Want a creepy experience in Bangkok? Go to Siriraj Medical Museum

What’s going on guys? :S

Some time ago I went to Siriraj Medical Museum at Siriraj Hospital, and it was a visit of mixed feelings. It’s just something weird about watching real dead babies of your own species 10 cm away from you through crystal clear class.

Even tho this museum probably is very informative for certain type of people (nurses and doctors) it still has to be some of the most fucked up shit I’ve ever seen in a museum anywhere in the world.

The museum consist of five different parts in two different buildings.

The first building had four different sections. The first section was about birth defects, cancer, treatments and some other health topics. To be honest I didn’t totally catch the theme for this section as it seemed a little bit random.

What I did catch however was that you were greeted with 6 dead babies inside sealed glass compartments. All of them with different birth defects and with autopsy scars on their stomach. They also had Siamese twins in one of the glas compartments.

The next part was about the tsunami back in 2004. This part I actually liked a lot. It told the story about the tsunami on a timeline, and how Siriraj Hospital contributed to minimize suffering among the victims. Great informative stuff!

Next part was about diseases that are spread in food and water, and how you can make food so it’s clean and healthy to eat. There was also some stuff about different tropical diseases that have been in Thailand in the past and in the present, like malaria and kolera.

The last section was disturbing as fuck. I don’t even know how to explain it. They had two convicted rape murderer from the 1950 inside a glas cage. They were tied to the roof in the cage so they didn’t fall down.

They were also standing in metal buckets because they were leaking orange gunk (cake tins to be exact).

Disgusting as fuck, and if you went close you could feel the same stench as if you have a animal carrion close by.

But nothing could prepare me for the last building….

It’s called ‘The Anatomical Museum’, but it’s basically a warehouse filled with hundreds of dead humans, body parts and organs. Human heads, eyes, livers, hearts, dead babies, gigantic babies, everything you can imagine. Everything preserved in perfectly transparent glas compartments.

I won’t post any pictures of this place on the website, but if you want to get a taste of what you can expect in this museum, click here. It will take you to a google image search for this museum. Very graphic you are warned.

Tickets start at 200 baht for one building and 250 for both buildings.

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