6 ways Thai women are superior to Western women

Dating beautiful Thai women is a little bit like shooting heroin up your arm. Once you tried it, you have an high probability becoming addicted. I know that’s a pretty stupid comparison but that’s the best I could come up with, so deal with it!

I’ve dated, and I’ve had relationships with several Western woman before I discovered that there is an entire world out there with feminine, gentle and beautiful women who makes women in my home country pale in comparison.

Before I became a well traveled person I had this arrogant attitude that “Norwegian girls are the best in the world”. Everything outside our borders was dirty, strange and dangerous.

I could not be more wrong.

Yes, this post will be very generalizing. All I’m talking about in this post are similarities I see among women in Thailand and back home.

Of course you can find sweet and gentle white woman too, it’s just that you are much more likely to find a white women who have gotten fat, taken ugly tattoos, smell alcohol and cigarettes, is possessed with special snowflake syndrome or that they just act so fucking entitled you just want to run away.

In fact. I think that the blonde Scandinavian look is one of the most beautiful looks a girl can have. It’s just to bad most of them show total neglect for their appearance and conduct.

Three beautiful Swedish girls
Three potential beautiful blonde Swedish girls f*cking up their bodies one tattoo at a time. 🙁

Ok. So now we have gotten that out of the way. Lets start the class my pupils.

Why are Thai women so awesome?

#1: Thai women know how to take care

I remember my second white girlfriend I had back home in the beginning of my twenties. One morning I woke up with a terrible stomach ache, body ache and mild fever. It was nothing critical or dangerous, but I had some very uncomfortable days.

What was my white girlfriends reaction? “Call me when you’re feeling better and we can be together again. I don’t want to get infected by you”… At that time I didn’t know any better so I tolerated the bad behavior, but had that happened today I would dump her immediately.

I remember I had to nag at her so she would go to the supermarked to pick up painkillers and ready-made soup. When she got back she didn’t even bother to pour hot water into the ready-made soup before she flew out of the door again. I had to get out of my comfortable warm bed, which really is a pain in the ass when you have fever, and do everything myself.

She even asked for the money back for the 3$ ready-made soup.

She was too lazy to pour hot water in my soup, but not lazy enough to ask for 3$. What the hell..

How would a Thai Women react?
Well. I can tell you that right away because I’ve been in the company of a Thai woman several times when I’ve been sick.

A Thai women, the moment you tell her you’re not feeling well, will turn her attention radar 110% towards you. But most likely you don’t need to tell her, because she has already noticed that something is not right.

She will instantly ask you: “What is wrong? Is there anything I can do?” while she observe you for any anomaly.

The moment you tell her what is wrong she will already be out of the door getting medicine, healthy groceries and some snack for you.

You’ve already told her many times that you can take care of yourself, but she still insist taking care of you.

When she come back she will start cooking up a healthy soup for you that taste better than any soup you’ve ever had at any restaurant ever. After she have served the soup she’ll give you the medicine accompanied with lukewarm water and some snacks, then continue to observe you while she look for any improvements.

If you get better she will be happy for you while already planning what you will do together when you’re up and running again.

If you become worse, she will be sad while insisting you go to the doctor.

In 2013 I was on my second trip to Thailand. When I was Chiang Mai I got a terrible stomach flu so I ended up in the hospital because of severe stomach pain.

I girl that I had been talking with a few days found out that I was in the hospital. Out of nowhere she came to my hospital room with home made food and snacks. For the next three hours she just sat next to my bed holding my arm while entertaining me with her very broken but charming English accent.

That would maybe happen in the Western world if you had last stage cancer.


#2: Thai women know how to cook food

I think it’s important that women know how to cook up some basic healthy and tasty dishes from scratch. Women carry children, and she is the one who will take care of them the first years.

It’s important that your children get healthy and nutritious food in the beginning when they grow fast, so they become healthy human beings later in life. Having a strong foundation is important. Just look at obesity among kids in the Western world vs Southeast-Asia.

All Western women I’ve been with had no clue how to cook up basic dishes. They’ve all been living on ready-made food from the supermarkeds and fast food from the big chains.

Now… Just have point number 1 and 2 above in your mind, then you ask yourself; what kind of woman would you want raising your kids?

Simple answer.


#3: Thai women know how to make men happy

A Thai monk from about a hundred and sixty years ago, Sunthorn Phu (d. 1855) have been guiding Thai women on how they should behave and act in society. His writings are still relative today.

He is one of old Siam’s most revered poets and philosophers, and his premise “Maxim for the Conduct of Ladies” has been passed on from mother to daughter and taught to girls in Thai schools since the days of Rama V (the great King of Thailand in the 19th century that brought Siam into the modern world).

All Thai women, whether they are a bar girl, a teacher, a lawyer or even the Prime Minister of Thailand continue to practice some of these maxims in their everyday life.

These maxims guide Thai women on everything from how they should move their hips, how they should swing their arms, how they should talk in public to how they should behave around men.

The result of all these maxims is that Thai women are very pleasant human beings to be around until this day.

Here are some more stuff Thai women will do that certainly will make you feel appreciated:

  • When you are out eating together, and your glass is empty. She will fill it up.
  • When your shirt is curly she will straight it out for you, and if you spill something on yourself she will do her best to remove it.
  • When you loose money on the floor, she will pick it up, and if your hair gets messed up by the wind, she will fix it up.
  • She will constantly touch you gently with her arms guiding you around so you don’t hit anything.


#4: Thai women are feminine, gentle and care about their appearance

You will never see a Thai woman out in public in a hoodie three sizes too big or worn out sweatpants. That’s something I see back home all the time. I Thai girl will always make sure her appearance is on the mark whenever she’s out in public.

Thai girls dress cute, sharp and clean.

You can only choose one
You can only choose one

She will usually wear simple but beautiful dresses that promotes her femininity and gentleness.

Thai women care a lot about their body too, and will never let their it go to hell with obesity, tattoos or piercings.

A well maintained female body is in fact a masterpiece just the way it is. No need to do anything with something so perfect.


#5: Thai women want children

Self explanatory.

There is something terrible wrong with the Western world when it breeds a generation of girls who don’t want children.

Ask any teenager or young women in the Western world if they want kids, and they will most likely answer no or just become very insecure, like it’s something shameful to wish.

Ask any Thai girl and you’ll get a loud and confident “of course” while she look at you like you’re crazy for even asking such a question.


#6: Thai women are easy going

But maybe the most important trait of Thai women is that they are easy going.

They will never stress, nag or dwell on anything for an eternity and she will not over analyze every little situation beyond insanity.

Any girl who is constantly stressed, nagging, or just not enjoying life can easily sap the joy out of yours too.

Not worth it!


There are several more reasons why Thai women are superior to Western women, but after reading this you should have a good idea what is waiting for you down here.

If you’ve already been in Thailand. What did you like about Thai women? Tell me in the comment section I would love to hear!

How to deal with Thai girl jealousy

What’s going on guys? 

In this post I will give my ideas on how you can deal with jealousy in Thailand. If you read my post from a couple of weeks ago, you know what I’m talking about.

Here is the deal…

99.9% of all Thai people are extremely jealous.

In the Western world jealousy is seen as a bad and petty thing, in Thailand it just means that “they care”. That might sound crazy, but that is what a Thai girl will tell you if she’s jealous.

If you tell a Thai girl to stop being jealous, she will answer back something like “Okay, I will stop caring about you” or “I will stop my feeling with you”.

If you eat a pizza, and you get some tomato sauce on your cheek without noticing, then you go meet the girl you are dating, she will freak out while asking “who?!??!?”. Then you will be all like “Wtf are you talking about” because you don’t know about the tomato sauce before she quickly respond “you have lipstick on your face!! WHO?!?!?”.

If you forget to turn of your computer before you sleep so it look like you are online all night at Facebook, she will quickly ask you the next day “who were you with last night?!?!? Why you up so late??”…

If you send her a message that doesn’t fit in the conversation because of auto correct, she will instantly reply “Who you talk with?!?!? You send wrong?!?!?!”..

These girls walk around constantly paranoid about you banging or seeing other girls.

You can’t really blame them either. Thailand is the sex capital of the world, and as soon as you walk around here alone dressed slightly sharper than a homeless guy, or you’re white, girls will jump on your dick from every direction. Your girlfriend knows this too.

Regardless, it’s still a pain in the ass, and you have to deal with this early on, or it will only get worse and worse as she get more involved.

Just last week I was drinking at a bar in Bangkok with a new girl that I met, suddenly a girl came out of nowhere and started screaming like a maniac to the guy next to me.

After 20 seconds of screaming, she took the beer jug and the phone to that guy then smashed everything on the pavement. Then she left… WTF….

I asked the guy some minutes later who the girl was, and he said it was his ex-girlfriend. He said his ex-GF was mad because he was dating a new girl. If that is true or not I don’t know. Could be that he’s cheating also. Who knows..

My point is that when these people get angry or jealous, it can go overboard pretty fast when they lose their cool. Thai people are usually chill, but when they get angry holy shit run for your life.


Cultural differences

In Thailand girls and boys don’t hang out together as friends. If two people of different genders are together, alone, everyone will think they have a relationship. The rumors will start going.

Thailand is not like the Western world were it’s totally fine to have friends of both genders, and where you can be with a person of the opposite sex without anyone thinking anything about it.

Maybe you can in some social circles down here with people who are studied abroad etc, but for the most part this apply all over Thailand.

So what can you do about it? 

As soon as a girl that you are dating show signs of being jealous, you have to make it crystal clear that you won’t tolerate it. Say that you are a trustworthy guy, and not like Thai guys that fucks around like rabbits 24/7.

Tell her if she make this type of drama again, ever, it’s over.

At the same time you tell her that you will not hang around with other Thai girls as this is seen as a bad thing in Thailand if you already have GF. As people here (her friends) will think that you are a butterfly that is fucking around. Not good…

At the same time, tell her very clearly that when you are back in your country, she can’t go around making drama when you are talking with / hanging out with female friends.

If you tolerate this behavior it can really get out of hand and the girl will make you crazy as she will nag about other girls constantly.

As a general rule. Never talk about other girl that you have met in the past, the present or will in the future.

If your buddy got too drunk, tipped the bar girl 3000 baht because she had a nice ass, don’t tell your girlfriend that. Your girlfriend will twist that into “Oh, your friend tipped the girls? So that means the girls talked with you too”. You get the point here..


Keep your secrets secret.

Okay. So everything is working out fine with your girlfriend. You are living together and life is good.

Lets say you still want to have some fun at times, go to bars, meet buddies, maybe flirt with some girls without actually going anywhere with it, etc etc..

You also want to document this with your phone without your girlfriend finding out about your adventures.

Keepsafe will save your life

I’m using an app called Keepsafe. It’s a discreet app that look like an app for something technical on your phone. However, it’s really an app where you can import your private pictures behind a pin-code wall.

Unless your girl know about this app, she will never get suspicious about the app.

As soon as you have imported your pictures into the app, they will disappear from the regular album / picture folder. The only way to see the pictures again is to go into the Keepsafe app, insert your pincode, and look at the pictures from within the app.

You can also export the pictures from Keepsafe again, if you want to put the pictures on a computer later.

This way you can keep your phone open for you girlfriend, and she will never be suspicious about why she can’t play with you phone.

Because that is another thing. A lot of girls here will let you make a fingerprint in her phone, just to show you that they have nothing to hide. However, they want the same thing back from you.

That’s why Keepsafe comes in handy. You can hide everything that you don’t want to show her, and she can play with your phone. Everyone happy. 🙂

CM AppLock

CM AppLock is another app I’ve tested out. It put apps of your choice behind a pin-code or fingerprint lock.

However, this is not a good app to hide stuff from you girlfriend as she will be suspicious about why you have a pin-code lock on certain apps. If you want to hide your pictures you also need to put a pin-code on every app that have access to you picture folder, like Facebook, Messenger, Camera etc. You have to type in the pin-code every time you open these apps. It’s just a pain in the ass.

Double sim-card phones. 

A dude I met at a massage parlor some time ago showed me something really awesome. He had double sim-card slots in his phone. It basically means that he can have two different ‘phones’ in one phone. He could open different parts of the phone with different finger prints.

He used his BIG TOE to open the dirty part of the phone because he told that one of his girls had tried to open his phone with his finger while he slept. That shit was hilarious.


That’s it guys! Thai girls are cute and cool girls 99% of the time that is fun to be with. I would take any Thai girl over those fat obese pale Western women back home that can’t even take a fucking shower because it’s hip to be dirty and not shave armpits.

As long as you can keep the jealousy in checkmate you have nothing to worry about with Thai girls.

I never want a girlfriend!

6 weeks ago I wrote that I want a girlfriend, and that is exactly what I did. I let a girl I’ve been dating a long time move in with me. Biggest mistake in 2017 so far..

I’ve been writing about this girl before. She was my romantic shower date girl. I usually met this girl 5-8 times a month to fuck her brains out.

This was my perfect girl. 😀

She was always well-groomed, she had an outstanding body, she was very feminine and she was fun to be with as she loved to go on small trips here and there. She was fun to travel with, she could have a conversation in English and at the same time she was the perfect fuck toy. I will never forget that ass.

What more can a guy ask for?? 🙂

So I did the crazy thing. I let her move in with me.

We were together every evening. We would go out to eat together then we would go back to my place to fuck like rabbits. It was all good. 😀 😀

Everything worked out just fine the first 4 weeks, but then everything started to go downhill. 🙁

It started 2 weeks ago. I had two female friends from back home that came to Bangkok. They asked me if I could show them around in Bangkok since I knew the city. I said sure no problem.

Out we went, and when the night came we went out to take a couple of beers and we ate the Daniel Thaiger burger.. I asked my GF if she wanted to go with us, but she was tired after her work, so she went back to my apartment.

When I got back that night my GF would not talk with me. She said she will “angry me until tomorrow”. I asked her if it was because I had been with the girls from back home. She did not give me any answer but I knew that was the ‘problem’. Whatever… It was already midnight and we were going to sleep anyway..

BTW. I ‘ve told this girl earlier that she have to tolerate me being with female friends from back home. 

The next day she was happy again.

Two days later it was the weekend again. I told my GF that I wanted to go on a small trip outside Bangkok to get some fresh air. I said lets take the train to some small city outside Bangkok.

She said she didn’t want to go because she was ‘tired’ after a week of work. I said ok whatever I will go anyway so you can relax alone.

When I got back on Sunday she was angry again. This time she was actually angry, and not only ‘passive’. I asked what the problem was but she would not tell me again.

Then she started to ramble on about I had been with other ladies when I was outside Bangkok without her.

I hadn’t.

She also brought up the girls from back home that I had been a guide for some days earlier. For no fucking reason.

I chose a crazy GF. 

Then, three days ago. We had the grand finale of drama, and she proved to me that she’s nothing more than a crazy and jealous drama queen. This shit would never get any better with her. As she got more secure around me, she would unleash more and more of the real her on me.

In her mind we were now ‘set’.. We were together. That ment she could drop her facade, and be how she really is. That’s my theory at least.

So what happened? 

I do freelance model jobs in Bangkok once in a while. This time she wanted to join me under the shoot. I said sure why not go on.

When we got to the set at Sala Deang me and my GF met up with the photographers for that day.

Then the model that I was going to take pictures with came. And my GF fucking freaked out because she could not control her jealousy.

My GF sat for herself with her phone at the set for 10 minutes, then she said she had to go because it was not ‘fun’ for her and that she didn’t feel welcome.

I was like sure do whatever you want. She said she would come back when we was done.

When she came back I had one session left with a photographer. She had to stand in the background watch me taking pictures with this hot lady from South America.

She could not deal with that so she spent that time looking angry as fuck while she gave me the finger. She walked around in the background in circles not knowing what to do… Wtf?? Who the hell would do anything like that in public?

When I was done. Me and my GF grabbed a taxi to get back to my apartment. She didn’t say a word.

When we got back to the apartment I asked her if she’s jealous again because of the girl I took pictures with.

She was like no I don’t want to talk about it. I will angry you until tomorrow.

No. NO YOU WONT. We WILL talk about this shit RIGHT NOW!

I’m sick of this drama now. You can’t act like this every time I do something without you. I have to make money you know, and doing model gigs are fucking well paid and it’s fun and easy money…

We then had a long fucking argument that I should not do these gigs because I ‘sell myself’. Pure bullshit she’s just jealous..

Then she left the apartment…

When she came back three hours later she was drunk. I knew this because she have Asian flush syndrome. She look like a tomato after she drinks alcohol.

She came back, locked herself in the bathroom. When she came out of my bathroom she stumbled around in my bedroom like she had fucking spasms, ‘collapsing’ on the floor like she’d done an overdose on heroin.  It’s the worst acting I’ve ever seen, and she looked like a complete retard.

My head started to boil, what does this girl takes me for? She think she can do this shit and get away with it?

Fuck it. FUCK THIS. I said to her I will go out and have a good time. I’m sick of this stupid meaningless drama. You have acted up like this 4 times already in two weeks.

When I tried to go out the door she started crying like a little bitch asking me to stay.

NO, I’m going out. I moved to Thailand to have a good time, not wasting my energy on morons like you.

This girl is just 40 kilos so I just continued walking even tho she hold my arm. She was crying and screaming no while I walked out of the condominium.

Holy shit this girl is walking up the entire building.

Then I grabbed her arm and pushed her away so she fell on the ground. I then started running down the stair. She quickly started to run after me while screaming stop LOL.

When I got outside, she actually followed me even tho she had no key and could not get inside again. She was screaming ” I CAAAN’T GET INSIDE AGAIN BUUHUU HEELP MEEE”.

I continued to walk away from the building, but I could hear her screams in the distance…

Shit I can’t leave this girl outside the building screaming like this. She’s not even dressed. What the hell…

So I walked back, told her to get the fuck up, and follow me back to the room. When we got back to the room I told her to sit down and shut the fuck up.

Listen. I’m done with this shit. You are 25 years old, not a 10-year-old retard. Now you go to the bedroom and fucking sleep. I will go out. If you follow me this time, and you lock yourself out, you have to sleep with the soi dogs. I will NOT save you one more time.

Ok, she said. Like a little child that knew it fucked up big time. Now she knew I was serious.

I went out, and came back a couple of hours later after some beers at a random bar. My GF was sleeping. The next morning she dressed up and went to work.

No more drama please

I took all her shit while she was at work. Clothes, make-up and laptop, and I left it outside with the security guard. Then I told the staff to delete her key-card so she couldn’t get inside again.

I knew that if I told her to leave while she was inside my apartment. It would only be a another nightmare of drama, just like the night before. I don’t have time for dat…

I sent her a message on Facebook that she could pick up her stuff outside with the security dude.

She already picked up her stuff, but I haven’t heard a word from her, and I don’t think I will in a long time.

Was I too harsh? 

I don’t think so. I have one life and I’m going to enjoy it. I’m not going to look back at my life when I’m 80 years old thinking “I wasted my life being a miserable cunt”.

I’m not saying that I can’t deal with girls that have real problems. Of course, if a girl that I care about have actual issues I would go out of my way to help her. But this stuff is not that. This is just pure bullshit drama.

Besides. I can’t let a crazy lady like that have access to my apartment. What happens if she get a little bit more crazy next time? I have camera and computer equipment for over 300.000 baht in my apartment. What if she breaks some of that in one of her tantrums?

In her last tantrum after the model gig she threw her phone in a random direction in my room and almost hit my 100.000 baht laptop. If that phone had struck the screen it would break no doubt.

Spending 100.000 baht on a new laptop would set me back a lot of work. I don’t want to waste that kind of money just because of some girl can’t control her fucking emotions.

Another thing that irritated me with this girl was her addiction to Facebook. That is a problem all over Thailand, but this girl was a freak. It was like her entire life evolved around making her life look awesome on Facebook.

Even the days she had those idiotic fights with me, and she left in a tantrum, she would update her profile, put out cute pictures of food, drinks and coffee like everything was just perfect. What a fucking joke..


NO more GF’s for Tim

I think I was born to be single. Don’t misunderstand me. I LOVE women, but in small doses. I don’t have time for all that drama that goes along with these creatures.

I will date them. Hang out with them. Bang them and have fun with them. But as soon as they gets too safe around me, and they let down their facade and start with all that drama shit. I will stop all contact, delete and block.

To be honest I think its much better to just go to the local blowjob bar to get your balls drained. Then you can continue with whatever you do drama free. 800 baht for a blowjob and a drama free weekend sound like good fucking deal if you ask me. 🙂

I hate drama.

Lessons learned..

What have I learned from this? 🙂

If you want a Thai girlfriend you should do some serious research with the girl you have chosen. A lot of these girls will be cute and adorable-as-fuck when you are dating them, but as soon as they move in they will put down their guard just to become lazy cunts that don’t want to do anything except lying on the bed playing with their Facebook.

Another thing with Thai people in general is that they suck in conflict management. Everything down here is “no problem” until it’s suddenly “big problem”. That is a theme I’ve noticed with a lot of girls here. You don’t want to get into a serious relationship with a girl that can’t talk about simple problems without starting a ton of drama.

You need to vet the fuck out of these girls.

I thought I knew this girl WELL, and I’ve been around her for almost a year. She had a good job with bachelor degree. She’s been to China, USA and Japan. But even this girl was just a drama queen that ended up sitting almost naked outside my condominium screaming like a complete retard.

Take it easy guys, and don’t be naive. 🙂

Great daygame spots in Bangkok

What going on guys? 😀 

There’s no doubt that online dating is the fastest and most efficient way to meet and date Thai girls in Bangkok. You can hit up hundreds of girls in no-time and meet them the same day, and you can start hitting up girls before you even arrive Thailand. Internet magic right there guys!

However, nothing can beat the rush of some ‘oldschool’ chasing. In fact, it’s healthy to hit on girls in real life as it keeps your social antennas up to date.  If you stay online for too long you will end up as some old weirdo that girls will run away from while having a full on panic attack. You find these people all over Thailand’s dirty scene. These losers haven’t talked to a ‘real’ girl for decades and have no idea how to be a pleasant human being and they don’t know how to read signals so they have no idea when to stop or when they do something wrong.

Anyways. That’s not what you are here for.

Here are some great day game spots in Bangkok. Yes, you can hit on girls all over town. But as you know Bangkok is a messy place and not all places are comfortable.


Shopping malls

I’ve marked the shopping malls in green on the map above. There are a lot more shopping malls in Bangkok, these are only a few of them. In fact, there is pretty much a shopping mall outside every skytrain and metro station.

At Siam there are a cluster of big ass shopping malls with a ton of hot girls working, shopping and hanging out. There is a cinema at top floor at every mall. Great place to hang out as all of them have comfortable sofas and dimmed lighting.

Go crazy guys! 😀



Parks are another great place to hit on Thai girls. From Mon to Fri most parks are filled with people who like to exercise. I’ve seen some really hot girls here that are in top-notch shape.

In the weekends the parks are filled with people chilling and hanging out. Most people with good office jobs that give them time off in the weekends.

Chatuchak Park
Chatuchak Park



Tim, wtf? 

I’ve never seen any Thailand blog or Youtube-channel mention the hospitals in Bangkok. That is strange because they are packed with hot nurses in nursing outfits. Just linger in the area around a hospital and it wont take long until you see a hot nurse. Then you can ask her out to a coffee shop. They won’t mind that. 🙂


Go to Siriraj Hospital. This hospital is on the other side of the Chao Praya river. The only way to get to the other side is by boat. Linger around the ferry pier. When you see a hot nurse going on the boat, you make sure you get the seat next to her. 🙂

If you get serious with her. She can tell all her friends that “you just came out of thin air at the boat when she was done with her shift”. How romantic isn’t that? <3



Here are some randoms spots around town that I’ve found good to hit up chicks.

Victory Point

This is just next to Victory Monument. It’s just a chillout place with a lot of benches and a tent’ish roof. A lot of people hang out and relax here while they drink a ice coffee. This area is also a transportation hub between the skytrain and buses around the town.

Victory point
Victory point

Platform between Siam Paragon and Siam Center

For some reason a lot of Thai people stop here to take pictures. Sometimes there are some cute art exhibitions here that the girls like to get a picture in front. What a great opportunity to help them and maybe get a conversation going? 😀



There are probably a ton of other great places to chase Thai girls. If you know about some spots that should be mentioned in this post, tell me about them in the comment section so I can add them to the map.


Two not-so-great places to hit up girls

Coffee shops

Maybe I’ve just been unlucky, but most girls that I’ve talked with in coffee shops have pretty much ignored me or been pissed off. From what I understand Thai girls look at the coffee shops as a ‘holy-grail’ where they can get some peace from everyday life, noisy streets and the heat while they enjoy their cold ice-coffee.

I think it’s that simple. Let the girls have a free space where they can just relax. I’m not trying to sound like a feminist here..

Sky-train and metro stations

Why do all Thailand bloggers and YouTubers always mention these areas? They suck. It’s crammed, hot and people are just tired and want to go home. It’s a really shitty place to hit up girls.

Does this place look fun??

That it for this time. Remember to tell me in the comment section if I’ve forgotten som good places to hit up girls. Lets share our knowlegde!

I want a girlfriend in 2017

I have to be honest. I want a girlfriend. I miss it. I’m tired of running over new girls non-stop, sometimes several new girls a week. I need a change.

I’m tired of being a butterfly.

Right now I have 4 girls I can call at any given time to have sex with in Bangkok.

I have around 10 girls I can contact to have sex, but with some promise of something in return like a dinner or in best case just some sweet talk.

I have two big redlight districts close by, Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy, that offer hundreds of girls every night all year for a small slump of money.

As I said in my last post. This place is really a pussy paradise and girls will jump on your dick from every direction.

But I need a break from it. I’m ready for the benefits of having a GF.

Furthermore, I’ve been working hard on my six-pack lately, so it should be no problem getting a GF.

If I had a girlfriend we would travel all around Thailand in the weekends, do fun stuff together, fuck like rabbits and perhaps have some decent conversations while we sip coconut juice at the beach.

Here are some pros of having a GF in Thailand: 

1: No need to use condom. Sex feels better. MUCH better. 😀
2: Teach each other what you like to do in bed.
3: You will save 50% on rent. Hopefully.
4: You will get a bigger network of friends.
5: You don’t have to do housework, clean your clothes or cook food. Ever.


I don’t want children, get married or anything crazy like that. But I do miss having a GF. Just one smoking hot girl that I can cuddle with late at night.

In fact. I think I have found a potential GF already. Here’s why:

She’s good in bed – Her skin is smooth as silk, she has a gorgeous smile and she’s hot. Easily a 9/10. I obviously need a girl who I’m attracted to sexually, otherwise it wont work.

She takes care of her appearance, always smell good and dress properly. She’s a cool girl.

She can speak English – A lot of Thai girls suck in English. I know how to speak basic Thai, but I still need a girl who know how to speak English. If we are out eating with friends, and my girl can’t talk English, she will just sit there like a big question mark and stay passive. That would be as fun as jumping out of a building head first.

I have no problem with banging girls who can’t talk English, but I would never date them in a serious manner.

She have a good job and is educated – She have a bachelor degree, and she works for a well-known international company. She makes well over average in Thailand. That means she wont ask me for money. I don’t want to be her economical babysitter.

I don’t want a lazy Thai girl who stays home sleeping away 14 hours of the day waiting for pocket money.

She like to do housework – When she comes over to my apartment. She will lock herself into my bathroom and start clean my clothes. I’ve not asked for this. In fact. I say she don’t have to do it because I can do it myself or deliver it to laundry.

“Noo. I am women. It’s my job. Laundry service no good jing jing” she answer..

Ok ok… Relax.. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying… Whatever makes you happy sweetheart. 🙂


No girl is perfect in paradise

What I don’t like with her is that she have the most typical Thai characteristics in the book. She can be very jealous and she love to play with her phone. I don’t think it’s possible to find a girl in Thailand that doesn’t have these characteristics.

Other than that I do enjoy being with her.


Want a GF in Thailand? 

I tell everyone that comes to Thailand to wait a good while before they get into any serious relationship. 99% of men that comes to Thailand are starved on sex and can’t think clear on arrival.

You don’t know anything about the culture here, so you don’t know what clues to look for if a girl is good or not. You can read up on blogs etc, but you still need some practice in the field before you start doing important life decisions like who you will date longtime / marry.

If you find a girl in the Western world that likes to party, have a couple of tattoos and smoke cigarettes. It’s no big deal. She’s probably just a regular girl who have a regular daytime job. If you find a girl in Thailand who does the same stuff there’s a good chance she’s a whore who sucks a new dick every night.

If you find a girl in the Western world that thinks you’ve been out with another girl every time you’re not together, she’s probably mentally ill. If you find a Thai girl who think’s in the same pattern it just means she’s Thai.

If you find a girlfriend too fast there is a good chance that:

  1. She is not a she.
  2. She is a bar girl
  3. Just want your money (don’t they all??)
  4. She “forget” to take the pill
  5. All the above

Finding true love takes time. It’s not done after one week in Pattaya on your first trip to Thailand. Never get a girlfriend in Thailand before you have been here so many times that you start to get a grip for Thailand and the culture.

Thai girls who look for foreigners to exploit can see that you are a newcomer from a mile away. You light up like a lighthouse among all the regulars. Even I can spot you now because you look like this everywhere you go:

I’ve already written a ton about how you can find fuckfriends, dates or girlfriends in Thailand, what to watch out for, tips and tricks etc. Have a look around the website or click this link to see every post about dating in Thailand.

Have you ever had a girlfriend in Thailand? Tell me about your experiences in the comment field. 🙂

Location Report | Koh Chang – Thailand

Happy New Year guys! 😀 

Time to start the new year with a fresh location report straight from my new favorite island in Thailand; Koh Chang! 😀

Holy shit did I have a great time. The vibe on this island was absolutely fantastic! 😀

I spent one week here. The three first days with a hot girl from Bangkok, after that she had to go back to Bangkok to work, which gave me a great opportunity to explore the more dirty aspects of the island (hookers, dirty massages and booze 😀 ).

In fact. I’m seriously thinking about packing my shit and get my ass down to Koh Chang for a longer period. I’ve been in Bangkok way too long, and I find myself thinking more and more about the time I lived at Koh Pha Ngan. I really miss the simple life, that was after all why I moved to Thailand.

Island life in Thailand is really amazing and I think I just found my new home. I love the relaxed lifestyle and vibe.


Koh Chang explained

Where to stay at Koh Chang?

Where to go at Koh Chang


Westside of Koh Chang

This is were 99% of the stuff is going on. The entire westside is filled with resorts, bungalows, restaurants, bars and beaches in varied degree. But to be more exact:

Northwest Koh Chang

This is where you’ll find white sand beach. The beach was great, but personally I didn’t like this area of the island. It’s too crammed with resorts, bungalows, annoying beach sellers, malls and other shit. Tourism have trashed this area completely. 🙁

Not to mention that it’s extremely expensive to stay here in high season. I looked at some 4-5 stars resorts and they demanded 15.000 baht per night. Fuck that shit…

I remember I was at Koh Chang back in 2012 and this area was not nearly as developed as it is now. They’ve really raped the beauty of this once little charming town. In 2012 you could see the beach from the main road, today you can only see 2-3 floor buildings stuffed with Pizza Company’s and Family Marts. It’s really sad.

Midwest Koh Chang

I didn’t explore this area so much. Seems to be just like white sands beach, but with less development, more high-end resorts and a shittier beach. Nothing to see here.

Southwest Koh Chang

This was my favorite place on the island. It had the perfect balance between developments and nature. Not so much development that it destroyed the beautiful surroundings, but not so little that you were practically out in the jungle.

This area also had several beautiful and relaxed beaches. Nature Beach, Lonely Beach, Lisca Beach and BangBao Beach. The beaches in south also had much less beach sellers, which was nice.

If you’re into smoking weed Southwest seems to be the place too. You had Rasta beach and Rasta View. The last one a restaurant with a Rasta / Bob Marley theme. Weed was not at the meny, but it smelled weed everywhere in this area. So it can’t be hard to get. 🙂

I was also told, by several people, that police never went south of white sand beach. So it should be very safe to smoke here. 🙂


Eastside of Koh Chang

Nothing happening here. Mostly Thai people living in this area.

Southeast of Koh Chang

This is where I spent the three first night with my Bangkok girl. We spent the on a hideaway bungalow resort all the way down south on the island. This resort is not on Agoda or Booking.com. You can find it here on Google maps. It’s called Tantawan Bungalows.

1km north of Tantawan Bungalows you have Long Beach. If you really want to hide away this place is for you. The beach is about 1km long and the days we were there it was maybe 10 people on the beach.

North of Long Beach there was a small restaurant selling refreshments, coconuts and Thai food.


Available girls (3/5)

Koh Chang had a lot of cute girls around the island. This kind of surprised me because the local girl situation on most islands in Thailand is complete shit. Maybe the fact that Koh Chang is on the east side of Thailand, next to Cambodia, have something to do with it? Just a thought…

There is no secret that the longer south you go in Thailand, the uglier the local buffe becomes. 🙁

Regular girls

If you want to hook up with regular girls on Koh Chang. Online dating, the malls and Bang Bao pier is your best bet. There are Tesco Lotus and BigC malls all around the island. Here you can enjoy AC while you try to hit up some local cuties.  

BangBao Pier is also a pretty good spot. This is a gigantic pier southwest on the island with its own marked..! The pier is about 1km long and on each side of the pier there are small houses with shops and restaurants. A lot of hot girls here. 🙂 They even have their own hospital on the pier.. Wtf…


In each town down the Westside of the island you will find bars with bargirls. The biggest bar complex is in the town of white sand beach, Had Sai Khao. Then the bar complexes get smaller and smaller the more south you go on the island. When you get all the way down to Lonely Beach, there was just one bar with bargirls…

I did see some hot girls in the bars, but it’s limited. If you’re staying at Koh Chang for more than 2 weeks you will have to use the same girls over again.

Farang girls

There are a lot of farang pussy on white sand beach, BangBao beach and Lonely beach. In fact, there are a ton of farang pussy everywhere on this island. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of them are coming here with their boyfriends from back home.

Party situation (2/5)

The party situation on Koh Chang is relaxed. There are no crazy nightclubs here that are full every night of the week. The nightlife here mainly consist of small bars with a laid back vibe. Some bars will have live music x amount days of the week.

Southeast on the island reggae seems to be the main theme. I love reggae, so that doesn’t bother me.

Lonely beach seems to be the place where young tourists and backpackers gather to have beach parties. A little bit like Full Moon party at Koh Pha Ngan, but on a much smaller scale. I spent the new years eve on Lonely Beach, and it was hundreds of people there. Great fun!


Stuff to do (5/5)

Oh man. This island is epic! There is so much fun stuff to do.

Chill on the beautiful beaches, flirt with Thai girls, go on crazy motorbike adventures, explore the rain-forest and the waterfalls, go on a mountain-hike, go scuba-diving, bang some hookers, play guitar on an open scene at the reggae bars, relax, go on beach parties, get to know new people, try amazing Thai food, buy an old dirtbike for 3000 baht and fuck it up offroad, go shoot guns at the shooting range.

It’s a lot of stuff to do here. 🙂

But I’m happy with just the fact that it’s a beautiful tropical island with just enough hot Asian babes for a man to get by. 🙂

My favorite thing to do on Koh Chang however was to drive the motorbike. I even rented a 600cc sport bike for two of the days. GREAT FUN! There are a lot of fun curvy mountain roads on the islands to test your riding skills.

On the eastside of the island there are many straight roads with zero developments where you can push the throttle to max.

I met a lot of other bikers on the island, and one of the days I was following them all the way southeast on the island back to where I spent my three first days with the Bangkok girl.

Long beach restaurant
Long beach restaurant


Cost of Living (5/5)

Koh Chang can be very cheap and very expensive. It depends on where you stay. The most expensive area of the island is Had Sai Khao where you’ll find 5 stars resorts that goes for 15.000 baht per night in the high season. You can get a good deal if you book your hotel early from agoda.com or booking.com.

If you go more south on the island around Lonely beach or BangBao beach, you’ll find a lot of cheap bungalows with ok standard. I saw bungalows as low as 150 baht!!!

You won’t find these super cheap bungalows at agoda.com or booking.com as far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong). You’ll have to go there yourself and ask for room. The cheapest I saw was at Rasta View Bungalow for 150 baht per night, you can see location at google maps here.

Food was very cheap too. I ate most of my food in the small local Thai restaurants. I ate my usual dishes like fried rice, pad krapow and Geang Ped. I paid between 30 – 60 baht for these dishes.

I also ate a really tasty pizza at a restaurant called Sleeping Owl. See location here.

50 baht fish :)
50 baht fish 🙂

It’s completely possible to live of 400 baht per day on Koh Chang, with accommodation included. If you want motorbike make it 600 baht. That’s pretty good if you ask me. It won’t be fun to live that cheap forever, but if you are making an online business it can be a great way to save money while you work, for a while. 🙂

If you have a local girl to have fun with, you have everything you need! A place to sleep and work, a tropical island, cheap healthy food, transport and pussy.


Safety (5/5)

I have nothing to say really. The only thing I would be careful with are the songthaew taxis at night. Especially when it’s raining. There are some crazy mountain roads between the towns at the island.

The worst road are between the west-side of the island and the ferries to the mainland on the east side. Consider renting a motorbike by the ferry if you want to drive that road yourself, and not in the back of a old beaten up pickup truck.

Thai people have no fucking clue about road safety. I prefer to drive myself whenever I have the opportunity.

Southeast of Thailand, Koh Chang included is the area of Thailand with the highest malaria risk. So if you are staying in a cheap bungalow you should probably buy a mosquito net.



As I said in the beginning of this post. I’m seriously thinking about moving to Koh Chang. I’ve been in the big city for too long. I’m ready to live the laid back lifestyle again with beaches and coconuts. I also miss riding bikes on a regular basis. You can’t do that in Bangkok because of all the traffic jams.

Hot season is right around the corner too, and I’m not very keen on living in Bangkok. When it’s 40 degrees celsius it really helps with an ocean and a motorbike to cool off. 🙂

My nasal congestion gets worse by the day living in Bangkok from all the pollution too. You can’t even see the sky here because of all the skyscrapers. I need a break from that. If I need to go back to Bangkok it’s only 5 hours away with bus. It’s not that bad, there is even an airport in Trat if I need to get to Bangkok fast.

I really liked Koh Chang. It had a good mix between developments and maintaining nature (except white sand beach). The local people here where really friendly, the ‘regular’ tourists stays at white sand beach and the backpackers where not as annoying as on Koh Pha Ngan. Maybe Koh Chang attracts a different type of young backpackers? I don’t know..

I also know that I will save a lot of money if I move to Koh Chang.

The only part that makes me skeptical about living on Koh Chang is the rainy season. I’ve heard it’s really really bad, with the most rainy days in all of Thailand. I can believe that because when I was driving my motorbike around the island a lot of the roads where broken or limited because of flash floods or heavy rain.

Rainy seasons is still 5 months ahead in time, so I should not worry about that right now. 🙂

If you want to be a butterfly and go nuts with a new girl every night. Forget about this island. The island is just too small, and the population is to low. A key to being a successful butterfly is staying low. As soon as a local girl on this island start to date a farang, I’m sure the entire island knows it in two days. Be careful.


Total Score

Available girls:     3/5
Party situation:   2/5
Stuff do to:           5/5
Cost of Living:      5/5
Safety:                   5/5

Goodbye Boring Life Score: 

       20 / 25


Have you been at Koh Chang? What did you like about the place? Tell me in the comment section.

6 cheap things to do with your Thai date in Bangkok

Not everyone is full of cash (I’m one of them).

If you go to the most fancy sky-bars every night, or drink and eat in the coolest shopping malls like Central World. You are going to run out of cash pretty damn fast, especially if you have to pay for two.

Another good thing about doing cheap stuff, is that you will give the impression to the girl that you are not full of cash and bling. That’s an excellent way to sort out the gold diggers if you are looking for true love. <3 <3 lol..

Want to get laid for free in Bangkok? Check out this post.

Here are some ‘good’ tips on where you can bring your date for cheap activities in Bangkok.


1: Swan boat at Lumphini Park


Price: 50 baht

Yeah, maybe this is lame. But all the girls I have brought to this place have liked it. It’s romantic you know..?

Buy a couple of water bottles at the entrance of the park, take a stroll around in the park. After you have done that, go to the lake inside the park, and you can rent boats for 50 baht.

You could mix this activity with step three in this post. A lot of awesome areas in this park for photo-ops.

Watch out for the reptiles that chills around in the lake.


2: Go feed homeless cats

200 baht

In fact. Some Thai people have this as an hobby!

A lot of the girls I’ve been dating down here will actually sit down and feed soi dogs and street cats after they are done working! Creds!

If you come with this suggestion she will be impressed, and you don’t have to spend much money. Win win I guess?

You can buy a big box of cat food at any 7/11 or family mart. Let yourself loose. 😀


3: Have a photo-op!


Price: Whatever you use on transport

Do you own a DSL camera? Do you know how do work that bokeh effect?

Thai girls will love it! Nothing gives them more pleasure than to get that awesome picture they can put on Facebook to get a billion likes.

Bangkok is an interesting city, and there is a gazillion different places you can pull of some pretty cool pictures with a Thai girl in focus.

Go get creative!


4: Eat at a local Thai buffet

Around 100-150 baht per person

It’s not pretty, but the food is awesome and you can eat as much as you want. However, you have to cook your meat yourself most places with that gass oven on the middle of the table you are sitting on.

These places can be kind of hard to find, so you have to ask your Thai girl for direction.

Diarrhea may occur, but that’s a part of the experience, isn’t it? 😀


5: The Loft to bar

Loft to bar cheap beer singha

Price: Around 400 baht for two people + taxi

This place is actually awesome. It’s 200 baht per person, then you can drink as much Singha as you can bear. Good place to become wasted on booze. I’ve been here several times.

This bar features live music every night. Quality varies, seems like the scene is open for newcomers.

For some unknown reason they have a swimming pool in the middle of the bar. I have no idea what it’s for.

Location on Google maps.


6: Go to a library

Price: Free

You can find libraries all over Bangkok with free books and magazines. I have no idea what you can do with them as they’re all in Thai. But I don’t know. It’s free, and you can chill out in the pleasant AC air! 😀

Maybe make your girl learn you some Thai? Been there, done that.


7: Do nothing?

Price: Free

Truth is. There’s not really much to do in Bangkok without money. Bangkok is actually one of the most boring places to be if you don’t have money to burn off.

If you’re on a tight budget, there are a million better places to be in Thailand than Bangkok. Like one of the islands.

Here you at least have a free beach that you can hang out on with some Thai chick, or you can drive around on a motorbike that you rented for 200 baht per day.



Tinder in Bangkok = Success

What’s up? 😀

Just a quick tip if you want to find hot girls in Bangkok fast.

I’ve had great success with Tinder lately. It’s seems like more and more Thai girls get this app on their phone. Two years ago I would barely find any Thai girl on Tinder in Bangkok. The balance was maybe 95% tourists and 5% Thais.

Today it’s much higher concentration of Thais and you have to shuffle through a lot less obese Western women. 😀 Yeah, the trolls pop up occasionally, but just swipe left and you’re good to go. 🙂

Before you consider Tinder..

For those guys who simply want to get laid in Bangkok, as quickly and easily as possible, I suggest looking at www.smooci.com.

Smooci is Bangkok’s newest and best Escort platform and search engine. It lets you live search all the major Escort agencies and independent girls, and gives you result with customer ratings on the girls, so you can sort the good, the bad, and the ugly pretty easily.

It’s creating a real competitive market and dropping the short time prices to as low as I’ve seen. Not only that, but once you’ve made your booking you also get sent a live GPS link so you can track your girl all the way to your door.

Tinder game for Bangkok

I’ve had good experience keeping it short on Tinder. Sometimes I won’t even bother to do any small talk when I’ve got a match. What’s the point? There are so many girls on Tinder in Bangkok it’s just a matter of time before some girls will think; “Wow, I have to meet this guy”. After that she will say yes to everything you ask for regarding contact information. Then you can take it further on a video chat or a quick meet up.

As always. Tinder is all about creating a good first impression and value. Make sure you got your best pictures possible. Polish that profile to perfection. It’s better to have 5 pictures that are AMAZING, rather than 10 pictures that are good.

What is Tinder? 

For you guys that have been living under a rock the last 5 years. Tinder is a dating app for mobile phones. You can download it in Play Store for Android and Apple store for Iphone. Tinder is free to use.

When you have signed up a lot of girl’s will start to pop up. You swipe left if you don’t like them and you swipe right if you like them.

To talk to a girl she has to swipe right for you too. Then it’s a match and you can start talking.

The app is using the GPS on your phone, so you will only get up girls that are in your area.

Usually I quickly ask the girl for either Facebook or Skype. That way I can have a video call with her to get a feel for her. If she decent I will ask for a meeting, if she’s weird I will stop talking with her.

What is my problem with Tinder? 

Lets be honest it sucks big time writing on those small phones. I can’t fucking stand it. I have big hands so for me its even worse.  It’s clumsy and exhausting in the long.

Additionally. It seems like its only working for Bangkok right now if you want to meet Thai girls. If you go to Chiang Mai, Phuket or any other tourist destination in Thailand we are back to the first problem I mentioned, too much obese Western women with ugly tattoos.

A third thing is that it only working for the place you’re at. If you’re planning a trip to another city and want to chat up some girls before you go there. You can’t really use Tinder unless you pay the premium so you can just as well buy the membership at Thai Cupid then.

Check my post about on how to set up an online dating profile to swim in pussy here. It’s for Thai Cupid, but same rules apply for Tinder. Maybe even more as everything revolves around the first impression.

Do you really save money on hookers?

This is something I hear in the expat community around Thailand all the time. “You should not date those Thai girls, much better to just find a hooker, it will save you money!”

I’ve been thinking about that, and is it really true?

I don’t think so, and to put it frankly; I think it’s just something some guys spew out to justify banging hookers so they can feel better about themselves.

Some even say it with so much confidence that I actually think they believe their own nonsense.

Don’t get me wrong, and I don’t try to sound like a feminist or anything. I’m totally guilty myself, but at least be honest about it. You don’t fuck hookers because you save money. You fuck them because it’s easy. Because you have to put in zero effort. You will never be rejected and they will provide you with constant confirmation that you are ‘desired’.

These girls know exactly what you want, and it’s so fucking addictive. I still remember my first time in Pattaya. Coming from a boring town in Scandinavia with constant rain and miserable people. I couldn’t fucking comprehend what was going on. It was like releasing a starving dog in a slaughterhouse. I went completely nuts and spent over 5000$ in two weeks.

Life becomes so damn easy and comfortable. In fact you don’t have to do anything to get the best thing in the world; sex. You just throw money on the ‘problem’ and they will do whatever you want.

But you have to wake up from the delusional thinking. Fucking hookers will not save you money, and no matter how much you believe that, it’s pure nonsense.


It’s plenty of free girls in Thailand

In reality there are plenty of girls that will date you for free. Not a dime spent! They don’t want anything from you except your attention and love. Some are looking for lasting relationships, some are just looking for fun. And they’re not hard to find if you just stick you nose out of the bar for a day.

They will fuck you every night but demand nothing in return. They will give you a good time, give you company, crack jokes with you, have interesting conversations with you. Whatever you want.

And I’m just a regular Joe, it’s nothing special about me that makes me more attractive than all the other Joe’s. I work out, I take care of my appearance as much as possible, I brush my teeth and take a shower every day. But that’s pretty much it.

Of course, there are girls out there who are not hookers, but still try to get a financial gain from you. But these girls are quite easy to filter out if you don’t think with your dick but use your brain instead.

Why do I say all this? I say this because I have dated a bunch of these girls. A lot of guys are missing out on meaningful and fun relationships because they have been stuck in a bar for too long. Their perspective on girls have been twisted into something that is simply not true.

Maybe they have been betrayed by some girl earlier? Maybe a girl went behind their back and ran away with some business that they put in the girl’s name? I don’t know what turned them into that, but it’s not real, and don’t listen to them.

What are your opinion on this? I’m really curios what you have to say if you are one of the guys that claim that you save money on hookers. Comment section is down below.

Finding a stunner in Bangkok

What’s going on guys? 😀

I see that some people who end up at my site, use search terms such as “Bangkok stunner”, “how to find a stunner in Bangkok”, “find perfect women in Bangkok” etc…

That is not a bad topic at all, and I will try to give you some tips on how you can end up in bed with them. 🙂

There are two different ways to find a stunner in Bangkok. You can pay for it or you can work for it.


Pay for it

If you are in Bangkok on a limited time and don’t have time to chase girls, this is probably the best way to go for it. Success rate is 100%.

The hottest girls in Bangkok are found in the go-go bars and in the soapy massage parlous in my opinion. There are also some escort services that have really hot women.

Bangkok Escorts
My princess Bangkok

Pure Bangkok Escorts

I’ve tried all of those, and they’re all legit that really put an effort in service. They’re also very discreet. You call them up or send them an email, and the women will meet you at your hotel room.

If you want to check out the go-go bars I have already written about what I think are the best go-go bars in Bangkok. You can find that post here.


Work for it

If you’re not into the professionals and you want to hunt girls. You have a lot of options in Bangkok.

I’ve already written a location report for Bangkok. In that post you will find a lot of tips on where you can approach girls in Bangkok. Check it out here.


Online dating

This is probably the best way to do it. Especially if you are coming to Bangkok on a limited time. You can start to talk up girls before you even come here. If you have a boring job you can spend some of your time at work to chat up girls.

Start 1-2 months before you arrive Bangkok, and you’ve created your own little harem of girls. Trust me.

I’ve already written a lot about online dating on this site. Here I explain why online dating works so well in Thailand and here I explain how you can make a profile that will make you swim in pussy offers.

You should also check out this post on how you can improve your game with Thai girls for real life approaching and dates from online sites.

Good luck, and have fun! 😀


Online Dating Profile for Thailand – How to drown in pussy

What’s going on guys? 😀 

Today I will tell you how you can design your online dating profile so you’ll drown in pussy down here in Thailand. I’m not exaggerating this. If you follow this guide you will get so many requests on Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly that you can’t answer them all.

How can I be so sure..? Because I have it like that right now, and I don’t look like Brad Pitt. It’s all about how you portray yourself. 🙂

I was the old school type for a long time. I never bothered with dating sites back home.

The reason was that I never had much success with them. The amount of girls I banged that I met online back home, can be counted with one hand I think.

It was too much hassle, talking and fishing. It was not worth the time I had to spend. Yeah, I love pussy, but even pussy have its limits of what I’m willing to do… :p

The first three times I came to Thailand I refused to become member on any dating site. This was a big fucking mistake. The reason I refused was because I took with me the experiences I had from dating sites back home. I thought it would be just like home with eternal conversations and persuasion. You can read more here why I think dating sites work so well in Thailand.

I was so wrong.

As I’m writing this it’s around 9 pm here in Bangkok. I checked my Thai Cupid this morning when I woke up, and I checked it again now. I have 10 new messages in my account since this morning. None of them are with girls I have talked with earlier, because right now I don’t have ongoing conversations at Thai Cupid. All my pussy seats are taken at the moment.

I’m not saying this to brag, it’s just that if you have the same attitude I had three years ago, you are missing out on a lot of pussy. I don’t even have to approach girls on Thai Cupid. They approach me, and I talk with the ones I think are hot.

Thai Cupid messeges


Before you can start to make your profile. You need to sign up for either Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly. There are other dating sites out there for Thailand, but these two have an insane amount of members.

You can browse girls for years without running out. Thai Cupid have over 1 million members.

You can sign up for Thai Cupid here, and you can sign up for Thai Friendly here. Yes, those links are affiliate links, and I get a small cut from it if you buy a membership.


How to become a pussy magnet at online dating sites

Your profile text

This should be short and simple. Don’t write everything you did from you learned to walk until the present. Tell you name, what hobbies you have and why you are coming to Thailand. Don’t reveal too much about yourself, you want to be a little mystical. If the girl wants to know more about you, she’ll have to contact you.

Another great thing you should write in your profile text is that you love learning languages, and that you are interested in meeting someone who can teach you some basic Thai. I’ve gotten so much response on that it’s ridiculous. Let me give you some quotes:

สวัสดีค่ะ Sa was dee ka
Hello, How do you do.? ^^
I am Meena. I can teach you about Thai language.

Hope to hearing from you soon”

“Hello my name is apple. Welcome to Thailand.

And willing to be your friend. Really want to teach you Thai too.”

“Hi I’m read your bio and I’m so interesting about you.

I want to be your friend.
I can teach youThai lagueges and cultural.if you want to travel next time in Thailand I can guide you.
And maybe you can teach me about you country too.”


It’s all about the pictures

A picture tells more than a thousand words they say. That is equally true for pictures you use in a dating profile. You can write an awesome text about yourself, but if you show that same awesomeness in photos you instantly become much more real and trustworthy.

Here are some ideas for awesome pictures you should put on your profile. Don’t need all of them, but a few of them will attract a lot of girls.


The great adventure photo – If you have done some traveling, show your most awesome travel photo. You riding a camel in Egypt, you in an awesome street in some typical European city, maybe you went to the salt deserts in Bolivia?

This will show the girls that you like to travel, and that you are a person that likes to go on an adventure.

The exotic picture – Here you have to think culture. A beach in Thailand is exotic for you, but for a Thai girl its home. Maybe you have a picture of yourself on a mountain covered in white snow? Maybe you went to a desert in Egypt? That is exotic for a Thai girl.

This will make the girl envy you.

The social picture – This one is important, and should never be left out. It can really be anything, but should be a picture with your friends and/or family where you have a great time.

This shows the girl that you are not a freak or a weirdo. You have friends, you have family. You are not a loner that no one wants to be around.

The dangerous picture – All women love men that can handle a little danger. Did you go skydiving, maybe a bungee jump? What about scuba diving next to a shark? Put it out!

This shows the girls that you are not a pussy.

The musical picture – Do you play an instrument? Maybe you did some live shows once too? You should probably put it out.

All girls love men that can play an instrument.

The handsome picture – Do you have good looks? Make sure to have a picture where you are suited up looking your best. This is also a good profile picture to get the click into your profile to show off your other pictures.

Well. This shows the girl nothing, but everyone like pretty humans. 🙂

The manly picture – This should be a picture of you doing something manly or skillful. Like riding a horse, fighting a bull or

Already been there picture – Already been in Thailand? This picture can be combined with any of the categories over. Like you playing guitar in a bar with a monkey on the shoulder, while some Thai chicks watch you with your mother in the background. Just joking.. But if you have been in Thailand, some pictures from earlier trips don’t hurt.

Thai girls love their country. They will like you just for the fact that you have been in Thailand already.

Avoid money pictures – Pictures where you show of a nice car, or maybe your bling, or maybe a nice apartment. Or just any pictures that makes it clear that you are full of cash. Don’t do it. You will only attract gold diggers and bad people.

You want to portray that you are a fun and interesting person. Not a rich guy. You will just attract bad people that way.


Your profile picture

Your profile picture can be in any category I have already talked about, but it should be a picture that catches the eye. This will give you more clicks to your profile, and the girl will see the rest of your awesome pictures and that you are interested in learning Thai. You’ve already won her.

It’s also smart to mix up your profile picture once in a while. That way you can get girl’s that didn’t like your first round. They see your profile again, but this time with a new picture, so you are a new person for them now. Maybe they’ll like you this time. 🙂


Can you handle all the pussy? 

If you follow these steps you will never have to approach a girl on these dating sides. You just wait until they approach you, then you sort out the trolls. I get anything from 5 to 20 messages every day, and I talk with the girls I think are the hottest.

Right now my profile picture is a ‘professional’ picture that I took of myself with my DSLR camera with a white background. It’s in black and white, and it’s super sharp. I have a white shirt on that is slightly open showing of some of my chest hair. 😛

In my album I have a picture of me in the mountain skiing back home. This is a perfect picture with white mountains and blue sky. You can see all of me, while I hold my ski poles up in the air. Exotic for Thai girls!

I also have a picture of me diving in Egypt and two pictures of me out in the desert in Egypt. My family picture is just a picture from some Christmas celebration a couple of years ago.

Recently I added two more pictures from Cambodia. In one pictures I stand on my hands with Angkor Wat in the background, and in the second I’m with a Thai girl and some people that we met on the road.


More tips

Don’t spend an eternity talking with the girls on the dating site. You want to move her outside as quick as possible. You want to have a video conversation with her. That way you can sort out if there is something weird about her. Maybe she has a super weird voice, or maybe you just don’t like her vibe.

How people behave behind a keyboard, and how they behave in a video call can be two different worlds. You can get a really good impression of a girl when you are texting with her, but as soon as you talk with her on video, you end up not liking her at all. Happened with me a million times. Can be anything from how she moves, how she talks, how she behaves. You can’t see that in a text message.

If a girl don’t show her entire body in one of the pictures, it’s usually because she’s fat. Be careful!

Also. Be skeptical about girls that demands stuff. This can be anything from money, her asking you to buy her stuff etc. I would even be careful with girls that demand that you go to a special restaurant or bar too.

These girls are often gold diggers, and they are looking for beta males they can push around and exploit for financial gain. These girls will not give you a good time unless you do as they say. They will always ask for something, beg, demand, test your limits etc. If you don’t do as they wish they will act up and just make drama. Not fun.

There are plenty of good girls and cool girls out there that will fuck you even on the first date, if you know what you are doing. No need for semi-pro gold diggers to get laid.


Okay people. Go out and test this, go nuts! Tell me how it went. You should own Thai Cupid with all this information.


How to pick up any Thai girl in 5 steps

Okay. That title was pure click-bait. I admit it. There is no way you can get every Thai girl out there.

Moving on…

Today I will tell you how to get almost any Thai girl that you desire in 5 easy steps. Notice the word almost.

I just banged pussy nr. 50 pussy nr 90 (update for June 2017) since I moved to Thailand in September 2015.

That’s a lot of women. A reality of living in the greatest pussy paradise on earth, Bangkok.

I’ve been reading a lot lately on other webpages and forums about Thai girls and how to have the best possible game on them. In this post I will try to wrap it up nicely while I put in my own thoughts too.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to get almost any Thai girl that you desire. Some of the steps will require more work than others, but if you want to be a player like me that can seduce a lot of girls and drill a ton of pussy, without turning to hookers, it’s totally worth the time and effort.


Step 1: Dress sharp, get a haircut and take a damn shower. 

I feel this one should be unnecessary to mention, but I see so many guys out there that dress like bums and smells like sewage. Just because you are in a developing country doesn’t mean that no one gives a fuck what you look like.

In fact. In Thailand your appearance is very important, maybe even more important than in the Western world as Thailand is a class society. How you dress can influence how much pussy you get greatly.

Making a good first impression is just as important in Thailand as anywhere else.

Go inside any shopping mall in Bangkok and see how people dress. Everyone dress casual and/or conservative. Girls go in cute dresses that don’t reveal too much while the men goes in jeans and shirts.

To make it even clearer:

What clothes should you not wear? 

  1. Tanktops. singlets, t-shirts, fotball t-shirts, Singha t-shirts, ‘I Love Bangkok’ t-shirts etc..
  2. Shorts in general, swimming-shorts, sweatpants, elephant pants etc…
  3. Clothes that are worn out, dirty or that have spots.
  4. Provocative clothes. Like “Good boys go to heaven, bad boys go to Pattaya”.

What clothes should you wear?

  1. Polo shirts, shirts, sweaters etc…
  2. Jeans or casual shorts…
  3. Anything that look like you know what you’re doing!

Optimally, you want to dress as casual / normal as possible, maybe even slightly formal. Yes, I know Thailand is a hot place. But what’s the most important for, feel cool all the times, or get all the pussy that you dream of? Priorities, priorities my friends.

If you dress like a typical tourist who walk around in a Singha singlet and an elephant trouser. Thai girls will look at you as just that, a typical tourist. They will not be interested and they will treat you like a typical tourist.

If you dress casual however, girls will think: “Oohh, why does he dress like that here? He looks important. Maybe he lives here? I want to know him!”.

You can buy shirts all over Thailand that are custom-made for a fraction of the price as home. I usually pay 1000 – 1500 baht per shirt if I buy 4-5 of them. This is a great investment because they are of high quality, they last long and they fit you perfectly.

Always try to buy colors that you can mix together. If you have 5 shirts, 3 shorts and 2 jeans you can then mix all of them together and have a unique outfit for many weeks.

You should also always make sure that you have a fresh haircut, and that you smell fresh. I’ve met some guys down here that smell absolute horrible. You want to stand out from the crowd, but not in that way… 😛

You can read more here where I buy my clothes in Bangkok

Always look your best. 


Step 2: Exercise

Exercising helps on everything in life. Not only will your posture and body look better. You will also feel better. Shit like that get noticed by girls. If you are feeling good, they are feeling good. Win win.

Not to forget all the health benefits exercising has, but that is a topic for another time.

If you approach a girl while feeling good and high on life. The girl will pick up that vibe immediately and she will want to be a part of it.

Just think about it. Of all the people you know. Who do you want to hang out with? The friend who is always stressed out and in a bad mood, or the people who are happy and easy going? A good vibe is contagious and everyone wants to be around people like that.

My routine is jogging Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while doing push-ups and sit-ups the day I don’t go for a run. I also like to swim in the ocean whenever I get that opportunity.

I have also started to do yoga. This is extremely relaxing and refreshing, and if done right, can make you feel awesome for the rest of the day. Girls pick up this vibe, trust me.

Last time I was in the flotation tank here in Bangkok, I met a girl right after ny session. The first thing she told me was: “Oohh. You look so alive. What’s your secret?”.


Step 3: Be clear in your intent

In the Western world, if you tell a girl that you like her. She will freeze up and be all awkward. You just got yourself a label as being clingy and needy. As a matter of fact, if you like a girl in the Western world you have to pretend that you don’t like her while you try to deceive her back to your apartment.

In Thailand it works exactly the opposite way. If you want to go out with a girl, you tell her. If you like a girl, you tell her. If you want her to join you back to the hotel, tell her you like her and that you don’t want her to go home.

She will never think of you as clingy or needy. In fact, if she likes you too she will just say it.

This is what I really love about the flirting structure in Thailand. There is no sarcasm, mind games or shit like that. Just pure honest game and you don’t need to solve a puzzle blindfolded to get the girl.

Showing affection in public 

Even tho game in Thailand is pretty straight forward there are no-no’s

Lets say you are with a girl that likes you, and you like her too. You still have to be careful with showing affection. Never cling, hug or try to kiss her in public. This is frowned upon all over Thailand.

She will probably forgive you the first time, as you are not Thai and not used to their customs. But try to avoid it. I know it’s easy to forget when you are with a super feminine and sexy girl. I forget it sometimes too! 🙂

Flirting in public in Thailand is done mostly with words and body language and not body contact.

Affection is reserved for the bedroom. 🙂


Be the alfa

Thai girls are passive most of the time. She will follow your lead and do whatever you suggest. If you want to have sex with her, you have to make it happen. You have to be the man and take responsibility.


Sex on the first date, possible? 

Oh yes. You just need to know what you are doing. The best way to get to your girls apartment is to just tell her. Tell her that you want to see how she lives and that you want to hang out more. When you get back to her apartment she will probably turn on the TV or start to play with her phone.

At this point you just have to improvise. Try to get closer to her, see how she reacts. If she looks comfortable try to touch her, or be the alfa and go straight for the kiss! 😀

Some girls will say no to sex on the first date. It’s not because she don’t want to have sex. It’s more that she don’t want you to think that she have sex with everyone she meets for the first time.

If this is the case you can just continue to try. Keep kissing her and try to make her horny. At some point she will say something like “Oohh. I can not control my feelings anymore”.

Tell her that you wont think bad of her if you have sex on the first date. Tell her that you like her and that everything will be okay the next morning.

This has happened to me several times, and when I finally got her naked she have been soaking wet all the way. 😀

Furthermore, Thai girls are not stupid. They know that if you ask them to see their apartment, there is a high probability that you will hit on her. If she didn’t want that, she wouldn’t let you come to her apartment in the first place. 🙂


Step 4: Learn Thai

Being able to talk Thai with Thai girls is a game changer. And when I say game changer, I mean it.

My game went through the roof after I learned some basic Thai. The reaction you get from the girls are frankly amazing. I think there is no other place on earth you can get that kind of reaction just because you know some of their language.

If you know some basic Thai you go straight out of the ‘tourist box’, and you become one of them. You are on their team now.

Let me tell you a fun story about just this.

My brother was an exchange student in Thailand some years ago. When he went to school here he learned to speak Thai fluent throughout the year. He can have conversations, he can write and he can read. He can talk with anyone in Thai.

This summer he came to Thailand to go to the Full Moon party. I was there too. He got sick from some bacteria from the buckets and had to go to the hospital. First he talked English with them, and the hospital quickly said that this was a private hospital (First Western Hospital at Koh Pha Ngan) and that he had to pay full price.

Then he started to talk Thai with them. The entire staff started to jump around in the emergency room like maniacs. “Whaat, you speak Thai?? Oh my god, why do you speak Thai? Who teach you?.!? Woow. You REALLY speak Thai!!!!”.

Even the doctor in his 60’s was like: “Your brother speak very good Thai” while he was clapping his hands and joking with the nurses. All of them went nuts.. 😀 😛

Fast forward 2 hours. My brother went out of that hospital paying nothing. They had tested him for infection, they had done blood samples, checked the blood pressure, urine test and a lot of other stuff.

If he didn’t talk Thai he would probably have to pay 2000 – 3000 baht for all those tests..

So, as you can see. If you can get a free check at hospital by speaking Thai. You can probably get some free pussy too!

By the way. You don’t have speak fluent of course. Just learn something more than “Sawatde krap” and “sabaidee mai krap”.

Trust me, this will get you a ton of pussy.


Step 5: Have fun

Dating is supposed to be fun! Both for you and the girl.

In Thailand this is even more important than in the West. Having fun while you do anything in Thailand is important. Fun in Thai is “Sanuuk”, and could just as well be their national slogan.

Most Thai people have the attitude that ‘if something isn’t fun, it’s not worth doing’.

If you can express to whatever girl that you want to date, that you want to have fun. You will probably win her heart right away.

Go take her ice-skating in one of the shopping-malls, bring her to the movies, take her to a good restaurant or go drinking if she’s up for that.



If you follow these steps I guarantee you that you will get more pussy than you can ever handle.

I’m not saying this to brag, but I’m in that situation right now. It’s pure freedom. I don’t have to worry about getting laid and I can focus on my work and business. When I was living in the West I had several periods with no girls available. It was a sad as fuck..

But now… If I want to have fun, have sex, or just company to watch a movie. I just make a quick phone call, and I will have some of my girls in my apartment within a couple of hours.

Always try to look your best, exercise regularly to feel fresh and sharp. When you feel sharp, girls will notice that. It’s also easier to pick up signs and body language from the girls that they might like you when you feel sharp and alert after a workout.

If you learn some Thai, and you make it clear that you are up for fun you will stand out from the crowd and have an enormous edge. Then you just have to take your responsibility as a man, and lead her to bed.

7 different types of Thai girls

I’ve been traveling around in Thailand for almost a year now. It’s been a crazy ride and I have done some pretty wild things out here. 😀

Thailand is a fucking blast and I love it.

Anyways.. 😀

Today we will talk about personalities.

Whenever I met a new Thai girl I will put her into one of these 7 categories as soon as I get a feel for her, and I will act accordingly depending on what I want.

I strongly suggest that you do the same, as this can save a lot of trouble and wasted time in paradise.


The good girl

These girls have real jobs and make their own money. They don’t drink or smoke. Most of them never go to parties and they go to bed ridiculously early.

Sometimes they will party and drink, but it’s only on special occasions like her best friend’s birthday. When the clock gets 12 she will look at her phone and say: “ooh, it’s vely late… wolk tomollow…”

Some have dated a foreigner before but for most of them foreign cock is something new.

Don’t be surprised that when you wake up from the first night you had sex, she will already be addressing you as her boyfriend. There is not fucking around with these girls or slow game here.

In fact, that is all they are talking about. Relationships. The overly attached girlfriend meme sums up these girls quite well. 😀 😀

Love, family, meet my family, marriage, drink with my father etc. These girls are serious when it comes to this stuff.

After you have dated her a couple of weeks she will already have started to talk about marriage and trips to Europe to meet your family.

These girls will do everything for you. Their number 1 task in life is to make you happy. They will clean the house, cook, iron your clothes and suck your dick on demand. All they ask in return is your affection and respect.

A good girl would never cheat on you, and when you go home from Thailand she will wait for you patiently as long as you tell her you love her. I know several good girls down here that have farang boyfriends back in Europe.

The girls spend their days working and helping out with family until you come back. Such a waste of good tight pussy. 🙁

Most of the good girls are very conservative on the make up, and some of them don’t use it. You wont see any tattoos or piercings on them either. Most do not even have pierced ears.

A good girl have a lot of pride, and she would never ask you for money. In fact, she will insist on at least paying her part when you are eating out. Sometimes she will even insist on paying everything. Especially if you are somewhat the same age.

The only time she would ask you for money was if there was a real urgent crisis where she had no other choice. That is fair enough..

Dating these girls will in fact save you money, because she knows where to find the good cheap food, she knows how to get from A to B fast and effectively, she knows where you can buy cheap shirts and she knows where you can get a decent haircut without being ripped off.

I love to date these girls, because when I find them I know I will be served fresh, tight, wet and disease free pussy as they don’t fuck around. Some of these girls are so tight I have to spend a good 30 minutes to get it in the first couple of times we bang.

If you want to be totally sure about diseases you can take her for HIV testing. You’ll never know if she had an ex Thai boyfriend that fucked every slut in his home village.

I love to date them, but in fact, they can be pretty boring too, especially in length. Most of them suck in English and conversations will most likely never go outside the daily stuff like “Had a good day?”, “What will we eat tonight?”.

They can also be very jealous and be prepared for questions like “Do you have other girls” or “Why you up so late last night?”

I understand that they are serious about relationships, and that they want you as a boyfriend or husband, but I don’t want to marry a girl after dating her for 2 months. It’s too fast. Slow down my dear.

That is why I always look for the girls I will be talking about now, the cool girls! 😀


The cool girl

Cool girls are very much like the good girls. They have all the good manners and beliefs as the good girls, but they are even better.

These girls have hopes, plans, goals and dreams they are working towards. They will not sit around totally helpless waiting for a man to take care of them.

The cool girls usually talk much better English than the good girls. That is such a relief because you get sick of dating girls with Google Translate as a mediator. That is fun the ten first times, then you get kind of tired of that.

It’s common that cool girls have slightly more wealthy parents than the good girls. This has opened the world for them.

Some have studied one year abroad abroad. Some have even learned a third language. I once dated a cool girl that spoke French. That was sexy as fuck. 😀

You will never meet a cool girl without a passport as most of them have done some traveling. They all have interests and hobbies that they pursue in their free time. I have met girls that do dancing, martial arts, surfing, painting, playing instruments, sing and play sports.

I even met a girl that was planning to start a shelter for homeless dogs. Respect!! 😀

These girls are independent and hard-working. But without loosing their femininity and gentleness like most women in the West do. That is something I find really attractive.

These girls are very easy to have conversations with as they already talk English. You will have a lot to talk about and if you are smart you find a girl with common interests and hobbies.

That whole fantasy about finding a girl that doesn’t talk a word English is fun in the beginning, but if you want a real and serious relationship with a girl, you need to have stuff to talk about. Not everything is about tight pussy. 😀 😛

I usually get along with cool girls right away. We always have something to talk about like travel experiences, compare our cultures or common hobbies.

If you want to find a giik (fuckfriend) you should absolutely look for cool girls. Some of these girls can have sex with you just for the enjoyment and without starting to nag about getting married or meeting her entire family tree.

I’ve had several cool girls as fuckfriend the last year. They are the best. 😀

What I really love about the cool chicks is that they are always up for some fun. They are open-minded and love to try and experience new stuff.

Cool girls are totally up for some drinks in the weekends, but they will not go totally nuts like the nightclub sluts I will talk about now. They also kept their pride, so they won’t nag about your money.


The nightclub slut

The nightclub sluts are all about party hard every night. They dress up like whores and is all about status. Diamonds in the ears, expensive phones, fancy drinks, taking cool tattoos and wearing fresh and hot clothes.

Some have good jobs that can pay for this lifestyle, but most of them don’t. They solve this by being gold diggers with wealthy men they meet in the clubs. Some are not shy about selling sex, while others will sell it, but it will be in a more discreet way.

Like the “we have fun, you pay for everything” way. Others will just say it, “give me 3000 baht and I’ll fuck you”.

Because these girls are all about status you will always see them with their phones up. This is so they can take pictures whenever something cool happens. They want to been seen popping expensive bottles of wine, hanging out with handsome tall farang men and be seen in the ‘zone’.

The only way to make sure of this is to always be ready to snap the next picture just so they can put it on Facebook and Instagram.

These girls can be really fun to party hard with, some of them are really nuts and you will never hear these girls say it’s too late. They will continue until early morning.

Here it the deal with the nightclub sluts: I don’t trust them. Most of them are semi pro hookers. The signs are there and if I’m fucking one of them, there is a good probability that she is fucking other men in between. I would never fuck a club slut without condom.

They never act jealous, that is a pretty good evidence that they don’t give a fuck and that they fuck other men too. Good girls and cool girls will be jealous as soon as you look at or talk about other girls. That is NOT true for nightclub sluts.

A lot of nightclub sluts will say that they ‘just took three weeks of from work’…. Hmm.. How can you do that my love..? Do you have an old dude that is sending you money, and that you fuck every time he’s around? But when he’s not around, you drink like a maniac and fuck every one else? Yeah, I thought so.

The thing is, this is extremely normal here in Asia. A lot of older guys will go to the clubs, find some super hot young lady and say: “Hey, if you become my girlfriend I will give you 1000$ a month.” Of course it’s hard to say no when you make 300$ a month in a job that you hate.

All the girl have to do is to visit their old ‘boyfriend’ a couple of times each week, ride their dick and finish of with a good blow job. Then collect the cash.


Here is another thing I don’t like with these girls; they can be very demanding. They will tell you: “I want that, and this, in that way”.. I don’t like that. They have been spoiled too much by rich men, and they know they can get away with that shit if they do it on enough men. Someone will always succumb. These girls will always test your limits about what they can get away with. NO thanks! 🙁

If you meet a girl at Thai Cupid, and she starts ‘your relationship’ with demanding a special restaurant or nightclub, she is probably a gold digging nightclub slut. Watch out.

So, they are demanding, but at the same time you have to pay for them. Bad deal if you ask me, you could just as well go find a hooker that will do what ever you want for money.



These girls will fuck you for money. You can find them everywhere in Thailand, but most of them are in big cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

They come in all sizes and shapes and if you want to know more about hookers in Thailand you can check out my Thailand Sex Guide for beginners.

Most of the hookers are from northeast Thailand (Isaan) and they sell sex because they are from poor families. They use the money to support themselves, maybe save money for education or send money back home to the family.

Some hookers will sell sex because they are lazy, don’t want to work and think it is okay to rent out their pussy for fast cash.

The hottest hookers can make a lot of money in short time, and will not stay around for long. However, some will because they fall in love with the neon lights, high energy and the money.


High Society Girls

Hi-So girls are descendants of wealthy families in Thailand. Families that own land or big businesses. You will probably not see much of them because they mingle and socialize mostly with people within the same social status.

You also have a another type of Hi-So girls. That are those who made their own way into this exclusive circle either by their looks or because they are smart.

If you want to mingle with these people you should absolutely look for that last group as they actually have a brain and where not just born into wealth.

Personally I don’t like most of these people as they are too full on themselves and have pretty bad attitudes against people who have less.

You probably don’t have a chance with these people unless you are wealthy yourself. As status means everything.


Ladyboys and tomboys

Then you have the ladyboys and tomboys.

Ladyboys are technically men, but they dress up and act like women. Some are more sincere than others. You will find anything from part-time ladyboys to ladyboys that do the final thing, cut of their….

Tomboys are girls that dress up and act like men, and just like the ladyboys, some are more sincere than others.

These people can be in whatever groups I have already been talking about. Some are good people with traditional attitudes while other are in the clubs every night going nuts. They are generally accepted all over Thailand and they make Thailand a little bit more interesting. 😀

Personally I have no interest in dating them, but I totally respect their way of being.


There you have it..!

7 different types of Thai girls in Thailand. When you are meeting new girls in Thailand you should always try to categorize them. That can save you from a lot of trouble and headaches.

If you want to find a girl that you can have interesting conversations with and maybe have some noncommittal sex with. You should look for the cool girls, or maybe a nightclub slut with some basic manners.

If you just want to party hard, and don’t care if you have to give some money for the pussy drilling session, go find a nightclub slut that don’t give a fuck about anything.

If you just want sex, and don’t want to spend any energy at all. Just jump inside a go-go bar or a beer bar.

If you are looking for a lifelong partner, you should look for a good girl or a cool girl. But stay far away from the nightclub sluts and the hookers.

All type of girls can be equal fun, it just depends on what you are looking for.. 😀


Why dating sites works so well in Thailand

Hello guys! 😀

In this post I will just give my thoughts about why I think dating sites works so fucking well in Thailand, and why the stream of girls ready to bang you never seems to end… I’m not talking about hookers here now guys, but girls that are looking for fun, friends, giiks (fuckfriends), and boyfriends.

Just regular Thai people who are looking for fun.


View on dating sites: Western world vs Thailand

Dating sites in the Western world is not nearly as popular as it is in Thailand. In some countries it’s even a little bit taboo and shady to even have it and if you get busted while you are sitting on a dating site, it can almost be embarrassing.

This is not the situation in Thailand, and almost all girls over here have an account at some kind of dating site. It is so acceptable that if you look around in buses and sky trains around in Bangkok, you will see that a lot of girls will be sitting on some kind of dating site texting with foreigners.

When was last time you saw a Western women back in for example England on a dating site out in public? Probably never, because almost no one in the Western world is using dating dates.

I think there are several reasons for why dating sites have become so popular and accepted in Thailand relative to the Western world. Here are some of them:

Reason 1: Work hours

Thai people work long days. Some up to 10-12 hours 6 days a week. When someone is working that many hours it is obvious that there is not much leisure time for flirting. On their day off they are tired and most of them just want to relax at home in front or their TV, smart phone or maybe visit family.

Dating sites is a perfect way for Thai girls to get to know new people while they are working long hours. If you’ve ever been to Thailand you have probably noticed that there is always a ton of people on work, but almost no one is doing anything?

Yeah.. Thai people have a lot of spare time to do whatever they want while they are at work.

When I think about it, whenever I ask a girl on Thai Cupid what she is doing, most of them answer “workiiiingggg”. 😛

Reason 2: Money

It’s easy to think that Thailand is a cheap country, and that doing stuff here is so easy and affordable. But remember that most Thai people have an average monthly income at around 15.000 baht (450 USD). Some people have even less to play around with than that.

After paying rent, electricity, internet and other debt there is not much play room to go out and have fun in the bars and restaurants. Especially not in the ones tourists hangs out in with tourist prices.

This is where dating sites comes in handy because for Thai girls, it’s free to sign up and they can get to know people without spending a dime.

Reason 3: It’s socially acceptable

This one I have already mentioned. In Thailand it is completely normal to be on these sites. I’ve seen hotel girls at work playing around with their phone while talking about pictures of foreign men at Thai Cupid. That would never happen over in Western Europe, but here it’s nothing weird about it.


Sign up!

Online dating is a fucking goldmine and if you sign up for one of them you will get so much attention and dates that you wont believe it. Especially if you’re white.

At Thai Cupid you can sign up for free, then you can have a look at the buffet. I don’t remember if you can actually talk with girls without membership (have had membership for 3 years now). I think you can, but there is like a 15 min delay or something like that. Maybe you can tell me in the comment section?

Thai Cupid have over 1 million members. I’m just saying… 😀

Do you want to spend 30.000 baht on 6 hookers when you come to Thailand, or spend 1000 baht for a membership on Thai Cupid? With that you can create a little harem of girls that are ready to meet and fuck you when you arrive Thailand..

Should be a pretty easy choice if you ask me… 😀

Pro tips:

  • Always take a good look at the girl’s pictures. Some girls use Photoshop to make them look better than they do in reality. Watch out for pictures that are blurred or pixelated.
  • The girl does not have a picture of her body? She’s probably fat!
  • Ask for her Facebook, then you can see what she’s doing in her sparetime.
  • If you have her on Facebook, you can make a video calls! That is golden, because then you get a feel for how she is!




5 ways to meet Thai girls

Almost no feeling is better than the feeling when you get out of Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok after a long flight. A wall of hot air is hitting you straight in the face and you can see the palm trees everywhere. You are in Thailand! 😀

You know that for the next weeks, you’ll meet a lot of sexy, feminine and sweet Thai girls that you’ll have a lot of fun with.

I have tried a lot of different methods to get a Thai girl on the hook and some works better than others. Read up here at Goodbye Boring Life so you don’t have to waste your precious time in Thailand.


Online dating

There are a lot of dating sites out there. And I have tried a lot of them, but after discovering Thai Cupid I have never bothered to use anything else.

Why? Thai Cupid has over 1 million users all over Thailand. You can find girls at Thai Cupid even in the smallest hut in Thailand here. It’s just so many girls on Thai Cupid that it can be overwhelming at times. Especially if you are searching for girls in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or Chiang Mai.

You can sort girls after age, height, weight or whatever you want.

Another wonderful thing with Thai Cupid is that you can sign up before you go to Thailand. If you do that you can chat up a lot of girls and create your own little harem of girls that are ready to meet you when you arrive. 😀

If you have a boring job at home with a lot of spare time, why not use your time chatting up Thai girls at Thai Cupid? 😀



Tinder is a dating app for phones that sort girls after location. So when you are using it you will only get girls that are near you. Perfect if you already are in Thailand. If you are in tourist places such as Phuket or some of the popular islands, prepare to scroll through a lot of white trash before you find a cute Thai girl.

I’ve had some luck with Tinder in Bangkok. But I have to be honest, I really hate to chat with a mobile phone because the keyboard is so small. I rather pull up my laptop and take a Thai Cupid session.


Girls in everyday situation

This is probably my favorite way to meet Thai girls. Because if you ask a lady out in real life you already got a feel for how she is and behave.

If you date a girl at a online dating site you really never know what she’s like before you meet her. That can of course be exiting, but sometimes it can be a waste of time too. Maybe she used photos of herself that are 5 years old? Maybe she photo shopped her photos to look better than she really look?

However, if you are coming to Thailand for just a short 2 week trip, I still recommend chatting up girls at Thai Cupid, just in case you don’t have any luck with hooking up with receptionists and restaurant workers.

To get a better feel for the girls you meet at Thai Cupid, you can also ask for their Skype for video calls and Facebook to see what they are doing on their free time.

Where do you meet Thai girls in real life? 


Hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, on the beach, in drug stores, at the street, in the sky train, at the airport or in an airplane on a domestic flight. In the hospitals there are a lot of cute nurses if you should ever become sick in Thailand. There is really no limit! 😀

My favorite is hotel receptions. In Thailand you have to look good to work in front desks. Especially at the 4 and 5 stars hotels. You also need a bachelor degree at most hotels, so those girls are usually very ambulatory. 😀

Just walk in at whatever hotel you find, and there will be some hot girls standing around in the front desk. 😀



If you don’t want to waste your time with dates, rejections and foreplay, and just want the fun stuff straight away. You always have the hookers ready to entertain you at any time. I’m totally guilty of this because the availability makes it so tempting and the prices are so friendly for your wallet.

It’s really hard to stay away.

There are countless of different types of hookers in Thailand. Go go girls, beer bar girls, soapy massage girls, massage girls, blow job bar girls, freelancers and girls that will do different types of fetishes like BDSM, anal sex and role games.

I will not go into prices in this post, but if you want to know more about that, check out my Thailand Sex Guide and Sex Holiday in Thailand: Planning and costs.


Bars and nightclubs

This is an option too, but I don’t think this is a good way to meet girls in Thailand.

The reason is that most Thai people go to nightclubs with friends, family and boyfriends, and they always come in big groups. Getting inside those groups as a farang can be very hard, and if you hit on a girl that have her Thai boyfriend close by you can get in some real trouble.

Not only that, bars and nightclubs are loud environments and it can be hard to hear what people say. That combined with Thai peoples lack of English skills is a bad combination.

Another point to this is that Thai people will go to nightclubs in areas that are only catering to Thai people. If you ask a taxi or a tuk tuk driver about a good nightclub, they will always bring you to the tourists nightclubs that are full of hookers and gold digging whores. Not the ones that are full of normal Thai people just having fun. So then we are right back to my third point about hookers anyways.


That was it for this guide, as you can see there is a lot of possibilities in Thailand. It’s not hard for a man to get his dick wet down here.

Have fun! 😀

Western women vs. Thai women

You have probably heard the saying “Once you go Asian, you will never go back to Caucasian”. Or was it “Once you go black, you never go back”?… Hmm.. I’m not sure… I think both will work. 😀

After I started traveling to southeast-Asia dating Thai girls, I don’t even look at girls back home anymore. The amount of stress, bad behavior and bad stuff you have to plow through is just not worth it considering what you get in return.

They have nothing to offer compared to Thai women, and it’s more exhausting to be around them than a fun or meningfull experience.

Whenever I go Khaosan Rd in Bangkok, and see all the Western women there. I’m really just thinking: “What the fuck happened to women back home?”, while my dick shrinks extra deep into my belly. It’s really a awful sight..

This post will contain a lot of generalizations. Just because you read this post does not mean that ALL Thai girls are like this, or that ALL Western girls are like that. You can obviously find good women in the Western world, just as you can find bad women in Thailand.

All I’m saying is that you are much more likely to find a good women in Thailand than in any Western country at these days.

Actually, much more likely..



Thai women are sweet, sensitive and very gentle in their behavior. The majority of men are attracted to feminine women, just like most women are attracted to masculine men. This is just the ying and the yang of nature.

Feminists might tell you different, but just look at how well relationships are going back home. Divorce rates have never been higher and a lot people have kids with up to 4 different partners. I have three siblings and all of them are half.

When most Western women lack the one trait that men are attracted too, namely femininity. It’s not strange that almost all men that discover Thai women never go back to Western women.

I know that when I’m choosing my wife, I’ll be looking for her in Thailand, and not in the Western world.



If Thai women have a sixth sense, it has to be that they have a very good sense of what state of mood you are in.

If you are busy or are doing something that are important for you like work, a hobby or a passion. They will never come over to interrupt you to talk about something they want to talk about. Like: “we should talk about that event that we are going to next year” or “we have to discuss what color we should choose for the curtains”.. Bla bla bla…. You get my point.

However, if you are happy, and you want to have fun or just talk about something funny. They have an amazing ability to adopt to that positive energy in no time so they are on the same emotional level as you.

At the same time, if you are feeling sick or something is wrong. They will pick that up fast and ask if you are okay. They will go out of their way to try to make you feel better. They will rush down to the pharmacy to pick up medicines and they will call a doctor to hear if it can be anything serious.

All the relationships I ever had in the Western world was never like this. It was exhausting because it was always I that had the responsibility to make both me and her happy. It was never a mutual thing.

I remember one girl I was dating back home many years ago. We were eating and suddenly I got a really bad stomach pain. If she had some sense of empathy she would have noticed that I was not well, but she didn’t, and just kept on continue talking about herself. She actually said “pull yourself together” and “stop whining”, so she could continue to talk about her boring bullshit.

Western women attention radar points inwards towards them-self, while Thai women attention radar points outwards towards you.



My last Thai girlfriend lived in Bangkok. She worked at a hotel at Sukhumvit. Usually when she had to go work early in the morning I just slept in.

When I woke up I made up the bed, cleaned her apartment and took out the trash before I started on my own work. Every single time I did this she burst out in a super happy state of mind. Thanking me for being so goodhearted and doing “her” job (housework).

Sometimes I would go to her job just so I could walk with her back home to keep her safe. Whenever I did this she was super grateful and thanked me.

If you do something nice to your Thai girlfriend, be certain that she will give you back 1 million times.

If you do something nice towards a Western women she will take it for granted and probably forget it the next day.


Doing housework

A Thai women will do housework. She will do this without complaining or making a fuzz about it. She will never say something like “If I clean the windows today, you’ll have to do the laundry tomorrow”.

This is also true for cooking. Most Thai girls know how to cook up some dishes. While in the Western world meeting a women that actually can make food is a rare event.

I think it is important that a women know how to cook, because she will take care of your children at a later point and it is important that the children get good healthy homemade food, and not some pre-made unhealthy shit from the supermarked.


They will constantly do small things for you

This one of those things I just love about Thai women. They will always do small things for you just to show that they care. Let me give you some examples:

  • If you are out eating together, and your glass is empty. She will fill it up.
  • If your shirt is curly she will straight it out for you, and if you spill something on yourself she will try to clean it up or remove it.
  • If you loose money on the ground, she will pick it up, and if your hair gets messed up by the wind, she will fix it up.

These are all just small things that don’t take much energy, but it just shows that she is always watching over you making sure that you are comfortable.

A western women would never do anything like this. It wouldn’t even cross her mind.

As I said earlier, Western women’s attention radar is pointing inwards and it is much more likely that they will talk about some boring stuff they did the day before with her boring friend, than to make sure that you are feeling well.

I’m not saying that Thai women never talk about something they have been doing earlier with a friend, but they are definitively not in that ‘me me me me’ modus that Western women seems to be in pretty much 24/7.


An open mind and “up to you”. 

When you want to do something, and you ask your Thai girlfriend what you should do for the night. They will almost always say “up to you”. Many people think that this is just another way of saying “I don’t give a shit, do what you want”.

In my experience that is not what it is. It’s more that they want you to be happy and if they let you choose, it will make you happy. And as I said earlier, Thai women have an amazing ability to be whatever emotional state that you are in. If you are happy, they are happy. If you are sad, they are worried. Etc..

I’m not saying that Thai girls never come up with suggestions. They do.. Sometimes the suggestions can be really absurd too. Let me give you an example:

I was out with my Thai girlfriend and said I wanted to eat because I was hungry. I told her that we could just eat in the restaurant just next to the apartment. But no, this day we couldn’t do that.

She really wanted to eat at another restaurant that was 30 minutes away with sky train and a motorbike ride far out in nowhere in Bangkok. When we got there it was nothing special about the restaurant. I never got it why she wanted to eat here, maybe she had a old friend working there and wanted to show off her new farang boyfriend? I don’t know..

What you will almost never hear from a Thai girl however is stuff like: “I have a rule that..” or “If we do X today, we have to do Y tomorrow.”. That shit you will hear from Western women all the time.


They wear dresses

aea4e7597398b41c0f806758b30f8816I don’t know what happened with women back home but Thai girls are always wearing cute and feminine dresses. That combined with their femininity I talked about earlier makes them really attractive in my opinion.

Women back home don’t really wear dresses anymore like they did in the old days. They rather walk around in jeans and hoodies.

Then you also have all those strange “identity” freaks back home that wear really fucked up stuff. Emo’s, goths, barbie, and all that shit. What’s up with that? They look like complete trash.

This is of course my personal opinion and if you like girls that look like they just wake up from the grave I’ll be the last person to judge you. It’s just not my play field.

I identify as a dead person
I identify as a dead person



Thailand is a hot and humid place. There is nothing a Thai girl love more than to take a shower and to take care of her appearance. If you are dating a Thai girl, don’t be surprised if she wants to shower up to 4 times day. When she wakes up, after work, after dinner, before sex, after sex and just before she goes to sleep.

I think I have never met a Thai girl that smell old sweat odor. I can’t really say the same about Western women.


It is very unpopular for women in Thailand to smoke. The result of this is of course that almost no Thai women do this. That is very good because nothing is worse than to make out with a regular smoker. It’s like cleaning an ashtray with your tongue.

If I meet a women that are smoking I’m put off immediately.



Most Thai girls don’t like to exercise, but still most of them are able to stay slim. This is because they have been eating healthy Thai food with a lot of vegetables all their life. But also because Asians are slim and petite by nature.

Western women however are getting fatter and fatter, and so many cut their hair short and take ugly tattoos. Statistics prove anyway that western countries like America, Australia and by now also Western Europe have the highest percentage of fat girls in the world.

Fat girls are not sexy nor healthy, and it’s in mens nature to be attracted to a healthy women because one day we will share our DNA with them and make kids. If you share your DNA with a unhealthy women you will get unhealthy kids and that is not how evolution have programmed us to work! Science right there bitch! 😀



This post have almost only been about all the stuff Thai girls will do for you. I’m not saying that you should make your girlfriend do all the work while you are sitting on the sofa drinking beer and watch fotball while you scratch your balls.

It’s just that when you have a feminine women that will care of you, do little cute things for you all the time and that won’t complain about every little absurd thing. It’s much more easy to do good deeds back to them and be willing to do sacrifices.

All those small things creates a positive feedback loop where you and your girlfriend makes each other feel special and desired. She will always try to make you happy and comfortable, and hopefully, if you are a good man, you will do the same for her.

ananas-cocktail-rohr-sand-lebensmittelDo yourself a favor and sign up for Thai Cupid, that way you can flirt with Thai girls 24/7..

.. and before you know it you are on an airplane straight to Thailand enjoying a drink on the beach together with a sweet feminine Thai women. 😀 😀



Have an opinion about this? Comment section is here for a reason! 😀