Testing out a flotation tank in Bangkok

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If you are in Bangkok, and you want to try something that is even more relaxing than an oil massage, I have some good news to you.

It’s called a flotation tank, and yeah.. That is exactly what you do. You float inside a tank.



This is basically how it works

When you arrive you’ll get a room for yourself with a shower and a tank. After you are done with showering you jump inside the tank completely naked.

When you are inside the tank you will float like a wine cork because the water is very salty. You turn of the lights, put ear plugs in the ears and relax.

The water is the same temperate as you skin, so after a while you won’t feel the water.

You will not see anything, hear anything and because you float, and don’t feel the water, it feels like you’re weightless. The session can last anything from 1 hour to 4 hours. It’s up to you.


Why would you do this…?

It’s extremely relaxing. When you get out of that tank you will feel like you were given a new body. All tensions are gone, all neck and back pain are gone and you will feel very alert when you get out.

If you are working hard on something, and you feel really tired and tense. Lets say you had a 8 hour session on a computer… Ā A couple of hours in that tank would solve all your problems.

It’s also a good place to think,Ā without getting distracted. You can think out plans, business ideas, if the Thai girl you are with are the right one :P, Ā or anything else that you have on your mind.

Another funny thing that will happen for a lot of people areĀ hallucinations. The reason for this is because your brain don’t feel anything from the outer surroundings. This is not a normal state for the mind, so your brain goes nuts.

AllĀ nerve impulses from the outside world stops, so your brain starts to use all that energy on the nerves inside the brain instead. ThereforĀ hallucinations.

A lot of people take drugs when they are inside these tanks. If you want to do that is really up to you. I’ve heard you can have some really intense trips if you combineĀ hallucinogens and flotation tanks.

marijuana, LSD, mushrooms, DMT etc. It’s really up to you.


Bangkok Flotation Center
Bangkok Flotation Center

I went to a place called Bangkok Flotation Center. You can find their webpage here. This place was a pain in the ass to find, but it was totally worth it.

I’ve been here three times now, and I really enjoy spending time in that tank.

You should take the BTS train to Udon Suk station towards Bearing. From there it’s about 10 minutes with taxi.

I talked with the dude that owned the shop, and he said that they would move the studio in some months, so if you are reading this in the future you should double-check the location.




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