What’s it like to have sex with a bar girl in Thailand?

What it's like to have sex with a gogo girl

Just imagine walking out of a go-go bar with a sexy and feminine lady. Just like the girl above. She is the girl next door type. Early twenties. A big warm smile but a little bit shy.

She is wearing a tight but classy dress that highlights her curves really well. If you had met her in the street you would never think that she was a prostitute but a kindergarten employee.

You met her 1 hour ago in a go-go bar and you know that in 20 minutes you will be back on your hotel room with this hot little thing!

She will be yours for the entire night!

Go-go girl in Nana Plaza, Bangkok
Go-go girl in Nana Plaza, Bangkok

She will not say no. She will not change her mind or give you a hard time. She will not say that she has a headache. You don’t need to buy her flowers or a box of chocolate. You don’t need to play stupid mind games like pretending that you don’t want her.

She will be your temporary but devoted girlfriend for two hours (short-time) or until the next day (longtime). You will give her some money and she’ll be on her way. No obligations. Maybe you even get her Line ID so you can contact her later. Maybe she’ll even bang you for free the next time if she likes you!

You had the most amazing night with a hot feminine girl that you never could get back home in the ‘natural’ way.. You could actually fool yourself thinking that you didn’t have sex with a prostitute at all because she was as devoted as she was.

She even kissed you and used tongue while she had a good time. You held hands when you walked back to your hotel and she never made you feel bad. She was gentle and polite. She folded your clothes in your room and she cleaned up after herself.

If you haven’t been to Thailand yet you probably have a hard time believing what you’re reading right now but this is the reality of renting a girlfriend in Thailand.

It doesn’t matter where you pick them up, but the go-go bars usually have the hottest and youngest girls. However if you are going to Pattaya or Phuket there are plenty of hot girls in the beer bars too.

I wont go in to the process of how you chose a bar girl here as I’ve already covered that in this post.

When you get her back to your room don’t be surprised if she start to clean up your room. When she is done cleaning up your room she’ll jump in the shower. This usually takes forever and you’ll have a boner while you are waiting in anticipation thinking about all the things you will do with this hot little sex toy.

When she is done showering she will usually come out in the white hotel tower. I love hot Asian babes in white towels! 😀

“You shower doaaay” she’ll say quickly.

You jump in the shower and 3 minutes later (10 times faster than the girl) you are done.

I won’t give you to many spoilers but you’ll be in for a night with a lot of treats. I never get used to just how soft skin these girls have. How smooth their lips are and how good they smell! They really are smooth as slik!

Thai girls are truly addictive and there’s no wonder why men from all over the world keep coming back to Thailand for more.

Thai Friendly

How to find the best bar girl in the bar?

When you are choosing your temporary girlfriend it is very important to build report with the girl. Get to know her! These girls are human beings with feelings just like every other girl!

Ask her what her name is. What is her favorite food? How long have she worked in the bar? Fuck around and joke with her. If you do that you’ll set yourself apart from most guys who don’t bother to do anything to make the girl feel comfortable.

But maybe most importantly. You need to ask what the girl perform in bed. Don’t just go with a girl because she’s a 10. You’ll have more fun with a 8 that do what you want in bed, than a 10 who just wait for you to finish.

Having chemistry with the bar girl is very important if you want to have a good time.

If you have any special requests you should ask about that before you go to your room. Most Asian girls don’t do anal for example so if you want that you really need to ask her first. Maybe you even have to ask mamasan as maybe just a few girls in the bar perform it.

Last week I was with a go-go girl in Bangkok from Soi Cowboy. I’ve been with this girl a few times before. We have really good chemistry and always have a good time together. She’s my favorite fuck-toy at the moment. She’s a sex machine. That girl love to fuck!

Last time we fucked she sneaked in to my bathroom while I was showering. She sat down in front of me giving me an unexpected BJ! This girl love to suck!

Stuff like this happens when you have chemistry with a bar girl!

The star of the bar.

You will recognize this girl by all the tip she have in her bikini or bra. She will also be in a very good mood and hyper. She will have 10 guys staring at her at the same time and all the other girls in the bar want to be with her as she get so much attention.

In my experience, don’t go with these girls. Sure they can be fun when you are in the bar with them, but as soon as you barfine the girl she goes from being happy and hyper to a boring tired girl who don’t want to do anything. She just want your money. These girls can be very demanding and devious.

You paid money to have a good time, not dealing with a girls bullshit!

Have you ever been with a bar girl in Thailand or any other country? How was your experience? Tell me in the comment section below. 🙂

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