The first girl I ever banged in Thailand!!

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Gather around the campfire folks, story time here at Goodbye Boring Life.

Today I will tell you about the first girl I ever banged in Thailand. ūüėÄ ūüėÄ

I remember it in vivid detail like it was yesterday. It was a life changing moment that would affect my future life greatly.

I had already been traveling around Thailand for 10 days with my family. As we breezed through Northern-Thailand each day had been a culture chock after another.¬†I simply couldn’t comprehend what¬†was going on.

The colorful and tasty food, the amazing vibe wherever we went, the friendly Thai people, the smiles, the tropical weather, the music, the dancing, the palm trees, the nature. Everything was so alive and full of energy.

Those ten days had been the best days of my entire life.

We visited Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, a small city all the way up north to the border of Myanmar, and we had taken the quick trip over to Laos from The Golden Triangle.

I witnessed the most amazing temples, I ate the most tasteful food I’ve ever tasted, I met the friendlies people in my entire life and at night we always ended up in some laid-back bar with sweet and feminine Thai women serving us food and drink to relaxed music.

But nothing could prepare me for what was going to happen. 

At day 11 we arrived in Old Sukhothai. A small sleepy town right between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. This is where my father found his wife 15 years ago, so we where going to live with her family for two weeks.

The temple in Old Sukhothai
The temple in Old Sukhothai

This was also the first time on this trip I could get some time for myself to explore on my own. I was 23 at the time.

I had already rented a motorbike, and I had started to explore the town, the areas around, and I had even taken the trip over to New Sukhothai, a bigger city 20 km east from Old Sukhothai.

Everywhere I stopped I met sweet and feminine women on every street corner. All of them were smiling and just living the slow-life.

I couldn’t believe that such a place existed. I was used to grumpy women from back home in gray¬†coats that rarely smiled for anything.

Self-important women with big egos and a tight time schedules with meaningless activities. But here everyone was just chilling in colorful beautiful dresses and enjoying life in the moment.

I had never experienced a place so alive.

Everywhere I went something exiting seemed to happen. A old lady making flowers to sell at the marked, people praying to Buddha at the temple, people giving money for good fortune, kids were playing in the streets and people where eating food everywhere enjoying each others company.

Every day some event seemed to happen. Dancing in the streets, concert at night for the youth or a new marked popping up in no time.



Finding my first Thai girl

Then I saw her as I was sitting outside the historical park in Old Sukhothai.

Her femininity and way of being was glowing all over the place. My eyes were completely glued to her. I became spellbound.

Suddenly she was looking my way, and she noticed that I was checking her out.

I was afraid that she would just brush me off and treat me like any Western women would. Look back with an empty lifeless stare, or just assume that I was a creep. 

Meanwhile in the Western world.
Meanwhile in the Western world.

But that was not what happened. When she noticed me looking at her she smiled. A big smile that made the sun fade in comparison.

At this point I had no choice, so I started to walk towards her. As I walked she started smiling even more, and she even started giggling, while hiding her face behind her hands.

“What is your name?” I asked. She quickly answered “Noi” while she gave me a polite wai.

I had been 11 days in Thailand, and now I was chilling in a beautiful park among old ancient ruins, on green soft grass together with the most feminine and pure girl I had ever met!

If it ended her, I would still be happy.

Her posture, her smile, her way of being, her smooth and soft skin and how natural she was made my heart skip beats.

She was 21 years old. Around 1.60 m tall, had a round and healthy face, but still very slim body figure. And it was hard to not notice those big mystical Asian eyes. ūüėÄ

It was not her looks that was 10/10, it was just how she carried herself. I had never experienced such genuineness before.

She didn’t use any make-up, but it was not¬†necessary as she had a natural charm¬†few can match.

But what amazed me the most, was how pure and genuine she was. She felt so alive! I had never experienced this type of behavior before, and it was just another culture shock on this trip.


Going for a trip

After we had been in the park together for an hour, we took our motorbikes and went on a road trip in the local area. She guided me around to all the small ruins that you can find outside the tourist track.

Later that night we went to a local Thai buffet, where we ate the most amazing food. At this point Thailand was still very new to me, everything had a big novelty factor, even the smallest detail was new and exiting.

I felt like Alice in wonderland.

After we was done eating we ended up back at her place. She lived in a house just 2 km away from Sukhothai historical park. Her house was sitting on the edge of the forrest, and the sounds from the animals and the crickets, together with the lights she had all over her garden, really sat the mood.

Her bed was in the middle of the living room, and there was no windows or doors that would cover the background noise from the nature.

House in Sukhothai
Her house

I won’t go into details what happened that night.¬†So lets just put it simple.

We had the most amazing and intensive sex that I had ever experienced at that point in life. I had never felt such a pure and natural attraction for another human being. No mind games or other drama. We just enjoyed each other company and bodies for the entire night.

We started slow, and it escalated more and more for each minute that passed by.

This was her first experience with a foreigner, so the night was probably just as exotic for her as it was for me.

At this point I had still not been to Pattaya, or even seen a beach in Thailand. My journey had just begun, and I was still in for a ton of surprises and culture shocks.

This was my first trip to Thailand, and it changed my life.

Already at this point I started to boil up some ideas in my head. And I realized if I ever wanted to be happy and enjoy my life, I HAD to move here! Going here 4 weeks each year for a vacation was just not enough.

How could I ever enjoy my home country again after everything I had witnessed¬†down here? I had experienced a taste of heaven. Yes, there was a lot of novelty involved, novelty that is long gone now, but it’s still a light year better than home.

The culture, the women, the colors, the tropical weather, the nature, the beaches, the food, the friendliness, the dancing, the beautiful temples, the low cost of living, the lack of crazy religions putting limits on people, the freedom, the slow-life, the nightlife, it never ends…

I was hooked. ūüėÄ

I can’t really post a picture of the girl, as I know Thai people are reading this webpage too. If the girl found a picture of herself on this type of webpage,¬†accompanied with a sex story, I would get in a ton of trouble and probably have to flee Thailand. ūüėõ ūüėõ

But, I will give you this picture of her with her phone in front of her face.

The first girl I ever banged in Thailand
In Old Sukhothai

What was your first experience with a foreign women? I’m sure it was a wonderful experience. You can share it in the comment section below.¬†