Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly – Which to get?

Some time ago I said that I would take a break from online dating in Thailand. And I did until now. At that time I was a premium member at Thai Cupid. This time around however I bought a membership on Thai Friendly. Here is Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly.

I’ve been using it for two weeks, and in this post I will tell you the differences so you can choose the platform that is best for you.

So.. Here we go..


Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly 

Quantity of girls

Thai Cupid have more members.

As I’m writing this (01.00 pm Thai time) there are 470 Thai girls online on Thai Friendly from all over Thailand between 20 – 25 years old. Roughly 200 of them located in Bangkok. Another 3500 girls were online within the last hour. 

Thai Cupid however have over 2000 members online at the same time, and another 8000 girls were online the last hour.

Thai Cupid: 1
Thai Friendly: 0


Quality of girls

Doesn’t matter what platform you sign up for. You will find the same ratio of hot / ugly girls on both sites.

However, Thai Cupid have a bigger thumbnail for profiles both on the front page and in searches. This makes it slightly easier to see if a girl is hot or not without using time to go inside her profile.

Thai Cupid: 2
Thai Friendly: 1


Search filters

Thai Cupid is a big winner here. You can filter girls on almost any variable. Age, height, BMI, Chinese sign, star sign and even their measurements + 30-40 other variables.

Thai Friendly can only filter basic stuff like age, weight, height and a few more.

But honestly, who need a massive filtering system like Thai Cupid? I’ve never used it. It will only work if the girls take the time to fill in everything, and is honest about it, something I doubt most people are.. xD

I usually only use the age and the location filters. Everything else is up for negotiation. 😀

But, if you need these filtering options and you have special needs, Thai Cupid is the winner.

Thai Cupid: 3
Thai Friendly: 1


Design and Functionality 


Thai Friendly is the winner in my opinion. Thai Friendly look more ‘fun’ than Thai Cupid. It got more catchy colors and just looks better. Thai Cupid however look like a software interface for cranes… It’s really boring and dull..


Both sites are very easy to navigate and to use. However, the chat system at Thai Friendly can be very buggy at times. Sometimes when I girl write to me, I can clearly see that some of the messesage strings don’t arrive.

If you close the chat then open it again. Earlier conversation will be gone.. That irritates me.

Thai Cupid is flawless on functionality. No bugs.


Thai Friendly have a neat app for both Android and Iphone. Thai Cupid don’t have an app, but their platform look fine on a mobile browser. So you can use both apps on your phone with no problem.

Thai Friendly wins on design and Thai Cupid wins on functionality.

Thai Cupid: 4
Thai Friendly: 2



As you can see. These platforms are almost the same with only small differences.

If a lot of girls to choose from is important for you, and you don’t care so much about design, then choose Thai Cupid. I would also choose Thai Cupid if I was going to smaller places within Thailand with less people. There seems to be more people online on Thai Cupid in smaller cities. There are also better filtering options for cities at Thai Cupid.

If you care more about design, or you are only staying in the biggest cities such as Bangkok, Phuket or Chiang Mai. It doesn’t really matter what platform you choose.

I’m using Thai Friendly at the moment, and I enjoy it, as it’s nice with a change. However, I will go back to using Thai Cupid when my three months membership runs out just because it runs more smoothly and have more members.

Total Score Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly 

Thai Cupid: 4
Thai Friendly: 2

If you know you’ll sign up for Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly in near future, please consider using my affiliate links. It will not be more expensive for you. The only difference is that I get a small cut from your first membership payment.

You can click here for Thai Cupid, and here for Thai Friendly. Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly.

6 cheap things to do with your Thai date in Bangkok

Not everyone is full of cash (I’m one of them).

If you go to the most fancy sky-bars every night, or drink and eat in the coolest shopping malls like Central World. You are going to run out of cash pretty damn fast, especially if you have to pay for two.

Another good thing about doing cheap stuff, is that you will give the impression to the girl that you are not full of cash and bling. That’s an excellent way to sort out the gold diggers if you are looking for true love. <3 <3 lol..

Want to get laid for free in Bangkok? Check out this post.

Here are some ‘good’ tips on where you can bring your date for cheap activities in Bangkok.


1: Swan boat at Lumphini Park


Price: 50 baht

Yeah, maybe this is lame. But all the girls I have brought to this place have liked it. It’s romantic you know..?

Buy a couple of water bottles at the entrance of the park, take a stroll around in the park. After you have done that, go to the lake inside the park, and you can rent boats for 50 baht.

You could mix this activity with step three in this post. A lot of awesome areas in this park for photo-ops.

Watch out for the reptiles that chills around in the lake.


2: Go feed homeless cats

200 baht

In fact. Some Thai people have this as an hobby!

A lot of the girls I’ve been dating down here will actually sit down and feed soi dogs and street cats after they are done working! Creds!

If you come with this suggestion she will be impressed, and you don’t have to spend much money. Win win I guess?

You can buy a big box of cat food at any 7/11 or family mart. Let yourself loose. 😀


3: Have a photo-op!


Price: Whatever you use on transport

Do you own a DSL camera? Do you know how do work that bokeh effect?

Thai girls will love it! Nothing gives them more pleasure than to get that awesome picture they can put on Facebook to get a billion likes.

Bangkok is an interesting city, and there is a gazillion different places you can pull of some pretty cool pictures with a Thai girl in focus.

Go get creative!


4: Eat at a local Thai buffet

Around 100-150 baht per person

It’s not pretty, but the food is awesome and you can eat as much as you want. However, you have to cook your meat yourself most places with that gass oven on the middle of the table you are sitting on.

These places can be kind of hard to find, so you have to ask your Thai girl for direction.

Diarrhea may occur, but that’s a part of the experience, isn’t it? 😀


5: The Loft to bar

Loft to bar cheap beer singha

Price: Around 400 baht for two people + taxi

This place is actually awesome. It’s 200 baht per person, then you can drink as much Singha as you can bear. Good place to become wasted on booze. I’ve been here several times.

This bar features live music every night. Quality varies, seems like the scene is open for newcomers.

For some unknown reason they have a swimming pool in the middle of the bar. I have no idea what it’s for.

Location on Google maps.


6: Go to a library

Price: Free

You can find libraries all over Bangkok with free books and magazines. I have no idea what you can do with them as they’re all in Thai. But I don’t know. It’s free, and you can chill out in the pleasant AC air! 😀

Maybe make your girl learn you some Thai? Been there, done that.


7: Do nothing?

Price: Free

Truth is. There’s not really much to do in Bangkok without money. Bangkok is actually one of the most boring places to be if you don’t have money to burn off.

If you’re on a tight budget, there are a million better places to be in Thailand than Bangkok. Like one of the islands.

Here you at least have a free beach that you can hang out on with some Thai chick, or you can drive around on a motorbike that you rented for 200 baht per day.



Online Dating Profile for Thailand – How to drown in pussy

What’s going on guys? 😀 

Today I will tell you how you can design your online dating profile so you’ll drown in pussy down here in Thailand. I’m not exaggerating this. If you follow this guide you will get so many requests on Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly that you can’t answer them all.

How can I be so sure..? Because I have it like that right now, and I don’t look like Brad Pitt. It’s all about how you portray yourself. 🙂

I was the old school type for a long time. I never bothered with dating sites back home.

The reason was that I never had much success with them. The amount of girls I banged that I met online back home, can be counted with one hand I think.

It was too much hassle, talking and fishing. It was not worth the time I had to spend. Yeah, I love pussy, but even pussy have its limits of what I’m willing to do… :p

The first three times I came to Thailand I refused to become member on any dating site. This was a big fucking mistake. The reason I refused was because I took with me the experiences I had from dating sites back home. I thought it would be just like home with eternal conversations and persuasion. You can read more here why I think dating sites work so well in Thailand.

I was so wrong.

As I’m writing this it’s around 9 pm here in Bangkok. I checked my Thai Cupid this morning when I woke up, and I checked it again now. I have 10 new messages in my account since this morning. None of them are with girls I have talked with earlier, because right now I don’t have ongoing conversations at Thai Cupid. All my pussy seats are taken at the moment.

I’m not saying this to brag, it’s just that if you have the same attitude I had three years ago, you are missing out on a lot of pussy. I don’t even have to approach girls on Thai Cupid. They approach me, and I talk with the ones I think are hot.

Thai Cupid messeges


Before you can start to make your profile. You need to sign up for either Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly. There are other dating sites out there for Thailand, but these two have an insane amount of members.

You can browse girls for years without running out. Thai Cupid have over 1 million members.

You can sign up for Thai Cupid here, and you can sign up for Thai Friendly here. Yes, those links are affiliate links, and I get a small cut from it if you buy a membership.


How to become a pussy magnet at online dating sites

Your profile text

This should be short and simple. Don’t write everything you did from you learned to walk until the present. Tell you name, what hobbies you have and why you are coming to Thailand. Don’t reveal too much about yourself, you want to be a little mystical. If the girl wants to know more about you, she’ll have to contact you.

Another great thing you should write in your profile text is that you love learning languages, and that you are interested in meeting someone who can teach you some basic Thai. I’ve gotten so much response on that it’s ridiculous. Let me give you some quotes:

สวัสดีค่ะ Sa was dee ka
Hello, How do you do.? ^^
I am Meena. I can teach you about Thai language.

Hope to hearing from you soon”

“Hello my name is apple. Welcome to Thailand.

And willing to be your friend. Really want to teach you Thai too.”

“Hi I’m read your bio and I’m so interesting about you.

I want to be your friend.
I can teach youThai lagueges and cultural.if you want to travel next time in Thailand I can guide you.
And maybe you can teach me about you country too.”


It’s all about the pictures

A picture tells more than a thousand words they say. That is equally true for pictures you use in a dating profile. You can write an awesome text about yourself, but if you show that same awesomeness in photos you instantly become much more real and trustworthy.

Here are some ideas for awesome pictures you should put on your profile. Don’t need all of them, but a few of them will attract a lot of girls.


The great adventure photo – If you have done some traveling, show your most awesome travel photo. You riding a camel in Egypt, you in an awesome street in some typical European city, maybe you went to the salt deserts in Bolivia?

This will show the girls that you like to travel, and that you are a person that likes to go on an adventure.

The exotic picture – Here you have to think culture. A beach in Thailand is exotic for you, but for a Thai girl its home. Maybe you have a picture of yourself on a mountain covered in white snow? Maybe you went to a desert in Egypt? That is exotic for a Thai girl.

This will make the girl envy you.

The social picture – This one is important, and should never be left out. It can really be anything, but should be a picture with your friends and/or family where you have a great time.

This shows the girl that you are not a freak or a weirdo. You have friends, you have family. You are not a loner that no one wants to be around.

The dangerous picture – All women love men that can handle a little danger. Did you go skydiving, maybe a bungee jump? What about scuba diving next to a shark? Put it out!

This shows the girls that you are not a pussy.

The musical picture – Do you play an instrument? Maybe you did some live shows once too? You should probably put it out.

All girls love men that can play an instrument.

The handsome picture – Do you have good looks? Make sure to have a picture where you are suited up looking your best. This is also a good profile picture to get the click into your profile to show off your other pictures.

Well. This shows the girl nothing, but everyone like pretty humans. 🙂

The manly picture – This should be a picture of you doing something manly or skillful. Like riding a horse, fighting a bull or

Already been there picture – Already been in Thailand? This picture can be combined with any of the categories over. Like you playing guitar in a bar with a monkey on the shoulder, while some Thai chicks watch you with your mother in the background. Just joking.. But if you have been in Thailand, some pictures from earlier trips don’t hurt.

Thai girls love their country. They will like you just for the fact that you have been in Thailand already.

Avoid money pictures – Pictures where you show of a nice car, or maybe your bling, or maybe a nice apartment. Or just any pictures that makes it clear that you are full of cash. Don’t do it. You will only attract gold diggers and bad people.

You want to portray that you are a fun and interesting person. Not a rich guy. You will just attract bad people that way.


Your profile picture

Your profile picture can be in any category I have already talked about, but it should be a picture that catches the eye. This will give you more clicks to your profile, and the girl will see the rest of your awesome pictures and that you are interested in learning Thai. You’ve already won her.

It’s also smart to mix up your profile picture once in a while. That way you can get girl’s that didn’t like your first round. They see your profile again, but this time with a new picture, so you are a new person for them now. Maybe they’ll like you this time. 🙂


Can you handle all the pussy? 

If you follow these steps you will never have to approach a girl on these dating sides. You just wait until they approach you, then you sort out the trolls. I get anything from 5 to 20 messages every day, and I talk with the girls I think are the hottest.

Right now my profile picture is a ‘professional’ picture that I took of myself with my DSLR camera with a white background. It’s in black and white, and it’s super sharp. I have a white shirt on that is slightly open showing of some of my chest hair. 😛

In my album I have a picture of me in the mountain skiing back home. This is a perfect picture with white mountains and blue sky. You can see all of me, while I hold my ski poles up in the air. Exotic for Thai girls!

I also have a picture of me diving in Egypt and two pictures of me out in the desert in Egypt. My family picture is just a picture from some Christmas celebration a couple of years ago.

Recently I added two more pictures from Cambodia. In one pictures I stand on my hands with Angkor Wat in the background, and in the second I’m with a Thai girl and some people that we met on the road.


More tips

Don’t spend an eternity talking with the girls on the dating site. You want to move her outside as quick as possible. You want to have a video conversation with her. That way you can sort out if there is something weird about her. Maybe she has a super weird voice, or maybe you just don’t like her vibe.

How people behave behind a keyboard, and how they behave in a video call can be two different worlds. You can get a really good impression of a girl when you are texting with her, but as soon as you talk with her on video, you end up not liking her at all. Happened with me a million times. Can be anything from how she moves, how she talks, how she behaves. You can’t see that in a text message.

If a girl don’t show her entire body in one of the pictures, it’s usually because she’s fat. Be careful!

Also. Be skeptical about girls that demands stuff. This can be anything from money, her asking you to buy her stuff etc. I would even be careful with girls that demand that you go to a special restaurant or bar too.

These girls are often gold diggers, and they are looking for beta males they can push around and exploit for financial gain. These girls will not give you a good time unless you do as they say. They will always ask for something, beg, demand, test your limits etc. If you don’t do as they wish they will act up and just make drama. Not fun.

There are plenty of good girls and cool girls out there that will fuck you even on the first date, if you know what you are doing. No need for semi-pro gold diggers to get laid.


Okay people. Go out and test this, go nuts! Tell me how it went. You should own Thai Cupid with all this information.


Where I buy my clothes for dating

What’s going on guys? 😀

Just a fast post here about where I buy my clothes for dating in Bangkok, some guy asked me about good places in Bangkok for buying shirts. Here is my answer.



Personally I only use shirts. The reason is that t-shirts are for children and sweaters are just to damn hot for Thailand. If I’m wearing jeans I need a thin shirt to get the heat out somewhere. 😛

I have one guy in Bangkok that makes all my shirts. This guy is an awesome dude with a big heart. He has great humor, a good service mind and he’s not happy before I’m happy. That’s how you do good business!

I know there is a million tailor shops in Bangkok. A lot of them are good, but some are not good at all and you should be selective about where you buy your shirts.

All over Bangkok you will see signs where it says “Get free shirts if you buy a dress” or “only 300 baht for one shirt”.

Don’t take these offers. Most of them are shit, and you will end up with some synthetic bullshit fabric that will make your days miserable in the Thailand heat! Just imagine being inside a tent in 35 degrees. That’s what you’ll get for 300 baht…

What you want is cotton. Quality cotton that breath in the Thailand heat. That way you won’t feel like you are inside an oven…

You also want a fabric that is very thin. That way it breath even more and it feels very light to wear.


George the Tailor

This is the guy I’m using. You’ll find him in Sukhumvit soi 15 just 50 meter in on the left side. Click here for his TripAdvisor profile.

His not the cheapest guy in town, but you get what you pay for. I usually pay between 1000 – 1500 baht per shirt when I buy 4-5 shirts in bulk. The price also depends on what fabric and pattern I choose.

I also bought a dark-blue suit from him some time ago. I got that for 16.000 baht with two shirts included. This suit is absolutely amazing. It’s more comfortable to wear than sweatpants. I’m not shitting you… I use it whenever I hit the clubs up at RCA and I feel amazing.

Just for the record, I’m not saying George his the best in town, you will always find something better. But I’m happy with his service and he cracks me up whenever I visit him. So I will continue to use him. He already have my measurements so all I have to do is to walk in and find a pattern that I like.



Yes. I use jeans in Thailand, and I don’t fold them up anymore. I’ve been here a year now so I start to get used to the heat anyway. If I came here on holiday I would probably get a heat stroke in jeans. So if jeans are too hot for you just wear some casual shorts. That’s totally fine.

Most of my jeans are light blue, dark blue or black. I also have a couple of matt red jeans that fits very well with my white shirts.

I usually buy my jeans at Terminal 21 or at Siam Center. I’m a pretty slim guy so I need slim size jeans. That is not always easy to find, but Terminal 21 and Siam Center have everything.

I think I bought some jeans at MBK at some point too. That place is massive, and you’ll find anything you are looking for.



I wear classic dress shoes whenever I’m out flirting or when I hit a club. If I’m out doing nothing I usually wear my Converse shoes or slippers.



wrist watch bangkok datingNot really a big fan of accessories because I like to keep it simple. I usually only wear a wristwatch because this look good to a casual look and can spice things up a little bit.

Personally I like the watches that are thin and with a big surface. Like the one to the right.

I’m not really a fan of that ‘Rolex look’ when it comes to watches. I don’t have the money for them either… 😛 😛



Okay, that’s it for this time. Remember to check out George the tailor next time you are in Bangkok. That guy make some really quality shirts. I recommend him. 🙂


How to pick up any Thai girl in 5 steps

Okay. That title was pure click-bait. I admit it. There is no way you can get every Thai girl out there.

Moving on…

Today I will tell you how to get almost any Thai girl that you desire in 5 easy steps. Notice the word almost.

I just banged pussy nr. 50 pussy nr 90 (update for June 2017) since I moved to Thailand in September 2015.

That’s a lot of women. A reality of living in the greatest pussy paradise on earth, Bangkok.

I’ve been reading a lot lately on other webpages and forums about Thai girls and how to have the best possible game on them. In this post I will try to wrap it up nicely while I put in my own thoughts too.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to get almost any Thai girl that you desire. Some of the steps will require more work than others, but if you want to be a player like me that can seduce a lot of girls and drill a ton of pussy, without turning to hookers, it’s totally worth the time and effort.


Step 1: Dress sharp, get a haircut and take a damn shower. 

I feel this one should be unnecessary to mention, but I see so many guys out there that dress like bums and smells like sewage. Just because you are in a developing country doesn’t mean that no one gives a fuck what you look like.

In fact. In Thailand your appearance is very important, maybe even more important than in the Western world as Thailand is a class society. How you dress can influence how much pussy you get greatly.

Making a good first impression is just as important in Thailand as anywhere else.

Go inside any shopping mall in Bangkok and see how people dress. Everyone dress casual and/or conservative. Girls go in cute dresses that don’t reveal too much while the men goes in jeans and shirts.

To make it even clearer:

What clothes should you not wear? 

  1. Tanktops. singlets, t-shirts, fotball t-shirts, Singha t-shirts, ‘I Love Bangkok’ t-shirts etc..
  2. Shorts in general, swimming-shorts, sweatpants, elephant pants etc…
  3. Clothes that are worn out, dirty or that have spots.
  4. Provocative clothes. Like “Good boys go to heaven, bad boys go to Pattaya”.

What clothes should you wear?

  1. Polo shirts, shirts, sweaters etc…
  2. Jeans or casual shorts…
  3. Anything that look like you know what you’re doing!

Optimally, you want to dress as casual / normal as possible, maybe even slightly formal. Yes, I know Thailand is a hot place. But what’s the most important for, feel cool all the times, or get all the pussy that you dream of? Priorities, priorities my friends.

If you dress like a typical tourist who walk around in a Singha singlet and an elephant trouser. Thai girls will look at you as just that, a typical tourist. They will not be interested and they will treat you like a typical tourist.

If you dress casual however, girls will think: “Oohh, why does he dress like that here? He looks important. Maybe he lives here? I want to know him!”.

You can buy shirts all over Thailand that are custom-made for a fraction of the price as home. I usually pay 1000 – 1500 baht per shirt if I buy 4-5 of them. This is a great investment because they are of high quality, they last long and they fit you perfectly.

Always try to buy colors that you can mix together. If you have 5 shirts, 3 shorts and 2 jeans you can then mix all of them together and have a unique outfit for many weeks.

You should also always make sure that you have a fresh haircut, and that you smell fresh. I’ve met some guys down here that smell absolute horrible. You want to stand out from the crowd, but not in that way… 😛

You can read more here where I buy my clothes in Bangkok

Always look your best. 


Step 2: Exercise

Exercising helps on everything in life. Not only will your posture and body look better. You will also feel better. Shit like that get noticed by girls. If you are feeling good, they are feeling good. Win win.

Not to forget all the health benefits exercising has, but that is a topic for another time.

If you approach a girl while feeling good and high on life. The girl will pick up that vibe immediately and she will want to be a part of it.

Just think about it. Of all the people you know. Who do you want to hang out with? The friend who is always stressed out and in a bad mood, or the people who are happy and easy going? A good vibe is contagious and everyone wants to be around people like that.

My routine is jogging Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while doing push-ups and sit-ups the day I don’t go for a run. I also like to swim in the ocean whenever I get that opportunity.

I have also started to do yoga. This is extremely relaxing and refreshing, and if done right, can make you feel awesome for the rest of the day. Girls pick up this vibe, trust me.

Last time I was in the flotation tank here in Bangkok, I met a girl right after ny session. The first thing she told me was: “Oohh. You look so alive. What’s your secret?”.


Step 3: Be clear in your intent

In the Western world, if you tell a girl that you like her. She will freeze up and be all awkward. You just got yourself a label as being clingy and needy. As a matter of fact, if you like a girl in the Western world you have to pretend that you don’t like her while you try to deceive her back to your apartment.

In Thailand it works exactly the opposite way. If you want to go out with a girl, you tell her. If you like a girl, you tell her. If you want her to join you back to the hotel, tell her you like her and that you don’t want her to go home.

She will never think of you as clingy or needy. In fact, if she likes you too she will just say it.

This is what I really love about the flirting structure in Thailand. There is no sarcasm, mind games or shit like that. Just pure honest game and you don’t need to solve a puzzle blindfolded to get the girl.

Showing affection in public 

Even tho game in Thailand is pretty straight forward there are no-no’s

Lets say you are with a girl that likes you, and you like her too. You still have to be careful with showing affection. Never cling, hug or try to kiss her in public. This is frowned upon all over Thailand.

She will probably forgive you the first time, as you are not Thai and not used to their customs. But try to avoid it. I know it’s easy to forget when you are with a super feminine and sexy girl. I forget it sometimes too! 🙂

Flirting in public in Thailand is done mostly with words and body language and not body contact.

Affection is reserved for the bedroom. 🙂


Be the alfa

Thai girls are passive most of the time. She will follow your lead and do whatever you suggest. If you want to have sex with her, you have to make it happen. You have to be the man and take responsibility.


Sex on the first date, possible? 

Oh yes. You just need to know what you are doing. The best way to get to your girls apartment is to just tell her. Tell her that you want to see how she lives and that you want to hang out more. When you get back to her apartment she will probably turn on the TV or start to play with her phone.

At this point you just have to improvise. Try to get closer to her, see how she reacts. If she looks comfortable try to touch her, or be the alfa and go straight for the kiss! 😀

Some girls will say no to sex on the first date. It’s not because she don’t want to have sex. It’s more that she don’t want you to think that she have sex with everyone she meets for the first time.

If this is the case you can just continue to try. Keep kissing her and try to make her horny. At some point she will say something like “Oohh. I can not control my feelings anymore”.

Tell her that you wont think bad of her if you have sex on the first date. Tell her that you like her and that everything will be okay the next morning.

This has happened to me several times, and when I finally got her naked she have been soaking wet all the way. 😀

Furthermore, Thai girls are not stupid. They know that if you ask them to see their apartment, there is a high probability that you will hit on her. If she didn’t want that, she wouldn’t let you come to her apartment in the first place. 🙂


Step 4: Learn Thai

Being able to talk Thai with Thai girls is a game changer. And when I say game changer, I mean it.

My game went through the roof after I learned some basic Thai. The reaction you get from the girls are frankly amazing. I think there is no other place on earth you can get that kind of reaction just because you know some of their language.

If you know some basic Thai you go straight out of the ‘tourist box’, and you become one of them. You are on their team now.

Let me tell you a fun story about just this.

My brother was an exchange student in Thailand some years ago. When he went to school here he learned to speak Thai fluent throughout the year. He can have conversations, he can write and he can read. He can talk with anyone in Thai.

This summer he came to Thailand to go to the Full Moon party. I was there too. He got sick from some bacteria from the buckets and had to go to the hospital. First he talked English with them, and the hospital quickly said that this was a private hospital (First Western Hospital at Koh Pha Ngan) and that he had to pay full price.

Then he started to talk Thai with them. The entire staff started to jump around in the emergency room like maniacs. “Whaat, you speak Thai?? Oh my god, why do you speak Thai? Who teach you?.!? Woow. You REALLY speak Thai!!!!”.

Even the doctor in his 60’s was like: “Your brother speak very good Thai” while he was clapping his hands and joking with the nurses. All of them went nuts.. 😀 😛

Fast forward 2 hours. My brother went out of that hospital paying nothing. They had tested him for infection, they had done blood samples, checked the blood pressure, urine test and a lot of other stuff.

If he didn’t talk Thai he would probably have to pay 2000 – 3000 baht for all those tests..

So, as you can see. If you can get a free check at hospital by speaking Thai. You can probably get some free pussy too!

By the way. You don’t have speak fluent of course. Just learn something more than “Sawatde krap” and “sabaidee mai krap”.

Trust me, this will get you a ton of pussy.


Step 5: Have fun

Dating is supposed to be fun! Both for you and the girl.

In Thailand this is even more important than in the West. Having fun while you do anything in Thailand is important. Fun in Thai is “Sanuuk”, and could just as well be their national slogan.

Most Thai people have the attitude that ‘if something isn’t fun, it’s not worth doing’.

If you can express to whatever girl that you want to date, that you want to have fun. You will probably win her heart right away.

Go take her ice-skating in one of the shopping-malls, bring her to the movies, take her to a good restaurant or go drinking if she’s up for that.



If you follow these steps I guarantee you that you will get more pussy than you can ever handle.

I’m not saying this to brag, but I’m in that situation right now. It’s pure freedom. I don’t have to worry about getting laid and I can focus on my work and business. When I was living in the West I had several periods with no girls available. It was a sad as fuck..

But now… If I want to have fun, have sex, or just company to watch a movie. I just make a quick phone call, and I will have some of my girls in my apartment within a couple of hours.

Always try to look your best, exercise regularly to feel fresh and sharp. When you feel sharp, girls will notice that. It’s also easier to pick up signs and body language from the girls that they might like you when you feel sharp and alert after a workout.

If you learn some Thai, and you make it clear that you are up for fun you will stand out from the crowd and have an enormous edge. Then you just have to take your responsibility as a man, and lead her to bed.

Why dating sites works so well in Thailand

Hello guys! 😀

In this post I will just give my thoughts about why I think dating sites works so fucking well in Thailand, and why the stream of girls ready to bang you never seems to end… I’m not talking about hookers here now guys, but girls that are looking for fun, friends, giiks (fuckfriends), and boyfriends.

Just regular Thai people who are looking for fun.


View on dating sites: Western world vs Thailand

Dating sites in the Western world is not nearly as popular as it is in Thailand. In some countries it’s even a little bit taboo and shady to even have it and if you get busted while you are sitting on a dating site, it can almost be embarrassing.

This is not the situation in Thailand, and almost all girls over here have an account at some kind of dating site. It is so acceptable that if you look around in buses and sky trains around in Bangkok, you will see that a lot of girls will be sitting on some kind of dating site texting with foreigners.

When was last time you saw a Western women back in for example England on a dating site out in public? Probably never, because almost no one in the Western world is using dating dates.

I think there are several reasons for why dating sites have become so popular and accepted in Thailand relative to the Western world. Here are some of them:

Reason 1: Work hours

Thai people work long days. Some up to 10-12 hours 6 days a week. When someone is working that many hours it is obvious that there is not much leisure time for flirting. On their day off they are tired and most of them just want to relax at home in front or their TV, smart phone or maybe visit family.

Dating sites is a perfect way for Thai girls to get to know new people while they are working long hours. If you’ve ever been to Thailand you have probably noticed that there is always a ton of people on work, but almost no one is doing anything?

Yeah.. Thai people have a lot of spare time to do whatever they want while they are at work.

When I think about it, whenever I ask a girl on Thai Cupid what she is doing, most of them answer “workiiiingggg”. 😛

Reason 2: Money

It’s easy to think that Thailand is a cheap country, and that doing stuff here is so easy and affordable. But remember that most Thai people have an average monthly income at around 15.000 baht (450 USD). Some people have even less to play around with than that.

After paying rent, electricity, internet and other debt there is not much play room to go out and have fun in the bars and restaurants. Especially not in the ones tourists hangs out in with tourist prices.

This is where dating sites comes in handy because for Thai girls, it’s free to sign up and they can get to know people without spending a dime.

Reason 3: It’s socially acceptable

This one I have already mentioned. In Thailand it is completely normal to be on these sites. I’ve seen hotel girls at work playing around with their phone while talking about pictures of foreign men at Thai Cupid. That would never happen over in Western Europe, but here it’s nothing weird about it.


Sign up!

Online dating is a fucking goldmine and if you sign up for one of them you will get so much attention and dates that you wont believe it. Especially if you’re white.

At Thai Cupid you can sign up for free, then you can have a look at the buffet. I don’t remember if you can actually talk with girls without membership (have had membership for 3 years now). I think you can, but there is like a 15 min delay or something like that. Maybe you can tell me in the comment section?

Thai Cupid have over 1 million members. I’m just saying… 😀

Do you want to spend 30.000 baht on 6 hookers when you come to Thailand, or spend 1000 baht for a membership on Thai Cupid? With that you can create a little harem of girls that are ready to meet and fuck you when you arrive Thailand..

Should be a pretty easy choice if you ask me… 😀

Pro tips:

  • Always take a good look at the girl’s pictures. Some girls use Photoshop to make them look better than they do in reality. Watch out for pictures that are blurred or pixelated.
  • The girl does not have a picture of her body? She’s probably fat!
  • Ask for her Facebook, then you can see what she’s doing in her sparetime.
  • If you have her on Facebook, you can make a video calls! That is golden, because then you get a feel for how she is!




5 ways to meet Thai girls

Almost no feeling is better than the feeling when you get out of Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok after a long flight. A wall of hot air is hitting you straight in the face and you can see the palm trees everywhere. You are in Thailand! 😀

You know that for the next weeks, you’ll meet a lot of sexy, feminine and sweet Thai girls that you’ll have a lot of fun with.

I have tried a lot of different methods to get a Thai girl on the hook and some works better than others. Read up here at Goodbye Boring Life so you don’t have to waste your precious time in Thailand.


Online dating

There are a lot of dating sites out there. And I have tried a lot of them, but after discovering Thai Cupid I have never bothered to use anything else.

Why? Thai Cupid has over 1 million users all over Thailand. You can find girls at Thai Cupid even in the smallest hut in Thailand here. It’s just so many girls on Thai Cupid that it can be overwhelming at times. Especially if you are searching for girls in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or Chiang Mai.

You can sort girls after age, height, weight or whatever you want.

Another wonderful thing with Thai Cupid is that you can sign up before you go to Thailand. If you do that you can chat up a lot of girls and create your own little harem of girls that are ready to meet you when you arrive. 😀

If you have a boring job at home with a lot of spare time, why not use your time chatting up Thai girls at Thai Cupid? 😀



Tinder is a dating app for phones that sort girls after location. So when you are using it you will only get girls that are near you. Perfect if you already are in Thailand. If you are in tourist places such as Phuket or some of the popular islands, prepare to scroll through a lot of white trash before you find a cute Thai girl.

I’ve had some luck with Tinder in Bangkok. But I have to be honest, I really hate to chat with a mobile phone because the keyboard is so small. I rather pull up my laptop and take a Thai Cupid session.


Girls in everyday situation

This is probably my favorite way to meet Thai girls. Because if you ask a lady out in real life you already got a feel for how she is and behave.

If you date a girl at a online dating site you really never know what she’s like before you meet her. That can of course be exiting, but sometimes it can be a waste of time too. Maybe she used photos of herself that are 5 years old? Maybe she photo shopped her photos to look better than she really look?

However, if you are coming to Thailand for just a short 2 week trip, I still recommend chatting up girls at Thai Cupid, just in case you don’t have any luck with hooking up with receptionists and restaurant workers.

To get a better feel for the girls you meet at Thai Cupid, you can also ask for their Skype for video calls and Facebook to see what they are doing on their free time.

Where do you meet Thai girls in real life? 


Hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, on the beach, in drug stores, at the street, in the sky train, at the airport or in an airplane on a domestic flight. In the hospitals there are a lot of cute nurses if you should ever become sick in Thailand. There is really no limit! 😀

My favorite is hotel receptions. In Thailand you have to look good to work in front desks. Especially at the 4 and 5 stars hotels. You also need a bachelor degree at most hotels, so those girls are usually very ambulatory. 😀

Just walk in at whatever hotel you find, and there will be some hot girls standing around in the front desk. 😀



If you don’t want to waste your time with dates, rejections and foreplay, and just want the fun stuff straight away. You always have the hookers ready to entertain you at any time. I’m totally guilty of this because the availability makes it so tempting and the prices are so friendly for your wallet.

It’s really hard to stay away.

There are countless of different types of hookers in Thailand. Go go girls, beer bar girls, soapy massage girls, massage girls, blow job bar girls, freelancers and girls that will do different types of fetishes like BDSM, anal sex and role games.

I will not go into prices in this post, but if you want to know more about that, check out my Thailand Sex Guide and Sex Holiday in Thailand: Planning and costs.


Bars and nightclubs

This is an option too, but I don’t think this is a good way to meet girls in Thailand.

The reason is that most Thai people go to nightclubs with friends, family and boyfriends, and they always come in big groups. Getting inside those groups as a farang can be very hard, and if you hit on a girl that have her Thai boyfriend close by you can get in some real trouble.

Not only that, bars and nightclubs are loud environments and it can be hard to hear what people say. That combined with Thai peoples lack of English skills is a bad combination.

Another point to this is that Thai people will go to nightclubs in areas that are only catering to Thai people. If you ask a taxi or a tuk tuk driver about a good nightclub, they will always bring you to the tourists nightclubs that are full of hookers and gold digging whores. Not the ones that are full of normal Thai people just having fun. So then we are right back to my third point about hookers anyways.


That was it for this guide, as you can see there is a lot of possibilities in Thailand. It’s not hard for a man to get his dick wet down here.

Have fun! 😀