Location Report | Thailand – Surat Thani City

Hi guys!

Time for another location report here at Goodbye Boring Life. This time I will tell you about a city that you have probably never heard of. I would never go here either unless my friend got super sick after we had been to Full Moon at Koh Pha Ngan.

He basically passed out on the boat from Koh Pha Ngan to Surat Thani airport. He had to spend three days at the hospital in Surath Thani before the doctors let him take a flight back to Bangkok.

While he was in the the hospital puking and shitting, I was roaming the streets of Surat Thani looking for fun stuff.

I actually expected Surat Thani to be more like Chiang Mai. Because it’s about the same size, and Surat Thani is just in between the airport and Koh Samui, Koh Pha Ngan and Koh Tao. Three big tourist destinations.

However, when I was walking around in Surat Thani I did not see any tourists, and the local people here looked at me like a was from another planet. I have never experienced that in a big city in Thailand such as this. Only when I’ve been far out in nowhere places up in north.


Available girls (2/5)

I have to be honest. The further south you go in Thailand, the uglier the girls get on average. Especially outside the tourist areas where just the local Thai people are living. Girls in south are chubby, very dark skinned and of small stature. Their teeth look like they were just thrown inside their mouth and all girls look like they have been raped by mosquitoes.

I also saw a lot of women here that don’t shave any hair! Their legs looks like a mans legs, and some even have hairy arm pits. It’s quite disgusting.

When that is said, it’s still a lot of beautiful girls down here and when you meet a girl that is very dark skinned, but pretty at the same time. It can be some of the most beautiful girls in Thailand imo.

The girls here are also very typical “fresh out of the farm” girls. If you are looking for a really cute and innocent girl that have never been exposed for asshole dudes, money and materialism, this is probably a good city to check out. The girls here are very natural and they won’t be playing games on you like a lot of girls in for example Bangkok will do.

I did take a look at Thai Cupid when I was in Surat Thani. There was some girls there but most of them did not answer before I had already left the city. If you want to hit up girls in this city online, you should start before you even arrive.



Can’t really make a location report without telling you where the hookers are. I did some research online but I could not find any information about red light activity in this city. I started to loose hope, but then I did what you should never do in Thailand. I jumped inside a tuktuk and said “sexy girls” with a dirty smile on my face. 😀

Hookers in Surat ThaniThe driver drove me to a shop that was advertising Thai massage and Oil massage on the outside. But I understood fast that this place had more exiting stuff on the meny. The red lights and the mini fishbowl inside with 4-6 girls really gave it away easily.

I pretended that I had no idea what was going on at this place, and just said in a innocent way that I wanted an oil massage by one of the girls. 😀

I ended up going up stairs with a skinny white skinned girl with short hair. She was not a stunner compared to the girls in Pattaya and Phuket. But she absolutely did a great job emptying my ball sack. I mounted her hard in every position and finished of with my signature face painting. It was beautiful.  😀

The total bill ended up at 2600 baht, something I think is quite expensive considering I was in a a small city with no tourists.

But then again, this place was catering to Thai men, and the girl was white skinned (high status in Thailand). That is why she was so expensive. If I had taken some of the dark skinned girls I would probably get it for half of that price.

Check map under for exact location for this place.


Party situation (2/5)

I did find some bars and nightclubs in the city. I also heard rumors of a big nightclub that was very much like Tawan Deng in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. But I never got the time to go there.

I did go to the smaller bars and nightclubs. There was one street that had around 6 different bars and nightclubs catering to Thai people.

I actually had a blast here, and at the end of the night I had 4 Thai girls around me that was fucking around giving me all the attention. We got drunk as fuck and I could probably score with some of those girls. It’s just that I had been cumming a hooker in the face 2 hours earlier so I was already happy. 😀 😛

The Pool Bar
The Pool Bar

I would imagine that you could score some serious pussy here if you talk basic Thai. I did talk basic Thai with these people, and the reaction I got was crazy. You would never get that kind of reaction or attention in for example Bangkok or Pattaya.

I guess these people don’t see white farangs in their bars very often, and when it finally comes one around, that speaks some Thai, they just go nuts. 😀

If you go here you should absolutely check out ‘The Pool Bar’. This place was filled up to the brink with young Thai people and the vibe here was really good. Prepare to drink local cheap Thai whisky.


Stuff to do (2/5)

Sunday marked

Sunday Marked
Sunday Marked

There was a quite big Sunday marked in this town. It was awesome because I got a shit ton of attention from all the girls there, and every time I walked past a vendor I could here someone whispering ‘farang’ in the background while they were laughing.

I talked with one girl for a long time, and she agreed to meet me the next day to show me some temples in town. This never happened because my friend got out of hospital that day and we had to go back to Bangkok to meet the others.

But I’m pretty sure I could get that girl back to my hotel and bang her all day long. She was a 20 year old ‘fresh from the farm’ cutie with no built up shield against a player like me. She would go straight in the trap. 😀

Another crazy thing about this marked was the cars! All the way back at a big grass field I found 10-20 cars that just looked fucking bad ass. They were all filled with speakers, neon-lights and all of them played music from the same radio channel. It was bad ass.

Wacky cars



The city have some temples, and I did see one temple from a taxi trip that looked really awesome. I never got the time to check it out but I certainly would if I had the time.


The islands

Can’t really forget about the islands. If you stay in Surat Thani, or live here long time. You could always travel out to Koh Samui, Koh Pga Ngan and Koh Tao. If you take the speed boat all islands are maximum 3 hours away.


Cost of living (5/5)

This place is dirt cheap! The hotel I stayed on was a totally fresh 4 star hotel that looked awesome. The hotel name was Rhienchai Place and you can find it here on Agoda. It was 400 baht per night! That is cheap!

Food was also dirt cheap. I only ate local Thai food in this city and I pretty much payed 30-50 baht per dish everywhere. That was with water included. Tasty, healthy and cheap! Can it be more perfect than that? 🙂

If you saved up some money back home, you could probably stay in this city for a very long time without lifting a finger.


Safety (5/5)

I have nothing to point out for this location report. This city seems like a pretty calm and safe place to stay at. Nothing to watch out for in particular if you ask me.

The only way you could fuck up in this city is to become enemies with some local Thai dudes by hitting on their girlfriends in one of the bars, or by just being a complete dick.

Other then that, let yourself loose. 😀

The taxi drivers was kind of pushy tho, and they gave me some ridiculous prices at times. Something tells me that they don’t see tourists that much, and when one is finally coming by they see their shot to make some extra bucks. Can’t really blame them.



So what can I say about this city?

I think it would be really awesome one time, to go to this city until I found a really cute dark skinned girl fresh from the farm, get to know her and bring her out to the islands. Just have fun, fuck all day and go on road trips.

This city is really ideal for that purpose, it’s dirt cheap and even tho there are a lot of ugly girls here, there are so many people here that there is a lot of hot girls too!

Other that that, it’s much not else to do in this city I think.

You have some monger options, but you would run out of girls literally after one week.


Total Score

Available girls: 2/5
Party situation: 2/5
Stuff to do: 2/5
Cost of living: 5/5
Safety: 5/5

Goodbye Boring Life Score: 

       14 / 20