Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly Review – Which to get?

Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly

Some time ago I said I would take a break from online dating in Thailand. Not because I don’t think it’s effective; it is! But because I had a lot of girls in my rotation already so I prioritized to spend my time working and expand my online business.

At that time I was a premium member at Thai Cupid. This time I bought a membership at Thai Friendly.

Here is my comparison of Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly.

Should you get Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly?

I’ve been using it for two weeks and in this post I will tell you the differences so you can choose the platform that is best for you.

So.. Here we go… ūüôā

Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly 

Quantity of girls

Thai Cupid have more members.

As I’m writing this (01.00 pm Thai time) there are 470 Thai girls online on Thai Friendly from all over Thailand between 20 – 25 years old. Roughly 200 of them located in Bangkok.¬†Another 3500 girls were online within the last hour.¬†

Thai Cupid however have over 2000 members online at the same time, and another 8000 girls were online the last hour.

Thai Cupid: 1
Thai Friendly: 0

Quality of girls

Doesn’t matter what platform you sign up for. You will find the same ratio of hot / average girls on both sites.

Thai Cupid have a bigger thumbnail for profile pictures on the front page and in searches. This makes it slightly easier to see if a girl is hot or not without spending time visiting her profile.

Thai Cupid Vs Thai Friendly thumbsnails
Thaicupid’s thumbnail (top) are slightly bigger than Thai Friendly’s.

Thai Cupid: 2
Thai Friendly: 1

Search filters

Thai Cupid is the big winner here.

You can filter girls on almost any variable. Age, height, BMI, Chinese sign, star sign and even their measurements + 30-40 other variables.

Thai Friendly can only filter basic stuff like age, weight, height and a few more.

But honestly, who need a massive filtering system like Thai Cupid? I’ve never used it. It will only work if the girls take the time to fill in everything, and is honest about it, something I doubt most people are.. xD

I usually only use the age and the location filters.¬†Everything else is up for negotiation. ūüėÄ

If you need these filtering options or you have special needs Thai Cupid is the winner.

Thai Cupid: 3
Thai Friendly: 1

Design and Functionality 


Thai Friendly is the winner in my opinion. Thai Friendly look more ‘fun’ than Thai Cupid. It has more catchy colors and just looks better. Thai Cupid however look as fun as staring down a toilet full of diarrhea.

It’s really boring and dull..


Both sites are very easy to navigate and to use. However, the chat system at Thai Friendly can be rather buggy at times. Sometimes when I girl write to me, I can clearly see that some of the lines don’t arrive.

If you close the chat then open it again earlier conversation will be gone.

Thai Cupid is flawless on functionality. No bugs.

Apps for phones

Thai Friendly have a neat app for both Android and Iphone. Thai Cupid don’t have an app, but their platform if mobile friendly on a mobile browser. So you can use both apps on your phone with no problem.

Thai Friendly wins on design and Thai Cupid wins on functionality.

Thai Cupid: 4
Thai Friendly: 2


Here are the different price packages for Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly.

Thai Cupid Platinum

1 month: 39 USD
3 months: 26 USD per month
12 months: 13 USD per month

Thai Cupid Gold

1 month:  31 USD
3 months: 20 USD per month
12 months: 10 USD per month

Thai Friendly

15 days: 15 USD (only bitcoins)
1 month: 25 USD
3 months: 16 USD per month
6 months: 12 USD per month
12 months: 9 USD per month

As you can see Thai Friendly are slightly cheaper than Thai Cupid. That should not be surprising as Thai Cupid offers more members, more functions and a robust bug-free platform even tho the design could be more interesting.

Thai Cupid Platinum us not really necessary to buy. It gives you some more search functions and more visibility above Gold member. If you want to pay extra for that is up to you.


Thai Friendly also let you pay in bitcoins if you want to do that. If you pay with bitcoins you can choose how many days you want to have premium, but you have to pay for minimum 15 days. Look for the bitcoin symbol at bottom right when you are in the payment page of Thai Friendly.

Thai Cupid: 4
Thai Friendly: 3


As you can see. These platforms are almost the same with only small differences.

If a lot of girls to choose from is important for you, and you don’t care so much about boring design then go for Thai Cupid. I would also choose Thai Cupid if I was going to smaller places within Thailand with fewer people. There seems to be more people online on Thai Cupid in smaller cities. There are also better filtering options for cities at Thai Cupid.

If you care more about design, or you are only staying in the biggest cities such as Bangkok, Phuket or Chiang Mai. It doesn’t really matter what platform you choose.

I’m using Thai Friendly at the moment and I enjoy it as it’s nice with a change from Thai Cupid. However I will go back to using Thai Cupid when my three months membership runs out because it runs more smoothly and have more members.

Total Score Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly 

Thai Cupid: 4
Thai Friendly: 3

If you know you’ll sign up for Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly in near future, please consider using my affiliate links. It will not be more expensive for you. The only difference is that I get a small¬†cut from your first membership payment.

You can click here for Thai Cupid, and here for Thai Friendly.

See you around ūüôā

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