Where to find cheap sex in Pattaya

High season is just around the corner, and in a couple of weeks we will start to see the bars, beaches and the streets of Pattaya fill up with horny gentlemen from all over the world. Good times, good times will come! ūüėÄ

Unfortunately,¬†when demand goes up, prices goes up, up ad UP! Fuck man,¬†that is life….. ūüôĀ

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry. I will do whatever I can to help out a fellow monger!


The cheapest sex in Pattaya

If you are looking for sex, expect to pay 1000 baht a pop. You can find sex cheaper than this, but it would probably be an old beaten up skunk with a ton of make-up and stretch marks everywhere. Not my idea of fun.


The blow job bars

Okay. I think the blow-job bars offer great value. You won’t get sex, but blow-jobs.

Dont be depressed yet. These girls really know how to suck cock. If a girls really know what she’s doing, I think it’s even better than regular vaginal sex with condom.

If you’re not¬†picky on looks, you can take an old lady that have been doing this job the last 20 years. She knows her stuff and will drain your balls like no other girl have ever done before. Trust me on this guys!

Or you can choose a petite little shy newcomer and¬†cum all over her pretty little face while she has a panic attack. It’s really up to you. ūüėÄ

I’ve already covered where you can find blow-job bars in Pattaya in this post. So check it out for more information. Expect to pay anything between 700 to 1000 baht for a blow job.

If blow jobs is not enough for you, and you want hot wild sex with a lady all night long in your hotel bed. Then your next best shot is the freelancers.

Freelancers at Beach Rd

Just because a girl is a freelancer, doesn’t mean that she’s a toothless old skunk with HIV and a missing leg. Some girls just prefer to work on their own. They have complete ownership¬†over their own income, and they can choose when they want to work. Some girls just prefer that style.

They don’t want to sit in a bar all night long pushing people to buy drinks, or dance on a scene for 6 hours in a Gogo bar.

You can find freelancers all over Beach Rd that goes along, you guessed it, the beach! ūüėÄ

It’s literally hundreds, if not maybe thousands of girls on this street every night waiting for customers. Just walk up and down Beach Rd while you look at the buffet, until you find a girl that you want to drain your balls in.

Negotiation is possible, but don’t be to aggressiv. What I usually do is to tell the girl that I will give her what she want, if she does an outstanding job. If not, I will give her 300-500 baht less.


Caution with freelancers

If you take a freelancer, you have to bring her back to your hotel (Unless you take her It have happened that freelancers have stolen stuff from their customers. This is how you avoid that:

  • Make the girl shower first. When she is done, make her leave her clothes and purse at the¬†bathroom while you take a shower. If she want to steal your stuff. She will have to run out of the hotel naked in a towel.
  • Put all your cash and credit cards in the safe, or bring it with you when you take a shower.

Girls that drug down their customers

I think this is mostly an urban myth. I’ve never heard about anyone, or talked with a anyone that have been drugged down by a hooker in Thailand. I’ve only read stories about it on strange places on the Internet.

I would not worry to much about this.

Watch out for bad behavior

Some girls that works as freelancers do so because they got kicked out or their bar from bad behavior. Some have also caught serious diseases like HIV or Hepatitis. Always use condom with these girls.

Build report 

To avoid a freelancer with bad behavior, build report with the girl. Talk with her for 10-15 minutes before you decide to take her back. That way you have a feel for how she is. You could even bring her for some food. Thai girls love to eat, as long as you pay she won’t say no, and you have more time to build report. ūüôā


Freelancers in nightclubs

The nightclubs in Walking Street is filled with freelancers, especially after midnight. You are probably more likely to find a girl here that is up for some serious fun. They have already been drinking and have loosen up much more than the girls that are just standing around in the streets.

Insomnia and Ibar have freelancers all over the dance-floor, and around the bar, after midnight.

Negotiation is possible, and if the girl really likes you she might even go with you for free. If she went there with a friend. Well.. Maybe you are about to try your first threesome? ūüėÄ ūüėÄ

Expect to pay 1000 – 1500 for a freelancer in the nightclubs short time, and 1500+ for long-time.


Happy ending massage in Pattaya

There is not a street in Pattaya that doesn’t have a massage shop. They are literally everywhere, and all of them offer happy endings. I’ve been doing this game so long now. I just take the oldest and fattest lady I can find.

They have been doing this job for decades. They know how to massage you, they have strong hands, trust me, these women will¬†dismantle you with their hands. At the end I let them suck me off, I don’t even care how they look. I just close my eyes and enjoy the sensations. These old women know how to suck out every single sperm-cell in your ball sack.

Expect to pay around 300 baht for 1 hour massage, and anything from 500 baht to 1000 baht for the blowjob, depending on how hot the girl is. ūüôā


Online dating

One blowjob in Pattaya will set you back minimum 700 baht. A one month membership at Thai Cupid will set you back around the same amount (20 dollar). With that tool you have access to hundred of thousands of girls that are eager to met foreigners.

Thai men are already womanizers and will hit on Thai women in everyday situations, so you know that if a Thai girl is on a dating site, she’s there to meet foreigners.

Signing up for a dating site is really a no-brainer before you go to Thailand. Read more here.


So. This is my best tips for finding cheap sex in Pattaya for those who are on a budget. Go out and have some fun! ūüėÄ

Of course, the hottest girls are in the gogo-bars. But I think the prices are outrageous, and a lot of the hot¬†girls in the gogo’s get so much attention that they have become spoiled shit kids. It’s not fun to be with them.

And in the end it’s going to cost you 3000+ baht when you have paid for barfine, the girls, your drinks and her lady drinks. For that price she should treat you like a fucking sultan, but she won’t because she’s a spoiled brat.

It’s much better to find a cute freelancer in the street, or at a nightclub, party and have fun with her all night, and bring her back to your hotel 4 in the morning for the finale. If you are on a tight time-schedule, just go to a blow-job bar and get your balls drained in 15 minutes.

Pattaya Nightlife / Redlight Guide

Okay guys. I just did what I said I would never do.

I made a complete nightlife and redlight guide for Pattaya. I said before that it’s kind of meaningless because Pattaya is just one big whorehouse. I still stand by that..!! ūüėõ

It doesn’t matter where you go in Pattaya. There is always something fun and naughty going on here.

If you are looking for a newbie guide for naughty Thailand, check out this post. I also made a monger budget for a three-week trip in this post.

In this guide I will tell you about all the different naughty life districts that are in Pattaya. You can still find naughty action outside these districts but in slightly lesser concentration. At the bottom of this post there is a map of al the places I have been talking about.


Walking Street

Walking Street Pattaya Nightlife

Walking street is the ‘main attraction’ in Pattaya, and probably the first place you think about when someone mention Pattaya. The amount of neon light they have been able to put inside this tiny strip of road is amazing.

Insomnia Nightclub Pattaya
Insomnia Nightclub

This street alone, with its side streets have over 70 go-go bars. In addition to that it has 3-4 beer bar gardens with 15-20 bars in each garden.

The most popular nightclubs and ‘regular’ bars here is Ibar, Insomnia and The Stoners house. That last bar has live music every night.

You will also find a bunch of other bars in this street that I don’t remember the name of. All can be equal good. It really depends on the vibe at what bar you stay in.

The Stones House Pattaya
The Stones House

Check out the 3 best go-go bars in Pattaya here. All of the go-go bars I mention in that guide is in or around Walking Street somewhere.

I also wrote about a go-go bar / club that tries to scam you. Also in Walking Street.

Most of the go-go bars in Walking Street has hot girls, but a lot of the go-go are just that. Average. To find the best go-go bars check the guide I already linked to over.

Best time to come to Walking Street is between 7pm – 9pm if you want to visit a go-go bar. At this time most girls have come to work, and they have not been barfined yet. If you go later than this, you might risk that all the hot girls are taken for the night.

The nightclubs in Walking Street usually fills up after midnight and are open until there are no more people.

Walking Street can be a little bit pushy. Working girls here will nag about lady drinks, people will approach you all the time about ping-pong shows or try to drag you inside bars / go-go’s etc. The street will always be crammed and its the most expensive place in Pattaya to drink, eat and go with girls.


Soi 6 – Short-time bars and blow-job bars

Soi 6 short-time bars pattaya

This is my favorite street in Pattaya. The reason is;¬†it’s no bullshit. You walk in, find a girl who you like, go upstairs, have your fun, pay, and you’re out of there.

Soi 6 is a 100 meter long street filled with 40-60 beer bars. However, they are not like the beer bars in Walking Street. The bars in Soi 6 have their own rooms upstairs with a bed and a shower.

Soi 6 beer bar girl
Lady in Soi 6

When you have found the girl that you like, you simply go upstairs.

This street can be pretty wild at times, and the energy is sky-high every night. Some of the girls that work here are completely nuts. You won’t find shy girls here that are afraid¬†to go wild.

The prices are much more friendly than in Walking Street. A beer here can be half the price of some of the go-go bars in Walking Street.

While prices goes up every year in Walking Street, the prices in Soi 6 stays the same. A shag costs between 1000 Р1300 baht.

You might think that the girls here must be ugly when you have to pay 1000 baht for a bang. That is not true. I’ve met some of the hottest and most fun girls in this street.

A lot of the girls here could easily get a job in one of Walking Street’s go-go bars. Why don’t they do it? They are probably too lazy to dance all night.


Ladyboys in Soi 6

Soi 6 also have a lot of ladyboy bars. These are location closest to the beach in Soi 6. Prices are the same as the girl bars.


Soi LK Metro

Soi LK Metro Pattaya

Soi LK Metro is another street in Pattaya with a big concentration of naughty establishments. This street has a lot of beer bar and go-go bars. In the connecting street, Soi Diana, down below Areca Logde Hotel, you will find a gigantic beer-bar garden with 50-70 beer bars. All with 5-10 girls each.

Soi LK Metro used to be cheaper than Walking Street, but these days the prices are pretty much the same. However, if you like it a little bit more laid back, you should probably choose Soi LK Metro.

My favorite go-go bars in Soi LK Metro is Lady Love.¬†This place has an open shower where the girls are soaping themselves up while dancing to music. Fun stuff! ūüėĬ†

Another good, and the biggest go-go in Soi LK Metro is Showgirls go-go bar.


Beer bars in Pattaya

Beer-bar gardens Pattaya

Beer-bars are what Pattaya is most famous for after Walking Street. Most beer-bars are found in clusters inside beer-bar gardens. In one garden there can be anything from 5 bars to 40 bars. All bars with 3-15 girls.

The biggest beer-bar gardens in Pattaya are found inside Walking Street on right-hand side when you are walking from Beach Rd. You will find two massive beer-bar gardens here.

There are also beer-bar gardens spread all around Pattaya. Usually they are close to Beach Rd or Pattayasaisong Rd. Pattayasaisong Rd goes parallel to Beach Rd.

Beer-bar girl Walking Street
Beer-bar girl at Walking Street

When you get to Mikes Shopping mall there is a gigantic beer-bar garden on the right side of Pattayasaisong Rd if you are coming from Walking Street.

In Soi 7, 8 and 9 there are also hundred of beer bars spread all over the place.

Girls in the beer-bars are usually much more easy-going than their sisters in the go-go bars. They won’t nag so much about lady drinks and they will be much more relaxed. In fact, most of these girls will never ask for anything, you have to give them lady drinks.

If you are looking for a girl friend experience I would go for the beer-bar girls. Some girls can be sexy and sweet as hell. Some girls are just to lazy to stand dancing in a go-go bar all night. Just because beer-bar girls are cheaper doesn’t mean they are uglier.


Happy Ending Massage in Pattaya

Massage parlor Pattaya

You can’t really go anywhere in Pattaya without seeing a¬†massage parlor shop. They are literally in every street of Pattaya. All of them offer massage and you will probably get a happy ending in most of them too.

Just walk around until you find a shop with a cute girl that you like. Then tell the girls that you want massage with the girl you like. When you get upstairs with her, she will probably tap you on your dick at some point with a funny smile on her face.

If she does not give you a tap, you have to ask her. If she says no, well, you have been very unlucky with the girl you selected.


You will have to pay for the massage. That is usually between 200-300 baht. If you want happy ending you should go for oil massage as you will be lying naked with only a towel over your private parts (easy access for the girl).

Hand-job: 500-700 baht
Blow-job: 1000 baht

Some girls will not be shy at all and they will deep throat your dick and let you cum all over their face or inside the mouth. Some will even swallow. Other girls will be super-shy and be paranoid about getting even one drop of jizz in their face / mouth.

In my experience, the older the girl is, the more likely it is she will be good at sucking and let you cum all over her.

If you don’t want to take the chance about getting a good / bad girl. I suggest that you go to the blow job bars to get a girl that really knows how to suck dick.


Blow-job Bars in Pattaya

Blow-job bars Pattaya

I’ve had some blow-jobs in Pattaya that have been simply amazing. Most girls can’t make me cum when they suck me, but in Pattaya I’ve met some girls that have made me cum within 2 minutes.

Also, they are not shy about jizz and they will let you cum all over their face or in their mouth. Some will even swallow. So if that is what you want, you should stay away from the massage shops and go to a dedicated blow-job bar instead.

Most girls in the blow-job bars are not on the upper scale when it comes to beauty, but they know their stuff. So it’s kind of fun nevertheless.

The blow job bars are found all over Pattaya, but there is a cluster of them in Soi 13/2 and in Soi 6. Check the map under for location.


Other stuff in Pattaya

Hollywood Pattaya Nightclub

There is a really good nightclub in Pattaya called Hollywood Pattaya. This place is huge and it fills up every night. You will find mostly Thai people here, but if you go here with a girl you took from a go-go bars or beer-bar you can have really fun. 

They play a mix of Thai Pop music, Thai Rock, Pop music from the Western world, K-pop and house. Usually it’s one hour with one genre, then they switch to something else. They also have a lot of female dancers and other entertainment on the main scene.

If you want the girlfriend experience with a hooker I suggest that you take her out for some drinks. This will loosen her up, and it will be more easy for her to have fun with you. I’ve done this a million times and it’s always a winner.

Beefeater Pattaya steak
Tender Steak

Just next to Mikes Shopping mall, over the street you will find a restaurant that is called Beefeater. The steak they sell here is amazing.

The steak is so tender it melts in your mouth. It will set you back around 1000 baht, but you get what you pay for.




Map of nightlife and redlight in Pattaya

Under you will find a map of everything I have talked about in this post. It’s sorted after type. If you click the square at the top-right corner of the map goes full screen. Much easier to navigate.

Top 3: Go-go bars in Pattaya

What’s up guys? ūüėÄ ūüėÄ

Today I will tell you about my tree favorite go-go bars in Pattaya.

There are a lot of good go-go bars in Pattayaland. Most of them will give you a good time and you could probably find a hot women in all of them.

The ‘problem’ with Pattaya’s go-go bars is that most of them are the same, only with a different name on the outside.

You walk in, there are 10-15 girls on stage. 13 of them are an average 6/10 girl and you have a couple of stunners that steal all the attention.

Here are three go-go bars I mean stand out from the crowd.


1: Baccara ‚ÄstWalking Street


Just like in Bangkok. This go-go bar is a total meat marked. Baccara have quantity and quality at the same time. Not many go-go bars can check that box on their list.

If you are out for the purpose of finding a hot girl to have fun with, and don’t have time to fuck around, buying unnecessary lady drinks or deal with nagging. Just go to Baccara.

They have never let me down, and they will¬†not let you down either. ūüėÄ

Barfine: 600 baht
Short-time:1500 ‚Äď 2500 baht
Long-time:¬†2000 ‚Äď 4500 baht

Beer: 180 baht
Ladydrink: 180 baht


2: Iron Club – Walking Street

Iron Club Go-go Pattaya

This gogo bar stands out from the crowd because they have a bath tub in the middle of the bar with 2-3 naked girls inside soaping them self up. Over the bath tub there are chains where girls fly around in the roof, also completely naked.

Not all the girls here are stunners, but some of them are. Another good thing with this bar is that the girls are naked.¬†That way you can have a really good look before you take them back to your hotel, that way you won’t get any nasty surprises. ūüôā


Barfine: 600 baht
Short-time:1500 ‚Äď 2500 baht
Long-time:¬†2000 ‚Äď 4500 baht

Beer: 180 baht
Ladydrink: 180 baht



3: Heaven Above – Walking Street Soi 15

This place is kind of hard to find if you are not familiar in the area, but just ask someone until you are in the right street.

It’s worth it because this go-go bar is nuts. They have three rules for their go-go dancers:

  1. White skinned
  2. Skinny
  3. Minimum 1.65 tall

Some of the girls here really know how to dance too. In most go-go bars the girls just stand still while they swing back and worth. At this bar the girls are much more passionate than that.


Barfine: 800 baht
Short-time:1500 ‚Äď 2500 baht
Long-time:¬†2000 ‚Äď 4500 baht

Beer: 180 baht
Ladydrink: 180 baht

Location Report | Thailand – Pattaya

Pattaya is the sex capital of the world. No other place on this planet do you have a higher concentration of hookers that are ready to entertain you at any time of the day than here.

It’s hard to estimate just how many hookers there are in this city, but I read somewhere that Pattaya have around 2000 beer bars. An average a beer bar have around 5-10 hookers. Then you also have all the Go-go bars and the endless amount of massage shops that have happy ending available. Not to mention all the freelancers at beach Rd.

I think it’s safe to say that Pattaya have a minimum of 30.000 girls ready to entertain you, every day¬†all year around.¬†That is really something unique!



Available girls (6/5)

Yes. I’ll give Pattaya a 6 out of 5 score. I know it’s impossible but when you arrive Pattaya you wont believe what you are seeing. I think it is a fitting score to give Pattaya. ūüėÄ

If you come to Thailand as a sex tourist and just want to go completely nuts. Pattaya is where you have to go. As I already mentioned, Pattaya is the sex capital of world and no matter what your needs are, you’ll find it in this city.

Ladyboys? Young petite girls? Russian hookers with attitude? Gay Thai¬†men? An old¬†exhausted freelance hookers for 500 baht a night? Africans? Or maybe¬†dwarfs? Don’t worry, Pattaya has it all.



Want a smoking hot 10 to entertain you all night? No problem. Just go to the Go-go bars of Walking street, and pick the girl that you like the most for roughly 3000 baht long time.

Are you¬†happy with a 7-8 with good attitude you should get your ass over to Soi 6 at the other side of town, pick your girl and take her upstairs for roughly 1000 baht (yes, the bars at soi 6 have their own rooms where you can bring your temporary¬†sex toy). Can’t really be more convenient than that, can it? ūüėÄ

Soi 6

Good girls

This is were this city loose some points with me. I do enjoy going with hookers at times, but I prefer to date good girls and giiks (fuck friends). In Pattaya that is not really an option. If you meet a girl here that is decent looking, there is a good probability that she is working in a Go-go bar or beer bar. Or that she has in the past, or that she is planning to do it.

You might meet a good girl, but I know if I did I would be super paranoid that she actually was a part time hooker. I would never drop the condom with a good girl in Pattaya, at least as long as she lived there.¬†I don’t want HIV or some strange tropical disease that no one have ever heard of.

If you are looking for a girlfriend or a wife, you should go somewhere else. Like Bangkok or Chiang Mai up in north. 90% of the people who lives here comes from other places in Thailand, and almost everyone work in the tourist business. So that is what most people here will treat you as, a tourist.

If you just want to go nuts and fuck as many girls as humanly possible¬†on your three weeks holiday. You are on the right place. ūüėÄ

Check out how you can plan your sex holiday here.


Party situation (5/5)

I won’t be making a nightlife guide for Pattaya. Because no matter where you are in Pattaya there will be something happening. The entire town is just one gigantic whorehouse¬†24/7.

Another aspect of this is that a Go-go bar that was good on Monday, might suck on Tuesday. And a beer bar that was full of hot girls on Friday, might be almost empty on Saturday. Stuff happens fast in Pattaya and a bar that might be running well all week might¬†suddenly close¬†because they didn’t bribe the police.

Bars open and close everyday in this city.

My best tips for finding hot women in Pattaya is to just walk around until you find one. ūüėÄ It’s really that simple. People will¬†push you to stay longer in bars etc, but if there is no hot women inside, just pay your bill and try¬†the bar 5 meters away.

Maybe I’ll make a nightlife guide for Pattaya on a later point, but right now I don’t see the point to be honest.


Stuff to do (4/5)

I have to be honest. Every time I’ve been going to Pattaya I have only been doing¬†two things. That is drinking alcohol and fucking hookers at night.

Pattaya do have a beach, but I don’t like it that much. The beach can be littered at times, and the amount of street sellers that constantly try to sell you stuff you don’t need can be very annoying.¬†You can’t relax for 1 minute before someone is trying to sell you fake sunglasses, stupid hats or dying flowers.

The good news is that there is one¬†pretty good island just outside Pattaya, so if you need a break from the madness I absolutely¬†recommend you going there. Maybe you can even bring one of the hookers you met the night before for company? Everything is possible in Pattayaland. ūüėÄ

Other than that you have all the normal tourist activities like jet-skis, paragliding, parks, zoo’s etc.. But lets be honest, you didn’t go to Pattaya do to that stuff, right? ūüėÄ

If Pattaya gets to intense for you, and trust me, it does from many people. You can always take the trip from Pattaya to Phuket with Bangkok airways. There is a direct flight from Pattaya airport to Phuket International Airport everyday at 1.00 pm.


Cost of living (4/5)

Pattaya is not the cheapest town in Thailand, but considering what you get for your money (basically a whore house on the size of a city), it’s not that bad after all.


You can get a good condo close to the action with air-con, free wifi and gym for about 10.000 baht a month short term. I have yet to find a webpage that offers apartments in Pattaya.

You could try one of these three things:

  • Craigslist
  • Message a Thai girl¬†and ask her for help. Read my post How To Meet Thai Girls¬†for more tips about this.
  • Hit the streets. Go to Pattaya, rent a cheap hotel for a night then walk the Sois and look for yourself.


Steak at beefeater
Steak at beefeater

Thai food is very cheap and if you eat in the basic street restaurants you’ll get a dinner for 50-100 baht.

However, there are a lot of good restaurants in town that sell high quality western food like steaks, burgers and pizza. It’s hard to not get tempted so your average daily budget on food will probably be higher than 100 baht dinners.

One of the best steaks I ever had I had in Pattaya at beefeater close to Mikes shopping mall. It will set you back almost 1000 baht but god damn is it worth it!


Here is the problem with Pattaya when it comes to cost of living

PattayaThere is just to much temptations everywhere! People have literally jumped to death in Pattaya because they lost control, fucked a million girls on 10 different credit cards and then not been able to pay it back.

Instead of going home, work, make money and return later. They have just kept on going until every bank account and credit card is empty. Some jump off buildings while others become homeless losers in Pattaya. 

If you want to move here permanently on a budget you better have some self-control and discipline. If not you can end up like those looser that jumps of buildings pretty damn fast.


Safety (4/5)

I think Pattaya is a pretty safe place to stay in considering what is going on in this city! The city is complete madness with non stop parties and available girls for entertainment.

The biggest safety risk for any man in this city has to be what I have already talked about, losing control and just go completely nuts with hookers without having the money for it.

There are also a lot of tourists here that gets killed in traffic because they are stupid enough to drive 1000cc sport bikes when¬†drunk. Don’t do that, you don’t want to end up at a street corner with your brain cut¬†in half. Don’t be that guy…

And please, don’t be that naive idiot that falls in love with some gold digging whore that pretends to be a good girl, just to send her 10.000 baht a month as soon as you get home to “keep her”. As soon as you fly home, another boyfriend flies in.

Jet-ski scam

You should not rent jet-skis in Pattaya (or phuket). There is a popular scam here towards clueless tourists.

You rent a jet-ski, and when you deliver it back the Thai dude that you rented it from will say that you damaged the jet-ski and have to pay for the damages.

If you try to get away or say that you did not¬†damage it, the police will come. The only problem is that the police are on the scammers side as they get a cut from the money you’ll have to pay for the damage.

That sucks, because that is money that you could have spent on sexy Thai hookers instead. ūüôĀ

See more here.


Other than that there is all the regular scams in town that are normal for popular tourist destinations. There is a lot of money in this city and the thugs and robbers will of course go here rather than Sukhothai.

Keep your money safe, don’t flash with money anywhere and don’t get so drunk that you can’t take care of yourself. Don’t be naive and remember to use condoms with the hookers.

If you can do that, you will get home again in one piece. I promise! ūüėÄ



If you just want to go completely nuts, and have sex with more women than the most famous rock stars of this planet. Pattaya is absolutely a place you should go, and a place where you can say goodbye to your boring life permanently or for a period.

The city has a relative good infrastructure with the baht bus taking you all over town for only 10 baht per trip! It got a beach, and if you need a break from the madness you can always take a trip out to the island Koh Lan just outside Pattaya.

If you want to find good girls, you can still live in Pattaya banging hookers while you flirt with good girls in Bangkok on Thai Cupid. When you find a girl that you really like, you can just jump on a bus to Bangkok for the weekend.

Bangkok is only two hours away with bus, where you can fly anywhere in southeast Asia for under 4000 baht together with your good girl you just met. ūüėÄ

Total Score

Available girls:     6/5
Party situation:   5/5
Stuff do to:           4/5
Cost of Living:      4/5
Safety:                   4/5

Goodbye Boring Life Score: 

       23 / 25


I’m really interested to hear what you think about Pattaya. If you have been there, please comment in the comment section under.


How to get from BKK to Pattaya fast

Just arrived Bangkok with an airplane from Europe or the US? Want to get to Pattaya fast without spending 3000 baht on a taxi, or getting lost in Bangkok or ending up on a bus that will take the milk route?

Here is the recipe:

From Suvarnabhumi airport: 

  • Take the airport train from Suvarnabhumi airport to the end station Phaya Thai.
  • Walk from Phaya Thai train station to Phaya Thai BTS station (skytrain). Just follow the signs.
  • Take the skytrain from Phaya Thai BTS to Victory monument BTS. It’s one stop in the direction of Mo Chit.
  • Take exit 1 and walk around 100m straight. On the left you will see a lot of minibuses.
  • Buy a ticket to Pattaya and enjoy your ride to monger paradise!
  • You might have to buy two tickets if you have a big suitcase.

Total price: 105 – 155 baht


From Don Mueang airport: 

  • Take bus A1 or A2. It does not matter who you take. Both go to the BTS¬†system.
  • Go off the bus when you are at a¬†BTS station.
  • Jump on a skytrain towards Bearing until you get to Victory Monument BTS.
  • Take exit 1 and walk around 100m straight. On the left you will see a lot of minibuses.
  • But a¬†ticket to Pattaya and enjoy your ride to monger paradise!
  • You might have to buy two tickets if you have a big suitcase.

Total price: 100 – 150 baht


From Sukhumvit:

  • Just jump on a skytrain and take it to Victory Monument¬†BTS.
  • Take exit 1 and walk around 100m straight. On the left you will see a lot of minibuses.
  • But a¬†ticket to Pattaya and enjoy your ride to monger paradise!
  • You might have to buy two tickets if you have a big suitcase.

Total Price: 100 – 150 baht


Enjoy your stay!
Enjoy your stay!

The minibus ticket from Bangkok to Pattaya is 50 baht, but you might have to pay 100 baht if you have a big suitcase that take up a extra seat.

All the minibuses will take the highway to Pattaya. It usually takes around two hours, but that can depend on the traffic!

The bus will take you to the bus station behind Walking Street in Pattaya. Some drivers are extra nice and drive you directly to your hotel if you give them some pocket money.




If you are too lazy to do all this stuff, and you are tired after a long flight. Follow Dead Farangs method. Check out video under.



Russian scammers in Pattaya

Some time ago I had a friend over from back home visiting me in Thailand. We met up in Bangkok, but decided fast to take a couple of days in Pattaya as it is just a two hour bus trip from Bangkok.

He wanted to see Walking Street in Pattaya. He had read about this street and really wanted to check out the gogo bars here. Personally I don’t like walking street that much anymore. It was fun the first times, but after some time you realize that it is mostly just overpriced and full of traps.

The girls at walking street begs too much for ladydrinks, and when they get one, they will ask for a second one pretty fast. They are greedy and will most likely not give you a good time unless you put a lot of money on the table.

If you are rich and don’t give a shit. Go ahead! If you are on a budget however, you should be more careful in Walking Street.

You can have just as much fun other places in Pattaya to the fraction of the price, if you just know where to go.

Anyways. Walking street we went! A let him decide everything. This was fun for me too as I got to experience some new gogo bars and clubs I had never been to.

Russian scammers
Don’t go here

We walked past a club with the name¬†‘XO Club’. Outside was some really hot Russian girls and they told us that they had an amazing show upstairs! My friend wanted to check it out, so that was just what we did!

The moment we came inside we were escorted all the way to the back of the establishment to a tight corridor by a black-haired Russian girl.

Two other girls and a big Thai dude came out from nowhere and blocked the corridor so we could not get out. The first girl said that we had to pay 2000 baht per person to get upstairs to the show.

I started to get some bad vibes about the situation already. I tried to tell my friend that this is probably a scam, and that the show upstairs most likely sucks.

He still wanted to go. We gave the Russian girls 2000 baht each. Up we went.

Upstairs was 6 empty sofas. The show was 1 Russian girl just dancing halfhearted in a tiny white dress. Two other Russian girls came to sit next to us. They gave us the meny and said that if we wanted to “flirt” with them, we had to buy them a ladydrink. They also said that if we did not buy anything, we had to leave.

The ladydrink here was the most expensive shit I have ever seen in Thailand. 1200 baht!!!

I said to my friend that this place sucks, and that he’s wasting his precious¬†time here¬†in Thailand. We won’t get anything good from these girls, they just want our money without doing anything. Lets get the fuck out I said!

He was hesitating a little bit because he really liked some one of the girls, but I said that if we get out of here now, we will definitely find something much better.

He finally agreed and we got the fuck out of the club.

When we got down to the tight corridor again, the black-haired girl that escorted us in the first place punched me hard in the shoulder and told us to go to hell. What the fuck…

I don’t know what this place is about, but it is probably just a scam. We did get a ‘show’, but it was absolutely not worth 2000 baht lol. ūüôĀ

For 2000 baht you can have a threesome in Soi 6 if you are a bit lucky, just saying…

Anyways. Don’t go to this place, it sucks. You will just loose your money and your¬†precious time here in Thailand.

By the way! We did end up in a really amazing gogo bar the same night in Walking Street. You can read that story here!