Should you travel to Thailand if you’re black?

travel to thailand when black

Hi guys! What’s up? 😀

Sooo. I got this question from a friend back home. He is black and he asked if he should go to Thailand. He was afraid that it could be dangerous for him because he is black. My answer to him was that it would not be dangerous, but that he could have some issues depending on why he goes to Thailand.

There are mainly three reasons why black people are less liked in Thailand than white people. They are:

Thailand’s tourist areas have a lot of Nigerians that push drugs and do criminal stuff. A lot of them don’t behave good at all and they generally make a lot of trouble. If you come here a some Thai people will just lump you into that box until you have proven otherwise.

Skin color
I hate to bring this up, but skin color matters in Thailand. It actually matters in all of Asia. The more dark skinned you are, the less status you get. There are of course exceptions to this and not all Thai’s gives a shit about this skin color thing, but some people will think less of you just because of your skin color.

Big dicks
If you are planning to do some flirting over here or go with hookers I have bad news for you. Thai girls are scared to death about big dicks. Even I get asked what my dick size is before I go with some of the hookers. “You dick.. Big or small?? Tell me truth don’t lie naaa”. First time I got that question I kind of freaked out, and I didn’t know what to answer… 😛


So yeah. If you should come to Thailand or not really depends on what your purpose of visit is.

If you are just coming here as a regular tourist I would say absolutely fuck yes. Come here. You will have a blast and get memories for life. Enjoy the beaches, the food, go trekking and meet a lot of cool people from all over the world. Let yourself loose. Nothing bad will happen.

If you are coming here to go crazy with hookers I would say both yes and no. You might get turned down by some of the girls just because they are afraid that you might have a gigantic cock! 😛

But then again. Money talks and if you can get across as a good guy and get rid of that Nigerian stamp you will probably be just fine and have a blast!

If you are coming here to get a girlfriend or a wife. I would probably say no. It could be possible but you would have a much harder time getting dates with quality girls, than a white guy. Status means a lot in Thailand and if some Thai girl are with a black guy, that can seriously damage her reputation and status among friends and family.


When that is said. It’s not like Thai people hate black people and are totally KKK. It’s much more subtle than that.

Like, I had one friend some time ago that was in Thailand. He is from Pakistan but grew up in Scandianavia. When he tried to get inside Baccara in Pattaya (a popular gogo bar), they told him that it was a guest list that night.

That is of course totally bullshit. I have been to Baccara in both Bangkok and Pattaya a million times and there has never been any guest list there. They just didn’t want him inside because he was Arabic.

I would also imagine that you would have trouble getting inside high-end nightclubs and bars that are catering to Thai people. I have actually never seen black people in those places.


Your safety however would be totally fine and you would never be threatened just because you are black. It’s just those small subtle thing that can be annoying, like not getting inside a bar, or that some girls don’t want to date you.

I was at Full Moon not long ago and there was black people everywhere having a blast. So if you just want to be a tourist here and don’t mingle with Thai people much. You would have an awesome time for sure.



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