before on this webpage, but there is something magical about Chiang Mai. The city lies trapped between the mountains. It’s a very green city and it feels so alive, unlike Bangkok which has the nickname “the concrete jungle”.

I’ve lost count all the times I’ve caught a hot little 20-year-old university spinner on Thai Cupid in Chiang Mai, brought her to Tha Wan Deng, and ended up with her in my king-size bed at Imperial Mae Ping Hotel.

Good life for sure. 😀


Pattaya Nightlife / Redlight Guide

Okay guys. I just did what I said I would never do.

I made a complete nightlife and redlight guide for Pattaya. I said before that it’s kind of meaningless because Pattaya is just one big whorehouse. I still stand by that..!! 😛

It doesn’t matter where you go in Pattaya. There is always something fun and naughty going on here.

If you are looking for a newbie guide for naughty Thailand, check out this post. I also made a monger budget for a three-week trip in this post.

In this guide I will tell you about all the different naughty life districts that are in Pattaya. You can still find naughty action outside these districts but in slightly lesser concentration. At the bottom of this post there is a map of al the places I have been talking about.


Walking Street

Walking Street Pattaya Nightlife

Walking street is the ‘main attraction’ in Pattaya, and probably the first place you think about when someone mention Pattaya. The amount of neon light they have been able to put inside this tiny strip of road is amazing.

Insomnia Nightclub Pattaya
Insomnia Nightclub

This street alone, with its side streets have over 70 go-go bars. In addition to that it has 3-4 beer bar gardens with 15-20 bars in each garden.

The most popular nightclubs and ‘regular’ bars here is Ibar, Insomnia and The Stoners house. That last bar has live music every night.

You will also find a bunch of other bars in this street that I don’t remember the name of. All can be equal good. It really depends on the vibe at what bar you stay in.

The Stones House Pattaya
The Stones House

Check out the 3 best go-go bars in Pattaya here. All of the go-go bars I mention in that guide is in or around Walking Street somewhere.

I also wrote about a go-go bar / club that tries to scam you. Also in Walking Street.

Most of the go-go bars in Walking Street has hot girls, but a lot of the go-go are just that. Average. To find the best go-go bars check the guide I already linked to over.

Best time to come to Walking Street is between 7pm – 9pm if you want to visit a go-go bar. At this time most girls have come to work, and they have not been barfined yet. If you go later than this, you might risk that all the hot girls are taken for the night.

The nightclubs in Walking Street usually fills up after midnight and are open until there are no more people.

Walking Street can be a little bit pushy. Working girls here will nag about lady drinks, people will approach you all the time about ping-pong shows or try to drag you inside bars / go-go’s etc. The street will always be crammed and its the most expensive place in Pattaya to drink, eat and go with girls.


Soi 6 – Short-time bars and blow-job bars

Soi 6 short-time bars pattaya

This is my favorite street in Pattaya. The reason is; it’s no bullshit. You walk in, find a girl who you like, go upstairs, have your fun, pay, and you’re out of there.

Soi 6 is a 100 meter long street filled with 40-60 beer bars. However, they are not like the beer bars in Walking Street. The bars in Soi 6 have their own rooms upstairs with a bed and a shower.

Soi 6 beer bar girl
Lady in Soi 6

When you have found the girl that you like, you simply go upstairs.

This street can be pretty wild at times, and the energy is sky-high every night. Some of the girls that work here are completely nuts. You won’t find shy girls here that are afraid to go wild.

The prices are much more friendly than in Walking Street. A beer here can be half the price of some of the go-go bars in Walking Street.

While prices goes up every year in Walking Street, the prices in Soi 6 stays the same. A shag costs between 1000 – 1300 baht.

You might think that the girls here must be ugly when you have to pay 1000 baht for a bang. That is not true. I’ve met some of the hottest and most fun girls in this street.

A lot of the girls here could easily get a job in one of Walking Street’s go-go bars. Why don’t they do it? They are probably too lazy to dance all night.


Ladyboys in Soi 6

Soi 6 also have a lot of ladyboy bars. These are location closest to the beach in Soi 6. Prices are the same as the girl bars.


Soi LK Metro

Soi LK Metro Pattaya

Soi LK Metro is another street in Pattaya with a big concentration of naughty establishments. This street has a lot of beer bar and go-go bars. In the connecting street, Soi Diana, down below Areca Logde Hotel, you will find a gigantic beer-bar garden with 50-70 beer bars. All with 5-10 girls each.

Soi LK Metro used to be cheaper than Walking Street, but these days the prices are pretty much the same. However, if you like it a little bit more laid back, you should probably choose Soi LK Metro.

My favorite go-go bars in Soi LK Metro is Lady Love. This place has an open shower where the girls are soaping themselves up while dancing to music. Fun stuff! 😀 

Another good, and the biggest go-go in Soi LK Metro is Showgirls go-go bar.


Beer bars in Pattaya

Beer-bar gardens Pattaya

Beer-bars are what Pattaya is most famous for after Walking Street. Most beer-bars are found in clusters inside beer-bar gardens. In one garden there can be anything from 5 bars to 40 bars. All bars with 3-15 girls.

The biggest beer-bar gardens in Pattaya are found inside Walking Street on right-hand side when you are walking from Beach Rd. You will find two massive beer-bar gardens here.

There are also beer-bar gardens spread all around Pattaya. Usually they are close to Beach Rd or Pattayasaisong Rd. Pattayasaisong Rd goes parallel to Beach Rd.

Beer-bar girl Walking Street
Beer-bar girl at Walking Street

When you get to Mikes Shopping mall there is a gigantic beer-bar garden on the right side of Pattayasaisong Rd if you are coming from Walking Street.

In Soi 7, 8 and 9 there are also hundred of beer bars spread all over the place.

Girls in the beer-bars are usually much more easy-going than their sisters in the go-go bars. They won’t nag so much about lady drinks and they will be much more relaxed. In fact, most of these girls will never ask for anything, you have to give them lady drinks.

If you are looking for a girl friend experience I would go for the beer-bar girls. Some girls can be sexy and sweet as hell. Some girls are just to lazy to stand dancing in a go-go bar all night. Just because beer-bar girls are cheaper doesn’t mean they are uglier.


Happy Ending Massage in Pattaya

Massage parlor Pattaya

You can’t really go anywhere in Pattaya without seeing a massage parlor shop. They are literally in every street of Pattaya. All of them offer massage and you will probably get a happy ending in most of them too.

Just walk around until you find a shop with a cute girl that you like. Then tell the girls that you want massage with the girl you like. When you get upstairs with her, she will probably tap you on your dick at some point with a funny smile on her face.

If she does not give you a tap, you have to ask her. If she says no, well, you have been very unlucky with the girl you selected.


You will have to pay for the massage. That is usually between 200-300 baht. If you want happy ending you should go for oil massage as you will be lying naked with only a towel over your private parts (easy access for the girl).

Hand-job: 500-700 baht
Blow-job: 1000 baht

Some girls will not be shy at all and they will deep throat your dick and let you cum all over their face or inside the mouth. Some will even swallow. Other girls will be super-shy and be paranoid about getting even one drop of jizz in their face / mouth.

In my experience, the older the girl is, the more likely it is she will be good at sucking and let you cum all over her.

If you don’t want to take the chance about getting a good / bad girl. I suggest that you go to the blow job bars to get a girl that really knows how to suck dick.


Blow-job Bars in Pattaya

Blow-job bars Pattaya

I’ve had some blow-jobs in Pattaya that have been simply amazing. Most girls can’t make me cum when they suck me, but in Pattaya I’ve met some girls that have made me cum within 2 minutes.

Also, they are not shy about jizz and they will let you cum all over their face or in their mouth. Some will even swallow. So if that is what you want, you should stay away from the massage shops and go to a dedicated blow-job bar instead.

Most girls in the blow-job bars are not on the upper scale when it comes to beauty, but they know their stuff. So it’s kind of fun nevertheless.

The blow job bars are found all over Pattaya, but there is a cluster of them in Soi 13/2 and in Soi 6. Check the map under for location.


Other stuff in Pattaya

Hollywood Pattaya Nightclub

There is a really good nightclub in Pattaya called Hollywood Pattaya. This place is huge and it fills up every night. You will find mostly Thai people here, but if you go here with a girl you took from a go-go bars or beer-bar you can have really fun. 

They play a mix of Thai Pop music, Thai Rock, Pop music from the Western world, K-pop and house. Usually it’s one hour with one genre, then they switch to something else. They also have a lot of female dancers and other entertainment on the main scene.

If you want the girlfriend experience with a hooker I suggest that you take her out for some drinks. This will loosen her up, and it will be more easy for her to have fun with you. I’ve done this a million times and it’s always a winner.

Beefeater Pattaya steak
Tender Steak

Just next to Mikes Shopping mall, over the street you will find a restaurant that is called Beefeater. The steak they sell here is amazing.

The steak is so tender it melts in your mouth. It will set you back around 1000 baht, but you get what you pay for.




Map of nightlife and redlight in Pattaya

Under you will find a map of everything I have talked about in this post. It’s sorted after type. If you click the square at the top-right corner of the map goes full screen. Much easier to navigate.