What should you pay for taxi / motorbike in Bangkok?

What should you pay for taxi / motorbike in Bangkok?

For some “strange” reason. When I’m not with a Thai girl in Bangkok, prices on transport seems to magically increase 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x. Hmmmm….

Some time ago at Khao San Rd a taxi driver tried to charge me 1500 baht for a ride to Silom Rd. That is outrageous.

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This post is about taxis and motorbike taxis. I will not talk about tuktuk prices. They suck and you should only take a tuktuk ride once in your life just for the experience. After that, never do it again. They are liars, scammers and they drive like maniacs.


What should you pay for taxis?

That is really hard to tell, because it really depends on the distance. No shit…

So, I will take some fancy screenshots of Google Maps, make some ugly lines in  Paint, write on the distance, and tell you what I paid.

Notice that all prices here is with a taxi that is using its meter!!! Never take a taxi with fixed price, it will always be more expensive for you.


‘Suvarnabhumi’ airport to ‘Nana Sukhumvit’

Distance: Around 15km
Time: Around 30 – 60 minutes

Price: 350-500 baht + highway fees on around 100 baht



‘Asoke’ to ‘Loft to bar’

Distance: 7 km
Time: 30 minutes

Price: 150 baht

what should you pay for taxi in bangkok


‘Nana’ to ‘Silom Rd’

Distance: 3-4 km
Time: 10 minutes

Price: 100 baht



So, why should you get a taxi with meter? 

A lot of taxi drivers will come with a fixed price proposal as soon as you tell them where you want to go. Taking these offers will always be more expensive for you. Do you really think they would come with a proposal that they lose money on? 😛

Of course, these guys works for pennies, so if you don’t give a shit about saving pocket-money, just jump inside the taxi.

But if you are on a tight budget, always go for the meter.

When is it not possible to get a meter? 

Well, it’s always possible if you just look long enough. However, outside major tourists areas like The Grand Palace, or Soi Cowboy for that matter, you will have a hard time finding a taxi that will use the meter.

If you still insist on having a taxi with meter, you should walk 100-200m from these areas, and wave down a taxi from the street.

You should also watch out for taxis that hangs out outside hotels and shopping-malls.

In fact, always try to get a taxi that is driving. These people are mostly honest, and are not just waiting outside a tourist area for a stupid tourist that will go along with fixed price.

How do you know if a taxi is available? 

A red light will be switched on at the passenger side’s front window. You can’t really miss it.

Why don’t the taxi stop for me? 

Only the Gods knows. Maybe the driver just don’t give a fuck, and don’t want to drive anyone at the moment? 😀


What should you pay for motorbike taxis?

Motorbike taxis can be a little bit more tricky. I’ve been here a year, but I still think it’s tricky to know exactly what price I should pay.

Motorbike taxis don’t have a meter, so after you have told the driver where you want to go, you will always get a fixed price. How do you know if you are not overcharged?

Lets make it simple: You are always overcharged. 🙂

Lets say I go from Nana to Asoke. That is about 1 km. If I’m with a Thai girl. I pay 20 baht for that distance, no question asked.

If I approach the drivers alone. I pay anything from 40 baht to 100 baht. Telling them that I LIVE here, and that I know the local price, doesn’t always help. They will still insist on farang price.

Gosh. I’m so done bargain with these guys. Most of them don’t even talk a word English, so they don’t understand what I’m saying anyway.

I just tell them where I want to go, and pay them whatever they want within reason. I’m usually with a Thai girl when I’m using a motorbike taxi anyways.


Here are some prices I have paid in the past: 

Note that all these prices are when I’m with a Thai girl. So this is the lowest price you’ll get.

‘Prince Palace Hotel’ to ‘Siam BTS’

Distance: 1 km
Time: 5 minutes

Price: 50 baht



‘Nana BTS’ to ‘Firehouse

Distance: 300m
Time: 2 minutes

Price: 20 baht



What to watch out for with motorbike taxis

motorbike taxi in Bangkok
Just another day

Tell them to take it easy

I always say to them that if they drive careful, I’ll give them 20 baht extra. Some of these guys drive like complete maniacs, and you should be a little careful.

Some of these drivers will drive slalom between cars in 40-50 km/h. It’s insane.

Have they been drinking?

Yeah. Some drivers will sit openly in the street drinking whiskey while they wait for customers. ‘Mai Bpen Rai’ you know.


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