Do travel blogs make money? See the numbers for GBL after one year!

Do blogs make money?

I started Goodbye Boring Life roughly one year ago when this post goes online. Since that time this website have gone from having zero readers to having almost 2000 clicks per day.

Most of that traffic is from Google, but I do have some returning readers too. I’m happy for that. 🙂

One year have passed so it’s time to tell my thoughts about travel blogging.

So, do travel blogs make money?

Since I started this website last year I’ve made 2190$ on Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly sales. I’ve also made the same amount of money on different jobs that I’ve gotten because of people contacting me through this website.

Since June 2016 I’ve had 255.000 total clicks on the site. Here you can see the traffic week by week since November last year. It’s going up steadily every week. Mostly thanks to organic traffic from Google.

Traffic week by week. Click for bigger picture
Thai Cupid income, click for bigger picture
Thai Friendly Sales
Thai Friendly income, click for bigger picture

Is travel blogging a good way to make money?  


You might think: “Having 4000 bucks extra per year sound really nice. Especially in cheap countries like Thailand”.

Well, think again

This website have taken me hundreds of hours to set up and maintain. I have 117 blog posts as we speak and some of them are over 5000 words long. That stuff takes time to produce.

For some of the posts I have to do keyword research if I want any chance at all to rank for it in Google as it generates free traffic. I also have to do OnPage SEO like putting keywords inside the pictures, have the right amount of text under each header etc etc.

It’s actually much more work than just writing the actual post.

I think travel blogging can be a good business if you become big. However, becoming big today is very hard as the travel blog market is already over-saturated. You will only make it become rich if you have great talent and can capture people’s attentions with your amazing writing, design and photography skills.

What I WILL say is that this Goodbye Boring Life might one day get a lot more traffic from Google, if that happens, I will probably make much more money from the ads I’m running on the site. But that is in no way granted will ever happen.

Do I care that it’s not worth it? 

Nope. I don’t write this blog because of the little money I make. Sure, I have nothing against the money, but I would still be writing this stuff if I didn’t make any money.

Could I make more money?

I could always write a simple e-book where I gather all my most awesome information about where to find hot girls in Bangkok etc etc, then sell it for 5 bucks or something like that. That would probably generate a good chunk per month.

I’m just too lazy to do it right now…

Should you start a travel blog? 

If your intentions is to start a travel blog to make a lot of money in a short amount of time. You’re already wasting your time. You will never succeed.

If your intentions is to create something unique and interesting because you like to do it! What are you waiting for?

Personally I love small travel blogs as they are usually more honest and personal than the big ones who have to constantly think about their reputation as they have big sponsors. Small blogger don’t have to think about that.

You can sign up for domain today then start blogging 25 minutes later. However I do recommend thinking about your brand name before you jump in it. It’s important to have a brand name that is catchy, easy to remember and relevant to your topic.

Other types of niche sites

Setting up a website that gets a couple of thousands clicks per day is not that hard.

I have two more websites (not about travel) that have much more traffic than this side. I obviously wont tell you about those as I spent a ton of time doing keyword research to make it work. I also failed several times with poorly thought out concept.

Do your research. Find your niche. Buy the domain. Set up a few pages and some blog posts. Get traffic from Google by getting backlinks. Backlinks makes you rank. Find something you can sell with the niche.

Profit. 🙂

If you want to get going with niche sites, but have questions, ask in the comment section. I will answer you as soon as I can. 🙂

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