Tinder in Bangkok = Success

Tinder in Bangkok equals succes

Just a quick tip if you want to find hot girls in Bangkok fast.

I’ve had great success with Tinder lately. It seems like more and more Thai girls get this app on their phone. Two years ago I would barely find any Thai girl on Tinder in Bangkok. The balance was maybe 95% tourists and 5% Thais.

Today it’s much higher concentration of Thais and you have to shuffle through a lot less obese Western women. 😀 Yeah, the trolls pop up occasionally, but just swipe left and you’re good to go. 🙂


Tinder game for Bangkok

If you want to try Tinder nevertheless, here are some general game tips.

I’ve had good experience keeping it short on Tinder. Sometimes I won’t even bother to do any small talk when I’ve got a match. What’s the point? There are so many girls on Tinder in Bangkok it’s just a matter of time before some girls will think; “Wow, I have to meet this guy”. After that she will say yes to everything you ask for regarding contact information. Then you can take it further on a video chat or a quick meet up.

As always. Tinder is all about creating a good first impression and value. Make sure you got your best pictures possible. Polish that profile to perfection. It’s better to have 5 pictures that are AMAZING, rather than 10 pictures that are good.

The Bangkok Tinder scam

There is a scam that I’ve heard happen with more and more guys lately. Some guy will start to talk with some girl on Tinder. The girl says she want to meet you at some bar somewhere in Bangkok – and often Khao San Rd.

When you arrive at the bar, the girl will never show up. What you don’t know is that the girl work in the bar, but she use a face profil picture.

What will happen when you arrive in the bar and the girl never meet up? You will probably buy something in the bar while you wait for the date who never come.

Clever scam!

Another downside of Tinder

Lets be honest. It sucks big time writing on those small phones. I can’t stand it. I have big hands so for me its even worse.  It’s clumsy and exhausting in the long.

Additionally. It seems like its only working for Bangkok right now if you want to meet Thai girls. If you go to Chiang Mai, Phuket or any other tourist destination in Thailand we are back to the first problem I mentioned, too much obese Western women with terrible tattoos.

A third thing is that it’s only working for the place you’re at. If you’re planning a trip to another city and want to chat up some girls before you go there. You can’t really use Tinder unless you pay the premium so you can just as well buy the membership at Thai Cupid instead then.

Should you give Tinder a try?


But if you want to chat up girls before you come to Thailand I would much more prefer Thai Cupid as you have over 1.000.000 member to choose from!

Check my post about on how to set up an online dating profile to swim in pussy here. It’s for Thai Cupid, but same rules apply for Tinder. Maybe even more as everything revolves around the first impression.

I only expect Tinder to get’s worse and worse as the app become more mainstream, before it eventually die out.

Are there any hookers on Tinder? 

I’ve stumbled across a few hookers on Tinder, but it happens very rarely. There is a report function for people who are asking for money to have sex. I’ve had girls giving me offers, just to disappear a little later.

Why? Someone probably reported them.

Give it a try and tell me how it went! 🙂

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