Western women vs. Thai women

You have probably heard the saying “Once you go Asian, you will never go back to Caucasian”. Or was it “Once you go black, you never go back”?… Hmm.. I’m not sure… I think both will work. 😀

After I started traveling to southeast-Asia dating Thai girls, I don’t even look at girls back home anymore. The amount of stress, bad behavior and bad stuff you have to plow through is just not worth it considering what you get in return.

They have nothing to offer compared to Thai women, and it’s more exhausting to be around them than a fun or meningfull experience.

Whenever I go Khaosan Rd in Bangkok, and see all the Western women there. I’m really just thinking: “What the fuck happened to women back home?”, while my dick shrinks extra deep into my belly. It’s really a awful sight..

This post will contain a lot of generalizations. Just because you read this post does not mean that ALL Thai girls are like this, or that ALL Western girls are like that. You can obviously find good women in the Western world, just as you can find bad women in Thailand.

All I’m saying is that you are much more likely to find a good women in Thailand than in any Western country at these days.

Actually, much more likely..



Thai women are sweet, sensitive and very gentle in their behavior. The majority of men are attracted to feminine women, just like most women are attracted to masculine men. This is just the ying and the yang of nature.

Feminists might tell you different, but just look at how well relationships are going back home. Divorce rates have never been higher and a lot people have kids with up to 4 different partners. I have three siblings and all of them are half.

When most Western women lack the one trait that men are attracted too, namely femininity. It’s not strange that almost all men that discover Thai women never go back to Western women.

I know that when I’m choosing my wife, I’ll be looking for her in Thailand, and not in the Western world.



If Thai women have a sixth sense, it has to be that they have a very good sense of what state of mood you are in.

If you are busy or are doing something that are important for you like work, a hobby or a passion. They will never come over to interrupt you to talk about something they want to talk about. Like: “we should talk about that event that we are going to next year” or “we have to discuss what color we should choose for the curtains”.. Bla bla bla…. You get my point.

However, if you are happy, and you want to have fun or just talk about something funny. They have an amazing ability to adopt to that positive energy in no time so they are on the same emotional level as you.

At the same time, if you are feeling sick or something is wrong. They will pick that up fast and ask if you are okay. They will go out of their way to try to make you feel better. They will rush down to the pharmacy to pick up medicines and they will call a doctor to hear if it can be anything serious.

All the relationships I ever had in the Western world was never like this. It was exhausting because it was always I that had the responsibility to make both me and her happy. It was never a mutual thing.

I remember one girl I was dating back home many years ago. We were eating and suddenly I got a really bad stomach pain. If she had some sense of empathy she would have noticed that I was not well, but she didn’t, and just kept on continue talking about herself. She actually said “pull yourself together” and “stop whining”, so she could continue to talk about her boring bullshit.

Western women attention radar points inwards towards them-self, while Thai women attention radar points outwards towards you.



My last Thai girlfriend lived in Bangkok. She worked at a hotel at Sukhumvit. Usually when she had to go work early in the morning I just slept in.

When I woke up I made up the bed, cleaned her apartment and took out the trash before I started on my own work. Every single time I did this she burst out in a super happy state of mind. Thanking me for being so goodhearted and doing “her” job (housework).

Sometimes I would go to her job just so I could walk with her back home to keep her safe. Whenever I did this she was super grateful and thanked me.

If you do something nice to your Thai girlfriend, be certain that she will give you back 1 million times.

If you do something nice towards a Western women she will take it for granted and probably forget it the next day.


Doing housework

A Thai women will do housework. She will do this without complaining or making a fuzz about it. She will never say something like “If I clean the windows today, you’ll have to do the laundry tomorrow”.

This is also true for cooking. Most Thai girls know how to cook up some dishes. While in the Western world meeting a women that actually can make food is a rare event.

I think it is important that a women know how to cook, because she will take care of your children at a later point and it is important that the children get good healthy homemade food, and not some pre-made unhealthy shit from the supermarked.


They will constantly do small things for you

This one of those things I just love about Thai women. They will always do small things for you just to show that they care. Let me give you some examples:

  • If you are out eating together, and your glass is empty. She will fill it up.
  • If your shirt is curly she will straight it out for you, and if you spill something on yourself she will try to clean it up or remove it.
  • If you loose money on the ground, she will pick it up, and if your hair gets messed up by the wind, she will fix it up.

These are all just small things that don’t take much energy, but it just shows that she is always watching over you making sure that you are comfortable.

A western women would never do anything like this. It wouldn’t even cross her mind.

As I said earlier, Western women’s attention radar is pointing inwards and it is much more likely that they will talk about some boring stuff they did the day before with her boring friend, than to make sure that you are feeling well.

I’m not saying that Thai women never talk about something they have been doing earlier with a friend, but they are definitively not in that ‘me me me me’ modus that Western women seems to be in pretty much 24/7.


An open mind and “up to you”. 

When you want to do something, and you ask your Thai girlfriend what you should do for the night. They will almost always say “up to you”. Many people think that this is just another way of saying “I don’t give a shit, do what you want”.

In my experience that is not what it is. It’s more that they want you to be happy and if they let you choose, it will make you happy. And as I said earlier, Thai women have an amazing ability to be whatever emotional state that you are in. If you are happy, they are happy. If you are sad, they are worried. Etc..

I’m not saying that Thai girls never come up with suggestions. They do.. Sometimes the suggestions can be really absurd too. Let me give you an example:

I was out with my Thai girlfriend and said I wanted to eat because I was hungry. I told her that we could just eat in the restaurant just next to the apartment. But no, this day we couldn’t do that.

She really wanted to eat at another restaurant that was 30 minutes away with sky train and a motorbike ride far out in nowhere in Bangkok. When we got there it was nothing special about the restaurant. I never got it why she wanted to eat here, maybe she had a old friend working there and wanted to show off her new farang boyfriend? I don’t know..

What you will almost never hear from a Thai girl however is stuff like: “I have a rule that..” or “If we do X today, we have to do Y tomorrow.”. That shit you will hear from Western women all the time.


They wear dresses

aea4e7597398b41c0f806758b30f8816I don’t know what happened with women back home but Thai girls are always wearing cute and feminine dresses. That combined with their femininity I talked about earlier makes them really attractive in my opinion.

Women back home don’t really wear dresses anymore like they did in the old days. They rather walk around in jeans and hoodies.

Then you also have all those strange “identity” freaks back home that wear really fucked up stuff. Emo’s, goths, barbie, and all that shit. What’s up with that? They look like complete trash.

This is of course my personal opinion and if you like girls that look like they just wake up from the grave I’ll be the last person to judge you. It’s just not my play field.

I identify as a dead person
I identify as a dead person



Thailand is a hot and humid place. There is nothing a Thai girl love more than to take a shower and to take care of her appearance. If you are dating a Thai girl, don’t be surprised if she wants to shower up to 4 times day. When she wakes up, after work, after dinner, before sex, after sex and just before she goes to sleep.

I think I have never met a Thai girl that smell old sweat odor. I can’t really say the same about Western women.


It is very unpopular for women in Thailand to smoke. The result of this is of course that almost no Thai women do this. That is very good because nothing is worse than to make out with a regular smoker. It’s like cleaning an ashtray with your tongue.

If I meet a women that are smoking I’m put off immediately.



Most Thai girls don’t like to exercise, but still most of them are able to stay slim. This is because they have been eating healthy Thai food with a lot of vegetables all their life. But also because Asians are slim and petite by nature.

Western women however are getting fatter and fatter, and so many cut their hair short and take ugly tattoos. Statistics prove anyway that western countries like America, Australia and by now also Western Europe have the highest percentage of fat girls in the world.

Fat girls are not sexy nor healthy, and it’s in mens nature to be attracted to a healthy women because one day we will share our DNA with them and make kids. If you share your DNA with a unhealthy women you will get unhealthy kids and that is not how evolution have programmed us to work! Science right there bitch! 😀



This post have almost only been about all the stuff Thai girls will do for you. I’m not saying that you should make your girlfriend do all the work while you are sitting on the sofa drinking beer and watch fotball while you scratch your balls.

It’s just that when you have a feminine women that will care of you, do little cute things for you all the time and that won’t complain about every little absurd thing. It’s much more easy to do good deeds back to them and be willing to do sacrifices.

All those small things creates a positive feedback loop where you and your girlfriend makes each other feel special and desired. She will always try to make you happy and comfortable, and hopefully, if you are a good man, you will do the same for her.

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.. and before you know it you are on an airplane straight to Thailand enjoying a drink on the beach together with a sweet feminine Thai women. 😀 😀



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