Travel to Cambodia or Thailand as a single man?

The last two years I’ve spent most of my time in Thailand. I’ve also spent some time in Cambodia on VISA runs and other trips.

I’m no expert on Cambodia but I’ve spent enough time there to give you a decent comparison if you don’t know what country to pick.

Girls Girls Girls

Thai girls are sweet gentle feminine girls that will give you a good and easy time. They are very easy to date and get in bed as they will not analyze every little aspect of your interactions. As long as you keep them comfortable (sabai dee) you can do what you want with them.

Almost no effort needed.

However when you have dated one Thai girl you have in many ways dated all of them as Thai girls can feel very programmed.

They all love eating papaya salat, play with their phone, are mostly concerned with Thai issues and put too much fish sauce on their food. Very few Thai girls have any hobbies or interest for anything except what is right in front of their nose.

They all think Thailand is the greatest place in the universe and that everyone with blue eyes are from “farang-land” who have a ton of money.

If you don’t care about that but just want a ton of pussy. You’re all good!

If a Thai girl want to travel it is so she can take a picture of herself to put on Facebook so people can envy her, and not because she have any interest in other cultures. When she have taken the photo she will go back to complain about how she miss papaya salat.

She will show very little curiosity.

Very few Thai girls know how to speak English, despite Thailand being one of the biggest tourist destinations on Earth. Girls who work in hotel receptions can easily say “sooolly, no english”. Unbelievable…

Khmer girls are extremely ambulatory girls with working brains. Many of them speak several languages and are updated on important issues worldwide. Often you see Khmer people inside TV-shops watching international news.

If you ever find a group of Thai people watching international news and not some stupid Thai drama with cartoon sound effects. I will eat your dirty socks.

Khamer people watching fotball, news and National Geographic
Khamer people watching fotball, news and National Geographic

Khmer girls are feminine and gentle just like Thai girls. A lot of them drill diamonds into their teeth making them look like dirty bar girls, but these girls are NOT dirty at all!!

Khmer girls are much more traditional than the average Thai girl so getting them to your hotel room is much harder. I’ve met girls here who have to be home with their family right after work making it impossible to date them.

Most Khmer girls live with their families until they get married.


Thailand start to become a modern country. If you stay in Bangkok you have air-conditioned public transport that will make traveling like a breeze in the wind. All other places in Thailand there are cheap transport such as motorbike taxis and pick-up trucks ready to transport you.

You can rent a brand new motorbike all over Thailand for 200 baht. In Cambodia you can also rent motorbikes but it will cost three times more and the motorbike will look like this.

Almost all cities in Thailand have modern facilities such as shopping malls, 7/11, hospitals and other entertainment like cinemas and arcades. You will always find a Big-C or Central Plaza to cool down in.

Most places in Thailand are clean and well maintained. You will rarely see any trash lying around in the streets.

No matter where you are in Cambodia it’s very clear that you are in a poor third world country. The cities are dusty af, people walk around with broken cloths and missing limbs.

Every health clinic I ever saw in Cambodia was infected with rats and looked like something out of a horror movie.

Clinic in Siem Reap

I once saw a dead old man on a bed outside a clinic in Cambodia.

I’ve heard that if you get sick in Cambodia you should get your ass to Bangkok as fast as possible to get decent care.

Some time ago I met an American girl who needed emergency dental work done in Siem Reap. While she was drilling her tooth the clinic had a fuse that stopped working. The clinic didn’t have backup fuse so they could not finish the job.

She ended up having to pull the tooth because she could not walk around with an open nerve when the anesthesia stopped working. Terrible…

There are a few modern shopping malls in Phnom Penh, but except from that there’s not much going on.


Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh

Traffic in Thailand is some of the worst in the world. Thai people are relaxed people until they get inside a car where they turn into fucking psychopaths. “NO WOLLYYYYY” they yell while you hold on for your life.

I’ve seen tons of dangerous and reckless cutoffs and takeovers in Thailand.

In every city of Thailand after midnight there will be teens with motorbikes on the highway doing wheelies and racing while drinking cheap Hong Thong whisky.

Khmer people drive so slow that you have to tell them to hurry up. They will answer: “It’s important to drive slow so if something happens we will not be hurt” while they take another puff of their joint.

There can be a totally open road with no traffic and a Khmer guy will still drive in 30km/h (18.6411 retard units sorry Americans).


Nightlife in Thailand is world-class. In Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket you can find whatever you want to feed your debauchery needs.

Nightlife in Cambodia is more primitive, but there are some good avenues in the biggest cities. The drug laws in Cambodia is rarely enforced and marijuana is decriminalized.

I’ve never seen police in Cambodia except in the airports.


In Thailand you can find cheap modern apartments literally everywhere. Even the cheaper alternatives will be pretty decent. In Bangkok you can get a nice studio apartment next to public transport for around 200 bucks monthly rate.

In Cambodia everything will be 20% more expensive, but everything will be broken, it will always leak somewhere and your neighbor will be a creepy old fat Englishman addicted to heroin.

The same is true for hotels, except 4 and 5 stars. Those have high standard in both countries.


Food in Thailand is amazing and a big reason why I still live here. Not only is it tasty but also extremely cheap and available. On every street corner in Thailand you can get delicious food from a food vendor for pennies.

Khmer food taste like sewage and is hard to find. It’s also more expensive. Most food sold in Cambodia is actually Thai food but they somehow managed it to make it worse.

Khmer food will sometimes make your asshole spray brown liquid water. The lack of street dogs in Cambodia makes me anxious.

I’ve never had diarrhea from food in Thailand.


Expats in Thailand are young professionals, sex addicts and old drunk Englishmen.

Expats in Cambodia are drug addicts, pedophiles and old drunk English men.

In each country you have a small group of white fat women trying to ‘save the world’. These sexless creatures spend their days learning the local language while they give the old sexpats with young locals girls half their age ugly stares.

In Cambodia you also have a small group of backpackers who ran out on money and picked up a job in a bar or a school. There are no qualifications and everyone can apply.

What the world thinks

If you go to Thailand you are a horny sex addict who bang ladyboys. If you go to Cambodia you are a pedophile looking for 10 year old boys.


Want to stay long-term in Cambodia? No problem! You can buy a one year multi entry business VISA for under 300 dollars. No questions asked and you don’t need to have a business.

Want to stay long-term in Thailand? Sure, but you have to go on stupid VISA runs that set you back both time and money. If they want they can deny you to entry for no other reason than their papaya salat was a little bit salty that day.

Where should you go? 

I think you need to experience both countries. They are so close to each other but still so different. So who is the best country is kind of meaningless question if you ask me.

Thailand is the most developed country, but the hard visas and narrow-minded people can sometimes be a pain in the ass. Cambodia is much more basic, but they came out of a war 30 years ago that was really fucking brutal and messed up. I think they are doing great!

The easy VISA’s in Cambodia is a big plus. So is the nice beaches and islands down south in the country. I also like the relaxed police and laid back drug laws. As long as you don’t hurt anyone you can do what the fuck you want in this country. Not like Thailand where you risk paying up to 1000$ in bribes to police for smoking some pot.

I believe in Cambodia and in 10-15 years I think it can be a great tourist destination, maybe even better than Thailand.

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