Top 4: Beaches at Koh Chang

Klong Kloey Beach

Koh Chang is a tropical island with 25 celsius or more all year around. With that type of climate, and several good beaches all around the island, it’s obvious that you’ll spend a lot of time here on the beach!

Koh Chang have many good beaches, but in this post I’ll tell you about my four favorite beaches.


Klong Kloey Beach

Klong Kloey Beach
Klong Kloey Beach

Klong Kloey beach is my favorite beach on Koh Chang. It’s all the way down south near Bang Bao Pier. The beach is separated from the main road so you will not be bothered with traffic noise in the background.

The beach has thick soft sand and the beach is shallow very far out. Along the beach you’ll find several small restaurants that sell food, drink and alcohol.

You can rent kayak in most shops for 100 baht per hour.

2 km further up the road from Klong Kloey beach you’ll find a river that is very popular to swim in for the locals. There water here is very fresh and a little bit colder than in the sea.


White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach
White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach is not the whitest beach on the island, but it is defiantly the longest. The beach is also along the town Hat Sai Khao which is the most developed town in Koh Chang.

You’ll find everything in this area to have a happy Thailand holiday. In daytime you can relax on the beach all day and jump out in the water whenever you feel to cool down.

When sunset is near small restaurants starts to pop up all over the beach where you can eat and enjoy the sunset. When it’s dark the same restaurants have live music, fire shows and other entertainment.

Later at night you can go over to the bar complex in Hat Sai Khao, the biggest bar complex on Koh Chang with over 30 bars filled with bar girls and ladyboys or take the trip town to Lonely Beach to party all night in one of the rather simple nightclubs. Check the nightlife guide for Koh Chang for more detailed information about that.


Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach is the beach where all the backpackers gather. The beach itself is very nice and it’s probably the whitest beach on Koh Chang.

In the area around the beach you’ll find a lot of cheap bungalows and rooms for rent. In the town of Lonely Beach there are many pubs and nightclubs that hold open until the morning.

Unfortantly I’ve lost my pictures from this beach so I’ll have to send you to a Google Image Search.


Long Beach

If you want to really isolate yourself you should take the trip to Long Beach all the way south on the East side. It’s a good hour drive from White San Beach and probably two hours if you are near Lonely Beach or Kai Bae.

However, the beach is white as paper, untouched and really beautiful. There is no developments here except a small restaurant on the beach’s end, so here you can really enjoy your day in peace.

Unfortunately I have lost my pictures from this beach too so I’ll have to send you to a Google Image Search.


Other Beaches

There are also several hidden beaches around the island. Pull up Google Maps to see if you can spot them. Some of the beaches have small dirt roads so you can drive your motorbike to them, but this is not for beginners and you should be two people in case you puncture. Sucks to walk home!

There are also one more good beach, Lisca Beach, but this beach is private and you have to buy something from the restaurant there to stay there. Some parts of the beach is also unavailable for the public as there is a bunch of tents there.

Lisca Beach
Lisca Beach
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