Thermae Bar Review Bangkok – Best place to find Thai freelancers?

Thermae Bar Review in Bangkok

There is no doubt that Bangkok is the worldwide capital of pussy. This weekend I found my new favorite place in Bangkok to pick up Bangkok freelancers. Places like this is why men from all over the world come to Bangkok each year to get their dose of fun.

Welcome to Thermae Bar in Bangkok!

No loud music, no overpriced drinks, no red lights camouflaging cellulite and impure skin, no barfine, no annoying mamasan telling you that you drink to slow in her bar or annoying girls nagging for ladydrinks.

Thermae Bar is located on Sukhumvit between Nana and Asok between soi 13 and soi 11 (check map on the bottom of this post).

The bar is quite humble with decoration and drinking options in the bar. The bar look like a standard cafe in Europe.  Is there one thing the bar isn’t humble about however it is the daily selection of hot Asian babes ready for fun.

Freelancers at Thermae
Freelancers at Thermae

Thermae Bar Review


Opening hours

Every day: 20.00 – 01.00

Best time to arrive

Right after it opens. The hottest girls usually get picked up fast.

How does it work?

You walk down the stairs to enter the venue. When you get inside the venue you will be greeted by one of the bartenders who tell you to buy a drink in the bar. You have to buy a drink on arrival. The prices in the bar is very friendly. Almost half of a go-go bar in Soi Cowboy.

Bar prices in Thermae Bar Bangkok
Bar prices in Thermae Bar Bangkok

After you have bought your drink the girls will be standing in a circle along the walls in the bars. Walk clockwise inside the bar to have a look at all the girls.

How do I get the girl? 

Freelancer in ThermaeThe girls in this bar will not approach you like they do in gogo bars or beer bars. Some might give you a smile or a wink as you look at them, but that’s it.

When you find a girl who you like you walk up to her and ask her if she’s willing to go with you. These girls do not work for the bar so they have no obligation to go with you. It’s 100% up to the girl.

Some girls here will only go with Japanese guys. In fact one girl that I really wanted to go with rejected me for that reason. When I asked her why she only go with Japanese men she quickly answered: “small and quick” LOL…

What is the price of a girl? 

It really depends on how much the girl like you and how hot the girl is. Hotter girls will of course be more expensive. A German guy that I talked with in the bar found a really hot 22-year-old snapper. She asked for 2500 baht short-time. He negotiated it down to 2000 baht. That is a pretty good price for Bangkok in 2017.

Another day I took a girl who was really hot for 2500 baht.

If the girl agree to go with you, you can leave the bar immediately. No need to deal with any mamasan or papasan.

Short time hotels nearby? 

If you don’t want to bring the girl back to your hotel or apartment there are several short time hotels nearby. The closest choice is Ruamchitt Plaza hotel. It’s a nice 3 star hotel in the same building that just got renovated. (Thermae is in fact in the basement of Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel).

Some guys just book a room at that hotel on Agoda before they arrive Bangkok. At night they just walk down in the basement to pick up a girl at Thermae.

You can take the back entrance from the bar past the toilets and end up straight at the hotel’s reception. Short time price at this hotel is 600 baht for two hours.

If you want a cheaper option there is a short-time hotel outside Soi Cowboy where it cost 300 baht for one hour.

Can I take the girl for a date or get her Line? 

It really depends on the girl. Some girl just want quick cash and finish as quickly as possible. Most of the girls who come here have normal daytime jobs. This is their secret life at night to make a few extra bucks.

Others girls might be open for hanging out a few hours before you have sex. It really depends on the girl and if she feel she have any chemistry with you.

Some girls are willing to give her Line ID but some are not.

Do Thermae have ladyboys? 

Thermae do not allow ladyboys into the bar. However there is a ton of ladyboys hanging out just outside the bar.

Are the girls hot here?

Freelancers at Thermae
Freelancers at Thermae

The selection of girls here are very varied. It can be up to 100 – 150 girls inside the bar. Tall, short, white skinned, brown-skinned, young, old. You’ll find everything in Thermae. The hottest girls usually get picked up quite fast so if you want a stunner you should meet up 8pm when they open.

The youngest girl I’ve talked with in this bar was 19 years old. Some girls here look really young.

If you see a girl that you like DON’T delay talking with her. Before you know it another guy have picked her up already.

It’s not a lot of mingling in this bar. You approach a girl and one minute later you are out of the door already. There is no games here like in the beer bars or lap dance like in the gogo bars.


This is one of the strangest bars I’ve ever visited. As you enter the bar you have hundred of girls ready for fun. You just walk around until you find a girl you like. Easy as that.

They have no red lights inside the bar so you can actually see how the girl will look at your hotel room. I like that.

The prices here are very decent. Sure you pay the same in a gogo bar for short-time but you don’t have to pay bar fine (700+ baht in most gogo bars in Bangkok), lady drinks and your own drinks.

All in all you can save 1000 – 2000 baht if you go to Thermae instead of a go-go bar. You also get part-time hookers with regular day jobs who haven’t had sex with hundreds of guys like in the go-go bars.

There is no loud music in Thermae so you can actually have a conversation with the girl without yelling into her ear. Great!

This is a bar you should visit regardless if you are a sex tourist or not. It’s really bizarre.


Click here to get the location at Google Map. Thermae is located just on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 15. Easiest way to get here is to take BTS to Asok or MRT to Sukhumvit.

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