Location Report | Thailand – Bangkok

I’ve really been looking forward to make a location review for Bangkok. This is one of my favorite cities in the entire world. I just spent 6 weeks here (minus some day trips here and there), so I have a lot of stuff to talk about.. 😀

Let me just be crystal clear:

No other place on earth can you find as much hot Asian girls as you can in this city.

Every time I’ll go Bangkok I always bring up my trusty Thai Cupid a couple of weeks before arrival just so I have some girls ready on my hand. 😀

This city is so big that it’s hard to grasp. 20 million people live here, and many of them are young Asian girls in their twenties that comes for either work or study.


Available girls (6/5)

Where do I even start? This city has enough pussy to make a man go crazy for a million years. I will give Bangkok a 6 out of 5 score. I know that is impossible but I don’t care. 😀

I’ve met girls here from all corners of Thailand. I’ve met girls from China, Japan, South-Korea, Singapore and Cambodia. If you like farang pussy you have a lot of alternatives to as Bangkok have a couple of nightlife districts filled with tourists from all over the world.

If you are planning to visit Bangkok in the near future I recommend from the bottom of my heart that you sign up for Thai Cupid. It’s not a free service if you want all the functionalities but damn it’s worth the money if you want to bang a lot of hot girls.

With Thai Cupid you can do some real pre-work, and when you arrive you can have 10 dates ready for 10 days in a row. That’s no bullshit! I’ve done something similar myself. It was exhausting but damn it was fun!

This time I ended up finding a real cutie that I spent my entire time with while I was in Bangkok. She even let me stay in her apartment for free! A really sexy women with a good vibe and personality. I would marry her if I was ready for that shit!

After three days with her I got sick of using condoms, so I took her to the Red Cross Clinic and got us tested for HIV. She was clean and we had awesome condom free sex until I left Bangkok.

Need to calm down!
Need to calm down!

She was not only hot, but a real banger in bed. Something you don’t come across everyday. That is for sure! We had so much sex that I got bruises on my knees.

If you want to be a player (Thais call it a ‘butterfly’) Bangkok is a great city for that! The city is so big that you will never stumble upon a girl that you fucked yesterday if you are with another girl out in public the next day. You can really go nuts here.

Just be smart and don’t go to the same restaurants and sois with different girls.

Where do you find hot women if you’re already in Bangkok when reading this?

Dont worry, this is Bangkok. There is always possibilities here. Here are some of my techniques for a fast date!


I would just pull up google maps, find out where all the universities are in Bangkok. Then I would go there and hang out in the coffee shops and restaurants close by. Read how you can get almost any Thai girl here.


I’ve been having a lot of luck with Tinder in Bangkok. Tinder is not that popular in Thailand, but in Bangkok there are so many people that you will always find someone.

Personally I hate to write on mobile phones so I try to avoid using Tinder. The keyboard is just to fucking small and I loose my patience. But if you are okey with that you should absolutely give it a try with Tinder. I rather pull up my Thai Cupid on a laptop. I usually take a Tinder session when I’m taking a dump. 😀

Hotel receptions

Staying at a hotel? Why not ask that cute receptionist out? However, you will not be able to bring her back to the hotel that she is working on. I usually ask them if I can see their apartment, then I take it from there. 🙂

Another good thing with receptionists is that they usually talk very good English.

Shopping malls

Bangkok have a ridiculous amount of shopping malls. They are filled with bored girls that are just waiting for something exciting to happen. Like meeting a handsome farang like yourself! 😀

I would stay away from the most popular malls like Siam Center, Siam Paragon, MBK, Central World and Terminal 21. The reason for this is that these malls are usually always full of people and it might be hard to get the girls alone.

Some less popular malls are Time Square just next to Sukhumvit soi 12 at Asok, another one is at Ekkemai next to Sukhumvit soi 42. I don’t know the name of that second mall at Ekkemai, but it is a big brown building. Should be easy to spot. These malls are empty most of the day and you will find a lot of bored Thai girls here. 🙂


If you’re not interested in the foreplay and just want to go straight to business Bangkok have a lot of hookers ready to entertain you at any time! Cremé de la cremé of Thai hookers will go to Bangkok. Bangkok is were the money is and hot girls can make a lot of money here.

Be ready to see some really sexy girls if you venture into the red light districts!

Bangkok’s most famous red light districts are Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong. You can read more about that in my “Bangkok Nightlife Guide” here.

If you are lazy, you don’t even have to leave your hotel / apartment to get som pussy in this city. Just call up one of Bangkok’s many Escort services, and a women will be at your door whenever you need it.

Sukhumvit Rd

Party situation (5/5)

Bangkok have something for everyone. Want to party hard in fully stocked nightclubs? Or maybe just relax with a beer at a jazzbar? What about playing pool with like minded, or visiting one of Bangkoks countless Go-go bars?

No matter what you are looking for, you’ll find it in Bangkok. Bangkok have an amazing nightlife.

I already made a nightlife guide for Bangkok here, so I will not go into detail in this post.

If you are not into the red-light stuff and the hookers you will be fine. The red lights are pretty isolated to certain areas, just avoid these areas and you will be fine.


Stuff to do (5/5)

You never run out of stuff to do in Bangkok. There is always something new to do.

There are excellent parks, gigantic shopping malls, gyms, world class cinemas, temples, nightclubs, sky bars, history, museums, hookers, massage shops, festivals, concerts halls and much more to explore.

If you are tired or just want to relax you can sit down in an outdoor pub in a busy street and just watch people. There are a lot of interesting characters in Bangkok if you just take a look!

The only thing that is missing in Bangkok is a beach! If Bangkok had that it would be a perfect place to live!

I will still give Bangkok a 5 out of 5. Beaches are just 2-3 hours away. If you need to see the ocean you can just take a day trip or a night over in Pattaya or Hua Hin. Then get right back into the action in Bangkok!


Cost of Living (4/5)

Bangkok is not the cheapest town in Thailand for sure. However, considering what you get for the money (a gigantic city with whatever you need, whenever you need it), it is absolutely worth the extra money.


I rented a furnished apartment with AC and shared swimming pool + free gym close by for about 8000 baht a month + 30.000 baht in depositum. This was at Asok just 200m from Asok BTS station (skytrain).

I rented it for only two months so if I was staying longer I could probably get a better deal.


It’s really hard to tell what food costs in Bangkok. You can go as cheap and as expensive as you want.

I dish with rice, meat and some vegetables usually costs about 50 baht in the street restaurants. The same dish in one of the shopping malls like Terminal 21 or Siam Center will probably cost 4-6 times more.

If you want to eat with style, and enjoy that same Thai dish at one of Bangkok’s many sky bars, you probably have to pay from 500-1000 baht for the dish.

It’s really up to you!

The best burger I ever ate I ate in Bangkok. The restaurant is called Firehouse. Click here for location at Google Maps. I usually eat the premium burger with cheddar cheese and crispy bacon. It’s simply porn for you mouth.

If you are broke, and really need to save every dime. You always have 7/11. I once lived on 25 baht toasts at 7/11 because I lost my debit card! I had to borrow money from a Thai girl until I could get a new card sent to me. I only ate noddles and toasts from 7/11 lol…


Getting around in Bangkok can be a nightmare at times, but if you live near the sky train you just cruise over all the bad traffic jams straight to your destination.

Taxis in Bangkok are so cheap that I don’t understand how they can make a profit. Don’t they have to pay for gas and maintenance? I don’t get it..

A taxi ride inside Bangkok never get higher than 300 baht! Just make sure that you get a taxi driver that will use his meter and not a fixed price. A fixed price will always be more expensive for you!

If you are going somewhere and there is no sky train to that place, just take the sky train to the station that is closest to your destination and jump on a motorbike from there. It is really that easy!


Safety (4/5)

I’ve never had any problem in Bangkok with anything. I have been in pretty much every corner of Bangkok at all times of day. Never had any problem or felt threatened in any way.

There are no slums or ghettos in Bangkok, and no particular dangerous places to watch out for. You can go wherever you want without worrying about going into a bad area. There are street dogs here and there, especially in smaller side streets. Most of the time they are no problem, but some of them can turn aggressive at night.

I would say that the biggest risk of living in Bangkok is the pollution and the insane noise pollution. Motorbikes with broken mufflers are driving by every minute and you can’t walk far before you walk past a construction zone with some poor Thai guy raping his ears with a jackhammer.

There are scams here and there, but it’s usually just petty scams like theft or overpriced stuff. Nothing really bad or dangerous.

Bangkok had a bomb going of some time ago in a busy street and a lot of people died. I would not worry about that happening again. From what I understand that was an isolated event and will probably not happen again. Terror can happen everywhere anyways..

If you are a guy, you will be approached by Thai men that will offer ladies, boom boom, free tuktuk rides and other stuff that is just to good to be true. Just ignore them and you wont be lured in to a scam.



So, why haven’t I moved to Bangkok permanently if I only have good things to say about the city?

It's hard to get anywhere in this city!
Human traffic jam at Siam

Here is the catch:

The city is just too damn crowded. Bangkok is good for a period, but after some weeks in this city you just have to get out for some air! Bangkok is claustrophobic if you stay here to long.

When you are walking up and down Sukhumvit Road you can’t even see the sky because there are skyscrapers and highways build in floors over you!

That combined with endless traffic jams and people literally everywhere can really suck the energy out of you.

Bangkok is good for 3-5 weeks, but I could never live here permanently. It’s just too crowded and too much of everything.

When that is said. Every time I have stayed in Bangkok I had a blast. There is always something interesting happening and there is always a lady ready to entertain you. You can’t really get bored here.

Total Score

Available girls:     6/5
Party situation:   5/5
Stuff do to:           5/5
Cost of Living:      4/5
Safety:                   4/5

Goodbye Boring Life Score: 

       24 / 25