Today I almost hit a Chinese man in the face

Hey guys. What’s going on?¬†ūüėē¬†ūüėē ūüôĀ

Today I have a confession to tell. I burst out in anger, grabbed a Chinese man by his shirt, clenched my fists and told him to go to hell.

I shouted it so loud around 30 other Chinese fuckers turned they head around looking at me in total disbelief. Story on that further down in the post. First I need to do some venting…

Truth is, and I don’t mean to sound like a racist or anything, as there are probably a lot of cool Chinese people out there, they are after all over 1 billion people.

But honestly most of them SUCK and I fucking hate them. Okay maybe I am a little bit racist and judgmental here now but I don’t give a shit.

There is no worse tourists than the Chinese tourists and unfortunately for me there are a shit ton of them here in Thailand. Especially in Pattaya and Chiang Mai. They are a fucking disease and every time a group of 100 Chinese cocksuckers come to where ever I am. My mood goes from 10/10 to -3/10 by default.

By the way. That is the first thing I hate about Chinese people. When they first are around you, they are fucking everywhere because they always travel in big groups with a fucking guide, and they treat you like you are fucking invisible.

Lets say you are at a temple, or at some ruins, or somewhere else that you want to capture a picture. Then suddenly a group of 400 Chinese people come to YOUR spot and walk between your camera, and for example the Thai girl you are taking picture of.

They have zero¬†courtesy, and they will gladly stand just next to my Thai girl, that I was¬†previously trying to take a goddamn¬†picture of. Just to¬†start taking their own fucking pictures with their goddamn selfie sticks and their ugly straw hats.¬†Without any consideration that I actually was there first, and that they have to wait until I’m done with MY picture.

So many times have I had a good time at some place, then a fucking bus of Chinese people come by just to totally destroy the mood and vibe.

Another time I was with a Thai girl in a temple, she was praying to Buddha and I could see that she was really peaceful in that moment.¬†I just sat patiently and quietly at the corner¬†waiting while looking at her sexy ass. ūüėÄ

Then suddenly an army of noisy Chinese fucktards overrun the temple. They can’t stop to fucking talk and they are just walking in random circles all over the place¬†taking pictures with again, that fucking¬†selfie stick.

I swear one day I will grab one of those¬†selfie sticks and shove it up in some Chinese butt hole. I just have to find a place I can do it¬†and not get in trouble for it. Any idea? Comment under…!


Another thing with the Chinese people are that they are so unbelievable brain-dead. When I was in Cambodia earlier this year I was taking the elevator up to my room. I had four Chinese people inside the elevator with me.

My floor was coming and the door was opening. A Chinese dude was in front of me with his back towards me blocking my way out. I said: “excuse me I’m going off here”. No reaction. I said again: “Excuse me SIR I’m going off here, can you move?”. No fucking acknowledgement.

“EXCUSE ME SIIIR I’M GOING OFF HERE” I told him one last time while I poked¬†him¬†hard on the shoulder. Suddenly he reacted “oohh, solly solly. What did you say?”

“I’M GOING OFF THE ELEVATOR SHIT HEAD”.. Okay I didn’t say that but I totally did inside my head. I said one more time: “Sir, I’m going off here, could you please move?”. “Oh oh. Yes, no ploblem”.

What a goddamn retard. When the elevator door is opening and there is no one on the outside going in. GUESS WHAT??? Someone is GOING OFF..!

You see..? These people don’t have brains. They are brain-dead. They have sniffed too much pollution back home in their village, because they build¬†factories everywhere that spews out poison. Then they breath that shit and their brain shuts down.


Anyways. To the story that really made my head boil over. This time to the point that I lost it.

One of my hobbies is to make time-lapse videos. I’m making a lot of them here in Thailand and I plan to put it together at some point and try to get some views on YouTube. It’s a long time project and I’m not really stressing it. I do it here and there whenever I feel for it.

This time I was doing a time-lapse of ‘Wat Phra Singh’ in the middle of Chiang Mai. Everything was doing fine for the first 40 minutes, until, you guessed it, a tsunami¬†of Chinese jackasses came to the scene.

By the way, I have nothing against people walking around in my time-lapse, that is actually really cool and it adds vibe and energy to the clip.

However, this ONE Chinese dude decided to stand JUST IN FRONT OF MY CAMERA with his ASS straight into my camera lens. I swear to God he did that shit on purpose. My head was boiling and as the seconds went by I clenched my teeth harder and harder while staring at him like a lion that was about to take down a pray.

After about 1 minute I lost it because he destroyed my time-lapse and wasted 40 minutes of my day. I jumped out of the bench, walked straight towards him, turned him around, grabbed is shirt, clenched my fist and told him to go straight to hell.

I was so fucking furious that if I had been on an island alone with this guy, I would beat him to death.

And he got the message, because as I said, he did that shit on purpose and he knew he was¬†being a fucking scumbag. Here are the pictures he took with my camera. I guess he wants his dirty ass on the Internet. I will make that come true for him. ūüôā

IMG_2819 IMG_2822-3 IMG_2822-2 IMG_2822 IMG_2821-3 IMG_2821-2 IMG_2821 IMG_2820-3 IMG_2820-2 IMG_2820 IMG_2819-3 IMG_2819-2


Thank you for ruining my time-lapse fuck-face, I hope you die slowly in a car crash.


Send me 80.000 baht sweetheart

Hello guys! ūüėÄ

Today I will tell you the story about the biggest idiot¬†I ever met in Thailand. ūüôĀ

Okay, I didn’t actually meet him, but he sat next to me at the foot massage spot at Don Muang airport when I was going to Chiang Mai some time ago.

By the way. It’s not the guy in the picture above, but I think it’s a fitting picture for this story.

So basically. I was having a foot massage at the airport. Next to me was this big american dude that had a very personal phone conversation with a Thai slut.

The first 5 minutes they were just talking about normal stuff like what they were doing and how much they missed each other. From what I understood they had not known each other for very long, and something tells me that the guy had just left her, and that they had met for the first time this time.

Then the conversation turned to a much more awkward and serious note.

The girl basically said that she did not have any money, and that she really needed money because she had bills to pay. She said that she needed 80.000 baht within 5 days!!!!

First the dude just sat there in silence saying nothing while he was sweating like crazy. Then after 10 seconds or something he said “But sweetheart, we have talked about this. You know I can’t send you 80.000 baht, you have to wait until I have worked up some money back home”.

You could just hear on this mans voice and tone that he was so fucking in love and so needy. He was so afraid to lose this slut that he would have done anything.

I heard the girl crying through his phone, but I could also here that it was fake as fuck. She was not sad in a sincere way at all. The guy was just stupid and did not understand that.

For the next 30 minutes, this american dude and the Thai girl was arguing back and forth about the 80.000 baht. The girl was crying, being angry, being sweet on turns. She tried all the tricks in the book.

The dude finally gave in and said that he would call his MOTHER!!! to ask for a loan.

I’m sure the girl was jumping in happiness at the other side of that phone. Totally owning this guy. She basically had him by the balls because this dude was sweating like there was no tomorrow.

What a fucking looser… I wanted to talk with him when he hang up with ‘his girl’, but for what purpose? He would probably just be angry and go straight in¬†defense mode.

I could understand just the way that girl was talking that the girl was a bar girl. The words she was using and the way she was talking gave it away. Good girls don’t talk like that, bar girls and gold diggers do.

He basically just sent 80.000 baht to a fucking slut that will fuck a new dude every night while he is not around.

She probably have 4 other losers like him whenever she needs money. Then she just call them up and gets free money. Like this girl.


So the lesson for this story has to be, DONT BE A FUCKING MORON LIKE THIS GUY.

I’m not saying that you should not send money to your girl. If you found a girl that you like, and you¬†can afford to send her money. Do it!

All I’m saying is don’t send it if you can’t fucking afford it. Don’t call your mother to ask for money for a girl that you met in a BAR. How retarded are you?

And why would you send a girl money anyways? Can you fuck the girl if you send her money? Can you touch her, feel her, be with her or do anything with her? No, you can’t. Why not just save up those money for yourself, and spend it on your next trip¬†to Thailand?

There will be a million other Poi’s waiting for you down here if the first one ditched you because you didn’t send her money. Don’t be so fucking clingy and needy.

I know it’s hard if you just came to Thailand for the first time. You have spent your entire life back in the US or EU with masculine fat women, then you suddenly are overrun with sweet feminine women that will do anything for you!

I know it can be an overwhelming feeling. But please don’t think with your dick, and don’t send girls money just because you want to fuck them again in 6 months. It’s not worth it. You will meet a new girl on your next trip that is just as good or maybe even better!