Tinder in Bangkok = Success

What’s up guys? 😀

Just a quick tip if you want to find hot girls in Bangkok fast.

I’ve had great success with Tinder lately. It’s seems like more and more Thai girls get this app on their phone. Two years ago I would barely find any Thai girl on Tinder in Bangkok. The balance was maybe 95% tourists and 5% Thais.

Today it’s much higher concentration of Thais and you have to shuffle through a lot less obese Western women. 😀 Yeah, the trolls pop up sometimes, but just swipe left and you’re good to go. 🙂


What is Tinder? 

For you guys that have been living under a rock the last 5 years. Tinder is a dating app for mobile phones. You can download it in Play Store for Android and Apple store for Iphone. Tinder is free to use.

When you have signed up a lot of girl’s will start to pop up. You swipe left if you don’t like them and you swipe right if you like them.

To talk to a girl she has to swipe right for you too. Then it’s a match and you can start talking.

The app is using the GPS on your phone, so you will only get up girls that are close by.

Usually I quickly ask the girl for either Facebook or Skype. That way I can have a video call with her to get a feel for her. If she decent I will ask for a meeting, if she’s weird I will stop talking with her.


What is my problem with Tinder? 

Well. It seems like its only working for Bangkok right now if you want to meet Thai girls. If you go to Chiang Mai, Phuket or any other tourist destination in Thailand we are back to the first problem I mentioned, too much obese Western women with ugly piercings in their nose.

Another thing I don’t like with Tinder is that you have to use your phone. I hate to use that phone keyboard to talk with people (I have big hands). It’s very clumsy and exhausting in the long run. I would still use Thai Cupid most of the time even tho it cost money.

A third thing is that it’s only working for the place you’re at. If you are planning a trip to another city and want to chat up some girls before you go there. You can’t really use Tinder for that.

Check my post about how to set up an online profile to swim in pussy here. It’s for Thai Cupid, but same rules apply for Tinder. Maybe even more as everything revolves around the first impression.


… Or just enjoy this video of hot girls dancing all around Thailand. 🙂 It’s my Youtube channel, so remember to subscribe. 🙂