Top 3: Go-go bars in Bangkok

In this post I will tell you about my three favorite go-go bars in Bangkok. This will not be a long post about a hundred different places.

I will simply tell you about the go-go bars where I always have a good time. Will just remind everyone who reads that I’m not paid to write any of this (I wish I was). It’s just my subjective opinion about said places.

By the way check out this video I found on YouTube from a channel called Thai girls. Really hot girls dancing on a gogo-bar in Nana Plaza, Bangkok. Good stuff! 😀


Here are top 3 go-go bars in Bangkok:

1: Baccara – Soi Cowboy

This go-go bar is absolute insane. 100% of the time I have been in this place it has been full of girls ready to entertain you. Not only is it always full, but the girls here are hot too!

The bar have two floors. The hottest girls seems to be on first floor, while the excess girls are upstairs dancing topless. The ceiling between first and second floor is made out of glass, so if you are downstairs you can look straight up in the girl’s skirts upstairs. 😀

Baccara is an absolute meat marked and if you are Bangkok for business, and have no time to fuck around looking for hot girls, go here and you will find a girl that you like. I promise you.

Barfine: 600 baht
Short-time: 2000 – 3500 baht
Long-time: 3000 – 5500 baht

Beer: 180 baht
Ladydrink: 180 baht


2: Crazy House – Soi Cowboy

This is another interesting go-go bar in Bangkok. All the girls dance naked on a big 8 shaped scene in the middle of the bar. If you are really picky about how your girl look, you can see everything here. If you don’t like girls with bush, I have good news to you, all girls here are shaved. 🙂

This place is not full of stunners, but the positive news is that you can see the entire girl. You will not get any nasty surprises back at the hotel if you take a girl from this place.

What I also like about this place is that they don’t use red lights inside the bar like they do in Baccara. Red lights can really conceal stretch marks, zits, impure skin etc.

Barfine: 700 baht
Short-time: 2000 – 3500 baht
Long-time: 3000 – 5500 baht

Beer: 170 baht
Ladydrink: 170 baht


3: Rainbow 4 – Nana Plaza 

This one is located all the way in at the back end of Nana Plaza in second floor. You have to plow through a couple of ladyboy go-go bars to get here, but when you get through the ladyboys it is totally worth it.

For some reason, all the girls I ever barfined here have been super cute and gentle. If you are looking for a girl friend experience from a go-go girl, you should absolutely give this place a shot.

Barfine: 600 baht
Short-time: 2000 – 3500 baht
Long-time: 3000 – 5500 baht

Beer: 180 baht
Ladydrink: 180 baht


There you have it! My three favorite go-go bars in Bangkok. If you don’t have fun in one of these bars, or don’t find a girl that you like. You have to be very unlucky in my opinion.

More good gogo bars in Bangkok that didn’t made the list:

Suckers at Nana Plaza
Enter at Nana Plaza
Tilac at Soi Cowboy


Goodbye Boring Life’s mongering route in Bangkok

Whenever I go out to have fun with some go-go girl in Bangkok. I usually start at around 7-8 pm. I check out some go-go bar I have never been to before to see if I find something interesting. If I don’t find any chick that I like before 9 – 10 pm, I will move to either Baccara, Crazy House or Rainbow 4.

The reason is that I know  I’ll find a hot girl in one of these bars. 🙂


A little heads up:

Sometimes it can be tricky to go with a go-go girl in Bangkok long-time. The reason for this is that the pressure in Bangkok is very high. A girl can make much more money by going short-time several times a night, than by going long-time with you the entire night.

If you want the girl friend experience, or just want a girl all night. I suggest that you jump over to Pattaya or Phuket where the demand / supply ratio is a little bit more in your favor. Getting a hot go-go girl in Pattaya or Pattaya for the night is as easy as taking a stroll in the park.

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