Great daygame spots in Bangkok

What going on guys? šŸ˜€Ā 

There’s no doubt that online dating is the fastest and most efficient way to meet and date Thai girls in Bangkok. You can hit up hundreds of girls in no-time and meet them the same day, and you can start hitting up girls before you even arrive Thailand. Internet magic right there guys!

However, nothing can beat the rush of some ‘oldschool’ chasing. In fact, it’s healthy to hit on girls in real life as it keeps your social antennas up to date. Ā If you stay online for too long you will end up as some old weirdo that girls will run away from while having a full on panic attack. You find these people all over Thailand’s dirty scene. These losers haven’t talked to a ‘real’ girl for decades and have no idea how to be a pleasant human being and they don’t know how to read signals so they have no idea when to stop or when they do something wrong.

Anyways. That’s not what you are here for.

Here are some great day game spots in Bangkok. Yes, you can hit on girls all over town. But as you know Bangkok is a messy place and not all places are comfortable.


Shopping malls

I’ve marked the shopping malls in green on the map above. There are a lot more shopping malls in Bangkok, these are only a few ofĀ them. In fact, there is pretty much a shopping mall outside every skytrain and metro station.

At Siam there are a cluster of big ass shopping malls with a ton of hot girls working, shopping and hanging out. There is a cinema at top floor at every mall. Great place to hang out as all of them have comfortable sofas and dimmed lighting.

Go crazy guys! šŸ˜€



Parks are another great place to hit on Thai girls. From Mon to Fri most parks are filled with people who like to exercise.Ā I’ve seen some really hot girls here that are in top-notch shape.

In the weekends the parks are filled with people chilling and hanging out. Most people with good office jobs that give them time off in the weekends.

Chatuchak Park
Chatuchak Park



Tim, wtf?Ā 

I’ve never seen any Thailand blog or Youtube-channel mention the hospitals in Bangkok. That is strange because they are packed with hot nurses in nursing outfits. Just linger in the area around a hospital and it wont take long until you see a hot nurse. Then you can ask her out to a coffee shop. They won’t mind that. šŸ™‚


Go to Siriraj Hospital. This hospital is on the other side of the Chao Praya river. The only way to get to the other side is by boat. Linger around the ferry pier. When you see a hot nurse going on the boat, you make sure you get the seat next to her. šŸ™‚

If you get serious with her. She can tell all her friends that “you just came out of thin air at the boat when she was done with her shift”. How romantic isn’t that? <3



Here are some randoms spots around town that I’ve found good to hit up chicks.

Victory Point

This is just next to Victory Monument. It’s just a chillout place with a lot of benches and a tent’ish roof. A lot of people hang out and relax here while they drink a ice coffee. This area is also a transportation hub between the skytrain and buses around the town.

Victory point
Victory point

Platform between Siam Paragon and Siam Center

For some reason a lot of Thai people stop here to take pictures. Sometimes there are some cute artĀ exhibitions here that the girls like to get a picture in front. What a great opportunity to help them and maybe get a conversation going? šŸ˜€



There are probably a ton of other great places to chaseĀ Thai girls. If you know about some spots that should be mentioned in this post,Ā tell me about them in the comment section so I can add them to the map.


Two not-so-great places to hit up girls

Coffee shops

Maybe I’ve just been unlucky, but most girls that I’ve talked with in coffee shops have pretty much ignored me or been pissed off. From what I understand Thai girls look at the coffee shops as a ‘holy-grail’ where they can get some peace from everyday life, noisy streets and the heat while they enjoy their cold ice-coffee.

I think it’s that simple. Let the girls have a free space where they can just relax. I’m not trying to sound like a feminist here..

Sky-train and metro stations

Why do all Thailand bloggers and YouTubers always mention these areas? They suck. It’s crammed, hot and people are just tired and want to go home. It’s a really shitty place to hit up girls.

Does this place look fun??

That it for this time. Remember to tell me in the comment section if I’ve forgotten som good places to hit up girls. Lets share our knowlegde!

Testing out a flotation tank in Bangkok

What’s up guys? šŸ˜€

If you are in Bangkok, and you want to try something that is even more relaxing than an oil massage, I have some good news to you.

It’s called a flotation tank, and yeah.. That is exactly what you do. You float inside a tank.



This is basically how it works

When you arrive you’ll get a room for yourself with a shower and a tank. After you are done with showering you jump inside the tank completely naked.

When you are inside the tank you will float like a wine cork because the water is very salty. You turn of the lights, put ear plugs in the ears and relax.

The water is the same temperate as you skin, so after a while you won’t feel the water.

You will not see anything, hear anything and because you float, and don’t feel the water, it feels like you’re weightless. The session can last anything from 1 hour to 4 hours. It’s up to you.


Why would you do this…?

It’s extremely relaxing. When you get out of that tank you will feel like you were given a new body. All tensions are gone, all neck and back pain are gone and you will feel very alert when you get out.

If you are working hard on something, and you feel really tired and tense. Lets say you had a 8 hour session on a computer… Ā A couple of hours in that tank would solve all your problems.

It’s also a good place to think,Ā without getting distracted. You can think out plans, business ideas, if the Thai girl you are with are the right one :P, Ā or anything else that you have on your mind.

Another funny thing that will happen for a lot of people areĀ hallucinations. The reason for this is because your brain don’t feel anything from the outer surroundings. This is not a normal state for the mind, so your brain goes nuts.

AllĀ nerve impulses from the outside world stops, so your brain starts to use all that energy on the nerves inside the brain instead. ThereforĀ hallucinations.

A lot of people take drugs when they are inside these tanks. If you want to do that is really up to you. I’ve heard you can have some really intense trips if you combineĀ hallucinogens and flotation tanks.

marijuana, LSD, mushrooms, DMT etc. It’s really up to you.


Bangkok Flotation Center
Bangkok Flotation Center

I went to a place called Bangkok Flotation Center. You can find their webpage here. This place was a pain in the ass to find, but it was totally worth it.

I’ve been here three times now, and I really enjoy spending time in that tank.

You should take the BTS train to Udon Suk station towards Bearing. From there it’s about 10 minutes with taxi.

I talked with the dude that owned the shop, and he said that they would move the studio in some months, so if you are reading this in the future you should double-check the location.




The best burger in Bangkok money can buy

What’s up guys? šŸ˜€

This is Tim from Goodbye Boring Life and today I will tell you about the best burger joint I have yet to find in Bangkok.

I love burgers and whenever I find a new restaurant that have an awesome burger I can eat dinner there for days!

That’s exactly what I did at this place. I started on the top of the menu the first day, and I worked my way down. šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

The place is called Firehouse and you can find it at Sukhumvit Soi 11Ā in Bangkok.

This burger is absolute savage.

Click here for location.

So, what is so special with this burger?Ā 

Two words: The meat!

The meat comes from aĀ cow that haveĀ been bred with a special type of ox. The cow have only beenĀ given quality food, and at the same timeĀ no antibiotics or growth hormones. It’s all natural! After the cow isĀ slaughtered the meat is matured for 30 days before they cook it. This gives the meat a very tasty and juicy feeling.

They told me that they didn’t use anyĀ seasoning in the meat, because the meat was tasty enough on its own. I believe them.

My favorite was the Premium burger withĀ Wisconsin cheddar and crispy bacon + all the other toppings like dressing, salad, tomato and onion. Included in the price is french fries or friedĀ potato boats.

Make sure they don’t cook it too much, you want it raw and bloody in the middle.

You get the entire package for about 500 – 800 bath, depending on what burger you choose and what you are drinking.


Thank me later guys!


BDSM and fetish sex in Bangkok

Here are some places in Bangkok where you can get the ‘little extra’. Do you like BDSM or do you have a fetish that you want to live out?Ā BDSM and fetish sex in Bangkok is a big business.

Read on.

BDSM and fetish sex in Bangkok


Threesomes are probably the most common fantasy among men, so it’s not really that weird or kinky at all! šŸ˜€

If you want to bang a girl while you are spanking another one on the ass, or have two girls that are really into each other while you just enjoy watching, I totally understand you! I’ve had threesome two times in Thailand. One was really good, another one was not. I’ll tell you why in this post.

The Devil’s Den

If you want to have a threesome without doing any work for it you can go to this bar. It’s called ‘The Devil’s Den‘ and is located at Sukhumvit soi 7/1 just under Nana BTS station. At this bar you can take a minimum of two girls.

Rumors have it that the girl at this place is not exactly stunning 10’s. But I’ve been in the bar next door, and I have seen some really cute girls sitting outside The Devil’s Den.

Threesomes with some pre-work

Go to the popular nightclubs around Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, and look for freelancers that are partying together. Chances are that both of them will go with you! If they are good friends they will probably be really into each other too! Jackpot!

Threesomes in the beer bars and Go-go bars

This one is tricky.

You can go inside a Go-go bar, talk with a girl, and ask her if she has a ‘good’ friend in the bar that she would like to go with. I did this one timeĀ butĀ it was not a good experience. When I got them back to my hotel I bangedĀ one girl while the other one was sitting on the toilet texting with her friends. When I was done with the first girl, they simply swappedĀ places. They never interacted! Boring šŸ™

Escort girls

My second threesome was with escort girls.

I can just tell you right away. If you want an awesome threesome with some passion and sweat.Ā Go for the escort ladies..! They will give you a full lesbian show, and when you are happy with just watching you can join the action! They will suck your dick on turns, and you can fuck one in doggy while she is eating the second girl’s pussy. It’s no limits!

These girls are high class and no bullshit. They have all shaved pussies and they will treat you like aĀ celebrity.

When you are ready to shoot theĀ money shot, they will take it likeĀ champions and make out with your cum everywhere.Ā You will feel like a porn star!



BDSM / Bondage

If you don’t like threesomes, but want to whip girlsĀ while they areĀ hanging upside down all tied up, you shouldĀ check outĀ these two bars:

The barbar

I went to this place in June 2016. It was actually a really fun place. The girls here really seems to enjoy being spanked and they did a great role play! You canĀ rent private rooms were you can bring any of the girls for private shows, sex and role games. You canĀ be the master or the slave. Up to you! šŸ˜€

It costs 900 baht for entrance, but for that you get one welcome drink and a show. The show was in the public room. ‘My’ show was one girl getting tied up in doggy style while she was whipped pretty hard by two other girls, ‘praying’ them to stop.

You can join the shows in the public room, and if you want to get tied up and whipped yourself they will gladly do it! I got whipped so hard on my ass that I was red for several days. šŸ™

In the public room there is a wall full of equipment ( whips, canes, blindfolds, ropes, mouth gags and every thing else you can think of!).

If you go with a girl up to the private rooms you will have to agree to a safe word, if anyone says this you’ll have to stop whatever you are doing.

I asked for the price for one private room with one girl and equipment. The rate was 3600 baht. I did not go with a girl, but I asked to see the rooms. The rooms were fully equipped with bed, wall mounts, tables, chairs etc. Just like you see it in the porn movies. šŸ˜€ The room was very dimmed and all the lights were red.

You canĀ also rent rooms here if you want to bring a girlfriend or someone with this fetish.
Demonia Fetish and BDSM Club Sukhumvit 33

This establishment is just like The BarBar. I can’t really say anything about it because I have not tested it out yet. See map for location.


UniformĀ / Role gamesĀ 

If you want to do some serious role games with a girl in a quality costume, like a school girl or a nurse. I would also recommend the escort service’s. These girls really know what they are doing and you could get them to play along with whatever fantasy or role game that you want to play. Their English skills are awesome and there would never be any misunderstandings.

If you want to do any role game that includes play-coercion you would probably have to agree on a safe word. Because “stop” or “no” would be a part of the role play.



I will update this BDSM and fetish sex in Bangkok guide as soon as I learn more.

Top 3: Go-go bars in Bangkok

What’s going on guys? šŸ˜€

In this post I will tell you about my three favorite go-go bars in Bangkok. This will not be a long post about a hundred different places.

I will simply tell you about the go-go bars where I always have a good time. Will just remind everyone who reads that I’m not paid to write any of this (I wish I was). It’s just my subjective opinion about said places.


1: Baccara – Soi Cowboy

This go-go bar is absolute insane. 100% of the time I have been in this place it has been full of girls ready to entertain you. Not only is it always full, but the girls here are hot too!

The bar have two floors. The hottest girls seems to be on first floor, while theĀ excess girls are upstairs dancing topless. The ceiling between first and second floor is made out of glass, so if you are downstairs you can look straight up in the girl’s skirts upstairs. šŸ˜€

Baccara is an absolute meat marked and if you are Bangkok for business, and have no time to fuck around looking for hot girls, go here and you will find a girl that you like. I promise you.

Barfine: 600 baht
Short-time: 2000 – 3500 baht
Long-time: 3000 – 5500 baht

Beer: 180 baht
Ladydrink: 180 baht


2: Crazy House – Soi Cowboy

This is another interesting go-go bar in Bangkok. All the girls dance naked on a big 8 shaped scene in the middle of the bar. If you are really picky about how your girl look, you can see everything here. If you don’t like girls with bush, I have good news to you, all girls here are shaved. šŸ™‚

This place is not full of stunners, but the positive news is that you can see the entire girl. You will not get any nasty surprises back at the hotel if you take a girl from this place.

What I also like about this place is that they don’t use red lights inside the bar like they do in Baccara. Red lights can really conceal stretch marks, zits, impure skin etc.

Barfine: 700 baht
Short-time: 2000 – 3500 baht
Long-time: 3000 – 5500 baht

Beer: 170 baht
Ladydrink: 170 baht


3: Rainbow 4 – Nana PlazaĀ 

This one is located all the way in at the back end of Nana Plaza in second floor. You have to plow through a couple of ladyboy go-go bars to get here, but when you get through the ladyboys it is totally worth it.

For some reason, all the girls I ever barfined here have been super cute and gentle. If you are looking for a girl friend experience from a go-go girl, you should absolutely give this place a shot.

Barfine: 600 baht
Short-time: 2000 – 3500 baht
Long-time:Ā 3000 – 5500 baht

Beer: 180 baht
Ladydrink: 180 baht


There you have it! My three favorite go-go bars in Bangkok. If you don’t have fun in one of these bars, or don’t find a girl that you like. You have to beĀ very unlucky in my opinion.

MoreĀ good gogo bars in Bangkok that didn’t made the list:

Suckers at Nana Plaza
Enter at Nana Plaza
Tilac at Soi Cowboy


Goodbye Boring Life’s mongering route in Bangkok

Whenever I go out to have fun with some go-go girl in Bangkok. I usually start at around 7-8 pm. I check out some go-go bar I have never been to before to see if I find something interesting. If I don’t find any chick that I like before 9 – 10 pm, I will move toĀ either Baccara, Crazy House or Rainbow 4.

The reason is that I knowĀ  I’ll find a hot girl in one of these bars. šŸ™‚


A little heads up:

Sometimes it can be tricky to go with a go-go girl in Bangkok long-time. The reason for this is that the pressure in Bangkok is very high. A girl can make much more money by going short-time several times a night, than by going long-time with you the entire night.

If you want the girl friend experience, or just want a girl all night. I suggest that you jumpĀ over to Pattaya or Phuket where the demand / supply ratio is a little bit more in your favor. Getting a hot go-go girl in Pattaya or Pattaya for the night is as easy as taking a stroll in the park.