Top 7 sex destinations in Asia 2018

Top 6 Sex Destinations in Asia

Welcome to Goodbye Boring Life’s top 7 list of sex destinations in Asia in 2018. This will be a long post so make sure you sit comfortable before you start reading. 😀

Also.. Happy New Year to everyone out there! 😀

This post was supposed to come out 1th of January but I got distracted, so yeah…

In this post I’ll go through the top 7 places where easy pussy is on the menu for the common man in 2018 with beautiful Asian women. Places where the regular Joe can find high quality women within days, damn, even within hours..

All over Asia you’ll find cities and towns with an infamous reputation of utter debauchery and wild parties. Every year millions of people go to these locations to get their dose of fun. Today I will give you my thoughts on the biggest sex destinations to date.

This list will include towns and places that are good for both P4P action and regular dating!

I’ll write this post for people who have never been to these destinations. If you are a regular Joe in one of these cities you will probably not learn anything new here.

Are you ready to have an epic adventure in 2018..?? Start saving folks! 😀

1 Pattaya City

Pattaya Sex Destination

That Pattaya is number one on this list might not come as a surprise to anyone, and might even feel disappointing to some of you. But Pattaya is really an unique city in the world when it comes to available girls.

  • Good boys go to heaven, bad boys go to Pattaya
  • Sin City
  • Disneyland for adults
  • Sex capital of the World

There are no lack of proverbs like these when it comes to describing Pattaya City. And they are no cliche, but 100% true. Pattaya is the sex capital of the World, and it is Disney land for grown ups!

The scale of the adult play scene in Pattaya is absolutely mind blowing!

Bar girl in Pattaya
Pattaya beer bar

There are so many bars and establishments in this city that if you were to take one girl from each establishment every night, you would have to go on for at least a decade before you have rounded the city.

Another unique side with Pattaya is that the girls really enjoy working in the bars. The girls are fun loving, have lots of energy, will stay with you long-time and be the perfect one-night-stand girlfriend date.

Almost everywhere you go in the world with red light districts it will be hidden away and in a sketchy neighborhood but in Pattaya everything is open and as long as you’re not a complete asswit it’s completely safe.

I still remember my first trip to Pattaya several years back. I didn’t believe what I was witnessing. My eyes were wide open like a child who had just discovered Narnia! I had to pinch my arm several times during my stay as I was sure I was dreaming!

Sapphire Gogo Pattaya
Sapphire Gogo Pattaya

There is really no way to describe Pattaya. You need to go there to experience it for yourself!

Tons of Go-go bars, shit load of beer bars filled with girls, short-time bars, soapies, tons of dirty massage all over the city, hot freelance babes on Beach Road, blow-job bars, ladyboys, gay avenues, establishments for kinky, BDSM, beaches, islands and amazing food!

Whatever you want you’ll find it in Pattaya.

Most girls who work in Pattaya is from the Isaan region of Thailand. The girls from this area in Thailand all have nice bodies, caramel tan, soft big lips and cute faces. If you don’t fall for these women you are either gay or dead.

You might think that a place such as Pattaya would be expensive, but far from it! As long as you stay away from the go-go bars in and around Walking Street you can still get short-time sex for 1000 baht and long-time sex for 2000 baht with young and hot girls!

If you go with a freelancer from beach road you can get it as low as 800 baht with a decent girl.

Pattaya P4P highlights

So. What are the highlights in Pattaya when it comes to the adult play scene?

Soi 6

Soi 6 Pattaya
Soi 6 Pattaya – The Pussy Club

This is my favorite street in Pattaya, maybe even Thailand. Damn, even in Asia! Mmmm..!

It’s a 200m stretch of road with short-time bars filled to the brink with hot hookers. All bars have rooms upstairs where you can bring the girls for sex right away. No need to introduce yourself, buy lady-drinks or warm up the girl.

Just walk around in the street until you see a girl you find attractive, and go straight to second floor for an 1 hour bang session! Every night there is at least 200 girls working in this street!

Total price: 1000 baht!

It’s almost too good to be true!

If you want to talk with the girl a little bit before you go with her, or you have special requests. No problem. Buy her a lady-drink and she will sit down with you for a chat.

Only your dirty mind is the limit in this street!

If there was a street like soi 6 in every major city across the world, the world would be a much more peaceful place! 😀

Walking Street

Paradise A Gogo
Paradise A Gogo

Walking Street is the most famous street in Pattaya, and also world famous for its Gogo-bars, nightclubs, enormous beer gardens and sea food restaurants.

If you have the money to to blow this street can be a source for unlimited fun and debauchery.

Personally I don’t really like the go-go bars here as I think the girls are too pushy for lady drinks, and they are really expensive compared to everything else in Pattaya. I don’t really know why, but I guess the rent is high in this part in town.

The beer gardens in Walking Street is probably the place in Pattaya I have picked up most girls for long-time ‘dates’ back to my hotel. Good times, good times!

The beer gardens all around town

The beer gardens is what Pattaya was originally all about. All around town you have beer gardens with 5 to 40 bars. All bars with 5-10 girls.

I recently made a comprehensive guide for all beer gardens in Pattaya. Check it out here.

The girls working in the bars are usually very laid back, less pushy for lady drinks but they will crush you in pool so don’t bet big money or promise lady drinks to the entire bar if the girl win. Been there done that! 😀

As a general rule, the further away the beer garden is from Walking Street and Beach Rd. The cheaper they get and the older the women are.

The beer gardens around town is source for great fun and if you want the girlfriend experience and long-time this is where to look!

Online dating in Pattaya

All over Pattaya there are thousands of hotels and guesthouses. All employed by mostly girls in their early twenties. They are bored to death at work so they sit and play with their phones all day. Many of the girls will sign up to online dating sites like Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly to spice up their free time.

Thai people love to meet new people and they are generally easy to date, at least compared to Western girls which is a true nightmare to go on dates with in most cases. Ask a girl out to eat and she will say yes straight away as Thai people love to eat and are easy going.

Online dating in Pattaya is a gold mine that many people overlook because they get distracted by all the bar girls, but it can be a great way to find free sex in this beach town.

Sign up a couple of weeks before you arrive Pattaya and you’ll have several dates ready on arrival. 🙂

Pros and cons of Pattaya


  • Endless choices in girls, online dating, bars, gogo’s, nightclubs, street food, restaurants, malls and much more. The scope of Pattaya is mind boggling.
  • Has a nice get-away island just 30 minutes outside of Pattaya if you need a quick break from the madness or want to bring a girl on a short trip.
  • Daily flights to Phuket.
  • It’s extremely safe. As long as you’re not a trouble maker, loud or a complete asswit I’m completely confident to say that you will never get in trouble here.


  • It gets crowded in high season. This can be tiresome. In recent years the Chinese and Indians have started to fill up Pattaya and they don’t bring anything to the table except taking up space and being rude.
  • Tons of old loser men who sit in the beer bars along Beach Rd with a blank stare. They have no hobbies except drinking beer all day. They have fried their brain with too much booze and get by with minimum pension from their home country. Sometimes they jump from buildings.
  • The main beach in Pattaya is dirty and the beach sellers are constantly trying to sell you shit you don’t need.

Best hotels in Pattaya

Pattaya have tons of good hotels. But my favorite hotel is Areca Lodge in Soi Diana. It’s in smack middle of Walking Street and Soi 6. The two best streets in Pattaya. Next door to LK Metro (mini walking street with a handful of go-go bars and beer bars.

Nice rooms, two swimming pools and just 500m from the beach.

Other great hotels that are guest friendly (girl friendly) and close to Beach Rd is:


2 Phuket

Phuket Sex Destination

Phuket is number two on my list. I wasn’t sure if I should put Phuket or Bangkok as number two, but I chose Phuket as it got almost everything Bangkok have, but in much more beautiful and nicer surroundings.

Phuket is a tropical dream destination. It got everything you could ever wish for considering girls but in really nice tropical surroundings. It’s really a small heaven on earth for us who like to combine travel with dating sexy exotic girls!

You can live in amazing 5 star resorts along the West coast where you can bring a new hot girl every night for some great fun, or just one hot girl you found on Thai Cupid before you arrived Phuket.

You also have a ton of day trips and 3-4 day trips all around Phuket to different destinations and islands, but I will come back to that in a while. 🙂

The P4P for scene is a little bit more business minded in Phuket than in Pattaya. The girls will still go with you long-time but most girls prefer to go short-time as they want to get back to the bar to pull more customers, especially in the go-go bars. The beer bars are a little bit more laid back and you are more likely to find a girl there who want to go long-time with you.

Phuket P4P highlights

Here are some of the P4P highlights in Phuket for men who want to have some fun with girls.

Bangla Road

Bangla Road is Phuket’s answer to Walking Street in Pattaya. It’s a 500 m stretch of road with a good mix of beer bars, go-go bars, restaurants, street performances and girls in sexy outfits screaming in the street to get your attention.

Just like Walking Street in Pattaya Bangla Road is an attack on your senses. As you enter the street for the first time you will look just like that kid we already talked about walking through the closet to Narnia! 😀

In every beer bar and go-go bar in Bangla Road you’ll find hot girls ready to make your night from good to amazing!

The Beer Bars along the West coast

Along the West coast of Phuket you have several small towns. The first one, and biggest, is Patong Town. Then you also have Kata and Karon. In each town you have several areas with clusters of beer bars filled with hot and young ladies from all over Thailand ready to make you happy.

It’s not nearly as many beer bars in Phuket as in Pattaya but it is enough to keep a motivated man occupied with a new lady for some weeks.

Beer Bar in Phuket

Online dating in Phuket

Just like Pattaya there are tons of girls here working in hotels, restaurants, offices and guesthouses. Many of them are bored at work and sign up at a dating site to look for adventure.

The girls who sign up for dating sites are NOT looking for local men but for foreigners, so don’t miss that opportunity.

Thai Cupid is the site with the most girls online in Phuket.


3 Bangkok

Bangkok Sex Destination

Bangkok is my personal favorite on this list. But the reason I didn’t put it as number 1 is that most people who are reading this site are coming to Asia for shorter vacations, and not permanent. So you probably look for destinations that have hot girls combined with beaches, islands, day trips and other activities.

Bangkok is a big mess of a city and not a good place to spend a vacation.

But for sex and dating Bangkok is probably the best city on the planet for the common man who are not rich but want to date attractive girls.

Hear me out here..

The best part of Bangkok is not the P4P scene, but the never ending stream of girls coming to this city to look for regular daytime jobs. You have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of girls here who do normal daytime office jobs.

They work from Monday to Friday 9 to 18 with days off in the weekends, and that’s when you want to meet them!

If there is a capital of online dating in this world it has to be Bangkok. If you sign up to Thai Cupid, then sort girls for Bangkok you will see that there are thousands of girls online right now ready and eager to talk to you.

Many of these girls moved away from family and friends in the districts for work so they are lonely and bored when they have days off. Why not help them alleviate some of that boredom? 🙂

Bangkok also have a quite big P4P scene, but it’s nothing compared to Pattaya and Phuket – and it’s kind of overpriced compared to the rest of Thailand as demand is much higher than supply in this mega city.

Bangkok P4P highlights

Soi Cowboy

A 200 meter stretch of road close to Sukhumvit Rd at Asok filled with go-go bars, a few bars and street food. The most popular and biggest go-go bars here are Tilac, Baccarda and Crazy House.

Nana Plaza

The sign outside says “The worlds biggest Adult Playground”. Don’t know if I agree with that but there are around 30 go-go bars inside this little area over three floors that are laid out like a mall.

In second floor there are also a few ladyboy go-go bars, so watch out for them if you’re not into that, if you are all is good.

On the floor level you have a big beer bar in the middle with some girls available too.

Nana Plaza have recently been renovated, so this place is much fresher now and the girls who work here now look much better and happy.


Patpong is the oldest foreigner orientated red light district in Bangkok. It’s not really that much going on here anymore but there are still a few good go-go bars here, like Bada Bing. Prices are high but that is common all over Bangkok these days as demand is much higher than supply.

All of these red light districts have go-go bars that’s full of hot Asian babes.

If you want to read more about the three red light districts above I’ve already made an in-depth guide. Click here to read it.

Thermae Bar

Thermae Bar is the best spot in Bangkok to pick up Thai freelancers. This place has an unique feel to it as there is no similar avenue in Thailand as far as I know.

The girls are hanging out in the bar but they are not employed by the bar nor do the bar make any money on the girls. The girls are just hanging out, and that attract costumers who will buy food and drinks.

I made a full review of this place a while back ago, click here to read more.

Soapy Massage in Huai Khwang

Soapy Massage in Bangkok

In Huai Khwang in Bangkok you have a ton of soapy massage avenues. This is something you just have to try in Thailand.

You enter the avenue, pick a girl and go to a private room with a tub, shower and bed. She will soap you up and clean you really really good. Then you jump over in the shower, then to the bed.

I’ve already made a full guide to Soapy Massage in Bangkok, click here to read more.

Online dating in Bangkok

As I’ve already mentioned. If you are coming to Bangkok Thai Cupid is a no brainer. There are so many girls on Thai Cupid who lives in Bangkok that you will never run out of girls to talk with.

If you don’t sign up you miss out on a lot of potential girls that you wont have any chance to meet otherwise as they work in offices you don’t have access too, and many of these girls never go out drinking, especially not in the tourist areas that are too expensive for an average Thai salary.

What kind of girls use Thai Cupid in Bangkok?  

You will find all types of girls on Thai Cupid from good hard working girls to university girls who just are looking for some fun in the weekends.

Simple girls – These girls usually have little to no higher education. They speak poor English and have never been outside of Thailand. They do simple work like working in 7/11 or help out in a family business. Most of these girls are from Bangkok.

Average girls – These girls have an bachelor degree and do speak decent English. Some of them have traveled abroad like a weekend trip to Korea or Japan. They do regular office jobs, work in hotels or in Government.

University / Career girls – These girls are smart girls coming from well-off Thai families. Not necessary rich families, but families that do okay. Many of them have studied a year abroad so they speak very good English and are used to Western customs. Many of them work in big international companies in Bangkok. They own car, have a nice condo and dress formal / conservative.

You will find all three types of girls on Thai Cupid. If you have no success with women back home your success rate in Bangkok will be higher. I’ll bet a man who have no game can have sex with at least 50% of his dates on the first or second date with a girl.

Best hotels in Bangkok

Bangkok has thousands of hotels all around the city. Choosing the correct hotel is the key to have an epic stay in this mega city.

My favorite hotels in Bangkok when it comes to party and mongering are as following (all hotels guest friendly):

Dream Hotel Bangkok – This hotel is located in Sukhumvit Soi 15 in smack middle of Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza, the two biggest redlight districts in Bangkok. The hotel have sexy rooms with blue neon lights under the beds. This really sets the mood later at night when you have girl back in your room.

Majestic Grande – This luxury hotel is in walking distance of Nana Plaza, but in the parallel street so you will not hear any noise from all the bars.

Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 – This hotel is in the same building as the nightclub Levels. A nightclub in Bangkok famous for freelance hookers.

For a few more guest friendly hotels in the Sukhumvit area check out this post.


4 Angeles City

As I said earlier in this post when I went to Pattaya for the first time I had to pinch my arm because I didn’t believe what I was witnessing. After some time in Thailand all of this became the new normal. I got used to having girls all over me most of the time.

Then I went to Angeles City. I had to pinch my arm again. This place was of the scale compared to even Thailand.

I walked around the malls while hot Asian girls with a touch of Latino in them (Mmmm) would approach ME. These girls was absolutely starving for foreign attention and many of them were way hotter than what I deserve.

They all spoke perfect English and they were really passionate in the bed. It’s not a coincidence that Filipino girls are called LBFM (little brown fucking machines). These girls are nymphomaniac.

Ok. Then signed up for Filipino Cupid and I was amazed yet another time. The day after I signed up at Filipino Cupid I had 35 unread mails in my inbox and they just kept coming. It was simply too much to handle. I had to sort the girls and only talk with the hottest ones. Absolutely mind blowing those dating sites in The Philippines. It’s a feeding frenzy.

Unfortunately I didn’t get much time exploring the P4P scene in Angeles city because I was too busy with girls from Filipino Cupid. Why pay for sex when you can fuck for free? 😀

But here is some of the stuff I got to check out.

Angeles City P4P Highlights

Angeles City is the most popular destination in The Philippines for men who want to pay for sex. Many call it the new star in in Asia. When you visit the waterholes around town you will meet tons of expat who lived in Thailand earlier but gave up on the country in favor of The Philippines.

And you can’t really blame them…

  1. MUCH easier VISA for people who want to stay long-time.
  2. Just as hot girls, but wilder in bed.
  3. Same price level.

The only thing The Philippines lack is the tasty street food and shopping malls you find all over Thailand.

Angeles City Walking Street

Walking Street is the main attraction for P4P action in Angeles City. It’s a 300m stretch of road filled with go-go bars, sport bars, massage salons, nightclubs, freelancers, street food and restaurants.

Check out this video from Dead Farang to get a feel for this street.

Online Dating in Angeles City

As I’ve already talked about. Online Dating not only in Angeles City, but all over The Philippines is a gold mine. You are missing out on a lot of girls if you don’t have a membership at Filipino Cupid.

Sign up a few weeks before you arrive the Philippines, and you will have more dates than you can handle ready on arrival.

5 Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville Sex Destination

Sihanoukville in one word: Potential

This city is going to be a fun town like Pattaya in the very near future. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on there today.

Sihanoukville is a beach town south in Cambodia. It looks and feels like how Thailand was 20 years ago. This city is rough, not very pretty and not for beginners. Sihanoukville is 6 hours south of Cambodia’s capital and you are far from the civilization if something happen.

It’s basically a Freetown where anything goes. Hookers, drugs, gambling, alcohol, wild parties are all available on the menu here. Cambodia’s 1 year business VISA (no question asked) is also a big plus.

Make sure you have a good travel insurance before you venture into this country. It’s a wild and rough place where anything can happen. If you get serious sick or injured in Cambodia medical evacuation to Thailand or Vietnam is necessary. That can turn out to be very expensive if you have no travel insurance to back you up.

Sihanoukville P4P Highlights

The most popular avenues for P4P fun in Sihanoukville is the beer bar gardens.

The name of these places are:

  • Sihanoukville Square
  • Pub Street
  • Victory Hill

Bargirl in Phnom Penh

Sihanoukville Square and Victory Hill are the best areas in my opinion. Pub Street was dead at the time I was here.

To read more about the beer bars in Sihanoukville check out this post.

Freelancers in Sihanoukville

Another great P4P resource in Sihanoukville is the freelancers. They usually hang out in the nightclubs along the beach promenade down at Ochheuteal Beach.

Check out this post for more information.

Casino girls

All around town you have gigantic casinos built and run by the Chinese. Guess what work in these casinos..?

Hot girls! A lot of hot girls!

Best time to pick up these girls is after midnight when the casinos close. They will be walking out to the parking lot behind the casinos to drive home on their Pink Honda bikes.

Drugs in Sihanoukville

If you’re into drugs you are in the right city. Roughly 3km south of the city you have Otres Beach. A hippie area with drugs floating everywhere. Marijuana and mushrooms can be bought in pretty much every bar and guesthouse in this area.

If you want heavier stuff (Amphetamine, Ecstasy, Heroin etc) no worry. There is a place called “Last Hippie Standing” all the way north on Otres Beach. There is a foreigner there who sells anything you could ever wish for. This guy has a reputation to maintain so you will get what you ask for. No funny business here.

In the Pharmacies around town you can buy pretty much any drugs you need a prescription for in the Western world.

NEVER buy drugs from the tuktuk drivers around town. The number one reason of foreigners dying in this country is drug overdoses or impure drugs. If you buy drugs from tuktuk drivers you play dice with your life.

Online Dating in Sihanoukville

Don’t bother. I signed up at Asian Dating (biggest dating site for Cambodia). Almost no girls online and the girl I contacted answered me days / weeks later.

Asian Dating is okay for Phnom Penh, but in Sihanoukville nothing happened. Click picture under to read more about Online Dating in Phnom Penh.

How to find a Cambodian girlfriend online

Tinder had a few girls, but it was 99% fat Western women.

Best Hotels in Sihanoukville

One thing that sucks with Cambodia overall is the lack of standard at the hotels. They are about the same price as in Thailand but it will be run down, have a funny smell and don’t be surprised if you find a mouse or rat inside your bed munching on some leftover food from the last guest.

I stayed at several hotels in Sihanoukville. Most of them sucked balls but I did find one decent hotel that was worth the price.

Sakal Guesthouse – This hotel is in walking distance to the biggest beer bar complex in Sihanoukville, Sihanoukville Square and in walking distance to the beach promenade where you’ll find dozens of nightclubs.

6 Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng Sex Destination

Vang Vieng is a place I had never heard about until I was about to go there. I was on a VISA run in Vientiane in Laos. Which by the way has to be the most boring capital in South-East Asia in about every aspect.

While I was complaining to a guy I met in a bar about how boring it was in the capital, he quickly told me about this town 4 hours north of the capital with practically free booze, endless happy hours, hookers, drugs, tubing and amazing nature. It was basically a free town that was not on the map yet. His eyes lit up while he was talking about the place so I got really intrigued.

The next morning I went.

The place he talked about was Vang Vieng, and I really had a BLAST in this city. One of my best spontaneous trips ever!

Vang Vieng is a small rural town that lies in a valley between several mountains. It’s four hours away from Vientiane and six hours away from Luang Prabang with bus. The closest cities with flight connection to Bangkok.

So what’s going on in Vang Vieng? 

Well. It’s just a small town with only 2 decent bars with lots of people. The cool thing about Vang Vieng is the people the city attracts. It’s a good mix of Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Thais and a few Western backpackers. They all go to the two most popular bars in town, Sakura Bar and Viva Pub, to get fucked up on alcohol, mushrooms and marijuana.

When I was here there was tons of Korean girls running around in the streets both daytime and nighttime. Good lord those Korean ladies got to be some of the hottest chicks out there. 😀

If you don’t get a boner by this video you’re dead on the inside.

My dream is to have a threesome with two smoking hot Koreans. One day, one day..

In daytime before people go to the bars everyone is tubing down the river in rubber rings filled with air while visiting the temporarily constructed bars along the river.

The town is practically lawless and the drugs are made nearby so they are extremely cheap and potent.

Around midnight the Asians are so wasted that you can basically just lead them to you room. There’s a lot of East-Asian girls here who are curious about white dick so you will have no problem pulling East-Asian girls here if you’re white.

I got several new flags in this town (Korean, The Netherlands and Taiwanese).

Vang Vieng P4P highlights

Not really much P4P action going on in this city. There is a small red-light district 2km outside town with girls sitting outside in small houses, there are also a few freelance hookers in Sakura Bar and Vivo Pub, mostly Thai girls and ladyboys looking for some quick cash while traveling.

If you want to read more about the nightlife in Vang Vieng check out this guide.

7 Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Sex Destination

Ahh! Chiang Mai!

What can I say about this city? If you’re picky on looks Chiang Mai has to be one of the best cities to visit in Thailand as Chiang Mai girls are so damn hot and well behaved. A lot of the girls, especially the ones who come from the districts north of Chiang Mai look very Chinese.

They’re all slim, have white skin and long legs.

Chiang Mai has a very laid-back vibe and attracts a different crowd than the typical tourist areas south in Thailand.

Online Dating is big in Chiang Mai so if you sign up for Thai Cupid beforehand you’ll have lots of dates ready on arrival.

Another great way to pick up girls in Chiang Mai is to go inside the big 4 and 5 star resorts around town. Play a clueless tourist in the beginning to break the ice, then slowly go over in a more flirty tone before you take her number or Line-ID. Always works wonder for me wherever I travel in Asia.

Chiang Mai P4P Highlights

Chiang Mai have a relative big, but laid-back P4P scene.

Loi Kroh Rd

The biggest area for foreigners is Loi Kroh Rd with a bunch of beer bars and massage salons. This road also have a big cluster with around 30 beer bars with a Thai Boxing scene in the middle.

Most of the girls who work in this area are very average looking and well up in her thirties, but there are always some young birds around who are hot as fuck.

Come early as the hot ones always get picked up first.


Freelancers are hanging out in Loi Kroh Rd and in the intersection between Loi Kroh Rd and  Kotchasarn Rd.

For more info on the nightlife in Chiang Mai, both dirty and regular, check out this post.

Online Dating in Chiang Mai

Online dating in Chiang Mai is a very effective way to find Thai girls. There are two big online dating sites for this city.

Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly. If you don’t know which one to choose check out this guide where I compare both of them.

Thai Cupid have more girls to choose from, but Thai Friendly have a more fun design.

Best hotels in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai have a ton of hotels to choose from. I have stayed in a dozen of them and there are two hotels who stand out in my opinion. Both hotels are guest friendly and in walking distance from the main redlight district, Loi Kroh Rd.

Imperial Mae Ping – A 4 star hotel from the seventies era. That means a big lobby, a big dining and breakfast area, a big pool and big rooms. Everything’s big in this hotel.

Doungtawan Hotel – Just a stone throw away from Imperial Mae Ping, but a little bit closer to the action at Loi Kroh Rd. This hotel also feature a swimming pool in 4th floor. They also have a sauna, Jacuzzi and massage salon. Down in the lobby they have a tour shop that offers trips all around Chiang Mai in the mountains.


7 destination. Where should you go? That’s a hard question to answer and you have to figure out that for yourself. But here are a few ideas:

  • If you want to date girls the regular way and you don’t care about the surroundings – Bangkok!
  • If you want to date girls but you care about nice surroundings – Phuket or Chiang Mai!
  • If you want to bang as many girls as possible and you don’t care if you have to pay for it – Pattaya!
  • If you want to try something new or go a place ‘normal’ people don’t go – Vang Vieng or Sihanoukville.
  • If you want a good mix of both P4P action and regular dating – Bangkok, Angeles City or Phuket.
  • If you’re going to stay long time and you don’t want to deal with boring VISA runs in Thailand – Go Cambodia or The Philippines.

But Tim. What about Manila, Cebu, Ho Chi Minh, Krabi, Phnom Penh? Why didn’t you write about MY favorite city? Take it easy snowflake!

Those cities are all valid candidates but I haven’t been enough at those places yet to write anything useful. So those places have to wait to another list, this list is long enough as it is!

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